Michael Bennett on practice fights: There’s a code that has to be followed

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Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett was kicked out of a practice for fighting with a teammate for the second time this summer when he and tackle Bradley Sowell got into it on Sunday.

The fight came after Bennett took issue with the way Sowell, who was also removed from the field, took defensive lineman Josh Shirley to the ground on a previous snap. Bennett said Monday that he thinks his role as a leader on defense involves calls for him to “stick up for the younger guys” and enforce a code that calls for teammates to show more respect for one another.

“It’s a whole new offensive line where before it was guys you had battled with for a long time, three-four years,” Bennett said, via the Seattle Times . “There is just a code in the NFL when it comes to injuries and conditioning and stuff like that. … There’s a code to where we have to find that fine line where it becomes about the person’s safety then it is about the game.”

Bennett’s words echo some of what coach Pete Carroll said on Sunday after the spat, particularly about “working to take it as far as you can and still respect the person across from you” without crossing the line that Bennett feels Sowell crossed on Sunday. Bennett and Sowell both said they talked after scuffling and have the respect for each other that Carroll wants, although it seems Bennett won’t be shy about expressing himself should anyone fail to follow the code in upcoming workouts.

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  1. Carroll said that Bennett was “sticking up for one of his own” (Josh Shirley) against Brad Sowell who apparently is not “one of his own”. Just like Mark Glowinksi from a couple weeks back is not “one of his own”. Better get a handle on that Pete.

  2. Some of the old time fans don’t like Michael Bennett because he talks so much. A few Hawk fans don’t like him because he discusses his contract so openly.

    He is the type of leader you want to have on a football team you cheer for. Someone that is going to fight for his guys. He plays like a true dog on Sundays and man is he hard for offensive lineman to block both inside and out. Go Hawks

  3. I find it hard to read a sentence which has the words “respect” and “Pete Carroll” in it. There is no one in the NFL I respect less than Pete Carroll. The only guy close is Goodell.

  4. So he got into a fight to promote player safety? Okay then. I do not mind a player for sticking up for other players on his side of the ball ( his guys ), but that is purely for pride. Player safety goes out the window as soon as you commit to a fight.

  5. Anyone else see the irony of fighting with one teammate because he he did something could have possibly hurt another teammate?

  6. We had a “code”, or, our hs coach did, about fights at practice. It consisted of: If you get in a fight at practice, you were banned from practice until you ran 100 laps. Only saw one fight in 4 years.

  7. The Seattle beat reporters noted that Bennett and Sowell ultimately left the practice field together on what appeared to be friendly terms. Bennett, in his role as the pro bowl vet, sticking up for a young D-lineman struggling to make the team — and no one got injured.

    This is an issue/story, why? Seems like he’s being a defensive leader and keeping the practice intensity level high. I don’t see a problem here.

  8. They have a code in Foxboro…. It shuts down the other team’s headsets!

  9. Says the clown who who cannot maintain his composure in a playoff game nor in the media interview afterward.

  10. Bennett and Josh Norman are trying to make names for themselves in the NFL that doesn’t like players other than Qbs being well known . I’m sure the ‘jolly Rodger’ will find a reason to bring them into his office eventually.

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