Vic Beasley: Pass rush “ain’t working right now”

Getty Images

The Falcons moved Vic Beasley to linebacker this offseason in hopes of putting him in position to better rush the passer in his second season after being drafted eighth overall in 2015.

Beasley missed a little time this summer with a shoulder sprain, but said it wasn’t the reason why he failed to register a sack or quarterback hit in a quiet outing against on Thursday night against a Dolphins offensive line that’s been a subject of concern in Miami.

“Nah, it ain’t working right now,” Beasley said, via “I have to go to the film room, go to the practice film, and try to critique some thing. It is [frustrating] at times. I just know I have to keep working. … I know what’s expected of me, but it’s not a sense of pressure. It’s just what’s expected of me. I just have to keep attacking each day.”

Beasley isn’t the only reason Atlanta’s pass rush is falling short. Dwight Freeney didn’t play on Thursday because of a back strain and Adrian Clayborn, the only regular with a sack thus far in the preseason, had to leave with a shoulder injury. Everyone will need to be better, but being drafted so early means there’s going to be a particular spotlight on Beasley this season and that sense of pressure will likely come if he doesn’t produce.