Jordan Cameron says he’s not concerned about drops

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Dolphins tight end Jordan Cameron didn’t have a great first season with the Dolphins in 2015, leading to a pay cut to remain with the team for this season.

Things haven’t gotten off to a great start in Year Two. Cameron dropped a pass in the end zone against the Cowboys last week and had two more catchable passes fall to the turf against the Falcons, including another one that could have been a touchdown. Reports from Dolphins practices have pointed out drops by Cameron as well, but the tight end insists he’s not worried about it.

“I’ve just got to catch the ball,” Cameron said, via the Miami Herald. “It’s football. It’s not my first one, it won’t be my last one. Maybe it’s a funk, but i don’t think about it as much as I think everyone else does. It’s not a concern for me. We’ll get things rolling in the season when it matter.”

Coach Adam Gase pointed out a good Cameron block on running back Arian Foster’s touchdown and shared Cameron’s feeling that he’ll start holding onto the ball soon, but there have been calls for more out of the tight end position from offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen and quarterback Ryan Tannehill this summer. If Cameron’s funk continues much longer, it will likely be time to see if someone else can provide it.

16 responses to “Jordan Cameron says he’s not concerned about drops

  1. Two passes hit him in his hands last nite and he dropped both. Another bounced of his head. He should be concerned.

  2. You may not be worried about it but Tannehill should be. That’s 2 touchdown DROPS in preseason.

    In the regular season that could mean L’s instead of W’s and we will need all the help we can get anyways.

  3. His problem isn’t the drops. It’s the amount of money that he counts against the cap versus the drops. We can pay someone else the league minimum to run out there and have the ball hit him in the chest.

  4. I hope the Dolphins are not afraid to send a message and cut him. Teams will be putting about 70 TE’s on the street next week and they need to pick up a versatile player. Dion Sims is OK and a great blocker but lacks open and breakaway speed. I can’t belive they let Stone burner go… He needed work on blocking but was decent. Duarte is a large WR and cant block st all. This is trouble for Gase’s system because TE always has a role. Maybe we can trade Daniel Thomas to NE for Gronkowski… Sorry it’s a joke… just trying to keep the Pats fans on their toes.

  5. Perhaps he thinks that Joe is still the head coach and will keep him for 4 or 5 years to see if he can do the job. my guess is he best play next week and do much better to make the team. Bill

  6. There was one play when Cameron quite looking at Tannehill, forcing the QB to throw to another receiver. Don’t be surprised if a TE, say a Tony Fasano type, is cut by another team is picked up by the Dolphins.

  7. And Landry. Don’t forget about Jarvis and his butter fingers as of late. So when Ryan finally gets protection, the receivers drop the ball….Literally.

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