Chargers vow to reduce Joey Bosa offer

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In a statement issued on Wednesday afternoon regarding unsigned defensive end Joey Bosa, the Chargers said that they will restructure (i.e., reduce) the financial package that previously had been on the table for the No. 3 overall pick in the draft.

The reduction is occurring because, per the team, “Joey will be unable to contribute for the full 16 game season without the adequate time on the practice field, in the classroom, and in preseason games.”

The Chargers contend that an effort was made to resolve the impasse on Tuesday night.

“We gave Joey’s representatives our best offer last night, which was rejected today,” the team said.  “The offer that we extended was for Joey to contribute during all 16 games and beyond.  Joey’s ability to contribute for an entire rookie season has now been jeopardized by the valuable time he has missed with his coaches and his teammates. Since Joey will not report at this time, his ability to produce not just early in the season, but throughout the entire season, has been negatively impacted.”

The rest of the statement presents the team’s characterization of its offer, which undoubtedly conflicts with Bosa’s interpretation of it. The overriding problem continues to be that the Chargers do not want to deviate from what it regards as team precedent, and Bosa does not want to deviate from what he regards as precedent for the No. 3 overall pick in the draft.

The two primary sticking points had related to whether the guaranteed money will include offset language, and whether a large piece of the signing bonus will be deferred until March 2017. (There’s also a disagreement on the language and amount of training-camp roster bonuses, which are now common in top-10 rookie deals including offset language.) However, there never had been a dispute over the total dollars.

Based on the team’s statement, there now is. Which will make it even harder to get a deal done.

167 responses to “Chargers vow to reduce Joey Bosa offer

  1. This guys sounds like a big douche. Cut him and let him re-enter the draft next year and go in the later rounds.

  2. The Chargers continue to show all of the organizational skills that made Ryan Leaf, Eli Manning, and Drew Brees household names in San Diego.

  3. Bosa better take that money and keep it pushin.. The 2016 DE class was weak but Next years Class. Bosa is a Late First/Earlh 2nd at Best..

  4. I smell a bust. A bust before he even has a contract.

    Let’s see him go back into the draft and wind up in the 4th round.

  5. Just pay the man. You took him 3rd overall thinking he would help better a team that had such a high draft pick for a reason. If they didn’t want to pay such a steep price the should of traded out of the first round. Taking a player that high and not treating him like a corner stone player tells alot about the franchise

  6. Chargers offer their best and final offer… yet don’t budge off of their stance of BOTH deferred bonus $ AND offset language. Bosa told them MONTHS ago that he’d sign if either one of those stipulations was removed.

    Ball’s been in Charger management’s court since May…

  7. Chargers offered him a larger initial signing bonus than any player in the last 2 drafts.
    More money than any player drafted this year besides wentz.
    His mom sounds like a dumb Kardashian control freak mom and is screwing her son out of a lot of money if he ends up having to go into next years draft.
    This kid is going to be a flop like his dad anyway, they should have traded the pick away.

  8. they like the guy enough to make him the 3rd overall pic.

    don’t like him enough to fully guarantee his slotted / pre-determined contract figures.
    The fear is they kid might get injured our not play to the level they expect.

    to hell with San Diego, Archie Manning was right.
    That FO is full of idiots.

    Stay strong Bosa

  9. Guys, there’s nothing to cut here, unless the Chargers do sign him and then cut him loose. Otherwise they own his rights until the 2017 draft starts.

  10. The bottom line for me is if the Chargers believed Bosa is worth what Bosa wants, they’d have cut a deal; and the only way for Bosa to prove his worth was to show them at camp.

  11. I don’t blame SD He did not report, he missed camp. It will the. Twice as long to get ready due to new NFL practice rules = you ain’t getting paid Joey If this had happened to NE people would be praising NE

    Be realistic people. The kid was going to get paid offset or no offset. And if he sucked and got cut ? Why should a team still have to pay him if he signs with another team. Don’t think other teams are not paying attention to his agents antics.

  12. youreclearlyverystupid says:
    Aug 24, 2016 2:31 PM

    yes, please cut Joey Bosa😉 We will gladly pick him up.


    He never signed, so he can’t be cut. They do hold his rights.

