Kaepernick refuses “to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people”

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So why didn’t Colin Kaepernick stand during Friday night’s playing of the national anthem? If there was any ambiguity following his Thursday retweet linking the American and Confederate flags, there should be none now.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told Steve Wyche of NFL Media. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

As others have noted (and as PFT was informed when first becoming aware of the issue of Friday), Kaepernick hasn’t stood for the playing of the national anthem at any of his team’s three preseason games. Last night the gesture was noticed because, for the first time this year, he was wearing a uniform bearing his name and number.

“This is not something that I am going to run by anybody,” Kaepernick said. “I am not looking for approval. I have to stand up for people that are oppressed. . . . If they take football away, my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right.”

Because Kaepernick currently seems to be in the process of having his football taken away for football-related reasons, his decision will create less drama than if he had made it, say, three years ago, when people like Ron Jaworski were providing the ESPN washing machine days of content by declaring that Kaepernick could be one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Currently, he’s a starter who already was in an awkward posture as a member of an organization that seemed to be looking for a way to unload him via trade without hurting its leverage by sharing its true feelings about him.

The broader question becomes whether other players will become inspired by Kaepernick’s gesture and follow suit. It’s one thing for Kaepernick not to stand. It’s quite another if other players who actually will be, you know, playing this year do it.

366 responses to “Kaepernick refuses “to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people”

  1. He’s so oppressed, poor thing. As one example, his new Bentley doesn’t fit in half of the bays of his garage. All part of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

  2. This guy is a freaking disgrace.

    Standing for the national anthem is about saluting the men and women OF ALL COLOR who died so we can ALL enjoy the freedoms that we do.

  3. Our flag represents freedom. Freedom to do whatever you want during the national anthem. Trying to take away Kaepernick’s freedom is much more disrespectful to the symbol of freedom (the flag) than anything Kaepernick did. I think it’s disrespectful to our veterans to disregard everything they sacrificed for us. Freedom. What Kaepernick does actually makes us stronger. He couldn’t do that in China or Iran. That’s the difference. Would you rather live there? Don’t let the door hit you in the a–

  4. Lets all stand up and cheer, here is a guy getting paid millions to play a game and he says this. No wonder he doesn’t play his stupidity pours out of his mouth. The NFL and San Fran should be so proud od the classless individuals or rather person of color on the field. Lets all puke at once.

  5. He needs to look around the locker room. Hello, your teammates are mostly black.

    No one is keeping him in this country, if he thinks it’s that bad, then leave.

    I’m sure there are many countries that would pay him 11 million to act like a buffoon.

  6. Ironic that a half-white man adopted and raised by a white family is protesting the injustice of white racism in the U.S.

  7. Sure, Colin, point us to which country has done more for “Black people” and minorities. If this country has “oppressed” YOU and other people of color soooooooo much, how is it that you get paid millions for playing a game and one of your own was elected TWICE as President. Pleae square this circle, Mr. Wunderlic.

  8. Really wish he would do some research instead of buying false bumper sticker slogans like”hand’s up don’t shoot” which never happened. He’s ignorant, with a spotlight on him.

  9. Is he talking about the same Country where he (and many other “oppressed black people”) are allowed to earn Millions of dollars by playing a game?

  10. The media narrative is a travesty and a disgraceful lie. There are not bodies in the street and the restraint by police is the real story as they are sent into hundreds of shockingly violent situations every day. The fact that there are so few tragedies in these situations is the real story as government policies create these hell holes with no hope and rampant, truly violent crime. The best choice police could make is ‘don’t go’. Let Colin Kaepernick respond to these situations and peacefully resolve them. Absolute moron!!!!!!!

  11. Canadian here, Anthem gets played every morning in our schools. I refused to stand when the goverment sent my father to war just to make Bush happy.

    Good Job Colin, Proud of you.

  12. Don’t agree with him, but if you don’t respect his right to sit it out (or a child’s right to sit out the pledge of allegiance), your doing freedom wrong.

  13. Wow way to take a stand my hero! He should travel to other countries and see what real oppression looks like.

  14. There’s no denying that there has been some wrong doing by police officers when it comes to recent killings in the last 3 years not all but some of them have been wrong. But listen here it’s the media that is stirring the racial pot and black lives matter seems to look the other way when it comes to blacks killing other blacks. Black Lives Matter only to them when it’s someone white that kills a black but it doesn’t matter when black gangs and criminals kill other blacks or any innocent bystanders for that matter. Can’t have it both ways I’m sorry. Look at Dwayne Wades cousin that just got killed yesterday.

  15. Kaep is a d-bag, but I’m all with him on this one. Freedom of expression shouldn’t be selective. He has the absolute right to express himself, even if it flies right in the face of conventional wisdom or social acceptability. Social protest has always been one of the most effective methods for garnering attention to specific issues. Those who complain the loudest are the very same people who would tell you that this is the home of the free. Which is it? Freedom of expression, but only if you agree with me?

  16. Really…? almost $20M/year and you’re oppressed?

    Here’s the thing: money compensates talent, creativity, production and intelligence. If you put forth the hard work, you will not be oppressed. If you make good decisions, you will have good fortune come your way. If you show respect, respect will be given to you.

    Wake up, Kaep. It’s time to begin the new era for 49ers quarterbacks… although I suppose that already started last year.

  17. If he feels this way then he should also come up with a very good “Solution” to the problem. Its really fairly easy to identify a problem but not so easy to offer a “Solution” to that problem.

  18. Somebody needs to inform Kap there’s a time and place for political statements. I thought football was a relief (if brief) from racial politics. They are certainly important, and Kap has a point to be made, but his occasion and venue is ill-timed.

    Rush Limbaugh tried this crap years ago–injecting race into what should be three hours of pure, nonpartisan pleasure and escapism–a football game. He got canned. Eventually Kaps fate will be the same.

    I’m kind of on Kaps side over the issue, but if we as citizens cannot put aside politics for a two-minute anthem that sings about freedom and strength of unity, then we are broken all the way.

    Kaps antics aren’t helping anything. Especially to kids who are watching his every move.

  19. As a 20 year retired navy chief who served on board submarines I sincerely hope that he never sees the field again. Many men and woman don’t get to come home and watch this ungrateful piece of overrated garbage play a game. He is a joke and so are the San Francisco 49ers for keeping him…

  20. Poor, oppressed Colin Kapernick. It’s horrible to live in racist country that elected a black president twice even though he had no qualifications for the job. I feel so guilty

  21. He is not being paid 11 million a year to be a social engineer. He’s been hired to play football.

    They should just cut him. His priorities aren’t on his job. He’s becoming a distraction.

  22. Please go play in Canada or Mexico!

    Remember Kap, the Democrats founded the KKK buddy! You have more respect and be like RG3

    There are more black people in the NFL than any other race There are more black people in the NBA than any other race!
    How many times has Kaepernick gone to the hood and laid down a slice of his money to help his brothers? Help a family rebuild their house; help get kids off of drugs; help find jobs for brothers and sisters who want to work and make something of themselves; help make the neighborhood safer?
    Yup! Whites have oppressed black people, but black people have also oppressed black people. Colin Kaepernick, who has the means, has oppressed black people more by not helping them.

  24. Poor thing he so oppressed making millions. Meanwhile mentions nothing about the black on black crime.

    I hear Saudia Arabia is looking for a QB that sucks for their football team. He should be traded to them.

  25. Kaepernick’s biological mother, Heidi Russo, was 19 when he was born. Faced with the prospect of raising her son on her own (Kaepernick’s biological father fled as soon as he discovered Russo was pregnant), she had spent much of her pregnancy debating whether she should put her baby up for adoption. “We’ve always been really open about the adoption, and we were always very open about the skin colors,” Teresa Kaepernick told The New York Times in 2010. “We pointed it out as a positive, and he saw his difference and was comfortable with it.”

    With all of the unwanted children in this world, shame on Kap is all I can say.

  26. Kind of an odd time to make a ‘stand’. Kind of ironic because he will be sitting all year.

    Use some of that 11 million you will get for running the scout team to help underprivileged kids. Or do SOMETHING positive. Make a difference. Talk is cheap.

  27. He must also support those same oppressed people using innocent police as target practice and killing them on the street. if he dont like this country Mexico is right next door,dont let the border gate hit you in the ass Colin.

  28. Free country he has the right to respect the flag or not….if people ignore it, then it will go away, make a big deal about it and he won….I understand his frustration but I think he can get better results doing something that would really help the injustices in this country and people who don’t think they exist are part of the problem…..

  29. Protesting is just so meaningful when you’re protected by your money and your lawyers and your privilege. I doubt very much that you would have marched in the streets of Selma in the 60’s while you were being beaten, firehosed and torn up by dogs. Yours is an empty gesture, hollow man, devoid of courage or conviction. You’re bogus and irrelevant.

  30. Sure Kap. Blacks are oppressed so much one is the President. I am sick of this oppressed crap. There are many successful Blacks in this country. If, as Kap thinks, there would be none. Accepting him sitting down is an insult to every service man or woman that gave their life for this country.

  31. I don’t happen to agree with him, but hey, more power to him if this is how he wants to exercise his First Amendment rights.

