Russell Wilson addresses moving his wedding from North Carolina, sort of


Word emerged earlier this week that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson moved his wedding to Ciara out of North Carolina because of controversial House Bill 2, a law that restricts bathroom use to the facilities that correspond with a person’s gender of birth, not the gender he or she identifies with.

On Wednesday, Wilson was asked to address the decision during a routine press conference. He didn’t deny it, but he didn’t elaborate much, either.

“I just believe Jesus loves all people and that’s honestly what I believe,” Wilson told reporters. “I constantly pray for world peace, I pray for peace in the world and I pray for joy, but my focus right now is just on the Cowboys and scoring in the red zone.”

And that was the extent of Wilson’s remarks on the topic. The real question is whether he intended his wedding planner to blurt out the relocation of the ceremony, or whether he would have preferred word of the change to never have emerged, so that he wouldn’t have to address it at all.

Whether Wilson does or doesn’t talk about social issues is his business. He’s hardly unique; when it comes to the small handful of true franchise quarterbacks in the NFL, most have little or nothing to say on controversial topics. Whether that’s because franchise quarterbacks, as team leaders, are more likely to not do anything that may make waves with the coaches or whether franchise quarterbacks are so caught up in their jobs that they don’t have the time or the inclination to worry about anything else, franchise quarterbacks typically remain in their very narrow — but prominent and profitable — lane.

36 responses to “Russell Wilson addresses moving his wedding from North Carolina, sort of

  1. The more this guy opens his mouth, the more I realize I can’t stand him anymore….I thought liberals were supposed to be open minded to all ideas, not just there own or if you disagree with them…but oh well

  2. “I just believe Jesus loves all people and that’s honestly what I believe, I constantly pray for world peace, I pray for peace in the world and I pray for joy, but my focus right now is just on the Cowboys and scoring in the red zone.”

    And I found my new tattoo!

  3. I wouldn’t expect him to say much about it. He’s an endorser for some of the largest blue chip corporations in America (MSFT, BOSE, ALK, NKE, etc.) and talking politics is a quick way to make your corporate sponsors nervous

  4. Good for Russell. I don’t think he said anything controversial. He’s not a robot. There are a lot of people that find blind hate uncomfortable to be around.

  5. As a diehard Hawks fan I’ve watched every throw he’s ever made and been to many practices during their open training camp. I’ll defend him as a player to anyone. He really is a magician at times and brought the championship I feared I’d never see. That being said the dude is such a nerd. He’s our nerd though so we love him.

  6. It’s nobody’s business where he has his wedding. If he wants to boycott North Carolina or anyplace else, or if he doesn’t want to, that’s up to him. He doesn’t hold public office, he doesn’t announce political positions, and his fame is due solely to his ability to play football. Unless he decides to inject himself into the public debate, it’s not an issue.

  7. Making it political?
    Making it about an religious opinion?
    Taking drama to the media?

    What could possibly go wrong?

  8. Sure, Jesus, loves all people, but that doesn’t mean bathrooms need to be gender neutral when there are multiple toilets that people use simultaneously either.

  9. The real news is that reporters think these are the types of questions we want fielded. I’d love to have a beer with Russ and shoot the breeze on politics but you just make sure to let me know if he gets hurt or traded?

  10. Haters are so mad at the Seahawks and Russell Wilson that they aren’t even really thinking about what this article is about.

    Kind of hard to be critical of a guy that thinks “god loves all people”. And that’s all he said after being asked about it and quickly deflected back to FOOTBALL(game tomorrow).

    Proud of my QB, his hands are so big he would never have to deflate balls to be good.

  11. The QB is a young Christian and his opinion “Jesus Loves You” (Unconditionally) is to be expected. But It is “His” Opinion alone…

    Did he read where Jesus shared His “unconditional” love telling those religious hypocrites of His day “”You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?”

    Stick to the gridiron please…

  12. I like how right-wing America has turned its focus in the last 15 years from playing world police to playing bathroom police. Such a classy group to associate with.

  13. If Wilson is not willing to educate himself when speaking about some of the most sensitive and divisive topics (and it’s apparent he hasn’t) I would advise him to speak only about football. Russ needs to ‘study’ more, live some (more) life and go through a few (more) things…

    It’s referred to in the bible as “zeal without knowledge”… Wilson has a heart for the Lord but is sorely ignorant about the bible and what the bible says and means about life’s most serious issues.

    Before speaking on spiritual/political matters, it would behoove him to educate himself in sound doctrine. It’s apparent and unfortunate that Wilson does not have (as most do not) the guidance of a mentor (usually someone older) that’s ‘seasoned’ in the weightier matters of life, consequently directing him on the right and proper course.

  14. Good for Russell Wilson to change his wedding venue to appease .0001% of the population. Had he done what he did for a different reason, we would have never heard about it.

