Kaepernick sits during national anthem


On a night that was supposed to be significant for what 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick did on the field, what he didn’t do while off the field will create even bigger headlines.

During the playing of the national anthem, Kaepernick sat.

The 49ers have confirmed that Kaepernick did not stand for the anthem, and they have issued the following statement.

“The national anthem is and always will be a special part of the pre-game ceremony,” the team said in a statement issued to PFT. “It is an opportunity to honor our country and reflect on the great liberties we are afforded as its citizens. In respecting such American principles as freedom of religion and freedom of expression, we recognize the right of an individual to choose to participate, or not, in our celebration of the national anthem.”

It’s unclear why Kaepernick sat. However, Kaepernick retweeted the following message on Thursday, which accompanied images of the American and Confederate flags: “The fact that you really believe that there is difference in these flags means that your [sic] ignoring history.”

At a time when NFL players are criticized for not speaking out on social issues, Kaepernick has provided a very significant and conspicuous gesture. As the team noted, it’s his right to do so. But given that Kaepernick opted to make a stand by sitting during the traditional pregame honoring of the country and its flag — which is so tightly woven into the DNA of the NFL — there surely will be a reaction.

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  1. Didn’t know it was possible for me to loathe this vegetable brain more than I did. It is.

  2. Demanding all citizens take part in the anthem crosses the line from patriotism to nationalism. Ironically, this demand is about as un-American as it gets.

  3. He showed a picture of the American flag and Confederate flag and basically said there’s no difference.

    I liked one of the responses he got on Twitter, so I’ll repeat it here:

    “You make me wish I had more middle fingers.”

  4. Nationalism is just as dangerous as fundamentalism. I’m sure tons of people will be outraged that Kaepernick didn’t play into the flag waving but really what does it matter?

  5. I got it… it’s your inalienable right to protest social cleavages by sitting during what is normally accepted as an opportunity to take pride in the country that has afforded you the opportunities which have made you wealthy. But in doing so, you continue to make this game more about yourself which in turn makes you less and less appealing to any potential employers. Refresh my memory, where were you raised again?

  6. A jerk off response from a jerk off organization in a jerk off state about a jerk off prima dona who makes more in a year than royalty in most countries in the world…at least without the fear for his life.That it’s necessary to hear from these spoiled brats about anything other the last game is a complete bore. The logic demonstrated in his quote demonstrates his complete inability to exercise rational thought and the speed with which he demonstrates said thinking.
    That we don’t hear more from these spoiled fools is a blessing.
    Kaepernick sat because he’s in search of another “everybody look at me…I’m about to make a stupid statement” moment. For some reason – it’s still fashionable for the wealthy to denigrate the US.

    And by the way councellor, the freedoms you mention have no bearing on this story – those freedoms guaranteed by the constitution which emanate from the 1st amendment only apply to government censorship. The less we hear from @$$hats the better.

  7. It is his right to sit or stand during the national anthem but the guy still comes across as a huge douche bag.

    And whiner fans love them some douche bags….. So much so that a lot of them are douche bags.

  8. Wonder when Kaperchoke apologists jump ship on this guy. You know who you are and we know who you are. This guy can’t resist being a tool box. He’s RG3 of the west. Yet the same dopes who bought the “nobody has it better” nonsense seem to be the same dopes that buy this guy. At some point you have to wonder about your sanity and intelligence. He really lit it up tonight!! Just checking if you believed that or not. I imagine the numbers of Santa Clara fans who bought that last one was staggering.

  9. As a lifelong 49ers fan I can definitely say Colin Kaepernick is my least favorite QB who has ever played for this team. How far the team happened to go with him at QB one season is completely irrelevant. He is an arrogant jerk as well as a terrible QB and someone I will be thrilled to see an ex-member of this team. Please cut this moron now. I’ve seen enough

  10. Hell freaking yes! Good for him. The U.S. has a terribly racist history. This is a country built on genocide. Much respect for his courage.

  11. He sucks. The Raiders beat him like a drum a couple years ago when he was supposed to be great. Its over. Off to Canada to the CFL now Andrew. You arent worthy of the NFL anymore or of this country. Too many good men die so you can have the right to do that but that doesnt mean its ok with us. Goodbye Nancy. Dont let the door ht ya where the good lord split ya. You will not be missed and I hope you like snow and take Whoopi Goldberg, Sean Penn, Benn Affleck, the Obama’s and Miley Cyrus with you. Traitors.

  12. And brilliantly he was running the ball constantly as I guess he cant do the reads or throw very accurately. He will get his clock cleaned again, just watch. 1 dimensional and a traitor. Yep, CFL, here he comes unless the Arena league wants him. He probably cant take the cold weather.

  13. Wow. I personally don’t have a problem with someone choosing not to stand during the national anthem (I think it’s kind of silly), but I also wouldn’t be stupid enough to publicly do this. He has to know he’s going to get a ton of flack of this. On top of that, I don’t have a clue what point he’s trying to make with that tweet.

  14. The 49ers were playing the Packers in San Francisco…why would there be an image of the Confederate flag?

  15. While it may be his right to sit, it is also our right as free Americans to not buy NFL gear with his personal information on it and forgo purchasing Ninets tickets while employing him.

  16. The fact he dosent get they are in fact completely different shows the self entitled dick bag he is
    Don’t worry dude, pretty soon you won’t have to worry about standing for the anthem as a player as you not only suck as a person but player as well
    CFL here we come

  17. You have the right to free speech Mr. Kaepeenick… But your not free of consequences.

    I also won’t be supporting any 49rs games, because doing so would mean that I would be “ignoring” the fact that an organization supports the viewpoint of someone who lacks the most basic common respect of paying homage to the great freedoms we have in this country, and the people who gave their life to make that happen. Like the freedom of morons like you are able to freely express your idiotic and disrespectful viewpoints without imprisonment.