    Stupid how the Chargers handled this. Leave it to them to find a way to screw up a slotted draft with a wage scale that was intended to cut out this kind of nonsense.

    If you don’t want to pay the tab, don’t draft that high.

  13. NFLPA has been telling guys for years to stop signing rookie deals with offset and deferred income. Stop hating on this guy for making the hard stand.

  14. This blinking contest is quickly surpassing the Raiders’ debacle with JaMarcus Russell in 2007.

  15. This isn’t about Bosa.

    This is about the Chargers brass offering him a contract with clauses that no other 3rd overall pick in the post-CBA world has ever had to agree too, thus making it unprecedented for that slot.

    Not only that, but the pick taken after him (Ezekiel Elliott) did not have those same clauses forced on him.

    If Chargers are insisting on having their draft pick accept these clauses, then they should’ve traded down into a slot in the middle of the first round where typically these clauses would’ve been agreed to.

  16. How is this his fault he already said he will give on one side or the other of offset language and the guaranteed money but the charger want both. Every other first round pick didn’t have a problem signing I’m sorry this is all on the chargers.

  17. Before everyone trashes Chargers, here is the full details of what they presented. I’m sure not every detail in dispute is covered here, but for a rookie, Bosa and CAA have just proven they are boneheads.

    Our offer included:
    An initial signing bonus payment that is larger than any player in the League has received in the last two drafts.
    More money in this calendar year than every player in this year’s draft except one (QB Carson Wentz).
    The largest payment and the highest percentage of signing bonus received in the first calendar year of any Chargers’ first-round selection since the inception of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (2011).

    Time to move and let him roll the dice in 2017 draft having not played and showed other owners how he negotiates from a rookie position. Jeez.

  18. By giving him a reduced offer, the Chargers are doing nothing more than putting on the appearance that they are still trying to communicate and negotiate. By doing so, they hope to avoid developing a bad reputation among future draft picks and potential free agents.

    They realize now that he’s never going to be a Charger.

  19. Is the chargers owner less wealthy than all the other owners? Why does he operate his team like a pawnshop owner?

    Now they are releasing statements to the media trying to control the public perception by bashing the player. NOT GOOD. Classless to say the least. Turns out those guys are just humans with feelings that get hurt like everyone else.

  20. Here’s an identical situation:

    A guy owns a local coffee shop and employs a handful of baristas. Based on his business needs, he goes out and finds a young but qualified IT guy to run the network and technology of the store. The owner is insistent on paying the IT guy what he pays the baristas, because that is what he has always paid. The IT guy knows he’s a little different and insists baseline pay for an IT intro position.

    This negotiating strategy by the Chargers is insane. We are talking about half a million dollars in interest for the deferred payment. That should be nothing for Spanos. On the flip side, that will be a significant portion of Bosa’s net worth. Pay the man.

  21. Good for the Chargers, they are to be applauded for saying enough is enough and not being held hostage by a
    primadonna however whoever is responsible for this pick should be fired immediately!

  22. Bosa wants to be a seahawk. He’s dreamed of it since 2012. He’s a “12” now didn’t you know that? One of many.


  23. This is the most optimistic time of year in NFL cities across the country. If San Diego voters are seeing headlines every day about the Chargers not being able to sign the third pick in the NFL draft, they sure as heck aren’t going to vote for a stadium tax. The Chargers may get Bosa to cave on his demands and lose 600 million dollars in the process.

  24. Bosa is an idiot! From this point on the only thing he will do is lose money. It’s the right move by the Chargers. The offer is more than fair. There has never been a dispute about the total money over the life of the contract. Now there will be less. What a dope!!

  25. If you don’t want to hand out contract terms that other teams have been doing at that slot, avoid picking in the top 3.

  26. The Chargers might save money on this, but the next free agent and draft picks are going to think long and hard if they want to deal with this organization.

    The phrase “penny wise, pound foolish” comes to mind.

  27. Bosa should just hold out all season and go back into the draft pool. If he’s lucky he’ll get a little less money on the front end by falling into the second round and be able to hit the open market a year earlier.

    Digging in your heels on offset language when your team was terrible enough last season to end up with that high a pick almost ensures that you will end up with another high pick next season. GM should be fired.

