Roberto Aguayo seeks outside help, including a “mental coach”

Buccaneers kicker Robert Aguayo has missed three kicks in two preseason games. In an effort to get his mind right, Aguayo is consulting with three people not currently employed by the Buccaneers.

Via, Roy Cummings told 620 WDAE that Aguayo has contacted former NFL kicker Ryan Longwell, former Buccaneers special-teams coordinator Bill Miller, and a “mental coach.” Aguayo admitted that his confidence has been shaken “a little bit.”

“I’m just focusing on relaxing and sometimes not thinking about it too much,’’ Aguayo said, according to Cummings. “When you’re overthinking like, ‘Ok, I have to do this and this and this,’ you get too many thoughts in your head.”

Aguayo now has even more voices in his head, which will put more thoughts in his head, which will make it even harder to keep his head on straight and the ball flying through the uprights.

Whatever the cause, Aguayo will have even more pressure on him now than he had before. If he starts missing kicks once the regular season begins, the Buccaneers will have some tough decisions to make.

16 responses to “Roberto Aguayo seeks outside help, including a “mental coach”

  1. If your 2nd round pick already has his confidence shaken up so much he needs a shrink BEFORE his first real NFL game, I’m gonna say it’s probably not premature to get the BUST label ready… And for the GM to polish up his resume.

  2. Kickers are a funny breed. The Packers had a guy years ago named Tom Birney. This guy couldn’t barely make an extra point much less a field goal. It got so bad that the linebacker, John Anderson, had to take over kicking duties at one point. The following Sunday Starr gives him this huge pep talk. On the first drive he kicks a 53 yard field goal. Nobody could believe it. But it didn’t last. He started missing again. And both he and Bart Starr were gone at the end of the season.

  3. Fire Lovie after 1 year
    Trade 13th overall pick(DRoY S. Richardson) for Revis, then cut him within a year…
    Spend 2nd round pick on the second coming of Ray Finkle

    The Buccos are the Browns of the south.

  4. THe Packers also got rid of Ryan Longwell waaaaaaay too quickly and he had a nice long career with the Vikings.

  5. At the very least, as a coach you want a guy who’s as proactive in attempting to fix things as this. Every kicker misses at some point, and after being perfect in college, this guy was due. The question that will make or break his career is how he responds to missing, and this is a positive sign.

  6. …….did the regular seadon start already?…no it did’nt , so calm down everyone! These are PRACTICE games. I think coach Kotter screwed up a little by not have another kicker at camp this summer. Also he’s comments to the news media didnt help. They’re called camp kickers and help with the reps but more important create competion and comradiity on the sideline..look at the buc punters…BOTH guys are kicking great but only one will survive. If the BUCS screw this kid up it will be on them!.

  7. You guys are a trip . . . just listen to you. Many star pro athletes use sports psychologist during their careers to handle the pressure of performing in front of thousands of people. Many athletes probably ended their careers too soon and never reached their full potential because they were too proud to reach out for help. Kicking a football is very similar to hitting a golf ball. Most of the players on tour can pretty much hit all the shots with all the clubs in practice but only a few rise to the top during tournaments. That’s because most of them never master the mental side of the game and choke under pressure. The kid has already proven in college that he has what it takes physically to be a kicker in the NFL and I for one ADMIRE the fact that he is willing to reach out for help in mastering the mental side of the game at the beginning of his career, especially before the kicks start to really count.

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