Raiders apply for “Las Vegas Raiders” trademark

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The Raiders will be playing their home games in Oakland this year, but they’ve spent a lot of time talking about making Las Vegas their home in the future.

They took a step toward setting up such a move recently. Darren Heitner of reports that the team filed applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the name “Las Vegas Raiders” on August 20.

The trademark application covers various classifications, including “arranging and conducting athletic competitions, namely, professional football games and exhibitions;” “production of radio and television programs” and “providing sports and entertainment information” via a variety of mediums.

Applying for those marks doesn’t mean the Raiders will be moving — the Chargers did the same this year for “Los Angeles Chargers” — but it’s part of the work that they need to do to be ready to make such a move.

The Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee is currently reviewing a stadium plan that calls for an increase in Clark County hotel room taxes to provide the public portion of the financing. A recommendation is expected before the end of September.

59 responses to “Raiders apply for “Las Vegas Raiders” trademark

  1. Really hope Oakland can get their act together, would hate to see the Raiders go from a great home field advantage to a transient fan situation where a big portion of the stadium is cheering for the other team every week.

  2. It would make Las Vegas even a better vacation destination if they did move. I would consider buying a condo out there if they moved. Oakland is not exactly a destination on my vacation schedule.

  3. You think there might be a few player distractions living in Vegas?

    Might be a little difficult focusing on football.

  4. I could totally see this happening. You have a city in Vegas that is desperate to get a team. And a climate in northern CA that is averse to spending the money to keep the Raiders there (not that I blame them btw).

  5. Hurry up and take them away, the Bay area belongs to the 5 time WORLD champs anyways. #GoNiners #NobodycanpossiblyhaveitbetterthanUS

  6. Not a big deal. A $335 filing and they have 3 years to make actual commercial use of or it will go abandoned. Also included with this filing was a second filing for “Reggie 16-48 Mac Is God!”

  7. Can’t wait to see the paint coagulate on the Field Turf because of a 110-degree game-time temperature.

  8. Just go already and this is from a Northern California fan. The Oakland Coliseum is a dump and I’d much rather go to Vegas for a game.

  9. After some of Mark’s comments of “we will be in Las Vegas in three years” I think it’s going down and we might as well accept it.

    No matter what…


  10. it could be that there planning on moving to vegas. or it could be that mark davis has been studying card counting and is ready to bleed a casino dry and he wanted to trademark the name to the book theyll write about him. really both are equaly likely explanations tho i lean towards the ladder.

  11. This would be awesome for everyone but the Raiders’ players. Every game would be a sell out. Most teams would get a game in Vegas once every 8 years (they play the Raiders’ division once every 4 years and alternate home and away). Fans of each team would plan to attend those games. But, that would mean that the fan base will always favor the visiting team.

    Seat licenses will cost big bucks as casinos and scalpers will pick them all up.

  12. I just trademarked “Lost Vegas Raiders”, “Lost Raiders”, “Raiders Lost”, “Raider of the Lost Vegas”. Harrison Ford is going to play Al Davis’ ghost.

  13. joetoronto says: Aug 25, 2016 11:19 AM

    I’ll be going to Vegas at least twice a year.

    No you wouldn’t. Stop lying. You’re a browns fan anyhow. You’ve never stepped foot in Oakland but want to see the Raider’s play in LV all of sudden? What a putz.

  14. First raiding Oakland, then LA and back to Oakland.
    Now they have their eyes on Vegas.
    Are we sure this is a football team and not a bunch of real raiders?

  15. Ya what’s that costs a 100 bucks?
    Now I know for sure they have zero plans to move to Vegas. Its just another one of those ( like you get in the mail), “this is your very last warning ever and we mean it to…………………

  16. madderstork says:
    Aug 25, 2016 11:09 AM
    Really hope Oakland can get their act together, would hate to see the Raiders go from a great home field advantage to a transient fan situation where a big portion of the stadium is cheering for the other team every week.


    As a native Las Vegan I can tell you this is exactly what would happen. I really would like to see us have an NFL team, especially for the boost it would give UNLVs program, but I don’t think its a good idea to fleece the tourists any more than we already are.

  17. The owners make billions from normal league operations.

    Now they are making further billions from their shadow ownership of the daily fantasy gambling sites.