  28. So he holds out and enters the draft again, big deal. He will make it up on the back end of his career, and not have to deal with the Chargers BS. The Chargers float how good the offer is, well post it in its entirety and let’s see what the problem is. Didn’t think so.

  29. Who has more to lose? Bosa will sit out the year, be drafted by another team somewhere next year, and produce whatever. And be paid. The chargers, in contrast, have just wasted a valuable assets (top pick) that they will never get back. Ever. And for what? Perhaps a million bucks in a scenario that, if you drafted right, would never happen anyway. This is a terrible franchise, it always has been, and always will be. Maybe moving to LA and being second fiddle to the Rams is all they deserve

  30. At what point do these idiot players not realize that they are NOT the boss? They are EMPLOYEES, and nothing more. EMPLOYEES do NOT dictate terms to EMPLOYERS. Let this idiot sit and ruin his career.

  31. raiderinva says:
    Aug 24, 2016 2:45 PM
    I wonder who will have to pay back more…. Joey Bosa or H.B. Blades?
    That would definitely be Joey, after he gets drafted by another team next April. Because as everyone knows, payback is a

  32. Too late to trade. He either signs with SD or re-enters draft in 2017. I understand Bosa’s position. But it doesn’t matter. If you think you’re all that, you should have no problem signing for a bigger signing bonus in lieu of the offset and deferred income stipulations. If Bosa is so worried about his ability in producing over a two year period, maybe the Chargers have a legitimate point in their postition.

  33. Aug 24, 2016 2:40 PM – jocko1181 says: NFLPA has been telling guys for years to stop signing rookie deals with offset and deferred income. Stop hating on this guy for making the hard stand.

    Agreed. And stop hating on the Chargers for refusing to cave to the kid.

  34. Remember this is the team that fired the head coach after he went 14-2 for Norv Turner, the Marty curse is alive and well, the fans will speak with their votes in November

  35. Moves like this is why there is little chance of a new stadium being built in San Diego.
    St. Louis Chargers maybe?
    They will be laughed out of Los Angeles.
    I bet Spanos is the type of guy who orders steak at lunch while everyone else has burgers or a salad and he wants to split the check evenly.

  36. We’ll trade you DJ Hayden for him now straight up!
    -Raider fans
    PS Keep doing what you’re doing and pretty soon ALL of your high picks are going to “pull an Eli Manning”. Gotta love it if you’re a fan of any other AFC West team.

  37. As a Raiders fan, it’s nice to see the good folks running the show in San Diego are continuing their wonderful abilities to put a smile on my face.


  38. How can anyone side with the Chargers greedy management and owner on this one? The only people that lose are the fans in San Diego.
    Hello L.A. Chargers! Nice knowing you San Diego!

  39. Both sides look pretty bad in this ordeal, but in my opinion, Bosa looks worse. He’s letting down everyone because the main thing he cares about is how much money he’ll be making (more than many of us combined, even if he took the lowest offer). There is an entire team and fanbase waiting to see him play, but he is more concerned about himself. Let your performance do the talking, and then- oh wait…

  40. Dear NFL, please force this crappy ownership to sell the Chargers to a legit owner who will pay the going rate for top tier players.

    Franchises without Championships don’t get to say, “My way or the highway.” The Chargers have 0 championships and act like it in the negotiating room. They can’t win on the field so they might as well try to win there I guess. Small minded people running this organization.

  41. Normally I am with the team, but here I am with Bosa. Bosa is not under contract, so he is not doing anything wrong by waiting for a deal he will accept, no matter what other players (most who held out when they wanted a deal) and the team says.
    Wasn’t it that before this year no top 3 pick had both the deferment and offset- now two of three have agreed to it. The Chargers knew the price of drafting a top three pick- its not a surprise. If they had issues they should have traded down. This is on them.
    But with three teams at the top pushing for this, why hasn’t anyone asked about possible collusion?

  42. I have said it for some time, the NFL bargained for offset language and DID NOT get it in the CBA. Owners have since dangled the check in front of players faces and hoped they would sign with the language included. Some have, some haven’t.
    No 3rd overall pick has signed offset language under this CBA.

    The payment schedule is just Spannos being cheap, which he does unbelievably well.

