Chargers taking page out of familiar playbook

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For Chargers fans, Wednesday’s statement from the team about defensive end Joey Bosa may have seemed like deja vu all over again.

A dozen years ago, the Chargers threatened to take money off the table during the holdout of quarterback Philip Rivers.

“Negotiations have broken down,” Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith said in August 2004. “Prior to the training camp report date, we made an effort to get Philip signed. Also, during the past week, we exchanged ideas and could not come to an agreement. On Friday, we offered a great deal to Philip. We also notified both Philip and his agent, Jimmy Sexton, that the offer will stand until 5 p.m. Sunday evening and if not accepted, the final offer will be pulled off the table. . . . We also informed them that the package we talked about and offered will now only go down in value.”

The Rivers holdout had some of the same perspective-based disagreements that allowed the team to cling to a set of principles premised on paying less, and that allowed the player to cling to a set of principles premised on getting more, with the team locked into the spot at which Rivers was picked and the Rivers camp applying a quarterback premium.

“The offer we made to Philip is not a slot offer at No. 4, but in fact, an offer that exceeds [those of] No. 2 Robert Gallery and No. 3 Larry Fitzgerald,” Smith said. “We believe it’s a great offer. Jimmy Sexton has been informed several times that the Eli Manning-Tom Condon deal with the New York Giants was of no concern to us before, no concern now nor will it be in the future. This is very unfortunate and disappointing but it is what it is.”

The Rivers deal eventually got worked out, and presumably the Bosa deal will, too. Otherwise, he’ll re-enter the draft in 2017 and the Chargers will get nothing for him.

It’s hardly the first holdout in San Diego, but with a stadium vote looming and all hands needed on deck in order to win as many games as possible before November 8, it could be the last holdout in San Diego. But not the last holdout for the Chargers.

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  1. The Difference is that Rivers is a pretty good QB and Bosa ill be a bust like the majority of Ohio st players

  2. It’s going to be hard to work something out by lowering the offer. I hope they aren’t calling AJ Smith for advice. You’re talking about a guy who gave away Sproles, Michael Turner, and Vincent Jackson for nothing in return. He also let Brees walk, which resulted in a Superbowl victory for New Orleans. Smart guy.

  3. Bush league. Let me get this straight, they offer him a deal with deferred bonus AND offset language, of which no top 5 pick has ever signed and when he says no, you put him on blast over the interweb? imagine working for a boss like that. No thanks.

  4. A lot of us that are on the outside looking in, thought A.J Smith was the reason why the Chargers were the way they were. Outside of LT & Rivers, the Chargers front office was seen as a joke in circles along with Eagles and some others, nothing really changed with him gone.

    “The Difference is that Rivers is a pretty good QB and Bosa ill be a bust like the majority of Ohio st players”

    That sounds like a lot of projection.

  5. Oh come on, you can’t post this and not tell us where Rivers’ deal ended up in comparison to those contracts!

  6. The Rivers situation was a little different, but the outcome may be relevant.

    Since the Chargers used the first pick to ultimately get Rivers, Rivers’ agent felt he should get first pick money, despite the fact that Rivers was picked fourth. The Chargers ultimately offered 1.5 pick money, a little less than Manning but more than Gallery. Rivers still held out.

    The result? Rivers came to camp late. Brees kept the starting job. Brees had his outbreak year. Rivers sat the bench for two whole years. Had Brees not blown out his shoulder, Rivers might never have started a game as a Charger.

    Take heed lest you fall, Joey.

  7. Kind of a useless comparison going back 12 yrs under a different management group.

    Chargers haven’t had a draft issue in at least 10 yrs. Tom Telesco hasn’t had an issue w a draft pick in his 4 yrs w the team or in 8 w IND as Director of Player Personnel.

    To clear up the misinformation above, they are offering terms similar to the #2 and #4 picks who both have no offset and deferred SB

    Wentz has 94% of the SB paid in 2016. Believe Ezekial Eliot has 80%.

    Chargers are right in there offering 85% which is completely reasonable. Almost glad they are taking a stand as agents don’t get to decree what teams must accept and adjust their signing patterns at their beckoning.

  8. @absolutevisuals

    Projection? Or did you mean percentages?

    There have been a lot of OS players drafted in the first round, Ginn and Hawk come to mind, while Hawk had a decent career, it was not worth the 5th pick in the draft and I’m a packer fan. Ginn was a bust.

    2 HOF in the past 30 years is not much compared to what has been drafted out of OS.

    Some college teams/players do not transition well to the NFL, OS fits that category.

  9. yes, THE much overhyped Phillip Rivers. Winner of 4 playoff games in 12 years of service. So good,he once went four years between post-season appearances. Contract well spent.

  10. Anyone disagreeing w Bosa better be a billionaire…otherwise youre a sheep who doesnt need a sheppard to stay in the flock. I mean, we talking bout a billionaire, who doesnt have a stadium deal arguing over tenths of a percent w a player he needs to get wins. How do u side w that?

    The ultimate brainwash.

  11. Yeah, the Phillip Rivers situation shows you how dumb the management is.

    Couldn’t get a deal worked out with Eli, who went on to win 2 Superbowls with miracle passes, stopping what would have been the greatest team in NFL history(19-0) in the process.

    Got rid of Drew Brees, who also won championships.

  12. Bosa is losing a dream, and the Chargers are losing a city. Split whatever in half and get going.
    Bosa, bust or not, should get a fair contract. The Chargers look bad. The last team to sign their first pick might as well flip off their fans.

  13. Actually a big part of the problem is Bosa’s agent Tom Condon. Jimmy Sexton is also w CAA and as mentioned above was part of teh dsyfunctional relationship and signing w Philip Rivers.

    Chargers have generally had good relations w most agents but they have a long history w Condon,Sexton and CAA.

    No wonder Bosa’s mum was griping about Eli Manning. Condon was his agent. Also the agent for Shawn Merriman and LT who both had notorious and acrimonious hold outs.

    Condon is bad news regardless of who he deals w.

  14. Spanos contends that, over the next four months, Bosa would have received $14.5 million under the team’s latest offer. Sounds good.

  15. CAA managed to get their six other 1st round clients signed without holdouts. It seems to me this is a Chargers problem, not an agent problem.

  16. The scary thing about their hardline stance against contract offsets is if the Chargers tank this season and end up with a top pick again next year this whole situation could repeat itself. Can you imagine the bad PR this team would generate if this scenario was repeated?

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