    However, unless he begins to perform I half expect the “Tebow Factor” to kick in. That is teams don’t put up with distractions from backup bubble players…

  32. Poor Colin. This country has really held him back to the tune of a $100 million dollar contract that he didn’t earn by his horrible play. Poor baby. Show respect for the men and women, of all colors, who died so you could play a kid’s game for a king’s ransom.

  33. As long as the black culture continues to glorify gangs, drugs, and violence, there will always be “oppression”.

    I saw a documentary where a black kid was mocked and bulied from other black kids because he was taking his education seriously and wanted to do well. His choice was to get educated and be mocked and called an Uncle Tom, or to join in on the drugs and violence.

    Imagine a world where the black community focused all their attention on education and being a father to their children instead of celebrating drugs and violence and blaming “the white man”.

  34. I guess he’ll be donating a significant portion of his $61,000,000 guaranteed money to scholarships and medical care for minorities

  35. The same country that continues to keep making you rich even as your play regresses?

    But politics aside who in a position like he is currently–basically hanging on by a thread, trying to regain his old form and show he adds value to a team–decides “I can afford to make myself a lightning rod for criticism right now”?

  36. Yeah, because sitting on the bench, which he’s gotten quite good at btw, is really going to help the cause. How about you move to the west/south side of Chicago where blacks murder each other every day and live there, help out there, actually try and make a difference. But, no, it’s whiteys fault.

  37. Why are the half black individuals always the angriest?

    Obama, Kapernick, they hate the white side of their family with great passion but they’re not racist at all, LMAO.


  38. mp4pack says:
    Aug 27, 2016 10:46 AM
    Don’t agree with him, but if you don’t respect his right to sit it out (or a child’s right to sit out the pledge of allegiance), your doing freedom wrong.

    No, we’re doing it right. We have the freedom to mock his freedom to make an ass of himself.

  39. It’s Kapernicks first amendment right to express his freedom of speech. Noted.

    Here is mine: Kaepernick, just when. I thought you couldn’t say or do anything more stupid. You know nothing of the sacrifice of the men and women of all colors that have paid the ultimate price so that you and I can be here. Is everything here perfect? Nope, but there are many many things that are so sublime and you take it for granted. Maybe you would prefer a country in the Middle East where rape is legal? Now you are either have balls that clank or a head full of rocks to make such ignorant comments. I choose the latter.

  40. Just further proof that going to college does not translate to intelligence. If he is so worried about the Black Community, go help in that community, use some of your generoius assets to create jobs in that community and quit chirping like a little birdie while you do nothing…… Mr Do Nothing

  41. Is it so hard to understand that the fact that Colin Kaepernick making a lot of money doesn’t prove that black people in general are not oppressed in the United States?

    I applaud Kaepernick for standing up for what he believes because he actually has something to lose here, unlike you and I hiding behind our fake internet names.

  42. Kapernick is correct. If this is the only way he could show how he feels then so be it. This country is divided and getting worse each day. Yes there is a possibility that more players, star players , may do it.

  43. Kap is making yet another bad read. As pointed out inthe post, he no longer carries status as an elite athelete nor does he possess the personal gravitas to pull off a pivot like this. Hopefully he has no problem standing for the Canadian flag since his current trajectory as a QB is leading him towards the CFL.

  44. ” Colin, Ryan Lochte is on line one. Something about flushing everything you had down the toilet…”
    He’s gonna make it dang near impossible to get signed when he gets cut.
    Lastly…you don’t stand for the flag and 49er fans won’t stand for a QB that goes 2 for 6 and 14 yards.

  45. If he feels that oppressed and wants to make a statement, he should donate his entire 2016 salary to a cause that helps black folks. Has he done that ? Nope, because he’s a jerk that can’t even play qb in a country that allows him to do that. You don’t like your freedom ? Go move to another country you 2 bit loser of a qb.

  46. Does anyone else think these kind of attacks on the American psyche maybe remnants of the cold war. Idk, I just see the demoralizing and destablizing effects of it in comments like these; which are intended to turn Americans against one another.

  47. MiamiDolphinsTruthTeller says:
    Aug 27, 2016 10:55 AM
    You gotta admit this is an excellent way to cover up his poor play and most likely end of NFL career.


    Totally agree!

    No chance the team will risk an incredibly broken player (physically and mentally) disrupt the season harmony especially going into the season AND considering his play last night looked like a guy who could only run (and not well).

  48. If he wants to look like a fool, that’s his business.. what I have a problem with is someone coming on here and calling me a racist because a don’t agree with what an apparently racist person said. The word racist has become almost meaningless now because people draw it like a gun everytime someone disagrees with the actions of a minority. And for those that don’t get it..think about this.. racism knows no color boundary..until you realize this..nothing will ever change.

  49. Is it the really the country that oppresses black people, or is it pockets of individuals and municiple offices that maintain racial bias? Is there a country on earth where this doesnt exist to some degree?

  50. I’m retired Army and served in one of the conflicts and this really boils my blood. If he doesn’t like it he’s free to forfeit his NFL career and leave. I’ll even pay for the plane ticket.

  51. wow.
    I thought JPP did a good job of lighting himself on fire. Kaepernick just poured enough gas on himself to make a mushroom cloud of orange flames.

  52. There isn’t a country in the history of the planet who has given more in blood and treasure in the name of fighting tyranny than the United States.

  53. See Colin in a free country you can have your silly little look at me I want to be relevant protest and I can mock your silly little look at me I want to be relevant protest.
    God Bless America!!

    Oh and Colin rememeber to say “Thank You” to that white family who adopted your horribly oppressed 1/2 black self.

  54. As a niner fan, I’m disgraced that he’s on the team. If it weren’t for the 11mil he’s guaranteed this year he would be cut, based on his play alone..He looked horrible against GB’s 2nd and 3rd stringers. Rather convenient that he decides to speak his mind when he really has nothing going for him after this year. Where were you in speaking of social injustices when you were at the Super Bowl, or when you presented at the Espys, or when you were getting your tattoos, or when you were having young women take body shots off of you like a drunk frat bro? Coming from the guy that wrote ‘7 storms coming’ and a picture of the Houston floods on his IG..

    Maybe he’s creating a reason as to why the 9ers will eventually let him go, thinking everyone will be fooled. Why don’t you get better at the game that’s given you the opportunity that few others will ever have?

  55. He, of all people, should know the root of the problem. Liberal guilt & the media never bother to mention the epidemic that has been increasing in America, but criminally higher in the black community: Fatherlessness. Kaepernick was able to avoid being raised by a single mother + the govt when his parents adopted him.

    I understand his frustration but he’s terribly misinformed as the stats don’t back up his claims. Look at the cities where this is happening and there’s one common thread: decades of Democratic rule. Talk about a modern day plantation…you can find them in Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans and other govt funded war zones.

  56. juddgr says:
    Aug 27, 2016 10:48 AM
    Time for you to leave my country.

    That’s OUR country there sunshine. Having served it myself I would be a hypocrite if I supported kicking someone out for nonviolently disrespecting it. We don’t have to like it but he is every bit as entitled to his idiot opinions as we are to ours. That said, I would like to be able to express my opinion upside his 50¢ head.

  57. If he really wanted to take a principled stand, he should turn down any paycheck that had any money contributed by any white people (since it is obvious he’s blaming them).

    Then I’ll be impressed.

    But hey, since his play on the field won’t keep him relevant, at least entering this fray as a SJW will.

    Now… where did he leave that Dolphins hat….

  58. “Imagine a world where the black community focused all their attention on education and being a father to their children instead of celebrating drugs and violence and blaming “the white man””

    — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    That’s all we can do is imagine it, because it’s never going to happen for real.

  59. call me crazy but i think this excuse is just a cover for the real reason he wont stand. the mostly likely explanation hes fatigued due to hepatitis contracted from a shady tatoo parlor. as you may recall, i ahve been calling for the 49ers to include the surgical removal of colins tats in his next contract. feelin a bit vindicated today! shave those tats colin.

  60. Exactly his point..He is getting paid millions to play a game Because it’s benefiting corporate sponsorship that are controlled by white men.
    How many blacks are hired proportionally to the whites in these companies?

    Is the wealthy black population in fair ratio to the wealthy white population? NO.
    Middle class? NO.
    NFL is just modern gladiators entertaining and enriching the powerful senators.
    And we are all the non essentials who cheer from the stands thinking we are important.
    Now I will entertain the shallow remarks to come in response to this…..

  61. Well that makes it official, Kaepernick is a moron.

    Oppresses black people? Nope.

    Oppresses ALL people? Yep.

    …and look who is in charge… Obama, Lynch, (for a time, Holder).

    The simple fact is, you can sell out to the war mongers and wall street if you’re a white man or a black man, or a woman who wears pant suits and is currently running for the white house.

    Why can’t people get that? Republicans AND Democrats sell you down the river.

    As a lifelong Democrat I can assure you Obama and Hillary are no better than George W Bush, and I hate that idiot.

    Kaepernick is a moron. He can’t call out Obama, or Hillary, he’s got to make it racial, and that it’s white people oppressing black people. What a moron.

    If he was following reality instead of kissing his biceps and getting tattoos maybe he’d know more about reality.

