Kaepernick doesn’t do much to stake claim to starting job


On multiple occasions in the past, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has bedeviled the Packers. In his first game action of 2016, however, Kaepernick didn’t do much against Green Bay to gain ground on current starter Blaine Gabbert.

Kaepernick completed two of six passes for 14 yards and rushed four times for 18. The only good news for Kaepernick is that Gabbert didn’t look much better. Still, Kaepernick hardly did enough to supplant Gabbert as the starter.

At a time when a strange vibe continues to emanate from the organization and Kaepernick regarding their relationship, some (me) have speculated that Friday night was aimed in part at showcasing Kaepernick in a last-ditch effort to trade him. If, as expected, no one is interested in adding him at this stage of the calendar, the team will have to decide whether to cut him or carry him on the 53-man roster.

If he’s cut, the 49ers could save a portion of his $11.9 million guaranteed salary, since an offset would apply to whatever he makes elsewhere. If they keep him, he’ll get it all.

If he gets it all, at some point they should play him, right? The problem with playing Kaepernick is that, if he emerges from 2016 with an injury, the 49ers may not be able to cut him before next year’s base salary of $14.5 million becomes fully guaranteed on April 1.

There’s a chance, then, that they’ll put him in bubble wrap, RGIII-style, waiting for a starter elsewhere to suffer a season-ending injury but otherwise not letting Kaepernick get on the field for fear of chasing this year’s $11.9 million with another $14.5 million next year.

Regardless of how it all shakes out, the strange vibe lingers, making it hard to imagine Kaepernick ever playing another regular-season game for the team he nearly led to a Super Bowl win four years ago.

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  1. Kaep to Denver for a late rounder. SF pays half his salary. Sanchize starts walking towards Venice Beach.

  2. After tonight I’m resided to the fact that Gabbert is our starter.

    Nothing this team did tonight re-instilled any confidence about competing this season, lot of work to do.

  3. I really thought Kaep was going to be the next big thing… Could wing the ball down the field, scrambling ability, proven leader.

    And yet, here we are. Winging the ball down the field now looks like overthrowing guys. Scrambling ability now looks like a liability, and his leadership was with a bunch of dudes that have left the team.

    It seems like Kaep would be a perfect fit for Chip Kelley, surprised that it’s led to nothing so far.

  4. What made you suddenly decide to write the truth now?

    It’s utterly obvious and I’ve been saying it for a year.

  5. Gabbert didn’t look much better? Thats absurd. Gabbert only threw three passes and none of them were anywhere close to being interceptions. Kaepernick threw two passes he was extremely fortunate were not picked off while Gabbert has led the team to three TD’s in three opportunities this offseason. What more do you want out of the pre-season?

  6. I don’t think it would surprise anyone if we see Sanchez end up being cut in Denver, Kaepernick being cut by the 49ers, and then Kaep ending up in Denver on a vet minimum deal just because Kaep wants to stick it to the Niners since he’ll make his 12 million no matter what. Plus, he sure seems to be daring the Niners to cut him and doing everything possible to piss them off to get his wish.
    I’m not saying he’ll blow the league away in Denver since he’s way behind in learning their offense, but the flirtation was there in the offseason between him and Elway. Honestly, right now I think he’d be unhappy in Denver too cuz if this happened he’d still start the season as the backup quarterback.
    Now J ust for the sake of craziness, let’s go full circle with this scenario and say that after all of this happens, Mark Sanchez reunites with Chip and signs on to be Gabbert’s back up in SF. Crazier things than that have happened in the NFL.

  7. It’s funny because I’m sure when SF laid out his contract, they were certain it was a steal. There will be another qb dethroned this year as well. The team that qb plays for knows they’re in deep when it does happen.

  8. He dont even know the difference between the USA flag and the confederate flag.LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO

    USA made you and your family, you coward

  9. once defenses figured him out, he is terrible. Cannot make adjustments or read defenses. he’s done. not smart enough to play QB (for evidence, reference National Anthem article)

  10. I hope he gets cut and then he can be one of those oppressed people of color…..with millions in the bank

  11. Some people are self-programmed to fail at life. Kaepernick is obviously one of them. He is following the path of Ryan Leaf and others who could not handle the pressure the NFL spotlight places on their personal character.

  12. Sadly most folks here think this is a “political statement” by another famed (former) sports star. It’s not. It’s a very, very public identity crisis that has been in the making for a couple years.

    People mock psychoanalysis and usually for some pretty good reasons as there are some wild ideas that come out of it. But one thing that has found to be uniform and universal across all shades of skin is the affect of never knowing your (black) blood father and being “given over” by your (white) blood mother will have on shaping your view of life and “reality”. I could never begin to entertain knowing what he has grappled with since his youth and is now boiling over.

    That being said…..this #kapslifematters movement is utterly stupid. Does he have the free speech to do it? You bet! Is he exempt from being free from cause and effect? Of course not. Freedom does not mean liberated from consequence.

    If you’re going to blame something Kap…..blame the hearts of men which has been misleading mankind since its inception. Or….you can just believe you’re the haphazard product of nothingness which means values like injustice and inequality are just a myth and you have no actual reason to believe you (or perhaps Someone else) is being offended.

  13. We are watching the final chapter of the Colin Kaepernick saga. He is unable to read and dissect NFL defenses, and he has killed his “brand” by refusing to stand for the national anthem. Why would the 49ers keep such a liability on their roster when there will be better options after the next round of cuts? They can’t and they won’t.

  14. This bonehead might be endeared by the CFL, but he will get boo’d wherever he goes. That’s if he plays again.

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