Andy Reid still expects Eric Berry to play Week One


As the drama with Joey Bosa and the Chargers has dominated headlines, another unsigned player in the AFC West has received less attention: Chiefs safety Eric Berry.

Berry, the All-Pro safety who has still not signed his franchise tag, remains out of Chiefs camp. And yet with only 16 days before they kick off the season, Chiefs coach Andy Reid still thinks Berry will be there for Week One.

Reid said today on PFT Live that he trusts Berry to be taking good care of himself and ready to play when the Chiefs opened the season, even if he hasn’t practiced.

“Eric’s one of our good players and he’s in the business side of it right now,” Reid said. “This is all part of the profession, so I get it. But I also know when he comes in he’s going to be in great shape, he’ll be able to get himself back before the first game and be ready to go because that’s the way he trains in the offseason and the kind of shape he keeps himself in.”

Berry is so dedicated to fitness that he kept working out while he was undergoing chemotherapy. So Reid is surely correct to think that Berry isn’t just sitting on his couch and eating Twinkies while his teammates are sweating through August practices.

The only question, then, is whether the business side of it will get taken care of. If Berry doesn’t sign his $10.806 million franchise tender in time to play in Week One, he’ll lose $635,647 a week during the regular season. It seems unlikely Berry would leave that kind of money on the table, so it seems like a fair bet that Berry will be back in the fold within the next couple weeks. And Reid thinks he’ll be ready to play.

13 responses to “Andy Reid still expects Eric Berry to play Week One

  1. I don’t blame him at all, he gets paid nothing additional for preseason and increases his risk of injury. If he has a career ender, he would be paid nothing past the 10M this year.

    But, $20 says he reports after this 3rd preseason game.

  2. Berry doesn’t need the preseason to be ready to play. The Chiefs stopped overpaying for talent when John Dorsey arrived. In recent years they have let Brandon Albert, Rodney Hudson and Sean Smith walk(among others).
    The 12 game win streak last year would indicate they know what they are doing.

  3. I believe it was Scott Van Pelt that shared this story, but Eric Berry worked out at the same place as Stuart Scott. Both would work out after Chemo sessions and Scott was amazed at the how Berry could power through that pain and sickness. I have no doubt that Berry will be ready to go.

  4. I’m glad that his teammates and coaches aren’t killing him in the media for his decision to take care of his future. Bosa’s teammates shouldn’t be talking nearly as much as they are, as half of them will have some sort of contract stalemate at some point.

  5. This is what happens when you don’t offer a long time contract, no one gets paid over the summer, he will be their before the game checks are handed out….don’t blame him, the NFLPA need to change this rule so its a two yr contract instead of one yr….

  6. Haven’t been worried about this from the get go and I’m still not. Berry will play and at a high level. He needs to in order to get the next contract.

  7. I feel bad for the guy. He gets cancer, the team uses it as a promotional tool, and now that he’s back, they’re playing hardball with him.

    Just pay the guy. It’s not like you couldn’t get him on a less per year average than the tag gives this year. Then next year it would be even higher.

    Seems sort of inevitable, so why jerk the guy around?

  8. Chiefs are all class. They welcomed him back with open arms last year. He’s simply not a top 3 safety, and they shouldn’t pay him like that. If it’s considered “business” for a player to sit out, then it’s “business” for the team as well. He signed the contract, it’s a 2 way street. Berry’s 10 years past his NFL time. In the box safety’s just don’t work anymore and if you can’t cover you’re basically a 2 down player, at best.

  9. jmc8888, they DID pay the man, when they didn’t even have to. They paid him during his recovery, when he was on NFI list.

    They also offered to make him the highest paid safety, but he wanted $12 mill per. Thankfully, Dorsey balked at that.

    I love Berry but no safety is worth $12 mill per. Not yet at least.

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