  18. I’d rather a player sit during the anthem and post that message then read a bunch of spoiled brats posting about how disrespectful that is in between tweets accosting some porn star they watch obsessively for being a sl*t. People want to talk about freedom but what they mean is their freedom to do whatever they want. Everyone else’s freedoms are entirely subjective.

  19. “middletestament says:
    Aug 27, 2016 3:04 AM
    Demanding all citizens take part in the anthem crosses the line from patriotism to nationalism. Ironically, this demand is about as un-American as it gets.”

    We don’t “demand” it. You are free to do what you want. But what you do (or don’t do) with that freedom reveals something about yourself and your character. Just like you are free to sit during the national anthem, I am free to think you are a disrespectful ungrateful spoiled brat who doesn’t appreciate the liberties you’ve been given, or the sacrafice it took for you to have them.

  20. I’m sure he’s has a picture of Muslim Obama over his bed.
    A firing squad should be in his future.
    And from us American Rebels we are both proud of our CSA Battle Flag, and appalled that a mook like you even included our flag as part of your “tweet”.
    You are part of the problem in this once great country, and may the people who are taking your side suffer the same fate you and your disgusting kind will soon.

  21. It’s also a matter of respect for the country — which is truly worthy of that respect. It’s everyone’s job to work toward making this a “are perfect union.”

    Images are powerful. Kaepernick did himself no favors last night.

  22. middletestament says:
    Aug 27, 2016 3:04 AM

    Demanding all citizens take part in the anthem crosses the line from patriotism to nationalism. Ironically, this demand is about as un-American as it gets

    no one is DEMANDING anything. we do appreciate when ungrateful, overpaid, mediocre entertainers self identify. goes to character your honor

  23. Out come the liberals from the mud with the ole’ reliable “freedom of speech” and “safe places” and “victims”…..when in reality, they should be concerned about a young man that doesn’t understand just how lucky he is to SIT under that flag on a daily basis.

    Hail to the Redskins from this Native American.

  24. Shame. American Football is America’s game. Those millions he was (over) paid are a direct result of his freedom of choice to participate in America’s Game. What a lame, sorry excuse for not wanting to respect that freedom via the national anthem.

  25. Wow.

    Always gave him the benefit of the doubt. Guess I was the fool. From here on out he deserves the scorn of every NFL fan, American citizen and especially every American military veteran he just spat upon.

  26. Colin, going the Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf route might get you some immediate headlines but it’s not a great career move.

    You might get that trade, but you’ll also be out of the league pretty quickly. Just do a Google search.

  27. middletestament says:
    Aug 27, 2016 3:04 AM
    Demanding all citizens take part in the anthem crosses the line from patriotism to nationalism.
    Who’s demanding? He has the right to sit. We have the right to call him out on it. Maybe go back to social studies class.

  28. While I disagree with his sitting during the anthem, I bet the people complaining the loudest about it are the same ones who scream “Red!” and “Oh!” during the anthem in the Baltimore-Washington area.

  29. I think the whole “leave if you don’t wanna be here” applies…. He can actually afford it..

    Many people disrespect our country, but if financially can’t do anything about it…Put your money where your mouth is Colin! He’s like the PC crowd who claims they wanna help Native Americans by forcing a Football team to change its name instead of actually helping them with poverty and education! I hate people like that…

  30. In this country he has Freedom of Speech, meaning that he cannot be imprisoned by the government for what he says. The phrase “Free Speech” is incorrectly used for “Freedom of Speech” and implies that it costs nothing.

    He should be immediately released and his contract voided for conduct detrimental to the league. Unless, of course, the NFL isn’t interested in projecting its patriotic image.

  31. Yeah, this country is so awful that Kaepernick is a multi-millionaire despite the color of his skin. And we have a president of color now. Kapernick is a steaming bag of shinola.

    I see he also learned well in college given the fact he doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.” Just go away.

  32. Kaepernick appears to be following the Ryan Lockte playbook for ruining one’s own career.

  33. Somewhere the Iron Sheik is reading this and thinking, “Wow, does this Kaepernick guy really need to be the heel about everything?”

  34. Almost as bad are fans that are coming back from the restroom or concession stand and cant stop while the National Anthem is played. That is just not disrespectful, it is Kaepernick disrespectful.

  35. He’s right about the flags. I live in Georgia. I know.

    He can sit or stand while the national anthem plays, just like free speech allows racist conservatives to call him a d-bag.

  36. If he’d ever exhibited any signs of intelligence in the past, I’d suggest that he was just trying to be disruptive so they’d cut him. Hey Kap I hear North Korea is lovely this time of year.

  37. For those who say why should he stand? I’m pretty sure you, nor your family tree ever fought for, nor sacrificed for this Nation. If you’re not proud then please leave. Kap, welcome to the Canadian Football League. You can sit on your behind there.

  38. I love this country. I love the Constitution. So I cannot deny he has the right to sit. And we have the right to criticize him for doing so…and the critique is because he is so stupid as to believe that there is no difference between honoring our country and honoring the confederacy. No, we are not a perfect Union. G-d has yet to create perfection on Earth. But despite our faults, to suggest that we have not progressed as a society….to suggest that we are not a more perfect Union than 150 years ago…is pure idiocy. Exacerbated only by his claim that those who don’t agree are the ignorant ones amongst us. I suspect Mr Kapernick (sp?) knows very little of our history…

  39. Does he know how many people marched with that flag waving high, died on battlefields, got hosed down, beaten and lynched in the name of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness that all men are created equal? Over a million people died in the Civil War for you to say there is no difference between the flags? MLK marched the streets FOR and with American ideals. Would a country endorsing Confederate values elect Barack Obama or even have Colin Powell or Condoleeza Rice at the highest levels of government? Seriously. This guy is dumb.