    So unless he comes out and says Obama, Holder, Lynch, and Hillary are his oppressors, then he is looney tunes crazy. Because only a crazy person would cover for the people running things, who are actively doing everything they can to oppresses him, but still blame it on race.

    Hey you know who bailed out Wall Street?
    Hey you know who militarized our Police?
    Hey you know who supports those trade deals who outsource jobs?
    OBAMA AND HILLARY (though Hillary has been forced to lie and say she is against TPP, when she is still for it… and of course past things like NAFTA, etc, etc)
    Hey you know who has been spying on you?
    Hey you know who hasn’t been prosecuting the crimes of those on Wall Street, or killing ALL peoples? Holder and Lynch

    Look around Idiot Kaepernick. Oppression is a mutli-racial, multi-gender operation. Every race, color, and creed is being oppressed.

    So stop being a fricking moron and focusing on your own race and pretending it’s the only one suffering. Because quite frankly, that’s racist.

  62. And if you needed any more proof that he’ll never be a great quarterback this is it. He’s simply not intelligent enough to succeed in the NFL.

    A complete idiot.

  63. Am I supposed to blindly pledge allegiance to a country simply because I was born there? Would I have to stand when the Iraqi national anthem is played, if I was born there? Would I have to stand for everything Russia stands for, if I was born there?

    To those who say “Get out!” in reaction to this, you should know from your support of Trump that it’s not that simple to leave the place where you were born. There are rules and borders and maybe even walls to keep people out, and also in.

    One great thing about this country is that people are allowed to have opinions. It makes me sick hearing some of yours, but that’s the price of freedom.

  64. Kaepernick is as cluless as the Black LIves Matter movement is. He is another of the Black Community that criticizes the rare shooting of blacks by Officer of the Law and like Obama and all the other racists fail to do anything to help the rampant Black On Black crimes that is a much bigger problem for the Black Community

  65. Hey Colin cops kill more white people than black people and blacks kill more white people than white people kill black people. Facts are facts you toucan nosed loser.

  66. Let’s see. The country is so racist we elected a black man not once, but twice when the is majority of the population white.

    Someone better tell Oprah she’s oppressed and has no right to be so successful.

    I think Cap should work on finding his second and third options and leave the race baiting to the professionals.

  67. It must be just awful for him to be guaranteed over $11 million this year. I feel so sorry for him.

  68. Seems to me that if he really wanted to make a difference, he could use his millions to help the families of the oppressed. Guess it’s easier on his wallet to sit during the anthem and draw attention to himself.

  69. As one who did a 6-month stint of duty in the old Soviet Union, I think Comrade Kaepernick should first spend about a year in North Korea, then another year in Cuba, and then come back and tell us all about the injustices, inequality, and oppression in the USA. The man is just popping off out of ignorance and his “statement” reflects that ignorance and a total inability to think for himself.

  70. Bravo Kap. Way to go.

    You stick it to the man.

    Such a hard life that Kap lives. ….

    I wonder if realizes the lives that were sacrificed for his freedom to play a sport that we all grew up playing?

  71. Although I disagree with Kaep, I do have a problem with the wording and historical context of the anthem. It was born from a war we started by invading Canada and lost. It was born from a war in which we sided with a dictator (Napoleon) against a parliamentary democracy which had recently abolished slave-trading (Britain). In the south around New Orleans and elsewhere, we massacred many slaves and communities of escaped slaves and their families for fear they would side with the British. We were very wrong in that war and yet sing as if we were righteous. But we weren’t, and we lost. Let’s have an anthem, for we have much to be proud of today, but not that one and not about that war.

  72. So says the brother that has made how many Millions of dollars? Please do enjoy the freedom to stand, sit or what ever your please.
    How about your give up playing football to serve what is in your heart, you know like Pat Tilman did.

  73. The flag stand for the freedom he enjoys as an American. He is disrespecting his right to be free by not standing. If you do like that freedom I am sure he can find another country to live in with the millions he has made!!! Better yet why doesn’t he spend his millions on a way to create jobs for the oppressed so the can be equal.

  74. “If they take football away, my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right.”

    I guess this will be his angle when he gets cut for being a terrible QB.

  75. It’s funny how some black people will say seeing a Confederate flag is the worst racism they’ve experienced. He’s never experienced klan violence or been refused service by a whites-only business or experienced employment discrimination. So there obviously is little to no discrimination today. Just a rising tide of black violence against white people.

  76. we have a black president, black attorney general, black leadership, black police chiefs, blacks are given MORE opportunity than any other group, yet they are oppressed? get real people… we aren’t buying the victim card that you are selling. no one feels sorry for your ass

  77. Dear Mr. KapperNut,

    Based on the CLEAR evidence of how the NFL is just overwhelmingly WHITE – I would have to agree with you that the oppression and discrimination in the NFL is rampant.

    Just watch any game at any time – How many Black NFL Players on the field ??? Maybe one or two……….

    Mr. KapperNut, please leave this horrible country of oppression and FREE Yourself – IMMEDIATELY.

  78. So a “man” who is 1/2 WHITE, and I believe was adopted and raised by WHITE people is now sitting down for the “oppressed” black people (who only oppress themselves).
    Stay classy you overpaid bum.

  79. Our president is what color? A garbage QB making tons of money, that’s so oppressive. I guess any press is good press, eh Kap??! If I were the owner, he’d be released…today.

  80. Uh oh…looks like someone just read a book on Malcolm X and is suddenly down with the struggle. It can only be a matter of time before he changes his name.

    Blind defiance is the weapon of the uneducated.

  81. What is sad about this is that his statement about African-Americans is true.

    Unfortunately, by only caring about what happened in this decade has made him forget about what happened two decades ago.

    Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf of the Denver Nuggets refused to stand up for the national anthem in 1996 in NBA games and was essentially blackballed from leagues because of it.

    He actually should be commended for taking a stand that promotes justice, safety, and fairness for victimized people. Unfortunately, his bad play, stance, and actions could get him blackballed (no pun intended) the same way that Abdul-Rauf did.

  82. I personally disagree with Kapernicks method of protesting a cause he believes in I do feel it’s HIS RIGHT. Kinda like the “The home of the free” but what is he and his millions doing to turn the tide of so called opression? Not respecting the national anthem of your country and using that as a platform for some cause is gutless. Take some of the millions you have made for doing nothing and establish a foundation for the poor…Also I read various posts by former military personel(which I’m one) you need to take a step back and read the history of the National Anthem so you understand it….

  83. When a cop shoots a black man, it’s all about race and how black lives matter BS.
    Basically the black community is blaming the police and white america for the deaths of black criminals that get shot by police.
    If a white guy gets pulled over by the police, and he gets out of his car and starts to run, and then turns to the cop, while holding a gun, and the cop shoots him? Good for the cop. Get these criminals off the street! The black community is so caught up with police brutality BS, that they throw a blind eye towards there own neighborhood problems.
    Stop the street violence. Stop shooting each other. Stop robbing people. Stop caring a gun while out driving, it looks like you’re ready to commit a crime.
    These are all the reasons why black men get shot by police.
    I have no problem with the police shooting criminals, white or black.
    It’s not a racist issue, it’s a criminal issue.

  84. Could it be that Kap is playing this card in an attempt to get the 49ers to think it would look bad if they cut him? Naw, he’s not that smart.

  85. 10+ million a year for this guy, and he wants to talk about oppression? Not to mention he won the job over a productive white guy and he’s had chance after chance. He’s not only in jeopardy in SF, but across the league with this baggage.

  86. Blacks are more racist toward half breeds like this clown then they are towards whites but his sheltered wuss has no clue to reality because he was adopted by whites and raised in a white area. Just another brainwashed by the media to hate white people imbecile who has zero clue.

  87. steelersfanfromtheseventies says:
    Aug 27, 2016 10:41 AM
    Here’s a idea. Don’t break the law and you won’t shot.


    Nobody mentions this when talking about why young men of ALL color are being killed. Quit being a criminal and guess what, you won’t be oppressed!!!

  88. Waaaaaaah! I make millions and I’m so oppressed. We twice elected a black man President but we oppress minorities. Colin Kaepernick you are an ignorant fool.

  89. Only in America can a no talent bum make 50 Million dollars & turn around and say “I have no pride in my country & I’m oppressed”.

    This country really is doomed!!!

  90. I don’t know about everyone else, but as an evil white devil I wake up every day thinking about how to oppress brown people.

    This is what losing your job to Blaine Gabbert does.

  91. Bet 49ers fans are dreading the Alex Smith trade now. As for his actions. I agree he has the right to act disrespectful during the anthem, just like people have a right to free speech. But… I believe this has less to do with racial politics and more to do with the fact he is about to lose his job and big contract. People are 100% correct if he feels this strongly about it take your large salary and help those in Chicago but he won’t cause like I said this has more to do with him being supplanted than race.

  92. truthfactory says:
    Aug 27, 2016 10:39 AM
    Blacks opress blacks. Because they keep voting democrat who keep giving them handouts, of which they will rely on for the rest of their lives


    Hmnnnnn….very inclusive words. I hope most American people do not share your obvious opinions of people who don’t look like you.

