Report: Mewhort has torn ACL, will miss season

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Colts guard Jack Mewhort suffered a torn ACL during Saturday night’s preseason game vs. the Eagles, NFL Network reported.

Mewhort will miss the entire 2016 season if further examination confirms a torn ACL and the Colts, already thin on the offensive line, will have to scramble to try to replace one of their better players.

A tackle during his Ohio State career, Mewhort has played both guard and tackle in each of his seasons with the Colts. The Colts hoped to end their offensive line shuffle this season and hoped Mewhort would both elevate his game and help rookie center Ryan Kelly.

Instead, they’re now searching for help at both cornerback and on the offensive line with the season opener two weeks away.

33 responses to “Report: Mewhort has torn ACL, will miss season

  1. You never like seeing this happen to one of your guys, especially in the Pre-Season.

    But I believe in Mewhort, he will put his mind and body to his recovery and be just fine! Its just, coldly, the cost of doing business.

    The Colts totally tanked for Luck though, you don’t put Curtis Painter and 54 year old Kerry Collins out there when you are trying to win football games. If you have GamePass go back and watch, their Karma has been unbalanced from the beginning, they will never find peace, they will never win anything. Luck will go to the HOF, but he will never play in a Super Bowl.

  2. Unfortunate as they are, injuries happen to all teams. A systematic pattern of cheating, with multiple episodes of suspensions, fines, and lost draft picks happens to one team. The Colts will recover. The Pats are forever tainted. Which QB is the best of all time? (Hint: It’s not the one who was suspended for cheating).

  3. All of these AFC South guards and centers faking injuries because they know Malik Jackson and Senderrick Marks are gonna hurt em for real.

  4. A bad O-Line just got worse… for some reason I have a feeling the Colts will not be much better this year.

    Soft defense & no run game.

  5. Just because he’s suspended doesn’t mean he cheated. It’s the Colts Way.
    “If you can’t beat them, call them cheaters or change the rules.”

  6. That’s why Brady had the equipment guys print 12.5 psi rule and bring to refs room, and why the pressure in the balls is where real scientists said it should be. Colts suck again.

  7. He never cheated, that’s why Judge Berman aquitted Brady on all bogus charges. Then Judge Berman went on to say that even your lawyer ” Ted Wells” said that there was no tampering with the footballs. Don’t let the truth get in the way of your jelousy. Andrew Luck should be suspended after they found 3 out of 4 of the Colts footballs were below psi levels. Colts fans are bad losers and cheaters. 45-7 and you blame deflated balls. Must suck to be a colts fan.

  8. They sucked for Luck, now they are f*cked with overhyped/overrated Luck and this POS team around him. Grigson and Irsay deserve this mess. Laughing all the way to back to back titles! Go Broncos.

  9. mbara33 says:
    Aug 27, 2016 11:00 PM

    Nobody lied. Brady cheated. That’s why he’s suspended for one-quarter of the season.
    Yup. There were WMD’s in Iraq, Hussein was behind 9/11, and Jesus rode a dinosaur. You flat earthers are all the same.

  10. How does their gm still have a job? They’ve been thin at o line for years. Instead they squander picks on crappy receivers and get fleeced by the Browns for Richardson.

  11. mbara33 says:
    Aug 27, 2016 11:00 PM
    Nobody lied. Brady cheated. That’s why he’s suspended for one-quarter of the season.

    Be reasonable here. Science shows that no unnatural ball deflation occurred. And even to show that it did, Wells and the NFL had to say Walt Anderson used the pressure gauge that Walt Anderson said that Walt Anderson didn’t use. Moreover, if the deflation was not caused by weather, then Andrew Luck and the Colts were guilty too as their balls were also like under 12.5PSI. This entire thing is nothing but a trumped up farce because Tom Brady insulted John Harbaugh who cried to Ryan Grigson. And both the Colts and the Ravens have stunk ever since. Karma…..yes.

  12. mbara33 says:
    Aug 27, 2016 11:00 PM
    Nobody lied. Brady cheated. That’s why he’s suspended for one-quarter of the season.

    There were enough lies in that farce to make a political campaign blush. But just to make it easy on you, read Goodell’s ‘arbitration’ decision and then peruse Brady’s testimony from the transcript the league tried to keep sealed. Not only is it easily found and documented proof but it makes the bias and intent painfully clear.
    Brady is sitting for a quarter of the season so the league could get the legal precedent it most recently used as a cudgel in the AJ interview fiasco and will eventually lead to either a massive concession by the players or a work stoppage. You have been duped.

  13. Mewhort out, feel bad for him. As for Griggson, time to raise another banner for most pathetic. Only time before coke head owner Irsay, Griggson Loser, and fall guy Pagano implode. Pagano will get rehired.

  14. “Just because he’s suspended doesn’t mean he cheated. It’s the Colts Way.
    “If you can’t beat them, call them cheaters or change the rules.”

    This is a perfect example of the ignorance and hypocrisy of the average Pats fan. The Colts did not call the Pats cheaters; they asked officials to check up on a potential violation. The NFL, on the other hand, did discover cheating by the Pats. Twice, that we know of (of course, there are allegations by former Pats players like Flutie that more cheating has occurred). The “Colts got the rules changed” narrative is likewise laughable. Holding and contacting receivers past the 5-yard limit had been on the books for years before the Pats DBs mugged Colts receivers all the way down the field in the playoff game (the only way they had a prayer of stopping Harrison and Wayne). Polian subsequently asked that the refs put more emphasis on calling the violation, as happens periodically with other penalties, like chop blocks or picks. So basically, to Pats fans, saying “hey could you call these obvious penalties” becomes “Waahhhh!!! The Colts got the rules changed!” And then they try to claim that people are misrepresenting the facts about Deflategate. Sad.

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