    Bosa may be playing hardball, but he is not asking for the moon. If there was no rookie scale Bosa would have been signing for at least double what he is. The Chargers have done a terrible job on this and are now looking to save face

  43. Agreed. And stop hating on the Chargers for refusing to cave to the kid.


    What don’t you get? Caving? Don’t make top 10 picks if you dont wanna pay. This team is trash

  44. It’s all about who blinks first. The Chargers are taking a position that traditionally hasn’t been the case with similarly situated draft picks, and Bosa is taking a position on terms that likely will never have a negative impact on his position. I the end though, all the Chargers had to do was cave on one of the two points and the deal would be done. Instead they now play the media PR game to save face, only further alienating their potentially best defensive player. Each passing day makes it less likely he’ll sign.

  45. Yeah that’s how you get your 3rd overall pick in the draft to sign his rookie offer….Uh since Joey has missed so much camp and now will see a decrease in playing time during the games he might still play we are going to lower our offer to get him in the building faster….”Dick Move” Spanos….if you don’t want to pay the top ten draft costs you should have traded the pick not selected third and put yourselves on the hook for the cash….and you did it in a year that you are trying to heist $600,000,000 from the locals in San Diego with a vote pending to build you a new stadium even though your team SUCKS!!!!!!

    San Diegan’s must really love the Spanos family to put up with this running drama…..this will haunt future draft picks for the Chargers….See Eli wasn’t as stupid as everyone thought when he sais he was never going to play for them….

  46. The Chargers have been an unnecessarily stubborn, clown show organization going back to GM AJ Smith. I feel sorry for Chargers fans.

  47. This…

    Just pay the man. You took him 3rd overall thinking he would help better a team that had such a high draft pick for a reason. If they didn’t want to pay such a steep price the should of traded out of the first round. Taking a player that high and not treating him like a corner stone player tells alot about the franchise

  48. If I were a Charger fan, I would be so ticked.

    Good luck recruiting blue-chippers for the next 5 years. Does not appear that the Chargers have the pocketbook for a top 3 pick.



  49. I know some people think bosa should just shut up and play. These are the same people that hate athletes and feel they should play for free, for our amusement. The money is slotted and the two very minor contract details in question don’t seem to be a problem for any other franchise, even the most poorly run, to overcome. They are treating him differently than any other draft pick, including the guy drafted in front and behind him. So why is that exactly?

  50. The Chargers front office are committing malpractice. You don’t take a guy with the 3rd pick without knowing whether or not he’ll sign. Let’s even say the Chargers are right and Bosa wants concessions they don’t wanna give. So what? How does it set a precedent unless you continue to draft high. If Bosa wants a pony included in his compensation package, you get him a pony and get the guy into camp. Next guy asks for a pony, tell him to get drafted #3 or shut the heck up. If you are a team, you are going to make 53 deals…so what if you have to cave a little on one of them. Meanwhile Joey Bosa has an average career length of 3 years and a maximum of 3 deals to look forward to. I applaud his desire to get EVERYTHING he can…especially when all he wants is what’s customary for 3rd picks.

  51. I think the request from Bosa is reasonable especially in light of what first round picks used to get before the current CBA. The Chargers just need to compromise on one of the points. If I were them just give him the money now and drop the offset language.

  52. Maybe San Diego should immediately increase all taxes for visitors to help pay for the contract for the Chargers. Browns ownership thinks the Chargers front office is bunk.

  53. The Chargers must want to go back to the days before the rookie wage scale when they’d likely have been paying this guy probably more than double what the wage scale gives him? Insane.

    Personally, I think there should be no scale. The scale is enormously team friendly and the Chargers don’t even want to play ball at the artificially low rate?

    Don’t draft a guy #3 overall unless you think he can be on your team and contribute for the length of his rookie contract.

  54. People need to know the details. They offered him 85% of his signing bonus (more than any other rookie except Wentz) this year and he would get the other 15% at the beginning of next season (March). This is a story of a bad agent giving bad advice. Even the players on the team have been turning on him.

  55. Looks like San Diego is continuing with their winning ways. What a joke of a front office.

    ….and what does it tell you about your organization when a draft pick would prefer to sit out for a year rather than accept 17 mil from you? Did they even talk to this guy before the draft to find out if he even wanted to play there?