    I am all for fighting racial injustice and think it’s needed, being vocal or symbolic but this is beyond stupidity. For a guy simply fighting for a place on the team, it’s personally stupid.

  40. Good way to lose any fan base you had left Kap. This is an American sport, enjoyed by mostly those who love and would die for America. You’re officially a loser in my book, no redemption after your ignorant response.

  41. The National Anthem is part of every American sporting event of any consequence.

    If you want to ignore the National Anthem… go play by yourself.

    I could understand sitting down/going to the concessions/blowing your nose/checking your watches for the second or third patriotic song forced down your throat…

    … but… ignoring the National Anthem is inexcusable.

  42. Geez, Kap. Just shut up, stand up, take your hat off & put your hand over your heart as a simple gesture of respect to those who created this opportunity for you. If you can’t do that, renounce your US citizenship, go to Canada & play in the CFL.

  43. Wow, the ignorance this idiot has displayed is only parallel to the disastrous quarterback that he is.
    Stupidity knows no bounds. Sad.

  44. As a veteran that wore the uniform and a brother to those that have died so we have an oppertunity to wave that flag and listen to the national anthem, it is about more than a statement of your belief. It is out of respect for those of all races and creed that have fallen and suffered to give you that right.

    There are far better ways to make a political statement. He will lose all credibility and respect if he stays with this course.

    If wants change in this country, he needs to be proactive in a meaningful way rather than reactive in a petty and insensitive way.

  45. I’m not going to blast him for not standing. There are plenty of Americans who don’t truly realize how good they really have it.
    Colin, trust me, you have it good and you can fake your outrage in other ways that actually mean something.

  46. I’m guessing there are a few defensive players with family members in the military. Or who just plain love this. They’ll be standing in line ready to eat a fine for this puke. Good luck the rest of your career Comrade

  47. What a dou%$e. Freakin moron makes 10 mil in the greatest nation on earth, including our flaws. But it’s so offensive to see that. Listen to the words, think of what you have and what we’re about. Former Marine here, but I get goosebumps just about every time I hear it. Shameful.

  48. Many have bled and died defending Kaepernick’s right to sit during our National Anthem. And it is his right for sure to do that. And it is my right to extend to him an open invitation to go take up pro sports…or just life…in Afghanistan or Syria. He’s been privileged to the best of the American dream, has seen it and lived it, and so his disrespect for that is probably indicative of how and why he is in his current situation.

  49. Every time this guy says or tweets something I am more amazed by his stupidity. What a dumb move by the 49ers to give him such a large extension.

  50. I was on the fence about Kaepernick before, and in fact maybe gave him more credit than was due. Thanks Kap, you’ve knocked me off the fence, onto the ground where I sincerely hope your career goes after that ungrateful, disrespectful, and selfish move. Maybe a term in the service defending those rights that you just disgraced would help you see things in a different light.

  51. Years later, I’m really amazed at what Harbaugh could get out of this kid.

    With each passing Kap story, it makes Jim’s decision look even better as well as his ability to coach up a QB.

  52. If he’s trying to be the smartest guy in the room…..he’d better think again…..never impressed me with his intelligence….

  53. It makes me wish they’d bring back the draft or mandatory community service.In California it would probably be manning a Green iPhone charging station.

  54. Flags are insignificant?!?!??!?!?!?!? SAY WHAT!!!!! Tell that to the dead folks through out history. You are way wrong on this one Big Bird

  55. As Kap rails against the freedom of an imperfect country (spoiler alert…they’re ALL imperfect and come with historical stains….because all countries consist of errant humans led by errantly calibrated hearts) —— his attempts at apprehending social change come across as feeble.

    Wearing a Malcolm-X hat, posting Twitter comparisons between a rebel flag and US flag and sitting for a national anthem only highlight a greater pain in your life and those things won’t answer that pain.

  56. He has the right to sit and everyone else who so desires has the right togive him hell about it…

  57. He’s a spoiled idiot. You can speak out on social issues and still honor men and women who have died for our freedoms and privileges (like his to make millions of dollars) by standing during the anthem. He’s a distraction and needs to go.

  58. what a disgrace to WI, raised here young and nothing but a punk a@@ GO QB The ISIS TEAM …

  59. It’s not so much about nationalism as it is respect. Whatever country you are in, if they play their anthem before a game, you should have enough respect to stand.

  60. If you don’t like to show respect for the flag of the country you reside in then please relocate to the middle east and you’ll very soon long for the glory of the Stars and Stripes.

    Despite what douche bags think, this is the greatest country on the planet and as they say in south park ‘if you don’t like it, you can gettt out!’

  61. Kaepernick is a coward. The national anthem is to honor the brave men and women that fought and died for our country. To my knowledge, Colin has never had the balls to do something so brave. He is an immature coward. A team with I integrity would cut him today.

  62. It’s his right to sit or stand during the national anthem. Just as it’s everyone else’s right to believe that he’s an ignorant fool and not buy any merchandise with his name or number on it and to treat him as a non-entity.

  63. He proved his ignorance. He was not making a statement, he is issuing a challenge. Now when the anthem is played, the focus will be on who is sitting and who is standing. It is going to further divide between black and white between fans and locker rooms. Anyone who stands is with ‘the man’. Anyone who sits, is with ‘the brothers’. This is going to get ugly.

