Dak Prescott’s cool with vanilla, or rocky road if that’s what’s served up


Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott has been the star of the NFL preseason.

And while it’s easy for the Cowboys to get excited — their bar for backup quarterbacks has been sufficiently lowered — most are taking Prescott’s gaudy preseason numbers with a grain of salt.

But Prescott said even if opponents weren’t game-planning against him or running the kinds of defenses he’d see in the regular season, he’s still confident in his ability.

“That’s on them if they want to throw vanilla or rocky road or whatever they want to throw at me,” Prescott said, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “It really has no [bearing] on what I do. I just go out there and try to concentrate on our game plan and play my best.”

So far, that’s been pretty good, and enough to convince the Cowboys they might not have to go find a veteran backup.

Through two preseason games, Prescott has a perfect passer rating (158.3), completing 22-of-27 passes for 338 yards and four touchdowns, and two rushing touchdowns for good measure.

“My mindset is I want to be a starter for this organization one day, and a starter in this league for a long time,” Prescott said. “I’m going to continue to push myself and make myself the best as I can each and every day.”

And while it’s good that he’s confident, things could get much harder for the fourth-round rookie if he’s ever in a position of seeing more complicated defenses.

Then again, the Cowboys are holding their breath he doesn’t have to this season.

16 responses to “Dak Prescott’s cool with vanilla, or rocky road if that’s what’s served up

  1. “And while it’s good that he’s confident, things could get much harder for the fourth-round rookie if he’s ever in a position of seeing more complicated defenses.”

    It wouldn’t be modern American society if you didn’t try to pull a negative out of a very positive and honest quote from Dak. Mature beyond his age.

  2. He’s probably in the NFLs best situation to be in. He has time to sit back and learn from a pro qb, and when romos time is up, he’ll be behind the best o line in football, stud running back and a top receiving Corp to throw to

  3. Well, when he’s ready to go after Romo inevitably goes down as usual, he’ll certainly be throwing a lot because of that matador defense that lacks pass rushers.

  4. Every off season we have to hear about all the great things the Cowboys are going to do but come December they are barely chasing .500.
    Remember when Jerry said Brandon Weeden’s throws were a thing of beauty?

  5. He’s not facing regular-season defenses but neither is anyone else, and most of them aren’t doing as well. It’s no longer unusual for QBs to succeed in the regular season in their rookie year. Given Romo’s injury history, there’s a good chance we’ll learn if he’s for real soon enough.

  6. Well, he did just face the abysmal Dolphins defense, so really any QB is going to look good after a Fins game. Even Geno Smith had a near-perfect QB rating 2 years back.

  7. Not a Cowboys fan, but it looks like you guys found a pretty good player at the most important position.

  8. He may very well become a great QB, but anyone that already has made up their mind on this kid one way or the other are complete idiots. What I learned is that preseason is pretty much useless on judging talent. Too many players look good only to turn out bad and vice versa. Sure, sometimes what happens in preseason actually does translate, but there is way too much inconsistency to really use it as a measure of whether someone will be successful or not. People are too quick to jump the gun.

    Dak is built like Donovan McNabb. He actually reminds me a little of McNabb the way he plays, except he doesn’t throw worm burners. Probably similar to how his career will be, probably a little better because he doesn’t throw worm burners, assuming he hits his potential.

    By the way, I like the comment by “bigbensbathroombuddy”. He’s right, every year we have to hear about how great the Cowboys are going to be only to find them barely chasing .500 by seasons end most of the time. This isn’t the 70’s or early 90’s anymore.

  9. Dak Prescott is throwing to covered receivers and shown the ability to, as Aaron Rodgers says, throw elite receivers like Dez Bryant open. That is rare for rookie QBs. The cover guys may not be elite, but the man-to-man coverage on several of the throws from Dak to Dez has been tight. The future bodes well for the Dallas Cowboys with this promising young QB. 🙂

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