Stork tweets that he’s excited to report to Redskins

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Bryan Stork is apparently going to officially be new Redskins center Bryan Stork fairly soon.

Stork tweeted Saturday night that he’s anxious to get the next chapter of his career started.

“I will forever have nothing but great memories at [the Patriots],” Stork tweeted. “Looking forward to making more [with the Redskins].”

The Patriots traded Stork to the Redskins this week. Stork had contemplated retirement, according to reports, and Redskins Coach Jay Gruden told reporters that Stork still had to make “a final decision.”

Stork started 11 games for the Patriots as a rookie in 2014 and six last season. He’s battled concussion issues, but the Redskins see him as a solid insurance policy after their longtime center, Kory Lichtensteiger, was limited to five games last season.

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  1. Really hope The Stork recovers and salvages his career. Some unflattering things came out of my mouth in his direction after the AFCCG, but he’s a better football player than that I’d hate for that to be his last game.

  2. I always liked Stork, but he got smoked too often to really have my respect. I couldn’t believe he was returned to starter last year after the patriots were 10-0 with Andrews at center, and the stat lines had the rookie with something like allowing one sack during that time. (Research needed)

    But in terms of the future, Andrews could end up like just being really good every game for 12 years, whereas Stork’s shelf life was getting shorter by the concussion.

    And you can believe that, while it may have been BB who pulled the trigger, Scar made the call. He knows damaged goods on the O-line when he sees ’em.

    It’ll be interesting to see who becomes the backup center.

  3. Excited = finally accepting its atleast a decent paycheck after being cut by a SB contender and then shipped to a sub class team.
    Just as Richard Seymour was excited to go to Oakland.

  4. BradyIsTheGCOAT says:
    Aug 27, 2016 10:26 PM
    Finally on a legit, honest team

    It has been quite some time since the Skins were ‘legit’ and after 16 years of the Snyder clown show it is sure going to take more than one decent season to get them back there.

  5. Funny how the Belichick apologists want to call this dude a truck. 3 weeks ago you ask them, and “he’s a top 5 center in this league”. Get an original thought, jabronies. He’s a Helluva coach and evaluator, but his program fascism sends depth out of town on the reg. Richard Seymour? And where was the genius for Haynesworth? Ocho Cinco? Tebow? Adalius Thomas? Take off the glasses, put down the Kool Aid. He probably just sent a 5-7 starter/rotational lineman packing for a tc fight, or a phone not on vibrate. Your coach is a spinster librarian in comfortable shoes.

  6. hopefully this guy stork. Is a smash mouth player. Schreff williams moses stork luavo. Not a horrible o line.

  7. You can tell that Stork was “excited”, by the way he … you know, didn’t report πŸ˜‰

  8. An above average player, good coup for the Washington Redskins. They aren’t the Patriots, but they are definitely trending up. Good signing by the Redskins.

  9. Good luck Bryan. I hope you can be a just in case backup and stay healthy and employed for a few years. He reminded me of Logan Mankins, a mean SOB on the field that every offensive line needs to keep others in line.

  10. Pretty good signing for the Washington Redskins. I hate to admit it, but they have made some smart, incremental, calculated moves and aside from a mouthy cornerback, have been very quiet behind the scenes. It’s almost as if the Redskins know what they are doing. And with Romo out, they should have no problems winning the NFC East.

  11. “Finally on a legit, honest team”

    I guess you don’t know the Redskin’s history.

    Washington History Of Cheating –

    2010 – Salarycapgate

    Washington docked millions in cap space for violating league memos on uncapped year.

    1994-present – PEDs

    5 suspensions
    Frank Wycheck 1994
    Cedric Griffin 1994
    Phillip Buchanan 2011
    Jordan Black 2012
    Jarvis Jenkis 2013

    2000 – Noisegate

    Fined 20k for using PA to augment crowd noise

    2012 – Injurygate

    Washington fined 20k for violating injury reporting procedures

    2013 – Noisegate

    Piped in crowd noise through the PA in the 2012 NFC Wild Card game against Seattle. Fans heard the crowd noise coming directly from the speakers

    2003 – Tampergate

    Washington tampered with Lawyer Millioy while still under contract to the Pats

  12. If he remains healthy and gets his head on straight, I think Washington has gotten themselves a fine C. For the Pats, dependability always comes first, and David Andrews has been the epitome of that, even if he wasn’t physically as good as Stork.

    I guess the Pats decided that Andrews had won the job and Stork wasn’t going to be a happy camper being his back up, so it was better for both sides that he move on.

    As for the 7th round pick? Sometimes it seems the Pats do better with their low picks and UDFA’s than they do with their higher picks.

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