  64. To Kap : the fact you are disrespectful, means your NFL career will be history soon too. If you think what your doing is going to make a team want you for their starting qb, then you don’t know the NFL.

  65. It’s certainly someone’s right to sit during the National Anthem, but it shows a lack of respect. I may not be Canadian, but if I’m at a sports event and their anthem plays, you will see me standing silently out of basic human decency.

  66. That’s his choice under free speech protected by the Constitution which is under the American flag, and protected by the sweat and blood of his fellow Americans. That being said, he will have to face the criticism of others exercising those same rights, hopefully in a mutually civil discourse.

  67. There are lots of opportunities in life to make statements about how you feel about our country and it’s direction or history. This is normally called voting.

    Players stand and honor the flag as a gesture of thanks to this country and it’s people. Even if for some reason I did not wish inside to honor the flag at that time I would still do it just to honor all the fans that do feel that way. Sometimes we forget just how lucky we are to live here.

  68. Sitting for the anthem did not work for Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and he was a better basketball player than CK is a football playet

  69. Actually there is a difference…the Confederacy no longer exists…they lost the war.

  70. Guys like Kap and A-Rod should embrace their status as a heel. Just accept it because no matter what you do people will hate you. These are the types that should hire a Bobby Heenan type to talk for them during press conferences.

  71. Remember when Ron Jaworski literally said this guy was going to be the greatest QB in the history of the NFL? Ron might also deserve some clipboard time.

  72. Good. The anthem is diluted by being played inccesently. The nfl is paid to wrap itself in star spangled awesomeness.

  73. National Anthem special by putting people in jail for gay activist and speaking out the truth about God’s words? America is becoming too fake.

  74. Umm….Aaron Rodgers is one of the most beloved players in the league. Kap is a petulant punk. The two should never be lumped in the same comparative sentence. Period.

  75. Give him a break, he’s meaningless now and little things like this keep him in some headlines. #alldone

  76. Poor guy does have it rough in this country. After all, he’s only going to make 11.9 million this year as he contributes absolutely nothng to society.

  77. middletestament says:
    Aug 27, 2016 3:04 AM

    Demanding all citizens take part in the anthem crosses the line from patriotism to nationalism. Ironically, this demand is about as un-American as it gets.
    What demand?

  78. I couldn’t care less about this. He pays a heck of a lot more in taxes than I do. Doesn’t our flag represent freedom? I think America is strong enough to withstand this. Don’t you?

  79. And they gave Gabby Douglas sh*t for not putting her hand over her heart. It was a national outrage I thought the kid was going to be tarred and feathered. With this fellow, maybe it has to do with his new religion. I find him more dislikable each day.

  80. He absolutely has the individual right to do as he did. If I as the owner of the 49ers I’d have an issue that a member f my entertainment troupe was for script. Players have fanatastic athletic skills butt he NFL is entertainment and as entertainers there job is to entertain and continue to attract fans back to the show. As with many entertainers some develop a utszed perspective of their worth. Think about Alec Baldwins antics and public comments. Think about Randy Moss.

    The problem lies when an entertainer starts to think of themselves as an artist or athletic. They may have these skills but when it comes down to it we all just want them to entertain us so alienating your potential fan base is pretty counterproductive!

  81. middletestament says:
    Aug 27, 2016 3:04 AM
    Demanding all citizens take part in the anthem crosses the line from patriotism to nationalism. Ironically, this demand is about as un-American as it gets.

    The NFL is all about false patriotism. I will spare everyone the citations, especially since everyone here is so smart and Kaepernick is “stupid” (I’m not saying he isn’t but not being a sheep isn’t a reflection of his intelligence).

  82. He is s just plain dumb.

    He is also about to be cut like I’ve been saying for a year

  83. tonebones says:

    I couldn’t care less about this. He pays a heck of a lot more in taxes than I do. Doesn’t our flag represent freedom? I think America is strong enough to withstand this. Don’t you?

    So? We have the freedom to hold a low opinion of him as well. It goes both ways.

  84. If the 49ers don’t think playing the National Anthem is important enough to REQUIRE their players to stand appropriately during its playing they have never been to Arlington and don’t belong in business in the United States – or even IN the United States. Shame on them for their response.

  85. He’s clearly trying everything possible to get cut. He never wanted to be Chips guy, tried to force that trade earlier, then claims “arm fatigue” one of the most ambiguous conditions a player could come up with, and now this junk. It’s clear he’s doing everything possible to force getting cut it traded.

  86. This Marine would slap this chump right in his mouth.

    Think you’re tough bro? Pull this crap in front of a devil dog and lets see how tough you are.

  87. In respecting such American principles as freedom of religion and freedom of expression, we recognize the right of an individual to choose to participate, or not, in our celebration of the national anthem.”

    translation…he’s been taught well by obama..another usa hater..also kap looks like brick from the show the middle

  88. As a veteran (Vietnam), I fought for his right to not partake in standing for our anthem…doesn’t mean I have to like it. There is an old saying that goes like this…”For those who have fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know”.

  89. I wonder if the 49rs would be so understanding if he came out against gay marriage? What a tool, nothing worse than a millionaire whining that the country is unfair. Go drive a dump truck full of bricks to a job site if you don’t like playing football.
    Besides he sees the writing on the wall. His days in the NFL are coming to an end.

