Pagano holding Cromartie out of this weekend’s preseason game

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After signing veteran cornerback Antonio Cromartie this week, Colts coach Chuck Pagano called Cromartie “a perfect fit” for the team’s depleted secondary.

Pagano is also perfectly fine with Cromartie having the same view of the preseason that he does.

Cromartie, 32, joined the Colts earlier this week following the news that cornerback Vontae Davis is out until at least October. Despite the fact that the Colts will play this weekend’s preseason game without at least three other injured cornerbacks, Cromartie won’t play.

“He knows exactly what to do, but I’m not going to throw him out there,” Pagano said, per the team’s official transcript. “He’s not had an offseason. He’s in great shape, he knows the plan, he knows the terminology. He picked that up, being in a similar system helped. He could play, but I’m not going to do it.”

Darius Butler and first-year player Tay Glover-Wright will likely start at cornerback Saturday vs. the Eagles. The Colts hope to have Patrick Robinson, an offseason free agent pickup, back from a groin injury and in the starting lineup for their Sept. 11 season opener.

4 responses to “Pagano holding Cromartie out of this weekend’s preseason game

  1. Cromartie is so overrated. This guy isn’t going to make that team til the end of the season. He’ll either fake another injury to try to justify his terrible play, or he’ll be cut once they realize how terrible he actually is.

  2. Don’t worry Indy. Remember they have the “god qb” in overrhyped and overrated Luck. He will win 5 superbowls, 17 playoff games, and go down as the greatest QB in NFL History. All this before he ever played one snap, he was Anointed lol. So dont worry, because Luck is god lucifer and will fix everything.

  3. The Colts are primed for a super bowl win, and they might need a guy like Cromartie. It’s a long season. The other CBs could go tomorrow if they had to, but they don’t. It’s a super bowl season for Indy, and Colts’ fans are going to enjoy the ride.

  4. tonebones says:
    “The Colts are primed for a super bowl win”

    you are joking right!?!? w that defense and OL I don’t even think they’ll make it back to their annual playoff game, which they always loose, as the opposing RB runs for 250+ yds!

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