Deadline is approaching for Drew Brees contract


With the regular-season opener little more than two weeks away, the artificial — but very real — deadline for the Saints and quarterback Drew Brees to hammer out a new contract is arriving. Appearing on Wednesday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio and NBCSN, Brees reiterated his position that, once the regular season begins, negotiations will stop until the season ends.

“That’s always been my mindset and my approach,” Brees said. “That’s what it was back in 2011. We were kind of in a similar situation and we got into the season, first couple weeks, and I just felt like it was becoming a distraction and I’d just rather focus on football. I hope that we can get something done between now and then, I’m confident that we can but you know at this point still just very much focused on getting us ready to play for Week One.”

A source with knowledge of the situation has suggested that next week could be the week in which something happens. If nothing happens before Week One, and if Brees sticks to his plan to not negotiate once the season begins, the Saints will either use the franchise tag (at a 44-percent raise over his $30 million cap number, which equates to $43.2 million) or they will essentially let the market set his value, hopeful to sign him before he officially hits the open market in March.

As we’ve seen time aged again, if a player hits the market, there’s a chance he hits the road. For Brees, that remains unlikely. It’s less unlikely, however, if a deal doesn’t get resolved by Week One.

Brees said plenty of other interesting stuff. Click the video box to hear it all.

11 responses to “Deadline is approaching for Drew Brees contract

  1. Drew’s not a team player like Brady. Drew milk$ it for everything he can. He is the Jeff Fisher of QB’s, “Mister 7-9.”

    And I’m a die-hard Saints fan! Sigh.

  2. Like always Drew will go after every dime he can get and the Saints aren’t going to put themselves back in cap hell in 2 years when Drew can’t play anymore. Last year as a Saint

  3. I love hearing average working blokes talk about how much money someone else should make.

  4. Drew Brees is the greediest player in the NFL. His agent just says no to everything that is proposed. Newsflash – Drew, you are not worth the franchise tag of $43.2M this season and Mickey Loomis should walk away from the table.
    As the Saints are forced to let other players go, Drew Brees and his agent are laughing at the extortion they have created by sitting on their hands. Brees is a great player but deserves the derision of every NFL fan for his obvious greediness.

  5. Takes unfairly from the team and then turns around and takes straight from the fans with his Ponzi scheme. What a dirtbag.

  6. I used to like Drew, he was the underdog and when the Saints finally won the SB it was awesome, even from this Seattle fan.

    Now I see him as the most selfish individual in all of football, willing to destroy any chance of getting back to the superbowl just to make his great great great grandson another million.

    He is the opposite of Tom Brady. I like how drew carries himself, but hate how selfish he is. With Tom I hate the guy but can’t help but admit he does his team a huge favor by taking less and gives himself a better chance of being a “legend” or whatever by taking way less.

    Drew doesn’t care about being a legend, he just wants more of that money.

    It’s kind of weird really. Does he not understand how he looks? Has he been investing, why is it all about money? What’s his deal anyway?

    If I was Drew I’d announce a new deal where I take 20 million and that’s it(like that is paltry)…it would completely change everyone’s perception of him right before the end of his career….and he NEEDS it.

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