Kubiak will pick his Week One starter next week

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The Broncos still have 17 days until they open the season against the Panthers. Coach Gary Kubiak won’t wait quite that long to pick a starting quarterback, even if at times it seems that he will.

Kubiak’s decision is coming next week.

“We have three quarterbacks, two of which weren’t on this team last year and one that has one regular-season snap,” coach Gary Kubiak told reporters on Monday. “I knew this was going to take some time. I think it’s a credit to them and how well they’ve pushed each other. It’s down to the nitty-gritty here. I’m going to make a decision next week and we’re going to go to work. They’ve all put themselves in position to go out there and compete.”

Although Trevor Siemian will start the third preseason game, that doesn’t mean he has the inside track to the job over Mark Sanchez and rookie Paxton Lynch.

“[W]e’ll continue with the competition,” Kubiak said. “I think Trevor did a good job the other night. Obviously he has one play that he’d like to have back or it would have been as good as it could be. I’m going to go back and give him a chance to do that again but, like I said, we’re going to play them equally.”

A decision needs to come not long after the third preseason game because the Broncos need to plan for the fourth preseason game, in which the Week One starter surely won’t be playing.

“Our schedule is different because we are a Thursday opening football team,” Kubiak said. “I have a little bit different of a scenario that I’m working with as compared to opening up on a Sunday and having a 10-day window between [preseason] game four and the opener. I’ve seen a lot of football from them. We are going to go again this week, we’ll make a decision next week and go to work.”

The real question is how long the Week One starter actually gets to work before the No. 2 guy comes off the bench. It seems inevitable that whoever wins the job to start the season is destined to eventually lose it.

17 responses to “Kubiak will pick his Week One starter next week

  1. Probably will be Sanchez. He’s not perfect but Elway is looking for someone to play within themselves and not be a superstar. For that role Sanchez is the best of the 3…..for now.

  2. Probably will be Sanchez. He’s not perfect but Elway is looking for someone to play within themselves and not be a superstar. For that role Sanchez is the best of the 3…..for now.

    He’s actually not. I was optimistic about Sanchez turning it around with a great D and a run game, but he didnt

    His back to back fumbles probably knocked him to 3rd qb this week. I imagine Paxton will come in after Siemian just to see what Paxton has against non-3rd string guys because they know what they have with Sanchez

    If Siemian can play the way he played last week, and not do something like that pick 6, Siemian will win the job. If he doesn’t, they’ll probably start sanchez week 4 and the start of the season till Paxton is ready

  3. There wouldn’t be a QB controversy in Denver if Elway signed Osweiler. What a mess.

  4. Siemian will start week one, Sanchez will warm the bench, but at some point during the season Lynch will get his chance, just like his boss did in 1983. Unfortunately for Lynch he doesn’t have Steve DeBerg to pick up the slack, but he does have the best defense in the NFL to bail him out like they did last year when they won Superbowl 50.

  5. realtruthteller100 says:
    Aug 22, 2016 8:26 PM
    kubiak is smart. almost as smart as me, but not quite.


    but you almost have a Super Bowl ring………….

  6. Mark will start. Simian being groomed for long tenured hi quality West Coast QB back-up.. circa 1980’s Elway/kubiak. Kubiak testing hi risk read and react scenarios with an unbalanced 57 pass play attack.

    Paxton is being fast tracked into Kubiak’s WC offense. Denver won’t wait 3 years to see if he can play…not after the Brock fiasco. Every week Sanchez plays buys another week for Paxtons tutors.

    Sanchez is in Denver for a one year only ..”show me off ” contract. He is trying to win.. while he holds the spot ..as Garappolo is doing for Brady .

  7. Sanchez is gonna get cut he can’t even get away from two guys who haven’t played in the league ever he has 6 years experience and looked the worst.

    I think its clear that Kubiak loves Siemian and is gonna do everything he can to get him the starting job right away. Kubiak was a late round pick and never really got a shot. He also hand picked this guy to be on the team.

    There is a reason last year they didn’t get another QB when Peyton went down. He is the best right now, followed by Lynch and then Sanchez. If the Broncos don’t cut him he could be out of the league after this year.

  8. I’ll tell you who it won’t be, and that’s old Butt Fumble. He’s lucky just to be a back up on any team.

  9. I know all the people who have been lifelong Bronco fans since Feb. 8 will stomp their feet and pitch a fit, but this team isn’t going anywhere near as far as last year, and especially in week 1. Yeah, they had a statue playing QB last year and the defense won the Super Bowl. But that defense has lost a lot of depth with FA departures, and although Peyton was a statue, he was a smart statue that used his brains to keep the offense at least decent. None of these 3 QBs have that level of football IQ yet (Sanchez never will).

    The Panthers have increased depth at RB, WR, DL and LB and more talent at DB with rookies than the collection of has-beens that played in the playoffs. They will win in week 1 and it won’t be close.

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