Tre Mason’s mother thinks football caused his bizarre behavior


The Rams haven’t seen Tre Mason since last season, but his bigger problem is that his mother doesn’t recognize him.

After the latest of Mason’s bizarre adventures, which involved leading police on an ATV chase, his mother told Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies last month her son has “10-year-old’s mindset” as the result of head trauma related to football.

Via Jorge Milian of the Palm Beach Post, the dashcam video of the latest incident showed his mother pleading with cops, an openly questioning whether his football career is to blame.

Tre is not himself at all,” Tina Mason said during the July 27 stop. “He’s not making good decisions.”

Of course, the bigger issue is his own well-being. Four days earlier, he was admitted to a hospital for an evaluation, after his mother called the police to her home saying he was behaving erratically. But the exchange during the ATV shows how deep the despair of his mother is.

The officer reporting to the scene pointed out to his partner that Mason should have been in training camp at that point, saying: “His career is going down the tubes.”

“No, actually he shouldn’t. … ,” Tina Mason says. “There’s CTE and this head-injury thing. You can say he should be playing football, but this is not what it is.”

She said her son’s behavior was clearly different after the 2015 season: “Clearly, we could see the change. Like, completely. . . .

“As much as he’s accomplished, as hard as he’s worked, as much as he’s built his character, in record-breaking time it’s going downhill because of what’s going on. He doesn’t even know. He’s not conscious enough.”

Of course, there’s no way to know whether there has been a diagnosed head injury which would cause Mason to behave the way he has this offseason, or whether there are other factors. But what’s obvious is those closest to him are deeply troubled by how quickly things have changed.

35 responses to “Tre Mason’s mother thinks football caused his bizarre behavior

  1. Playing for Fisher will do that to you!
    Seriously, I hope this guy gets the help he needs and doesn’t turn into the next version of Titus Young.

  2. He probably had the mindset of a 10 yo before he got to the NFL.
    Giving a 10 yo that kind of money with no adult supervision and he will do crazy stuff.

  3. Oh…and if momma knew he had a serious brain injury….then why is she letting him on an ATV to begin with?

  4. Can’t blame the NFL anymore. It’s all public info now. Players choose paychecks to take that risk. He could have opted to be an insurance agent or something after college… He chose football knowing the risks.

  5. I’m not necessarily saying that head injuries haven’t been the cause or played some role in his drastic behavioral changes, but a lot of mental illnesses don’t really present themselves until late teens to early twenties. He’s right there in that age range when a lot of formerly sane, level headed people “lose it”.

  6. Unfortunately the brain does not heal over time. Remaining good portions can take over responsibility for broken parts but they wont function as well. Depending on the extent of his brain damage, whatever the cause, he may not be able to lead a productive life, and may have to just settle for a medicated state that keeps him out of trouble.

  7. If you hear something often enough it begins to make sense. I’m starting to believe that the browser on my phone has been heavily damaged from all the popups telling me that here. Fortunately, I still have the sense to not install “generic android” from a popup written in broken English.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Titus Young both have CTE at a young age like Chris Henry.

    Guys just don’t go crazy like this.

    Manziel is a different story. He’s just a junkie loser.

  9. Schizophrenia has a tendency to manifest itself around college age. I don’t know Mason’s situation, but I could see erratic behavior just showing up around this age being tied to that.

  10. It actually sounds like he may be in the midst of a manic episode. He really needs to see a mental health professional to get an accurate diagnosis.

  11. I hope he gets the help he needs. He had a great rookie season but was completely devastated and lost interest in the game when the Rams drafted Gurley.

  12. Makes you wonder if the Rams knew he had this condition and that it was going to progressively get worse as he aged. I mean, selecting Gurley at #10 overall after Mason had such a promising rookie campaign always seemed odd to me. Now it doesn’t.

  13. I’m sure he made the Dean’s List numerous times and graduated from Auburn with honors. An esteemed scholar.

  14. Man, people will say anything other than “it’s CTE”. Yall are scared to death that a real life issue is going to ruin the game you love to watch. I love football too, but I’m starting to accept that brain injuries in fact do happen when 250 lb athletic freaks bash into each other at 15-20 mph. I pray that Mason can get some help and somehow turn his life around.

  15. If his family really believes he has a traumatic brain injury then they need to drag him to a neurologist asap. I don’t understand why people won’t take care of brains like they do any other organ. Think you have strep throat? Go to your ENT. Think you have brain damage? Go to a neurologist.

    It’s not rocket surgery.

  16. Sounds like a manic episode.

    The cause could be Bipolar Disorder, Bipolar disorder caused by brain injury, or just brain injury.

    Football could have every thing, nothing, or something to do with it.

    Hope he gets himself under control.

  17. bigotshamer says:
    Aug 25, 2016 4:39 PM
    Frightened white males are out in force on this one. Poor, tiny-peckered freaks.

    Slightly better than average, thank you very much!

  18. and the “I have CTE card” is played. Now we finally have an answer for all of the NFLers who make it to the police blotters.

  19. CTE is only going to get a bigger spot light as time goes on. you can’t pretend its not a thing anymore. the NFL is going to burn on way or another for covering it up for so long

  20. Sure seems like allotta mental illness’ occur in people AFTER they begin abusing drugs. Regardless, whether there is underlying mental illness, cte, drug abuse, someone needs to get him admitted for eval. $$ shouldnt be an issue , his dad is a rap star.

  21. Be a parent and take care of your son. He obviously has some serious problems regardless of the cause. What is important is getting him help before he hurts himself or someone else.

  22. They making him look crazy cause he talked about 911 being a conspiracy. He will go down as being “mentally ill” now lol. That’s the new thing now with all their propaganda. Next he will say Obama is an Abomination, and they will say he is even more crazy and mentally ill for speaking the truth

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