  90. Man nothing irks the American Sheeple like someone not respecting their flag! But ifbyou actually look at the layers and historical facts…what really makes it so great to be “American” was this country founded on such good hearted, god loving, christian values? Or was it cold blooded, theivery and selfishness? The sad part is some people don’t know the difference but if you remove yourself and look from the outside in and are an actual kind hearted person you should be able to find empathy for people and atleast understand how someone who is not white might feel some type of way about “American Pride”

  91. If I am not mistaken he is adopted and actually is from middle eastern decent as was Steve Jobs. The similarities end there as there is huge difference between the two. Steve Jobs was a man bigger than life itself. Colon Kaepernick has shown himself to be a man smaller than my middle finger.

  92. Not sure why Colin thinks sitting during the national anthem is an effective way of communicating his ideas. You’re still an American citizen enjoying the freedoms soldiers fought and died for. It’s not only a show a respect, but of graciousness.

    His maturity and awareness is lacking on the field, but it’s off the charts, off the field.

  93. I passionately and aggressively support the right of anyone to express dissent, and I’m absolutely ambivalent about the sanctity of the national anthem. I like hearing it, I respect the tradition, and participate in it even though I hate the sheeplike feeling of everyone standing up and fawning over a symbol-whether that symbol is a flag or a song.

    I disagree, however, with the idea that the confederate battle flag and the American Flag are no different from each other. The rebel flag is an overt assertion in favor of oppression, racial supremacy, and exploitation. It is the flag of traitors. The American flag, in my mind, does not symbolize our failures–of which there are many–as a nation and a society so much as it does the higher ideals and possibilities to which we should and often do aspire. Equating the American flag with the Southern Hate Rag means surrendering to cynicism and abandoning hope, two things I refuse to do, however tempted I might be from time to time.

  94. middletestament says:
    Aug 27, 2016 3:04 AM
    Demanding all citizens take part in the anthem crosses the line from patriotism to nationalism. Ironically, this demand is about as un-American as it gets.


    This ^^^ is absolutely true. The idea that people here are voting it thumbs down by a 3 to 1 ratio is sickening. You people need to understand the evils of nationalism. Start by looking up the word in a dictionary. Then crack open a history book once in awhile. You might learn something.

  95. Ever since SF let Smith go, it’s been clear that they’ve made the wrong decision. Hopefully, they’ve realized this by now and decide to release him with no further payment to him. After all, how could Kap, in all honesty, accept money from such a terrible system. Let him go to Cuba, Chine or Russia and get paid their wages for what he does.

    The national anthem has never been just about the flag, but about everything this country stands for. And one of the things it stands for is allowing Kap to make as much money as he does doing what he does as well or as poorly as he does it, so long as someone is willing to pay for it.

    Just curious, how much of his money has he given away? That a rhetorical question that, when asking any anti-American lib, is easy to answer.

  96. Ok i get it, the politically correct response is to be outraged, but tell the truth….do you really care? Take a look around & look at America and what it has become. Once upon a time, other countries envied us..and aspired to be like this country. Now, they laugh at us. And with the Presidential Candidates we habe to choose from, it dont look to get any better. To be clear, I would stand for the Anthem as i always have…but his choice to sit is no more worse than..gay marriage..men using womens bathroom or vice-versa…or any other agenda that politcal correctness has used to make this country a joke. Give me back the 80’s up to the mid 90’s….that’s when this country was great. Technology is a great thing in a way…but has ruined America. Too many people have opinions, & the ones who dont just say what others want to hear to get an “atta boy” or a pat on the back. But Im not falling for it…I dont giveca crap if he stands or not, its his right & choice. You want America great again? Try minding your own buisness & respect others choices. Dont be so PC.

  97. The league loves this sort of “progress.” Next will be non gender bathrooms in all the stadiums, just a huge free for all.

  98. middletestament says:
    Aug 27, 2016 3:04 AM
    Demanding all citizens take part in the anthem crosses the line from patriotism to nationalism. Ironically, this demand is about as un-American as it gets.
    Well, to begin with, no one is demanding that citizens do anything of the kind. The statement that was released points out it’s his choice. The same is true of the Pledge of Allegiance in grade school. My best friend didn’t speak the pledge back then, not because he isn’t patriotic (he is), but because he’s not a big fan of group think and following the crowd. That being said, the freedom to make a choice does not mean that you’re free from how others respond to that choice. I personally have no problem with him sitting, as long as he realizes that NFL fans tend to be patriotic and, as such, might take offence to the act. If you want to take a stand (or a seat in this case) for your beliefs that tends to be a good thing. Just know that any real stand you take tends to upset others…that’s why it’s called taking a stand.

    P.S. God knows things aren’t perfect in this country, and that’s especially true for minorities. If he really thinks that things wouldn’t be any worse for him if he were living in a still existent Confederacy, however, then he’s the one who needs the history lesson. The hyperbole is a bit over the top, and reminds me of the idiots who want to compare everything to slavery and the Holocaust. Doing something like that doesn’t add emphasis to your statement, it demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of what those things truly entailed, and makes both you and your argument easier to dismiss out of hand.

  99. The people who are outraged at this are the same people who wondered what happened to Chris Culliver’s freedom of speech when he was scrutinized for speaking out against gay people.

  100. Can we please worry about things that actually matter? No one is obligated to pay homage to America. Nobody is obligated to love it just because they live here. It’s really insane how upset people get over this. If YOU love America, great, knock yourself out. But nowhere has anyone signed anything agreeing to be blindly allegiant to any entity. And it’s nothing against America, I’d say that about literally any country I lived in. I don’t owe anybody anything, I love where I was born. I’m don’t have to buy into anybody’s program, and I sure as hell shouldn’t be expected to leave for not doing so, whether I’m in America, Canada, Zimbabwe, wherever. I don’t acknowledge man-made boundaries, all the lines on the earth are imaginary. And whatever, you might disagree with me, and that’s fine. I don’t care that you do. So why do YOU care what I would do, or in this case, Kap? Rule #1 of life: mind your own business and never, ever worry about what anyone who isn’t you is thinking or doing.