    No city or state should give the league a single penny towards a stadium. Make these scumbag billionaires pay for their own buildings.

  18. After 3 or 4 years and the stadium is half full, where will the NFL move the Raiders? Back to Oakland?

  19. As a lifelong Raiders fan, I AM a lil torn on this. I like the idea of the team staying in Oakland as it just ‘feels right’ and those hardcore hometown fans should never lose their team.

    However, their stadium is a dump and unfit for a professional team – especially one with the storied legacy of the Raiders.

    I live in SW Ontario and have never seriously considered going to Oakland to watch a home game – but every time they play the Bills, Lions, or Browns I’ve done the drive and, were it not for conflicts at the time, would have hit fairly recent Cinci and Chicago games.

    Now Vegas? A flight there from Detroit is basically less than the gas I spend on any of those drives….I’ll be able to pick from any number of home games a season to see the Silver & Black. Maybe that’s selfish…but I don’t really care.

    They need a stadium. Vegas wants them. Oakland (city/county) doesn’t. I can actually see them without travel costs being prohibitive. I’ll wipe one tear from my eye for the Oakland legacy while raising a beer with my other hand during a home game…in Vegas!


  20. Really hope Oakland can get their act together, would hate to see the Raiders go from a great home field advantage to a transient fan situation where a big portion of the stadium is cheering for the other team every week.

    Home field advantage. What?? Half the stadium is covered with tarps!

  21. Love all the haters comments they don’t even have a team….Raider fans are the most loyal fans in the NFL and that’s a fact!!!


    Oakland, Vegas or LA


  22. Raiders are WORLDWIDE!!!!

    Oakland, LA, Vegas, Texas, Mexico

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. It’s disheartening that San Antonio was skipped over once again for a lesser city. Yeah, Las Vegas is glitzy and glamorous, but it’s a tourism town with no real industry. During the late 90’s/early 00’s you saw sellout crowds in Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville, then when the economy crashed, all three suffered.

    Jacksonville tarped seats and both they and the Bucs were repeatedly rumored to be relocating to Los Angeles.

    If you don’t include casino’s, the San Antonio/Austin area blows Vegas away in Fortune 500 companies, wealth, population, and television market. It has a stadium ready to use (no playing in Oakland before a crowd that KNOWS you’re moving for 3 years, been there, done that: Houston)

    I hope Davis knows what he’s doing. Any “homefield advantage” the Raiders had in Oakland will be gone when their stadium’s full of hayseeds from the Midwest.

  24. “Raider fans are the most loyal fans in the NFL and that’s a fact!!!”

    Several recent studies have pointed to the exact opposite. Raider fans are some of the worst fans in the league.

    Send them to Vegas. Keep the colors and change the name to the Riders. Half their fans won’t even notice.

  25. This has got to make Oakland fans feel good huh? Come and pay to watch us play until we leave. Great way to garnish support.

  26. Looks like Oakland has given up !
    Driving past the stadium 3 times this week and the only sports info on the big billboard is Warriors strength in numbers ad and THEY ALREADY COMMITTED to SF. We play Sat night and ABSOLUTELY NO INFO!!!!

  27. I still would have loved to see them in San Antonio. They are very passionate about the Spurs and they would have loved to have a NFL franchise like the Raiders. The fit seemed so perfect, same colors, new stadium, rabid fan base. Wonder what happened….oh wait, money.

  28. Las Vegas isn’t going to be stupid and put the hotel tax to a referendum. Mark Davis has committed $500 million to the new stadium. Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson support the stadium project. There is plenty of $$$ to get this done. They will also get revenues from the naming rights and PSL sales.

    Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. They should have a modernized football stadium for NFL and UNLV games, Look for the Chargers to consider San Antonio if the referendum doesn’t pass November 8th. Hopefully 2016 is the Raiders last season in Oakland. They need to expand and Sam Boyd Stadium to make it a temporary home for the Raiders.

  29. Here’s is Oakland’s proposal for the Raiders new stadium:

    “Zero dollars and zero cents”

    This is why the Raiders are leaving. Mark Davis should have moved the team already. The stadium issue has been a problem for a good 15-20 years.

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