    That being stated, America is the greatest country on this planet. If you want to give a thumbs down to that what make America great is you don’t HAVE to stay here.

  93. Who cares? He has an strong opinion, and is expressing it through civil measures. Just because he is condemning an aspect of this country, doesn’t man he should leave, or is taking his wealth for granted. That’s just silly talk. That same logic would then be applied to every guy who openly mocks Obama, or the leadership in Washington. They are no different…accept people have various views on what makes this country great. It’s OK to love this country, while not believing it’s the greatest country in the world, or the refusal to speak out against it. That sounds like a fair weather fan to me.

  94. For all the people that mock his stance, he and some of his other teammates make millions as African-Americans.

    Unfortunately, there are far more treated terribly by people like the police, especially when people far different than African-Americans, ethnically and financially, are treated far far better.

    If I am wrong, why can middle class to privileged suburbs have heroin crises and have no one arrested for heroin’s illegalities but Kaepernick’s demographic without his privileges get treated far worse??

  95. rufustfirefly1303 says:
    Aug 27, 2016 12:14 PM
    If you dont like America, you can geeet out!
    Perhaps he just wants to ‘make it great again’. I mean, calling out imperfections, that’s kind of the American way.

  96. irongoats says:
    Aug 27, 2016 12:13 PM
    So he’s sitting until Black on Black violence stops? Gotcha.
    I think his protest is related to reforming our policing. The systemic violence of impoverished communities can also be addressed. There will always be ‘white/black/yellow on white/black/yellow’ violence.

  97. I have the greatest respect for Kap. He stands in the tradition of ML King, Muhammad Ali, and all those who had the courage to take a stand against racism. The courage to become a target for racists, like those who have written most of these comments.

    The simple fact is that black men and black boys are a target because of their color. At times, a policeman’s target. And if a policeman kills one, that officer is in no danger of prison, no matter why the killing took place. This is racism. It has to stop. On that Kap and I stand together.

    I guess we stand against most 49ers fans. Kap I respect. Not so much fans who demand that the players on their favorite team keep quiet about their convictions.

    I have been a 49er fan since the days of Y A Tittle and Joe Montana, and even in these hard times I expect my team to respect their players’ rights, and make their decisions strictly on the basis of which qb can win games.

  98. Won’t stand for a flag that represents a country that oppresses black people? Yet has no problem working for a team that is coached and also owned by a white person? What a phony.

  99. There are serious racial and demographic problems in this country… of that, there is no doubt.

    That being said, the American flag stands for so much more. Kaepernick is an idiot.

    Despite our problems, this is a damn fine country.

  100. This is probably a guy who could not spell “cat” if you spotted him the “c” and the “t”. But we’ll see what the 49ers are made up of now, and any other team that would tolerate this form of “free speech”.

  101. Well Sir you do have the right in America to do what you want , but I have the felling with the way you are playing this wont be a issue much longer .. so go be oppressed in the all white upper class elitist area you live in.

    I wouldn’t have the strength to stand if Blaine Gabbert beat me out for a job either.

  102. Two thing, Buddy:
    A) When you make over $11 million, you hardly qualify as oppressed. If you want to sound less like a hypocrite, how about donating some of your salary to victims of gun violence?
    B) Speaking of which, take a trip to Chicago, take a look at shooting victims and tell me how many African-Americans are shot by other African-Americans.

    Nice bogus posturing though…

  103. It is his right to say and act like that, just like it is my right to decide not to spend any of my entertainment budget on anything to do with the 49ers until they get rid of him.

    While you have the right to express your beliefs freely and openly there can be negative consequences to those expressions.
    If you make obscene money from playing a game and you want to express those unpopular beliefs than expect the fans not to want to have anything to do with adding their hard earned wages to the base of money used to pay your salary.

  104. This is where the left wingers get it wrong every time. Freedom means he has the right to do this without being beaten and/or thrown in jail. It does not mean that there should be no consequences. Everyone has the freedom to think he is an idiot, be glad he isn’t part of my team and hope he loses his job/endorsements. Freedom doesn’t mean do whatever you want and everything else stays the same.

  105. Maybe the guy ought to immigrate to a country he likes better.

    Maybe the fans and people of the country he hates ought to show their dissatisfaction of this creep every time he takes the field.

    I am upset that we pay and respect clowns like this instead of techies that can help our country economically. $114,000,000(!) for someone who disrespects his country.

    How about some boos for this jerk?

  106. What a moronic Jack***.

    Dude is making MILLIONS of dollars playing a SPORT in a COUNTRY (America – you idiot) to essentially SUCK at his job. And STILL make millions.

    Yeah, what an OPPRESSIVE country for blacks…

    Please leave and find a country that would treat you better financially or otherwise than here.

  107. I respect Kaepernick’s right to speak his mind but if he knew what real oppression was he’d be in jail right now for speaking out against his country. IMO Kaepernick is a clown who’s wasted his talent and has brought shame upon himself and his team.

  108. Why does everyone keep pointing out that it’s his right to do this? And that because he has a right to do it we shouldn’t be calling him out for it or saying the nfl/49ers should get rid of him?

    We know it’s his right not one person has said he shouldn’t be allowed to do this. What people have said is why they disagree with it. Why he’s a hypocrite. And why the nfl should turn there backs on him. We all have the right to do that. Just like the nfl has the right to get rid of him for it.

    It’s funny how people love to talk about how they want others to recognize someone else’s rights while at the same time saying that should be stopped from using yours.

  109. What a dirtbag he is. He looks like an Arab anyway, so he should be sent to live there.
    Millions of Americans of every nationality have given their lives to protect this country and that flag represents them.
    I wish I were an NFL player and had the chance to hit Kaepernick. I would try to take his head off.

  110. you guys are missing the point. He knows the end is near. Kluwe did the same thing. Remember how when he was about to be cut he suddenly became outspoken? Then claimed being outspoken was why he was cut? Kap knows he’s getting the boot soon, so he has to get some cover.

  111. Long time 49er fan but this guy embarrasses their legacy and he’s nothing but a piece of crap. I could care less if he goes somewhere else and excels. Get rid of him.

  112. The bodies piling up in the street are the “oppressed killing the oppressed” son. The biggest, by a LARGE margin, cause of death to youths of color is what Colin? Other youths of color. They account for more than every other cause of death combined pal. It’s time to stop playing the victim and own the fact that the communities of color share a HUGE portion of the blame for their situation. The term “babies daddy” shouldn’t be considered a contribution to society but it’s about the only thing I can think of that this generation of color has accomplished. Also, multi-generational welfare has been replaced with “paycheck”. You want to be a professional victim? Move to Palestine bud.

  113. This is going to be his excuse for why teams won’t sign him 2 years down the road when the reality is Harbaugh could win with any qb and made him.

  114. This just makes me sad. He’s not wrong. There are serious problems. But this is just not the way to handle it. For all of our shortcomings, this is still a great country. A country with a lot less oppression than others. A country where there are always people trying to improve the shortcomings. And a lot of brave people carrying that flag have died on behalf of him and people of color. I don’t know. There’s just a better way.

  115. pinwilly6 says:
    Aug 27, 2016 10:39 AM

    A qb with no talent making millions complains about inequality makes sense
    Best. Comment. Ever

  116. Well COLON (what’s what you are) There are many other countries that wouldn’t want you either.
    You are an affront to me an the Ancestors of every other White Family that had it’s Sons killed fighting to free your ass!
    I had little respect for you, now I have NONE!

  117. If Kaepernick should ever swallow a fly, he’d likely have more brains in his stomach than in his head.

  118. I acknowledge his right but in no way respect it. God Bless America.This is the only place since the existence of all humanity, where you can go from unwanted and abandoned to high society and still be as useless and ignorant as a broken plunger.

  119. Hey now, we also oppress gays, muslims, women, the mentally ill… but give him a group that’s got him in it, now we get some action.

    Either he didn’t think that one through before popping off to that reporter or he’s a total narcissist. Your pick.

  120. Hmmm, based on the thumbs up votes versus thumbs down votes I’d say the PFT readership are mostly Donald J Trump voters.

  121. I wish he would think of another way than this to show his thoughts . I don’t like the police shootings of blacks either but I let it be known through talking with people not disrespect to my country.

  122. seattlesue427 says:
    Aug 27, 2016 10:47 AM

    Which is it? Freedom of expression, but only if you agree with me?


    No one here has said that Kaepernick doesn’t have the right to express his opinion. The 1st Amendment says he has that right and I agree. What he doesn’t have a right to is freedom from criticism and consequence with that opinion.

    He has the right to say this country is racist to black people and since he’s sports celebrity might even think a sporting event is a good venue to get his message out, but I and anyone else have the right to think that he’s an idiot. The NFL and 49ers might think otherwise about his decision to use an NFL-sanctioned game to express his opinion and there could be consequences.

  123. Looking at all the comments on here it is pretty safe to say that most of you are a pretty bigoted racist fascist group. Almost sad to say there is no hope for people being treated fairly and equally in this country. I guess in about 35 years we’ll see how kind the minority will be to the white folks when the minority is the majority. You folks really need to think about this.