  101. “At a time when NFL players are criticized for not speaking out on social issues…”
    What?? Who does that? I’m glad that most choose not to inject themselves in the propaganda pieces. I come to football and other sports to ESCAPE hearing about that stuff all day.

  102. He seems to forget he is not representing just himself but a team, a city, and perhaps a state with his behavior. Standing is at least a courtesy he could afford those he represents. What he does out of uniform is another matter.

  103. Let’s see… I’m an NFL QB (who’s name rhymes with *ick) who is not wanted by his team, and I surely don’t want the team either. What do I do? Well, I could make it easy peasy for them to get rid of me. “How?” you ask. That’s easy. Play like crap & then be a public jerk about something like the flag or national anthem. That oughta do the trick!

  104. If the guy doesn’t want to stand during the anthem, I really don’t care. Frankly, I wish the tradition of playing the anthem before games would be done away with; it’s way too superficially preachy for my taste, like a kneeling in prayer in the end zone after a touchdown. Patriotism, like religion, is a serious matter, and I don’t think 80,000 people, a good chunk who have already are overserved, who start whooping about 30 seconds before the song ends, is a serious way to treat a serious matter. If we stopped doing that, it’s fine with me.

    That isn’t what this is about, however. Kaepernick makes a factual historical claim, that the politics of the Confederate States are indistinguisable from that of the United States. This is deeply, deeply, stupid and dishonest. About 400,000 men, equivalent today to about 4,000,000, died to to ensure that the politics of the Confederate States did not survive in North America. Kaepernick live a life of affluence that is unimaginable to anyone in the mid 19th century, but especially so to some of his ancestors, who lived under the Confederate Flag, who were subjected to an unimaginable degree of violence on a daily basis, in order to keep them in chains, living worse than our pet dogs do today.

    Kaepernick’s assertion is deeply insulting to the people who died to defeat the Confederate Flag, and what is worse, it does huge insult to those human beings who were subjected to the totalitarinism of the Confederate Flag. Really grotesque.

  105. Yeah, Colin. You’ve sure got it rough in this country.

    Nowhere else on Earth could you be as downright awful as you are at your job and still rake in millions of dollars. What an awful place to live!

    There are no words to describe how ignorant and clueless this guy is. No reason he should even be in league. Make him go work for $8 bucks an hour at Long John Silver’s, then he can complain.

  106. I know this isn’t a political forum but it often surprises me how often it becomes so. We will take something about the CBA and make it about Obama (who had nothing to do with the agreement) or just somehow find a way to introduce Trump into the equation. I come here to read about football.

    But in this case I am going to get a little political. Neo-cons – you can’t have it both ways. You decry that political correctness is destroying this country but when someone does something not so politically correct you trash him. I don’t like Kaepernick at all. And I wore a uniform and stand like everyone else. But what I served for? Was his right to not do so. And your right to tell him he is an ass because of it.

    You don’t get to selectively decide what America stands for. It stands for the right to speak, or to speak out, to celebrate or condemn. That isn’t political correctness. That’s freedom.

  107. mazenblue says:
    Aug 27, 2016 8:45 AM
    Flags are insignificant?!?!??!?!?!?!? SAY WHAT!!!!! Tell that to the dead folks through out history. You are way wrong on this one Big Bird

    They didn’t die for our flag, they died for our country. There’s a difference.

  108. If you are not willing to stand to honor the flag then you are not a true American and do not deserve the respect or privileges this country offers. Many have died for that flag and most of them were white. Without their sacrifice the NFL and these spoiled athletes would not exist.

  109. No question that he has a right to not stand but exactly why make the playing field the place to play your politics?

  110. When will ISIS manage to get in tight with a current professional athlete? That day is coming…..is it here?

  111. Name one country that does a better job of protecting the rights of minorities. Name one country where minorities have more opportunity. Just one.

  112. Yes here is a man of color with no respect for what the flag means. Let this piece of crap go the military and see what these individuals put of with so a piece of S like this can make millions doing what…playing as game.

  113. he hasn’t done anything else to draw attention to himself hahaha.
    he wanted to put chip on the spot again concerning this topic , i guess .
    just cut the dummy .

  114. Perhaps his reasoning is that he will get attention. And it worked. Like a kid or politician, attention in good no matter how you get it.

  115. I think what we are dealing with here is wrong, I think his actions are intended to disrupt society and are demeaning to our nation which provides him the liberty to say such things. Here is a good example of how our country is being turned inside out and destroyed from within.

  116. @truevision21:

    Speaking of knowing history, what missing verses are you talking about? The Star Spangled Banner was a poem later set to music. As pointed out, there are far better ways to take a stand than this. It should truly be more about honoring those who have fought and died for our freedoms than whatever you think the symbolism is behind the flag.

  117. Maybe he should stand up for the people who have fought and died so that this country enjoys freedom that many places do not have. His reasoning and his comments are so remarkably misguided and dare I say, stupid, that I’m not surprised he’s having difficulties at his “real job.” Freedom of expression only exists because of the very flag and its defenders that he publicly insults. If you ask me, he’s using an important and hot button social issue to stay relevant. Now he can say they benched/cut/traded him because he took a controversial social stand (instead of, you know, not being good enough at his job).