  56. At what point do these idiot players not realize that they are NOT the boss? They are EMPLOYEES, and nothing more. EMPLOYEES do NOT dictate terms to EMPLOYERS. Let this idiot sit and ruin his career.


    I can only assume you’ve never heard of the negotiation phase of a job offer. At my current job they offered X and I said no, that is not enough. They countered, and eventually we both agreed.

  57. The chargers look like some pouting babies. By making this statement public, they probably just lost Bosa and look real dumb since they could’ve had Ramsey or Stanley who were both needs and who both look like future pro bowl players right now.

  58. This is crazy. 600 million on the line. Also, to all those who think his agents are crackheads. It’s CAA. Look it up. A larger game may be afoot.

  59. Why do some of you think L.A., Vegas or St. Louis are potential landing spots for the Chargers to move? Do you not realize that to move the franchise the Spanos family will need to pay the NFL a $500Million relocation fee? They’re trying to save a few hundered thousand dollars by deferring some of the guaranteed bonus $ for Bosa… they’re not going to pay $500Mil to move. SD is stuck with this train-wreck management until the NFL decides to force them to sell. Smh, incompetency at its finest.

  60. Obviously you have no idea who his agent is, if you did you wouldn’t make such a dumb remark. His agent is Todd France on of the best in business. This is all , all on the chargers and they are trying to spin it like some babies.

    chargerz4life says:
    Aug 24, 2016 3:18 PM

    People need to know the details. They offered him 85% of his signing bonus (more than any other rookie except Wentz) this year and he would get the other 15% at the beginning of next season (March). This is a story of a bad agent giving bad advice. Even the players on the team have been turning on him.

  61. It would make no economic sense to hold out and enter the 2017 draft but I’m starting to think Bosa may hate the Chargers enough to do it.

  62. Anyone applauding the team clearly has no idea how and of this works or how serious it is to set a bad precedent. His agent, his union, and his family all understand how the organization is trying to screw not only him, but future players as well.

    The whole situations almost makes you think that the team is doing this to intentionally alienate the locals and therefore make it that much easier to leave town after the season.

    And people buying into their release of the terms of their proposal really don’t understand how bad they are spinning the reality of the situation with clever wordplay.

    I don’t even like Bosa as a player or a person from what I have seen of him, but the fault is entirely with the team here.

  63. Lose, lose situation. But more-so for Bosa. He’s not going #3 overall next year when he re-enters the draft. And if he’s not happy about his offer now, it’s sure not going to be better next year when he’ll be lucky to drafted in the 3rd round. His agent is ruining his career before it even begins.

  64. In a span from July 28 to Tuesday, the Chargers moved from a 57 percent cash payout this calendar year to an 85 percent payout, sources said. In that span, Ayrault (Bosa rep) moved his position, albeit to a scale of lesser degree. He went from a 100 percent cash payout this calendar year to a number higher than 85 percent, one that allows for a seven-figure cash deferment to 2017, sources said.

    Bad representation. Bad decisions. Bad career move.

  65. Four letters in Bosa, starrting with B.

    Four letters in Bust, starting with B.

    I don’t even think this guy is going to be that good in the NFL.

    Cut him. He can go work at Starbucks.

  66. So let me see if i understand this. They are concerned that if he is a terrible player, and they cut him – they want his next contract to be offset by the money owed by the Chargers?


    1. They think he is going to be a bad player? Why did they draft him #3 then?


    2. They think he is going to be such a terrible player, that once they cut him – other teams are going to line up to pay him big bucks because he is terrible?

  67. Chargers cutting off their nose to spite their face. He’d be signed already by any of the other 31 teams in the league. He agreed to the offset language but only if he got his signing bonus all up front. That was fair but the Chargers are the Chargers.

  68. i dont get it. is Bosa OR San Diego that concerned that he could possibly be cut before his 4th season?! its not going to happen.. so who cares about off-set language?!!!

  69. Sad times in the NFL. I really just can’t wait till the players play and the coaches coach.

  70. Let’s not forget that Phillip Rivers will turn 35 this season. What QB will want to sign as free agent or allow themselves to be drafted by this organization? Seems fairly short sighted…

  71. There is a rookie wage scale and these contracts are cookie cutter. The Chargers are the ones that look bad here, this is unbelievable and in the future I can see other rookies doing what Eli Manning.

