Adam Vinatieri to Roberto Aguayo: Call me anytime you want

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The Buccaneers face the Browns at home on Friday night in a nationally televised game, which means there will be plenty of eyes on Buccaneers rookie kicker Roberto Aguayo whenever he takes the field.

Aguayo has missed two field goals and an extra point in his first two preseason games and was heckled by the crowd at a practice this week when he missed more kicks. Aguayo is consulting with a “mental coach” and former NFL kicker Ryan Longwell in an attempt to right himself and one of the league’s top kickers for the last two decades said Aguayo can come to him as well.

While answering questions about Aguayo’s struggles, Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri recalled being told by then-Patriots coach Bill Parcells that he was on thin ice after missing five field goals in the first four games of his rookie year and said he’s willing to share what he’s learned with the rookie.

“He can give me a call anytime he wants to,” Vinatieri said, via “There’s a brotherhood with the specialists. There’s not many of them and we don’t get any respect, so we have to show a little respect for each other. We have to help each other out if we have the opportunity.”

Vinatieri, who wasn’t drafted, said he things Aguayo will figure out because he wouldn’t have been drafted 59th overall (after the Buccaneers traded up) if he “wasn’t really, really good.” That’s obviously what the Bucs believe, but a little confirmation of it on Friday night would be a welcome development all the same.

13 responses to “Adam Vinatieri to Roberto Aguayo: Call me anytime you want

  1. “There’s not many of them and we don’t get any respect, so we have to show a little respect for each other.”

    I know kickers and punters are sometimes the butt of jokes, but believe me, they are respected, assuming they do a good job. Extra points used to be automatic – not so much anymore. When a kicker can come in with seconds left in the game and win it … nothing but respect.

  2. Now a Aguayo fan. He was considered a 2nd or 3rd rd talent at kicker……that’s pretty high praise. I hope he goes on to being a Janakowski like clone and proves all the haters wrong.

  3. Nice gesture by Vinatieri; Aguyao probably feels like a man on an island at this point.

  4. I think there might be more respect out there for Vinatieri than he realizes.

  5. Adam has always been not just a kicker but a good football players.

    Many times I saw kick returners break through the Pats special teams only to have Vinatieri lay an excellent tackle on them and prevent a TD.

  6. That’s a pretty cool move by Vinatieri. There’s nothing wrong with guys from opposing team offering support and guidance to one another, especially veteran to rookie. I am in the minority, but I did not necessarily think that drafting Aguayo in the 2nd round was a bad move by Tampa (although trading up within the 2nd round was rather foolish). Aguayo has been hailed as the best kicking prospect in years, and the Bucs don’t score enough points. The upshot of this has been enormous amounts of pressure on him to justify the selection. Talking to Vinatieri, Longwell or anyone who can help is wise.

  7. Adam Vinatieri is respected not just because he is clutch and a winner, but he’s a class act.

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