  124. I see an annoying number of comments defending Kaepernick’s freedom of expression. That’s not an issue here folks. No one from the government is coming to lock him up for being a moron. In fact, with the current moron in the White House, he’s more likely to get a medal than get locked up. Freedom expression does not mean that you aren’t responsible, and don’t suffer the consequences of what you say, especially when you are part of an industry that depends on the largesse and therefore good will of the public. If I am 49ers management, I don’t want this guy on my team. If he was the Muhammed Ali of football, you might be inclined to cut him a break – but he’s not.

  125. So based on the thumbs down for comments that promote a cause, are these the same people that think that “reverse racism” is worse than racism??

    Also, are these the same people that try to show how not racist they are but are terrible at hiding it??

    I’m not saying that there is racism in this country. All I am saying is that we have too many people that don’t care about others that are different than them. The world is a better place when we show our hearts to people that come from different places. Based on the thumbs down and angry comments toward Kaep, that’s not happening anytime soon.

  126. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

    Maybe you should show the same emotion and disgust toward your own race that are killing each other more than any other race or civil servant that you are implying.
    People like you are the reason a lot of killings continue look no future than Chicago for proof.

  127. This guy needs to bounce a few ideas off a mentor of some kind. STUPID,just when you are trying to show case`cough` your “skill ” set you do this ? Trade , you want to be traded ? Are you serious ? You have dropped your value to below zero ! You are now a P.R. liability . This is a life lesson and you have really made a big mistake because you have to pick your battles wisely. You fail grasshopper,fail ….

  128. I thought he was a dbag long before this, he will also be sitting when they announce the starting QB. So actually he is assuming his natural position.

  129. I really hate the oppression card being played. And when it comes out now, it’s going to come off as a last grasp at relevance.

    Police shootings are a small part of a bigger problem. Biggest issue in my opinion is not having a father figure at home to keep the kids in line. There’s never any talk of trying to fix that, it’s all band-aid spending to fix everything down stream from that.

  130. Oppressed…Wake up you make MILLIONS of dollars for playing a game (and not that well I might add)!!!

  131. Colin,
    Some of us have actually risked our lives in defense of this country – so that ungrateful, short sighted, rich idiots like yourself have the freedom to disrespect it and us.
    Neither myself or any other Veteran I know have oppressed blacks – just like in football, or on the street we are all equal and need each other to succeed.
    If you would remove your rose colored glasses, you would see that this nation is under attack by forces that want to destroy it and all of our freedoms. You think it’s bad now? Take a look at the oppression in the countries that want to conquer us.
    You are a simpleton playing right into their plans.

  132. Someone standing behind race for a despicable display, becoming the norm in this country. Shame on his teammates for not making him stand up.

  133. Let’s see: When Gabbert WINS the starting job over this crying race baiting bum, he’ll say that it’s because Kelly is a racist and because Blaine is white. Yep.

  134. How about donating 95% of your earnings to the oppressed in a real show of support. You might actually be worth what you keep. Nah!

  135. Much respect to you Kap! People will attack and reject you but God knows your heart. What you did was way more important than a SuperBowl.


  136. And that is what you call the final dagger in a strange career. I’m sure there is a nice football league in the middle east he can get some work with. What a POS d-bag.

  137. He should be suspended indefinitely for making a racist statement like that. He didn’t complain when he was the #1 QB or when posing for nude photos, but now he’s making racist statements…hate speech that’s akin to a Rev. Wright sermon.

    Suspend him!

  138. He was just preheating his spot on the pine. He knows he is riding the bench this year. And the next until he gets cut and has to find a real job.

  139. alex smith is lookin pretty good about right now

    but don’t worry

    chip kelly, with his genius-level emotional intelligence, will easily manage this

  140. — NBA star Dwyane Wade’s cousin was shot and killed in Chicago on Friday while pushing her baby in a stroller near a school where she intended to register her children.

    Her family said Nykea Aldridge, 32, had recently relocated to the area on the city’s South Side. Chicago police said she was killed when two males walked up and fired shots at a third man but hit Aldridge in the head and arm. She wasn’t the intended target, police said.

    When will America wake up and understand that supporting your community and your local police, that crimes like this will be avoided.
    Instead of protesting the flag and pouting about me, maybe do something positive for the black community. Help with their education, their housing issues. Employment.
    We all have a duty to help each other in need. That’s what America is all about.

  141. What a simpleton. So easily swayed by what he watches on tv.
    Bye bye Kaepernick, been nice knowing ya.

  142. There’s a lot of men and women of color who gave their lives defending our country so this nit wit can enjoy the kind of life he lives. He’s upset he isn’t a star anymore, so he blames it on racism.

  143. My thought is that he has the right to disrespect the flag etc, because of the freedoms allowed in this country. It really is a non-issue.

    I just hope he uses his platform to help reduce violence in this country.

  144. If that’s they way he really feels, I’m ok with it. But it would be so much more believable if it was part of a larger stand on his part of fighting for social justice and the underprivileged. Also better to make that kind of stand when your on field career is going well, would have more impact. Right now he’s wildly overpaid and his in game performance is pretty bad. He was the worst QB on the field last night.

    I’m white and agree the U.S. has had a long complicated with racism and it’s not over. But I think most white people would be more receptive claims of racism if the black community were fully taking advantage of the opportunities they do have. You look at the success of east asians and east indians in our society and that should tell you that while prejudice is real, there is a lot of opportunity here if you are willing to work hard, value education, save your money, and raise your children responsibly. Unfortunately, IMHO black leaders have taken the easy road, constantly blaming racism for every problem, rather than the tough love approach of telling folks they need to get their own house in order.

  145. Not a very bright person. He could have made his statement in a number of other ways that would not offend the people of this country or the families of those who died to give us our freedom. I think he will spiral down now. He has made his money so maybe he would like to donate a large portion of it for his cause.

  146. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

    So what you’re saying is that you support criminals, rather than your country.
    If you carry a gun, or you commit a crime, expect to get shot and possible die. White or black
    It’s that simple!

  147. Show some respect and stand before the flag of this country that gave you the opportunity to play a game and make millions. Instead of sitting, maybe use the opportunity that was given to you and your status as a NFL QB to make a difference in your community. Did that thought ever cross your mind punk?

  148. Kap has a right to protest and we have a right to not like him for protesting. But the thing that really irks me is the media will try to make him look like a deep thinking and compassionate person. I’ve already seen 6 articles today describing him that way. Realize that most Americans don’t see him that way. We see a very resentful and ungrateful person who doesn’t have the mind and heart to fulfill his potential as an NFL QB.

  149. In these days of white people wrongly making too much money, maybe Colin could sue himself.

  150. As for these trigger happy Cops. They need better training. I think this has been going on for a long time but now they are getting caught on video and can’t cover up. Kappy needs to put his money on that issue.

  151. This fool grew up with white people in Fond Du Lac Wisconsin going to Packers games with his white friends. He’s a poser, and has never been subjected to racism. He’s half white and been treated with respect his entire life. I hope he gets cut by the 49ers, and doesn’t get anymore of those millions. Maybe then he’ll start using his brain.

  152. He’s got a right to protest.

    He’s got a right to be a dummy.

    And, his team and the league in general have the right to cut him and not hire him anywhere else.

    As a general rule, the NFL and its teams don’t like players who are “distractions” or cause controversy.

    Bye bye Colin! Good riddance!

    Enjoy your millions while you are being “oppressed” in the CFL or retirement!

    It’s his right to protest, but it’s the league’s right to not put up with distracting bullcrap.


    That flag represents the men and women of all color, race, and sexual beliefs that have fought and died for his freedom. Out of pure respect he should stand for that. But just like our muslim president who doesn’t acknowledge our military or our flag so goes our country.

    He has no problem with the american dollars that he’s been collecting over the years for being an average quarterback in the NFL.

  154. oldbrowndawg says:
    Aug 27, 2016 11:45 AM
    As one who did a 6-month stint of duty in the old Soviet Union, I think Comrade Kaepernick should first spend about a year in North Korea, then another year in Cuba, and then come back and tell us all about the injustices, inequality, and oppression in the USA. The man is just popping off out of ignorance and his “statement” reflects that ignorance and a total inability to think for himself.


    In fairness to him, he’s been allowed to be ignorant for his whole life, having grown up in the protective bubble of entitlement that many pro athletes grow up in. I’m guessing he’s logged a few more hours partying with other athletes and celebs than he has connecting with ordinary people in their neighborhoods.

  155. Trent Baalke is getting another headache. Also, the 49ers are playing in China next season. Maybe they can bring Kaep and leave him there.

  156. thefirstsmilergrogan says:
    Aug 27, 2016 1:38 PM
    looked pretty obvious he can’t run chippers offense. so is this a way to get released to get to a team that has an offense he can run?


    I’m curious to know what team you think that might be? If there is one, I have a hard time believing that it’s in the NFL.

  157. Again, don’t go halfway on this. Quit the game and give back all the money. (No more Bentleys, just Buicks.) Then show us how committed you are to protesting oppression.

    Then we’ll be impressed.

  158. If the military was really protecting my freedom, Washington DC would be a smoldering ruin and all 535 of them would get a fair trial before being hung.

    Just saying.

  159. While he has the right to do what he did,
    I’m just curious —- what else is he doing / has he done if he feels that racism is an issue. Or, was this something simple that would get attention.