    The Charger fans need an ownership change.

  72. The most hilarious outcome to all this would be Bosa sitting out 2016. The Chargers getting to 8-8 and drafting 14-18th. Selecting Bosa (again) and getting him to agree to not having offset language and deferred payment as a 16th (not 3rd) overall pick.

    Garbage organization. Hope the best for Bosa.

  73. Trade him to Chicago or Cleveland or maybe the Bengals for a number one next year and throw in a third or a whatever . It’s obvious that this kid do1es not want to play for the bolts. If they were serious about it, it would have been done.
    Bosa’s agents are in a class all their own…… Bottom, of the class.

  74. Can someone expain to me why the billion dollar company can’t pay a full signing bonus up front? This is an expense they know they will have months in advance, and since the money is slotted they can be fairly sure what they will pay. Why wouldn’t any team just give the signing bonus upon signing?

  75. For anyone siding with the chargers, please remember this is the same team trying to gouge taxpayers for hundreds of millions of dollars for a new stadium, all under the thinnly veiled threat of moving the team. They are currently blackmailing an entire region. So maybe we shouldn’t be high fiving and congratulating them for taking a stand on absolutely nothing

  76. Their offer was similar in terms to the #2 and #4 offers. No offset and SB split between 2016 and 2017.

    Their last offer was 85% (almost all) of the SB in 2016.

    Carson Wentz may have 90% but pretty sure Ezekiel Eliot has 75 or 80% so it is right in the middle.

    So this is looking more like intransigence on Bosa’s agent.

  77. Billionaire doesn’t want to spend money on a stadium or a top-three draft pick.

    Why even own an NFL team if you’re going to handle it this way?

    Looks like years in the AFC West gutter ahead for this team.

  78. So, here are the two sticking points:

    1) If Bosa turns out to be a bust and gets cut, he still wants to collect full pay from the Chargers IN ADDITION TO whatever reduced pay he’s able to get from a new team; or

    2) Even though Bosa has not even filled out employment paperwork yet, he wants a $17MM bonus up front, instead of half now and half later.

    He only wants one of those – my boss gave me both! Those cheap Chargers.

  79. Aug 24, 2016 3:52 PM – edavidberg says: Chargers have a lot more to lose. Bosa loses 1 year, they lose 5 years from a #3 overall pick.

    That is tragic. What would their teams do without the last four #3 picks? Dante Fowler, Blake Bortles, Dion Jordan, Trent Richardson

  80. Feel sorry for Charger fans. Your OWNER is the clown…nothing you can do about it. Can’t fire that guy and hope for a better future. It is what it is.

    Appreciate Paul Allen and how he handles business more and more when I read chargers articles.

  81. anyone but the san diego chargers would know not to draft the great grandson of tony “joe batters” accardo and then try to strongarm him…..

    i don’t think its in this kid’s genetics to be pushed around by a lawyer in a suit. and he’s probably not going hungry anytime in the next year either….

  82. Look, not every Chargers fan or otherwise is reading PFT for detailed contract structure information. So, while the Chargers may indeed be offering something that is too cheap, the normal fan looks at this and views Joey Bosa as the bad guy for holding before his ROOKIE SEASON. His agent should realize that, and get this guy on the field ASAP.

    I know it may be hard to take such a paycut from his Ohio State days, but it’s time to put the pride aside and start playing.

  83. I always thought that AJ Smith was the problem when he was the Chargers GM. Looks like it goes higher than that.

    Of course, Joey is the grandson of a mob boss, so he knows how to drive a hard bargain too.

    With all of this talk about relocation, maybe the Chargers should move to Cleveland.

  84. Off the field judgement is a good part of becoming a successful NFL player. The only records he wants to set are a record for being the highest paid rookie. He is just another bust. Michael Bennett is underpaid. Russell Wilson was underpaid. Take the money and be happy you have a chance in the league.

  85. There is a point in a negotiation where there has been bad blood built up and you resign yourself to not working for them.

    I could be wrong, but I would not be surprised if at this point Joey has resigned himself to going back in the draft next year (even for less money) than to play with the Chargers.