  118. truevision21 says:
    Aug 27, 2016 9:56 AM
    3rd verse…..did anyone research the forgotten verses? Wow! Know your history, then judge if you must………………….Oh yes please enlighten us with your wisdom and how the 3rd verse has never been celebrated and how its held you down as a person……..Pathetic. Leave if you feel your not part of this great nation. #Chip

  119. This guy needs discipline and a veteran coach to lead him and that is his only shot of a career.
    Let him sit on the Packers, Steelers, Patriots, Saints, Chiefs, etc. bench for a year to get his head out of his a** under a great veteran coach and QB.
    SF should simply cut him.

    If not there is always the Canadian flag and CFL if you don’t like America!

  120. He is despicable!!! IMO, that is like saying “screw you” to all the men and women who died and continue to do so, to protect his freedom to play a GAME and make millions.
    I agree with the other posters…..Send him to Syria and then we’ll see how much respect he has for this country!!! What a JERK…..I truly hope the NFL comes down on him, in a major way….smh

  121. A lot of talk about how dumb Kaepernick is. He’s at least smart enough to realize if he dog whistles “American racism” he’ll get 50% of the people to cheer him on.

  122. Am I supposed to blindly pledge allegiance to a country simply because I was born there? Would I have to stand when the Iraqi national anthem is played, if I was born there? Would I have to stand for everything Russia stands for, if I was born there?

    To those who say “Get out!” in reaction to this, you should know from your support of Trump that it’s not that simple to leave the place where you were born. There are rules and borders and maybe even walls to keep people out, and also in.

    One great thing about this country is that people are allowed to have opinions. It makes me sick hearing some of yours, but that’s the price of freedom.

  123. Just curious….did he become socially/politically “courageous” as soon as he realized he wasn’t a starting QB?

    As Al Capone said, “I’ve heard of coincidences, I’ve just never seen one.”

  124. Pretty simple, Kap. Go to a better country if this one is so unjust. The irony of a black guy making $100 million crying that he lives in a racist country is strong. Not to mention we have a black president (who has done nothing but divide this country). Shame on all these athletes for dividing this country even further. We desperately need to be united.

  125. Agreeing with his point aside… I respect his desire to ‘Make America Great Again’. He’s calling out a perceived problem, just like people who bemoan illegal immigration… he’s calling out illegal policing. It’s a civil protest, just like wearing a hat that says our country isn’t great.

  126. Nationalism is dangerous? So, in other words, you are all for having no sovereign nations? No countries at all? You see it as just one big world and a central committee to decide how every country will think and behave. Someone like the UN or the EU that decides for other countries what they should do and what they shouldn’t do.

    That doesn’t sound like a concept that you’ve thought through very much. So from your viewpoint, the only way for “everyone” to have rights, is to take away “everyone’s” rights.

    Nationalism and Fundamentalism are not the problem. Nations and “peoples” have been in existence since people have existed. What is the problem, as it always is, is when someone comes along and decides he knows best for everyone and attempts to force his view to be the only one that exists. Then you have those who allow hate and violence to represent nationalism or fundamentalism. It is the hate and violence and power plays that makes more sense to oppose.

  127. What a monster. He should be hanged. Our forefathers didn’t fight and die just so he can have the right to disagree with institutional patriotism. Saluting the flag is the very same thing as caring about your country; as caring about issues, righteousness and change for the better! If we don’t constantly indulge our need to trumpet our fallen heroes — who all very clearly died protecting our freedom in some way, whether it be from from Iraqis or dangerous Vietnamese rice farmers — we are no better than the Chinese! Or the Russians! Except, right, I know they are all obsessed with how great they are too, but they’re not! We’re great! And here comes Colin Kaepernick not standing up for how great we are and allowing North Korea to think they’re better than us, and their heroes died more courageously than ours while protecting our personal freedom and the price of gas. He should be detained, interrogated for obvious Al Quieda affiliations (he is rather swarthy…), and kicked OUT. America is not for people who don’t go along with what everybody else does. The nerve.

  128. I have to wonder if Kaepernick has any kind of disability. It seems like a very impulsive thing to do and 100% guaranteed that he didn’t think this through. His position sounds like he has copied and pasted what he heard at a BLM rally. There is a whole lot more to these issues than his statement acknowledges. And the BLM has been carrying on a one sided narrative since it’s inception. It would appear he has not even considered other options for how he’d like to make a difference in addressing the increasingly strained racial divide in this country. And he’s actually made expressed it in such a way, that it is blacks against the rest of us. That approach never works, it just escalates the situation.

    And as many have reminded us, the Civil War was fought by white Americans to eliminate slavery.

  129. I’m an Army veteran. I have generations of military family members. If there’s ONE thing that EVER, REALLY REALLY gets me revved up is the situations like this:

    People get more emotionally charged over a person failing to be a flag and country worshipping statist so much so that they almost hate someone…

    yet, for the longest time, our country has been coopted by corporations and evil people running it. Hardly anyone even knows the gravity of the bailouts that were stolen from Americans and given to people who manufactured a crisis…

    why don’t you guys get bent out of shape over something like that. Those are the real people who “hate” America(ns)…. and the real people you should all tell to “move to another country”

    who cares if someone doesn’t stand, it’s his right. I signed up to fight for that. If you want to hate on someone, hate on people who screw Americans over. Without Americans, America is nothing but a suggested boundary with colors somehow associated to it.

  130. What I keep getting here is that Mr. Kaepernick should be very glad and appreciative that he has free speech, and that under no circumstances should he expect to use that freedom without being vilified.

  131. The NFL and the home teams should make sure that every game that his team plays in 2016 has a flag theme.
    • Giant flag across the entire field prior to the game.
    • Marching band carrying flags prior to start of game
    • Flag painted in the end zones
    • Flag stickers on helmets
    • Flag patches on uniforms
    • Paratrooper carrying flag lands on field at half time
    • Hand out flags to many of the fans
    • Hand our those cards to fans that they turn over on queue to make a giant flag picture in the stands
    • Patriotic music

  132. After we build the wall, let’s make sure he’s on the other side of it so he see can a feel for how lucky he is to be allowed to live here, even if there are some things that need to be fixed.