    I don’t stand for the anthem because I believe in every policy of the government, or everything in America is OK. I stand for the anthem because I have the choice to do something about the things I don’t like that was afforded to me because many, many people have paid with their blood, sweat, and lives.

    America and American society aren’t perfect, but I’m happy to be here. If anyone else is not, please feel free to get on plane and try your luck some place else.

  160. edenprairieballer says:

    This guy is a freaking disgrace.

    Standing for the national anthem is about saluting the men and women OF ALL COLOR who died so we can ALL enjoy the freedoms that we do.

    Well said.

  161. While CK does have every right to do what he did, it certainly does not make it a wise decision to do so. I find it funny that he didnt feel this way while starting, did he ?

  162. Usain Bolt didn’t have a problem. Not only interrupting the propaganda machine but standing silently for the US anthem to be played for a fellow Olympian.

    If this buffoon wants change, sitting isn’t the way to do it.

    Sounds like the propaganda machine is going to run his campaign for him now and they will conveniently flock to him cause apparently he is too lazy to make a stand and make a difference on his own.

  163. He should concentrate on winning the starting QB gig, because you know what? No one has ever said: I wonder what Blaine Gabbert’s backup’s political opinions are?

  164. I can’t be mad at the guy, I blame him sitting on muscle memory.

    When the Defense is on the field he sits. When the Offense is on the field he sits. When he pees he sits. He sits ALLOT.

  165. He is yet another multimillionaire idiot and spoiled brat who pretends to care about civil rights issues when in reality, he’s part of the 1% who’s exempted from such things.

  166. Most of the comments here show a very poor understanding of what Kaepernick was saying and how this country works in general.

    I don’t agree with his “statement” and I think it’s just about the laziest form of “protest” I’ve ever encountered, but if the people shouting “Deport him!” don’t see the irony in their comment, then that’s a big problem. One of the greatest things among many great things about America is that you can’t be punished (and certainly not deported) for what you say or what you believe. The First Amendment applies to everyone, not just the people you agree with.

    So boo Kaepernick. Call him a loser. Hate him if you find his “protest” offensive. But deport him? That’s ridiculous. And un-American.

  167. Attention seeking behavior by a desperate individual who is committing career suicide! Unfortunate, as he does have talent and given the pool of QBs teams have to fish from, he no doubt would have had the opportunity to start fresh some place else. Now fans will not want him signed and he will be labeled a locker room cancer, all at his own doing!
    Wonder just how much time (he will have plenty of that) and money he will dedicate to making a difference in the plight of minorities. Money talks and BS walks!

  168. If he wants to sit during the anthem, then let him sit in the locker room when its played. Its like, you might not like our President, BUT he is our President and you respect the office. Same with the flag. Oh and if you dont like the way things are done in the good old US of A, resign from football and run for office so you can change the things that you think are bad. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  169. I’ve got 25 years of service as a United States Marine and have seen young men of all color die for this country! That “Flag” represents a Nation that allows and pays this Jackass to play a game!! Come join us on a Combat deployment Kaep and tell me again that our countrymen are oppressed… Cut this POS today and do everyone a favor.

  170. “I have to stand up for people that are oppressed…”

    Only in the US do you see people saying stupid things like this when the chosen form of protest is actually not standing.

  171. Let’s not malign the guy. He’s sitting on the bench. He’s working hard to prepare for the season.

  172. “Oppresses” is a strong word. Blacks are discriminated against at times, but not oppressed. I support Kaepernick’s right to say this and his right to not salute the flag, but I think he is an idiot and his teammates don’t like him. I also have to support his right to free speech since I have seen LGBT that have tried to shut down religious freedom of speech. Everyone should have a right to to speak their conscience, even if you disagree with them.

  173. Shouldn’t the NFL adopt the Rooney rule for players. I mean there aren’t enough asian, white or latino players in the league. Shouldn’t they be invited to camp and have to take a look at them. We need more asian, latino and white players in the league! How long will the oppression of non-black players stand!

  174. He should just leave the country if he want to be such a useless tool. Since the days of LBJ and his “war of poverty”, how has the plight of African Americans improved under leadership of the so called “defenders of equality”.

    Poor man is just misguided and ignorant. He is a perfect reflection of San Fransisco values.

  175. This is a perfect example of how an opinion can be wrong when it is based upon inaccurate facts. This country has allowed him to make millions and he has the gall to say we are oppressive? We are not perfect, but we have given more prosperity to more people than any other place on Earth.

  176. Colin so Colin you are black and worth millions. I am white and not worth millions. How have you been oppressed? You are an immature coward. If there was any justice, the NFL would ship you to the front lines of war. I bet you would stand at the National anthem then. Your not a kid. Time to grow up punk.

  177. While Mr. Kaepernick has every right to sit during the National Anthem maybe he should read the room. Years ago at the Aladdin in Las Vegas, a talented artist, Linda Ronstadt decided to inject politics into her performance. Many in the audience were so upset they left and the situation became so ugly she was escorted off the property.

    People want to be entertained for a few hours to forget all their problems. Annoying a portion of the fan base(read hard working cash paying customers) is not a wise move. I am sure he is very sincere in his beliefs but it is also clear Mr.Kaepernick is destined to be a highly paid back up quarterback and is evolving into a distraction. The team is on the hook for his salary this year and I realistically see this team winning between 5 to 7 games with or without him . They need 53 guys who are playing football like their hair is on fire.

    Political stands like this, although well intentioned, are best accomplished by major names such as a Tommy Smith, John Carlos and the late Muhammad Ali.

  178. Colin, have fun on dancing with the stars, you loser, they’ll be such an uproar on this your’ll be out of job.

    Also Lochte thanks you!

  179. It’s probably the media’s fault for him believing this.

    Every time there is a white cop shooting a black man, it’s the top story for days. As if it’s happening only them. Yet every time a black cop shoots another person, you get a virtual media silence.

    So at least it’s understandable why he would be mislead.

  180. “Shouldn’t the NFL adopt the Rooney rule for players.”

    It’d be nice just to see a white RB.

  181. lionfanca says:
    Aug 27, 2016 10:39 AM

    Cut the Communist

    Go back to the 1950s. Millionaire Kap is most assuredly NOT a communist; learn what the words you’re using actually mean. It’s sick that so many people who also don’t know what your term means agreed with you. It’s mob mentality on the sports chat board, not too surprising. Yokels blaming everything and anything on something they don’t understand.

  182. You can’t assign blame from some tragic situations on to the country. He doesn’t seem to have a problem collecting that money this country prints does he? He better take a look around and recognize how lucky he is to live here!

  183. “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color,” said the black multi-millionaire who would be in jail or worse for being so unpatriotic in some countries. While I, a white guy, sit here trying to figure out how to pay my bills and raise my granddaughter, who is one financial setback away from losing everything, living paycheck to paycheck. And who will always stand for the national anthem, as long as I live.

  184. Until this country elects a Black President I think we all have to accept that things are just completely unfair for people of color 😉

  185. I think I got it, it’s OK to generalize a group of people if you are black. All white people are racists and all black people are opressed. Ok I got it. I am sure CK also knows that almost 80 percent of blacks murdered are committed by blacks and not the police! Life has been so oppressing for you Colin! How did Obama get elected for president twice in racist America? Problems can’t be solved if it is a one way conversation and that is what this is!

  186. If the season becomes about that fraudulent organization called BLM, then I’ll be checking out for good. Things are really getting insane now. The younger generations are warped by years of living in the bubble of protected freedom, and degenerating standards, along with a never ending tabloid style, 24/7 news cycle. There will always be some flaws in law enforcement, but a lot of things have been corrected over the years. We’re not talking about open assault on people for no reason. I can’t figure out why people get so upset about a few highly publicized events (even ones where the cop is black), as unfortunate as they are, and stay silent about 60-70 people getting shot every weekend, in just one, unilaterally Democrat controlled, “Gun Free Zone” city (Chicago). Those lives apparently don’t matter.

    Kaepernick is making $16 million this year and $20 million the next two years. His salary for this year became fully guaranteed April 1st. He probably does not want to play and risk injury, and he knows he can’t be traded unless he agrees to a new deal, which he won’t. If they cut him, they lose $16 million this year. My guess is they cut him at the end of the year if he is not productive this year. He may be hoping that the 49’ers simply trade him for fish bait, and eat part of his salary, just to get him out of town. That may be best for everyone, but who would want the guy?

  187. Pretty tough to play the stand up activist when you have $35M in the bank from this awful country……..you can leave anytime you like Kap……this victim mentality is boring

    On the flip side he just ignited a firestorm and will be run out of football…..he will have plenty of time to sit in front of his TV soon enough and subscribe to the NFL channel for updates.

    We are not a perfect country, but millions have served and died to allow him his one grand gesture.