    So even if their last offer is what has been publicized, it may be too little too late. I’d be interested to see what their previous offers were

  86. The Chargers better start thinking about how this could affect their future picks. Right now it looks like they picked a guy number 3 overall yet want to give him a lesser contract than historically given to a number 3 pick.

    If the Chargers didn’t think Bosa was worth what a 3rd overall pick generally gets, and if they weren’t prepared to offer that, then why the hell did they draft him 3rd? It’s idiocy, plain and simple.

    It’s not too hard to see next years first round pick – and every Chargers first round pick after that down the line – pulling an Eli Manning right out of the gate.

  87. Right now, there are 31 fan bases that are glad they don’t root for the Chargers.

    Horribly run organization. Look at their history– they’ve been screwing around with top draft picks and forcing holdouts since 2001 and LaDanian Tomlinson. There was a reason Eli would not sign with the Chargers and forced his way to the Giants.

  88. The Chargers do not want to deviate from what it regards as TEAM PRECEDENT, and Bosa does not want to deviate from what he regards as “precedent for the No. 3 overall pick in the draft”.
    Someone needs to remind Mr Bosa that he plays for San Diego and not the other 31 other teams, so team precedent, takes precedent. He’s no different than any other Chargers player.

  89. Hey chargers management! Do you remember when the vikings didnt get their pick in on time in 2003. Vikings fans will never forget. The negative image created by one stupid decision hurt the frachise for a decade. Have fun continuing to be the butt of jokes for years to come.

  90. Greed is at an all time high. Cut this guy and move on and let him be redrafted at a later date. His head is so big he can’t walk through a door…no space. I have never heard of this dude. Number 3 or not…he is not that good. The Chargers should cut him and go with what they have.

  91. It amazes me how many fans think the Chargers should just walk away and lose the No 3 pick in an NFL draft. How much does that set them back? I am guessing a lot more than the amount of money being argued about.

    This is a stupid General Manager trying to be the big man on the block when in fact he is just a pretender. Dumb Dumb Dumb.

    Those who blame Bosa, all he wants is what everyone else before him has had, nothing more, nothing less and why should he not?

  92. The oddest part of all this is that some people actually think draftees ‘go back into the draft pool next year’ when they don’t sign.

  93. Holding out till the beginning of the regular season isn’t a bad play by Bosa. He can be a lazy bumb while all his teammates are working & learning. Sounds like he has this all figured out…be a lousy teammate and expect to step in to get paid $25 Million whenever he feels like it’s a good day to show up. Well on his way to a long elustrious career (NOT).

  94. I gotta say, I feel bad for the Chargers fans at this point.

    You know, until I remember that they’ve got the beach and perfect weather 12 months a year.

  95. @ braddavery says: Aug 24, 2016 5:34 PM

    The oddest part of all this is that some people actually think draftees ‘go back into the draft pool next year’ when they don’t sign.

    Um, they do…go back into the draft pool if they go unsigned. A draftee who doesn’t sign with the drafting tream by week 10 of the regular season must wait until the following draft before they can be eligible to sign with any team. If they are drafted, they are held to the Draft Comp structure & must make agreement with the drafting team or do it all over again. If they go undrafted in the 2nd effort, they become an Undrafted Free Agent & can sign with any club for the best offer, which is almost 100% certain to be less than the current $25 Million the kid could be making if he stopped listening to self-serving lawyers.

  96. Someone from the nfl (yes, him) has to step in and fix this. The second a player smokes a joint a giagantic hammer comes down on them, in the name of the shield and integrity. THIS IS FIVE TIMES MORE EMBARRASSING TO THE LEAGUE. It’s either unbelievable incompetence or a disgusting attempt at forcing themselves out of San Diego by infuriating a fan base, and if it was any other team i would go with the former but with SD I’m not sure. The fans pay good money, but merchandise, spend their Sundays watching this team. This is unfair to them. Want to protect your stupid shield? Here is your chance.

  97. bosa doesnt play for any team. he is unemployed.

    drafting a player only guarantees a team the right to negotiate with them.

    that is why teams draft players who are expecting it.

    from what i saw of the draft, bosa’s agent did not know the chargers were going to call at #3 overall.

    is it possible san diego drafted a player that did not want to play for them?