  15. I don’t care what anyone says. Gender-benders are getting far too much attention because of that wack-job Bruce Jenner.
    And I am dead set against so-called gender-benders being able to use the bathroom facilities used by the girls at my granddaughter’s school.
    If she comes home and tells me there are boys using the girls’ room while she and other girls are in there, I’m going to be very angry. Angry enough to call my lawyer and start a law suit. Someone has to be willing to fight these nut jobs.
    Here’s the deal, folks. This country has gone crazy bending to the whims of every nut who comes along. We forget that a democracy is about individuals’ rights, but only if they don’t infringe on the rights of the majority. Once you start discriminating against the majority — which clearly is what this gender-bender hysteria is doing — you have lost your sense of what is really important.
    Don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t care less what the Bruce Jenner types do to themselves. But don’t tell me the rest of us have to accept them as normal or that they deserve special treatment. That’s a bunch of bull. The publicity that Jenner got was ridiculous, and then ESPN made it a total farce by giving him an award for courage!! You want to give someone an award for courage?? Try looking in the Middle East where our young men and women are serving to protect us!
    Here’s the question I have for all you wack-job liberals who push this kind of thing. Where do you stop? Don’t tell me you don’t have boundaries, because you most certainly do. You are every bit as prejudiced as everyone you target — in many cases even more so. No? How about this? How about the way you constantly berate Christians, for example??
    I have seen this country deteriorate over the last 40 years or so to levels I never thought I’d see and it’s only getting worse. Wait until the young men and women of today reach their 60’s and realize they have no retirement plan and didn’t bother to save any money themselves. Talk about chaos! But as sure as I’m saying it, it’s going to happen. And not one politician or anyone else is even thinking about it because they’re too busy worrying about whether a Bruce Jenner-type has a bathroom he (or she) feels comfortable using. It’s nuts. Absolutely nuts.
    So — Russell Wilson can accept this farce if he wants, but if I’m a North Carolinian, I’m happy he’s moving his wedding some place else. Good bye and good riddance!

  16. good I heard some bakers in NC don’t make wedding cakes for fake marriages by two tone deaf elites. What’s the under/over on divorce for these two? 2 years.

  17. This dude is such a fraud. How do you think Jesus feels about your million dollar wedding, ridiculous mansion, and taking millions of dollars from greedy corporations that pretty much cause the majority of poverty in the world? Hmmmmmmm?

  18. Hmmmmm, let me see – you are a “hater” if you believe that marriage is for one man and one woman; your “gender” is determined by BIOLOGY; that national sovereignty is noble thing; and the LAWS of this country are applicable to everyone.

    On the other hand, those good old “tolerant” folks that believe in SSM, gender “identity”, invaders are actually coming here “out of love” and some laws should be ignored are quite free to trample the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of other American CITIZENS due to their “beliefs”. But those same folks bristle at the lack of “democracy” illustrated by Roger Godell. No wonder our last three (and next) presidents were the worst in modern times!

  19. nyneal says:
    Aug 25, 2016 9:00 AM

    We forget that a democracy is about individuals’ rights, but only if they don’t infringe on the rights of the majority.


    Ummmm….nothing could be further from the truth. Our Constitution protects the rights of all people…..especially the minority. What you propose is nothing other than mob rule.

    As for gender identification, I agree, this should not be given any special privileges. If you have two X chromosomes you are a woman….use the woman’s bathroom. All others use the men’s bathroom. Problem solved.

  20. “Our culture has accepted 2 huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone you have to agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise your convictions to be compassionate.” – Phil Robertson

  21. Dear Russell,

    You believe in Jesus and obviously you believe the Bible is God’s Word. Saying Jesus loves ALL people is leaving out a few things like what Jesus said about sin or hypocrites. He was loving then too.

    New Flash Russell.

    God isn’t asking for your opinion and doesn’t need your help on things that are black and white.

    Up until a few years ago both Obama and HRC said marriage was between a man and a women. Now they are fighting against that. Had we agreed with them a few years ago we were in the mainstream. Now, you need to be for the new definition of marriage and also better believe that a person can use any bathroom or be branded a bigot or hatemonger.

  22. Bash him all you want but that answer is simply expressing his faith while avoiding the question and focusing on football just like the Patriots do. He just chooses to be positive in his response instead of sounding arrogant like those fellas up in New England

  23. I find it ironic that conservatives are all up in arms over Russell very publicly moving the wedding.

    He’s using his interpretation of the Bible to object to the discrimination that other religious fanatics made a law based on their own interpretation of the Bible.

    BTW, this country was PARTLY founded on the Freedom of Religion. This does NOT mean that we should base our laws on one religion or discriminate against people based on bigoted views of ancient texts of a religious history book.

  24. For all you theologians on one side and liberal critics on the other, he was just trying to answer a question he actually wanted no part of because whatever his answer was it was putting him in a lose/lose situation. So he gave as simple as answer as he could and then tried to move the conversation back to football. Politics and social issues are just way too complicated for public figures to get into. No matter what he or any public person says, half the population will think he’s great and the other half will hate him. Probably the biggest problem with expressing opinion in this country now is that haters are normally the loudest. It keeps people from wanting to take stand for anything.

  25. He’s a private citizen that can do and say what he wants, who the hell cares. All I really care about is that Wilson was sacked by Griffen on the play in that picture. Well, that and the damn kick Blair Walsh missed about 8 months ago.

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