  188. I’m white and agree the U.S. has had a long complicated with racism and it’s not over. But I think most white people would be more receptive claims of racism if the black community were fully taking advantage of the opportunities they do have. You look at the success of east asians and east indians in our society and that should tell you that while prejudice is real, there is a lot of opportunity here if you are willing to work hard, value education, save your money, and raise your children responsibly. Unfortunately, IMHO black leaders have taken the easy road, constantly blaming racism for every problem, rather than the tough love approach of telling folks they need to get their own house in order.
    Obviously you don’t know the history of being black in this country. Just because someone lives in the ghetto, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get the same fair treatment as others who don’t live there. The fact of the matter they there’s still racism and injustice in this country. Heck it’s in the NFL…How many black owners own teams? How black head coaches (a hand full). I’m sure your think because white america put Obama in office, everything is okay. Guess what, he’s still controlled by white america.

  189. I think he possibly may have been bringing attention to the fact that per 1M people sampled, 33 black people are killed by police vs. 2 white people. So black people are killed at a far superior rate that other ethnicities…no way around that. So hold up on the juxtaposition rhetoric and let’s put all the facts on the table.

  190. And I am not going to show pride to a misguided bigot who refuses to stand and reverence the national anthem and flag.You know absolutely nothing about being oppressed.Want to see oppressed,go visit any VA medical center and check out the treatment for our troops.And with all your money do you give in some way to youth orginazation,or any black organizations for that matter. You could learn a lot from Dwayne Wade, and check out what he does for the black community,because if he quit now and you live another hundred years, he will have done more for his people than you will do in your miserable life.Nothing but a prima Donna.

  191. National Anthem was added to baseball when complaints that MLB should be suspended during WWII . We arrive full circle when a posing athelete refuses to rise for the posing NFL for a legitimate anthem .

  192. The NFL doesn’t require players to stand. Most do it out of respect. To play the oppressed angle as a reason show’s he has no idea why we stand and take off our hats. We do it to show respect to those who died to make this country free for all. Kapernick may not understand this, even though he went to college (which means nothing, a Redskins player graduated from Oklahoma without being able to read), but that included men like Martin Luther King, not just those who died during war. Does he think he would be able to do this if he grew up during say the first 50 years of the 20th century. He’s a hypocrite, about to lose his job and perhaps get cut. Once this happens will he play the race card again? Maybe he’ll go march with BLM, which I notice only marches when it’s against white or authority figures who have oppressed blacks. Why don’t they march when its (as is way too common) black on black violence? Afraid they’d wear their kicks out, or get killed? Keep sitting Kapernick. I hope you saved some of your money. You may need it, the CFL doesn’t pay that much.

  193. to think we have and had players fight in our wars, even be drafted out of mlb/nfl when all men were drafted… how do they feel about this, the ones who are still alive

  194. I think I got it, it’s OK to generalize a group of people if you are black. All white people are racists and all black people are opressed. Ok I got it. I am sure CK also knows that almost 80 percent of blacks murdered are committed by blacks and not the police! Life has been so oppressing for you Colin! How did Obama get elected for president twice in racist America? Problems can’t be solved if it is a one way conversation and that is what this is!

    what dontletthefactsgetaway said

  195. Truevision21 here are some facts , in over a decade there have been 2151 whites killed by police compared to 1130 blacks. You can find this on politifact website.So I tend to disagree with your assessment. My facts are on the table.

  196. You keep using that word oppressed.

    I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    The left always comes up with new lies, but also stick to their old ones.

  197. ejmanuelshands says:
    Aug 27, 2016 11:37 AM
    Am I supposed to blindly pledge allegiance to a country simply because I was born there? Would I have to stand when the Iraqi national anthem is played, if I was born there? Would I have to stand for everything Russia stands for, if I was born there?

    To those who say “Get out!” in reaction to this, you should know from your support of Trump that it’s not that simple to leave the place where you were born. There are rules and borders and maybe even walls to keep people out, and also in.

    One great thing about this country is that people are allowed to have opinions. It makes me sick hearing some of yours, but that’s the price of freedom.

    Nobody is arguing that he should express blind allegiance and nobody is questioning his right to an opinion or to do what he did.

    What people are criticizing Kapernick for ultimately is his argument that America is now defined as an oppressive nation because of some highly publicized, violent interactions between the police and African Americans. Do we define an entire nation and it’s history based on one problem? Do we define this country exclusively by how the police behave?

    And let’s not forget that this is a bi-racial man who more than likely has never been oppressed for a moment of his young life. His comments are the worst kind of hypocrisy.

    99.9% of Americans are good hearted people. Some of that remaining .01% love to use awful events to distract and divide and unfortunately, part of that 99.9% are foolish or downright stupid and buy into the poison that .01% is selling.

    But I choose to support America because of the idea she stands for and because the vast majority of the people in this country are GOOD, decent people. That doesn’t mean we ignore the problems and do nothing about them. It means we celebrate and honor the good.

  198. Wowsers!…All you klansmen should tuck your white sheets back in and get your panties out of a bunch….The guy is actually right…there continues to be acts of injustice and double standards that boil down to race….Why should he leave a country that his ancestors built for free?….Grow up and accept the truth people….

  199. baddawg02 says:
    Aug 27, 2016 5:22 PM
    Truevision21 here are some facts , in over a decade there have been 2151 whites killed by police compared to 1130 blacks. You can find this on politifact website.So I tend to disagree with your assessment. My facts are on the table.

    You’re wasting your time. The people who still don’t see the facts, are willfully ignorant.

    I’m sure he would just say that same tired line: “Yeah but there are way more white people than black, so that makes sense.”

    He would say this while simultaneously ignoring the fact that while, yes, blacks are only about 12-14 percent of the population, they are responsible for around half of all violent crimes (rape, assault, murder) meaning that they are more likely to be involved in these kinds of encounters with law enforcement officers.

  200. In other news, scientists doing a secret study in San Francisco have reported there is a link between rancid tattoo ink and brain damage.

  201. I loathe people who use the race card to excuse their own poor performance. Fortunately, it’s a small minority of black Americans or wannabes that do this.

  202. He’s a disgrace to his team, and to the men and women who fight for this country. He doesn’t deserve a job, he sucks anyway. Just quit using the race card, it’s a disgrace. You haven’t done so badly, considering your playing is crap. You have a Bentley in the garage, poor darling, get over your hissy fit.

  203. If he doesn’t want to respect his country and it’s flag, perhaps he should play in Canada. It’s a Country like ours that allows a guy like him to make millions of $s to play a game.

  204. Pointing out how disgraceful it is to disrespect the country that has blessed you so much and dishonor the flag that many Americans of all colors have died for so that we can all be free is not an attempt to take away his freedom to do it.

    It’s just pointing out how disgraceful it is.

    Being an American is a right, playing in the NFL is a privilege. I’m not getting into whether or not I agree with everything Goddell does, but what allows him to discipline or even remove a player from the NFL for conduct unbecoming of what then NFL stands for is just that fact , it’s a privledge , not a right.

    We all know where the NFL stands on the flag and the troops.

    If I could buy a Pat Tillman jersey for 1000.00 or a Kapernick jersey for .50 cents , I guess I’d be spending a grand.

  205. Take away his citizenship and leave the country. He is just other black promoting racism like the BLM. They need to audit him, put him on the no-fly list and terrorist lists. Get him to a country where he is more comfortable.

  206. ubepunkedagain says:
    Aug 27, 2016 5:49 PM
    Is Obama white? This Country elected a black president. You need to go away.
    I love easy ignorant comments

  207. That’s what he does when he gets back on the field?

    If he wants to help then help, but don’t disrespect the country. Be an actual leader. The US is not perfect, but it’s a pretty great place to live as Kaepernick fully understands and takes advantage of every day.

    This has to be the most disrespectful thing I have ever heard of.

  208. Colin needs a mentor. His statements are not only ignorant of just how far we have come but to the dedicated men and women who strive everyday to bring us futher along in this struggle. His gesture is also dangerous. He has issued a challenge, to those who stand for the anthem, they are with the “man” who all white and the oppressors. To those who sit, they are with the brothers. Who not only have done nothing since the civil war to make change happen but who are content to be the oppressed. The anthem is just not about our past, but it is our present and our future. Will Colin accept when violence breaks out in the stands over the anthem? What about the locker room brawls and division that will be the result of this?

  209. After this year, NOBODY will care what Colin the Diva thinks…………….he’ll be bagging groceries for a living after this year…………what a punk idiot…..

  210. ** ‘ Semper Fi ‘ The SF 49s Quarterback should have stood up ! The SF 49s Quarterback showed ‘disrespect’ for all Veterans’ and to all Americans’.. I have lost all (respect) for Kaepernick and his playing ability, too.. I hope the SF 49s coaching staff and front office.., trade him !! He showed his playing ability on Friday nights game.. None.. ‘ Semper Fi ‘ 🙁

  211. Wow it sure sounds like 97% of White men hate Black people . . . that’s about right, but none of you are racist – I think you are racist, racist doctors, teachers, cops, lawyers, cooks, thank you boys for displaying to the world you’re blind hatred . . . thank God now after Obama and Trump we don’t have to go back to 2001 when teh WASP company line was – “we love everyone, we’re not racist – it’s all in Black and Brown folks head, they’re paranoid . . .. ” we now all know that’s a crock

  212. “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color,”
    Sorry Colin, the ONLY thing oppressing black people is black people.
    A little less attitude, less criminal behavior, and stop thinking the country owes you something because you’re black would go a long way toward the “equality” you seek.