  133. The he shouldn’t accept all that money from such an oppressive league, especially one that bears the colors on its shield.

    By the way, Mr. Kaepernick could use a history lesson. That one flag (American/Union) actually represented a bunch of guys who lost their lives fighting a war to defeat that other flag (Confederate).

  134. Since I’ve in no way violated the ToS, I’ll repost this…

    lizzzy321 says:
    Aug 27, 2016 12:33 PM
    Nationalism is dangerous? So, in other words, you are all for having no sovereign nations? No countries at all? You see it as just one big world and a central committee to decide how every country will think and behave. Someone like the UN or the EU that decides for other countries what they should do and what they shouldn’t do.

    That doesn’t sound like a concept that you’ve thought through very much. So from your viewpoint, the only way for “everyone” to have rights, is to take away “everyone’s” rights.

    Nationalism and Fundamentalism are not the problem. Nations and “peoples” have been in existence since people have existed. What is the problem, as it always is, is when someone comes along and decides he knows best for everyone and attempts to force his view to be the only one that exists. Then you have those who allow hate and violence to represent nationalism or fundamentalism. It is the hate and violence and power plays that makes more sense to oppose.

    0 1
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    That’s ALMOST what I’m saying. The biggest lie ever sold from one group of humans to another is that our freedom is WON for us. Freedom is supposed to be inherent and automatic for all of us. The very concepts of society and “law and order” fly in the face of that. We don’t OWE our freedom to our respective countries, and we’re terrible people who face ostracization if we dare to have a differing opinion. And not for nothing, we’re not the only free country in the world like many seem to believe. I’ve met people from all over Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada…they all say they enjoy a similar quality of life and even prefer it to the U.S.. I’m not saying any are better or worse than the other, but in my mind, living in any of them and submitting to their government (comprised of other regular human beings, no different from you or I) is forfeiting my inherent natural freedom. So I’m not on the “love it or leave it” BS. If others want to buy into that program, that’s their prerogative, but I’m not going to be strong armed into it, or at least they’ll have to do so to get me to acquiesce, ultimately I can’t stop the government. But I’ll duck and dodge them for life, they are the enemies to my brand of freedom. And again, I just live where I was born, I never signed up for anything, so I owe nothing. Tax money is my rent, that’s fair enough. But controlling my behavior is absolutely out of the question. It may not even fall that far outside societal standards, but I’ll behave that way because it feels right to me, not because someone told me to do it. I’m not stepping on anybody’s toes here. I just find it frightening that so few people actually stop to call into question what they’ve been taught to believe since before the age of reason. And if I want to go to Canada or Jamaica or wherever, I shouldn’t have to “check in” with anyone. This is EARTH, nobody owns it. All the politics comes down to money and resources, but the people of these countries need to be conditioned to believe that without the government we’d be ravaged by savages, otherwise no one would lay their lives down to fight for it. I mean no disrespect to troops, you have balls of steel, and you’re doing something very courageous and admirable for what YOU believe in. I just happen to not believe in that same thing, and I choose to not be involved in any of this. I just live here, man.

  135. Since you are half & half and we heard from your black side, what does your white privilege have to say?

  136. If he wants to sit during the anthem, then let him sit in the locker room when its played. Its like, you might not like our President, BUT he is our President and you respect the office. Same with the flag. Oh and if you dont like the way things are done in the good old US of A, resign from football and run for office so you can change the things that you think are bad. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  137. What a POS. To even to respond to his assume gesture is beneath all of us. I will say this. Why doesn’t Colin the activist play in the NFL. The majority of the players are black. The majority of murders of blacks is by other blacks. The ass-clown doesn’t get it and people like him never will. Go to Canada you stiff.

  138. No! You’ve got it backwards! We want you to stand for the national anthem, then sit for the game.

  139. Lizzzy321 – Says, “I choose to not be involved in any of this.”.
    Yet before saying that, wrote the longest, incoherent, babbling comment than anyone else did today.It seems to me that Colin and Izzzt321 could sit in a room together and agree with each other all day long, day after day, between bong hits.
    And ask their parents for cash when they run out of money.

  140. Good thing he does not play for Bud Grant.

    One of the first things Bud did with an undisciplined team was that he made them practice standing at attention to the pledge of allegiance.

  141. Turning your back on the The American Anthem and the patriots who served this country while you play football and make a $14 million salary is not the way to protest your beliefs no matter how passionate you are in that belief… Disrespecting your country is what divides us and serves no one but your selfish self..

  142. Unity is important in sporting events. I’m an atheist, but (when I used to play organized sports) I prayed along with everyone else before the games. It’s a respect thing. This is just Kap throwing a Hail Mary at the end of his career.

  143. Kaepernick will likely be “sitting” for the National Anthem for the rest of his life.. From his living room couch.. Lost in all this is the fact that he cannot play the QB position at even an NFL backup level. Note what the Packers did as soon as he entered the game. They pressured him and despite good protection he became rattled and took off running.. His first instinct was flight..

  144. i dont think hes stupid for nothing people i think it more like he respects blacks and wants yall to understand that but yall are to busy being affended by it that u dont reilize what he thinks he even posted on twitter expaining it yall. but yall are a bunch of imagrant people man we all have the freedom of speech and the freedom to do as we plaese and how we think !!!!!! it in the amendments i may be 15 but thats sad that yall down put him on this !***

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