Josh Gordon will be a restricted free agent after 2016 season

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Why would another team want to trade for a receiver who is entering his fourth NFL season, will miss the first four games of it, and potentially will be hitting the open market next year? Because he won’t be hitting the open market.

Browns receiver Josh Gordon will be a restricted free agent in 2017, according to multiple league sources.

Gordon arrived in round two of the 2012 supplemental draft, and he obtained accrued seasons toward free agency in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, however, a 10-game league-imposed suspension coupled with a one-game suspension imposed by the team kept him from participating in six games — and from in turn obtaining a year of credit toward free agency.

Per the sources, the grievance filed by Gordon challenging the suspension was eventually dropped, which means that 2016 will be his third accrued year for free agency purposes. His four-year contract will expire, but he won’t be eligible for unrestricted free agency.

So whoever holds his rights after the season will be able to keep him in place another year under one of the various RFA tenders. Which would make him a little more valuable as a potential trade target.

5 responses to “Josh Gordon will be a restricted free agent after 2016 season

  1. he’s not going to be traded, the browns r the browns but their not that dumb….if rg3 can get some protection, they have some nice weapons at the WR position, mix in a decent running game and the O should be fine

  2. This works out well for Josh Gordon, because he needs to be in a good environment and around an organization and teammates that care about him and are going to hold him accountable for his actions. Once he rebuilds his reputation and solidify himself as one of the best WR in the NFL the big contract will come. But first things first, he has to prove that he warrants a big investment.

  3. If things work out this year Gordon should show appreciation to the Browns for sticking with his childish ash and sign a reasonable deal with the Browns.

  4. I clearly support another team and my dislike of the Browns is deep. That said…

    I want this guy to do well and thrive. The NFL needs a player that is a nice story for us all to talk about and not like the ones that have made headlines as of late. Josh Gordon could be that guy if he has managed to turn his life around.

    If you think about it, the deck was stacked against him the minute a picture of Johnny Football wearing a Gordon jersey surfaced. I just thought… “Oh dear lord, here we go again… not going to make it out of training camp…” But right now, my thoughts have thus far proven wrong. Once he is in shape and teamed with RGIII, we might get a show. I really hope we do.

    If he makes it through this season, we should all pitch in to get him a “I survived friendship with Johnny Manziel and still have an NFL career” t-shirt.

    That said, Go Ravens…

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