  98. He needs to fire his agent as he is leading him down a slippery slope that can only do damage. No good will come of this. Joey, be a man and take the bull by the horns and do the right thing and sign the contract. Nothing is lost by signing it.

  99. As a life long San Diego native and somebody who has watched the family ownership bumble their way for the last 30 years of my life…

    Archie Manning was right all along. If you have talent and you want to be paid and part of a winning franchise. You stay far far away from the Spanos family.

    Players change, Coaches change, the Spanos family remains utterly incompetent.

  100. It would be humorous if he sat out a year and the Chargers selected him in the second round next year. It would give us so much to talk about between the draft and the start of football.

  101. It will be hilarious when a TV camera catches him at a Seahawk/Cowboy/Cinci game in that teams colors…

  102. Final offer gives Bosa more money in 2016 than any other draft pick except Carson Wentz.

    And Bosa’s agents walked away. $26M guaranteed. John Spanos, who has never had a signing issue w any draft pick in the last 10 yrs , said it right. It is ‘asinine’

  103. Look at the talent they will have missed out on if Bosa re-enters next year. Could’ve gotten a RB, DB, QB…you name it. 2016 was a year to help your franchise, but deferring money or refusing offset and now reducing the offer…way to cripple yourselves out of cheapness. Wait until next year’s draft and watch your next pick refuse to deal. Kind of like Eli Manning and Michael Vick. Yeah, you managed to grab Tomlinson and Rivers but those guys gave you stats and only 2 and 4 postseason wins respectively over their careers there. GMs change but the ownership stays the same and the mediocrity continues because of it.

  104. hawkcmc says:
    Aug 24, 2016 3:39 PM
    Four letters in Bosa, starrting with B.

    Four letters in Bust, starting with B.

    I don’t even think this guy is going to be that good in the NFL.

    Cut him. He can go work at Starbucks.

    I pray you didn’t spend too much time coming up with that one. If you did, your problems are much bigger than the alphabet and spelling challenges.

  105. I hated when we operated under Smith, but now I have mad respect for the Chargers and can now honestly state that Bosa Is not only an idiot for acting like this, but is totally unprofessional putting this vibe that he’s bigger than the team and wants all of these “entitlements” because he was picked next to some franchise whom traded two 1st&2nd and a 3&4 pick to get that spot to draft the 2nd QB! If the Chargers cave, a president will be set basically telling top picks it’s okay to “demand/not budge” and get the best contracts the longer they sit out. Money’s Guaranteed, and Language is to protect teams from being stuck paying the Manzels, or Tunsils 1st round money for making stupid decisions for 4 years. What pisses me off the most is that this kid has the ability to make more than I will my entire life if he signs this contract. Money’s guaranteed. His unwillingness to bend on his negotiation demands tells me he feels “entitled” vs the “privledge” of being drafted in the NFL. Show respect to the NFL, the team that picked u, the players u are going to share the field with by focusing on playing ball. I cannot have sympathy for Bosa….honestly. Be honest with yourself: would u sign Bosa’s contract and get $17 million before playing a snap?

  106. I really don’t understand all the hate for Bosa.

    The Chargers are asking him to agree to an unprecedented contract for a high 1st rd pick by accepting BOTH the deferred payment of the signing bonus and offset language.

    Bosa said he’d sign if it was one or the other (like every other 1st rd pick has done) – why does anyone think that the Chargers are in the right on this?

  107. He’ll wind up in Tennessee or Cleveland as their second first rounder next season. He’s from Florida and played at OSU so neither location is an unfavorable as the west coast for him. He isn’t hurting for money and the relationship between the Chargers and everyone Bosa cares about is irreparably damaged after they tried to bully him publicly. With extra picks for both teams they can afford to take a chance on a guy who was a top 5 prospect this year. But I’d love to see the Jags trade for him at the end of the day. Put him across from Fowler and Jackson in the middle and that team is set

  108. Could be that the Chargers are using the Bosa negotiations in a push to get out of San Diego. They play hardball from an untenable position, inducing the San Diego voters to nix the stadium–and viola, they are on their way out of San Diego.

  109. If the Chargers won’t pay Joey what he is worth to play football, then he should enter the work force like most of us have, where he will be fairly compensated for his contributions and value to the company that hires him.

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