  213. Kaepernick is a total idiot. Like he represents oppressed people! He hasn’t a clue what they go through. There are a lot of poor people and get a clue people, they aren’t all black like they would like you to think. The middle class in this country is being eradicated by shifting manufacturing jobs overseas leaving top level management and minimum wage jobs for everyone to fight over. We are becoming a service type economy and that doesn’t pay well at all. If he really wants to protest, quit his job and move overseas.

  214. Asked my dad about this. He knows a bit about patriotism. WW2 vet. Pacific Theater. 4th division. The one that raised that flag on Iwo Jima. He took a grenade on that island. Almost killed him at 19. So I was curious about his thoughts. His response: “I fought for his right to sit down; it is what makes America great. Independence. For me and for him. Keeping America’s potential alive” At 91, smarter and braver than most of the voices here.

  215. Same phoney crock that’s been regurgitated endlessly by all those who make race baiting a profession. Enough with the excuses and whining. Grow up and learn something about the real world.
    Most people in this country are willing to give individuals a chance despite the prejudices we all harbor from our DNA and day-to-day experience. Try it sometime.

  216. Figures. I mention George Soros’ funding of BLM, and maybe Kaepernick, and my first comment get deleted! Ah, the political correctness at NBC…(and I am sure this one will be deleted as well!)

    And you do know, Kaep, that black folks aren’t the only ones who are oppressed. so are poor whites, but since it’s politically incorrect to say so… Keep up the political correctness, NBC…if Mao Zedong was still alive he’d be impressed!

  217. Here’s the thing. If Kaepernick wants to protest, fine. He can protest. But why is it that he can protest simply because he’s protesting oppression of blacks?

    Here is a fact: whites are also oppressed…would you believe it? who woulda thunk whites would also be oppressed, most likely because they are poor or homeless or don’t have the money to buy politicians?

    And let’s not forget (as I said in my deleted comment this morning) that at Fort Davis, in far west Texas, in the 1860s and 1870s, the black Buffalo soldiers had their part in the genocide of Comanches, who were of course Native Americans.

    And that’s what really gets me: as oppressed as blacks have been–and not just be whites either (believe it or not blacks also owned black slaves!)–no group has been more oppressed than Native Americans.

    Colin Kaepernick, meet Ira Hayes, who helped raise the flag you hate at Iwo Jima. If you never heard of Ira Hayes, get on over to YouTube and download the Johnny Cash song, the “Ballad of Ira Hayes”.

  218. This makes it much harder to get rid of him because his sympathizers will cry racism. That’s a shame because he has become a crappy quarterback and a distraction to his team. The 49ers have every reason to sack him.

  219. He should not stand. I applaud Kap. Hopefully many other black athletes take this stand as well until real change happens in this country. The crooked police should be disbanded maybe we would then have a chance. Black patriots such as Mike Brown should be honored. Freddy Gray should be honored. Kap supports the movement.

  220. Disrespectful? But slavery wasn’t? We shouldn’t have to stand for a flag especially when that flag represents the inherit racism our people went through. Read the actual lyrics to the star spangled banner. I wouldn’t stand either.

  221. Kaepernick is showing disrespect to this country. His failing to stand during the national anthem is not merely failing to show respect to the country, it is an active sign of disrespect.

    I have a “solution” for this:

    Since Kaepernick wants a stage along the sideline to show his disrespect for this country, by not standing for the National Anthem, how about Coach Chip Kelly just take this opportunity away from him. If he is “starting” for the game, don’t announce him to the crowd, further, have Kaepernick NOT take the field/sideline prior to the game, leave him sit with his own silent disrespectful self, ALONE in the locker room, until AFTER the National Anthem is over! Then he can walk ALONE out of the tunnel and see what his adoring “fans” think about his decision.

  222. I support Colin’s right to have a stupid opinion.

    Now it is time for the people of this fine country to abandon him, and suffer the consequences of being stupid. Career up in flames, nobody will hire him, would serve him right.

  223. I have another view point….americans overuse of the national anthem is what brings up situations like this. I doubt very much it was created to be played before every beisball, football and hockey game, from single A games to the major leagues. I believe that i should be played only in special occasions: goverment acts, national holidays, military functions( parades, celebrations) and the like. Otherwise, you’re just demeaning it’s importance. In other countries , the anthem is not played before every single soccer game…and people would object if they did. If it is on a national holiday, yes(Independence Day…that kind of thing)…otherwise…there is no need…If the reason for playing it is to honor those who serve the country, just do your damn job and make sure their families are taken care while the man/woman is serving…and make sure they don’t end up living on the streets on their return…Having said all this….if you’re going to keep on playing the anthem before every game, standing up for it should not be optional but mandatory…

  224. Its pretty disrespectful I think, you can stand during the anthem to show some respect for the opportunities you’ve been given. Hell he earns millions playing a game, that’s he’s not even very good at. I don’t remember him saying anything when there were acts of violence against black people.

    He should be using his power and influence to positively change the situation not pout on the bench.

  225. Kaepernick told Steve Wyche of NFL Media. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

    #1… If he wants to sit, fine. Many have mentioned already that this is the very freedom we seek.

    #2… If Kap is so concerned with things bigger than football, and doesn’t want to be selfish as he says… perhaps he should DONATE a large portion of his salary to further his cause! He is due to make a 8 figure GUARANTEED salary this year… so I am sure he could make a huge donation to help the oppressed people that motivate him to sit down. It is not hard to find pics of him with expensive cars, so I wonder if he donates as much as he spends on frivolous junk.

    #3… Kap has a problem with “paid leave”…. for people who have not yet been convicted of a crime or deemed to have acted in something other than self defense???? There have certainly been some VERY terrible examples of lethal force used when it was criminal, but this is a guy who just got paid >7 figures last season while on “paid leave” for an injury that kept him from playing a GAME. And the VERY same country that allows him to have a free speech on this matter, also allows for the accused to have a fair trial before they are locked away. Unfortunately, there are very few employers who do allow “due process” to determine an individual’s fate. There are many people fired based solely on a false allegation, which could even be from a person of questionable character.

    Bottom line:

    Feel FREE to sit your butt down Kap.

    Go for it. You are FREE to do so.

    But please don’t ask any of us real people who work a REAL JOB to respect you for your unselfishness. And feel FREE to act that way since you have a GUARANTEED 8 FIGURE SALARY this year that can’t be taken away, which none of us normal people can enjoy. You are such a leader. I feel motivated by your “courage” (this is dripping with sarcasm!!!!!).

    I’d have a lot more respect for him if he stood for the anthem, and then donated some of that cash to put his money where his mouth is.

  226. Sitting down is a meaningless protest. A true believer would split his multi-millions among all those he is protesting for.

  227. If the flag you pledge allegiance to doesn’t allow me to not make that pledge (without hassle), then that flag doesn’t represent the freedom you claim it does, and you might as well stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  228. Over the past 35 years, an estimated 324,000 blacks in America have been murdered by other blacks.

    A (very) few racist white cops should be the least of black Americans’ concerns.

  229. If Tom Brady sat down for the national anthem, it would give ample reason for many of us to hate him even more to be precise. Not all of us who post here are Patriots sycophants who actually think he’s innocent…

  230. Meanwhile back at the ranch…

    San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was fined $11,000 by the NFL this week for allegedly using a racial slur in a 28-20 loss against the Chicago Bears on Sept. 14, according to Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer.


  231. You all are angrier at a protest of police brutality than actual police brutality going on in America, almost every day. Get on board. Or many years from now your grandkids will be ashamed of you.

  232. You don’t get it. Yes police brutality is terrible and must change. But blacks kill and oppress blacks at a far, far, far, FAR higher rate than the police force or white people could possibly do.

  233. When will you people learn that it not about the military and those who fought for this country, but instances where blacks/whites/brown/green have been treated unfairly especially when that flag is suppose to represent liberty and justice for all. When police abuse their power and shoot a person and kill a person (a black man, a white man, a deaf man in NC who does not hear, and they don’t face prosecution, and they keep their jobs its does not show liberty nor justice for all. If you or I where to commit some of the same acts as these police officers, we go to jail instantly, our trial is concluded before it even begins.

  234. this is silly on his part since he is in the entertainment biz but shocked at all the folks who are so worked up about his using his freedom of speech. All the flag really stands for wouldn’t be worth a hill of beans if you couldn’t go upstream against the majority perspective.

    We here in the US much bigger fish to fry than this issue.

  235. Chicago recorded 90 murders in August. That’s a 20 year record. Didn’t know that did you? That’s because the media ignores the crisis in Chicago. The truth is, black people like kappernick don’t care if black people are killed by black people. It’s only when they are killed by white people…which is a rare occurrence. This is all about getting back at white people. The ultimate goal of these black lives matter movements is to get revenge on white people. Don’t believe me? Look what happened in Milwaukee a couple weeks ago…people were rioting in the streets calling for the riots to be taken to the suburbs to kill all the white people. That is the truth of the movement. I know there are good people in the black lives matter movement but I truly believe they are outnumbered by the people who want to take revenge on white people. They are supporters of Louis Farrakhan, a guy who has openly called for white people and specifically white babies to be killed. Look it up it’s all easily verified.

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