Dak Prescott declares himself to be the smartest quarterback in the class


Seven quarterbacks came off the board before him in April, but that doesn’t keep Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott from putting himself at the top of the stack.

“Knowledge-wise, I think I’m the smartest quarterback that came in this class,” Prescott recently told USA Today. “I would love to go on the board and go head to head with anybody else. That’s how I feel. That’s how confident I am.”

Quarterbacks need to have confidence in themselves. But they also need to be able to back it up, or no one else will have confidence in them.

But Prescott’s confidence may not be misplaced, even though in college his place usually was in shotgun formation.

“The offense we ran at Mississippi State was nothing short of an NFL offense,” Prescott said. “The only thing that was different is that we didn’t go under center. I swear to you, in [pre-draft] visits, every play they showed me, I could name it. We just called it something different. At another team I visited, they ran the exact same stuff we ran.”

Prescott will still have to take some snaps under center in order to run the Dallas offense. He nevertheless has looked great in either spot through three preseason games. Which will only give him more confidence now that he is stepping into the starting job for the foreseeable future.

44 responses to “Dak Prescott declares himself to be the smartest quarterback in the class

  1. He’s going to learn quickly that preseason hype = regular season destruction. The Cowboys will finish last in the division which is now up for grabs between the Redskins and Giants.

    ….as usual, the Eagles will have to sit this season out.

  2. Well one thing for certain, since the Cowboys management failed secure a veteran back up i.e. Nick Foles, the entire NFL is about to see just how football smart he really is. Good Luck

  3. if there was ever a time for a guy to keep his mouth shut and his head down, it would be now for this guy.

    in a few weeks, we’ll all know how well he runs a pro offense without any verbal input from him…..

  4. Let’s see what his confidence looks like after the Cowboys finish the season at 4-12 with uncle Jerry bloviating to the media the entire time

  5. The smartest person in the room is never the one who thinks he’s the smartest person in the room and certainly not the one who declares himself the smartest person in the room.

  6. If Dak can get them to lead NFC East that is the end of the Tony Romo era in Dallas…maybe even in the NFL. The man is a warrior, but also un-tradeable at his age with that contract.

  7. The best coach I ever had said “If you’re good, you don’t have to brag about it, someone else will do it for you”.
    Saying you’re the smartest isn’t the brightest thing to say.

  8. I don’t know if he’s the smartest, but he is by far, the best QB in the draft. The 2 guys touted as 1 & 2, may be in the top 5, but Dak leads the pack.

    I would place Jacoby Brissett higher than Goff and Wentz, without even blinking.

  9. He has ONLY been in Dallas for 3 months and ALREADY is a Typical “Dallas Cowboy”. He thinks he knows Everything, Media has him in Canton in a Few years, And will wind up being a BUST !!

  10. If you feel the need to proclaim how smart you are it probably mean that you’re not as smart as you think. Reminds me of a certain Republican presidential candidate…

  11. It doesn’t bother me that he has this kind of confidence at all, QBs are supposed to have that. His opinion is his opinion. Just warn him that these are vanilla defenses he’s tearing up and things get much tougher in the regular season. If he doesn’t believe you have him contact Sam Bradford.

  12. As always people get bent out of shape because a player says something confident. He wasn’t bashing anyone, but being confident in his abilities when someone specifically asked him a question. Its not like he called his own press conference to tell everyone how much smarter he is than the other QBs.

    I think Dak has so far shown he looks like the smartest QB out of the rookies to this point. Making mostly good reads and getting the ball out to your play makers is a pretty good indicator you know whats going on in front of you. I’m not a Cowboys fan at all, but they may have found a steal in Dak.

  13. Dak Prescott and Russell Wison prove how dumb the NFL Scouts are. You hear that? Mike Mayock. Never understood how Goff and Wenz who never won anything in the college level were picked #1 and 2. Jerry Jones has the last laugh.

  14. Well… Our head coach graduated from Princeton.. and with all that knowledge and expertise gained.. he believed that putting our aging Quarterback out there against the most physical defense since the 85 bears in a meaningless preseason game without our best receiver playing and making sure your quarterback and offensive coordinator knows. No down field Throws. Don’t take any hits.. and be smart with the play call… because we don’t want to risk any freak incident happening like um. .. breaking a bone in my back….. ugh… I’m soooooo.. over this man……

    Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Jason Garrett the most educated Coach in the league with the common sense of Warren Sapp in a hotel room full of prostitutes..

  15. This wouldn’t be the first time everyone missed on a QB. Wouldn’t be the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time either. The reason we miss on great QBs so often is that it’s the one position that is way more mental than physical. Since college defenses are soooo much easier go against than NFL defenses, scouts have a tough time figuring out how smart QBs are. The wonderlic test isn’t the answer. You can find a lot of answers if you watch enough tape, but I don’t think scouts watch enough tape. It’s easier to listen to what everyone else is saying. There were probably a lot of scouts that liked Prescott, but then they didn’t hear anyone sticking their neck out for him, so they didn’t feel confident enough to stick their neck out either. There’s no way you could have watched tape on Prescott and not liked him. It’s safe to stick with the herd. That’s a natural survival instinct. I’m not putting this kid in the HOF yet, but he should have been a 1st round pick.

  16. As a Giants fan I feel truly sorry for Tony. I always admired his tenacity and ability. That said, save your body – what little is left to give – and say goodbye. We will all miss you.

  17. Three “preseason” games under his belt, and this kiddo’s head is huge. I’m afraid he’s in for a gigantic jolt of reality when he faces much better teams than the Cowgirls who game plan specifically for a rookie QB. I think it’s best he put his nose to the grindstone and keep his mouth shut.

  18. You krakers…crack me up!!! As soon as brother shows ANY bit of confidence, now you’re haters. Lmao..and any wonder how he’s the the highest black QB taken and doing the best? He’s already better then Romo EVER was..and the lame should have never been in the League.Dak IS the smartest QB to come out, and is the best QB they’ve had since that closest racist Aikman. So please stay mad, stay hating and be the two faced, hypocrites you are when he wins and you’re all on his nut sack when he does..lol, yall are PATHETIC.

  19. Um, vailskier99, check your facts before you say Wentz never won anything in college. He actually won 2 championships at his level. A level where Joe Flacco played a majority of his college snaps.

  20. The thing is about people who proclaim how smart and great they are is that many other people will then accept that to be true even if the proof turns out to be, not so much. Conversely the opposite is also true; people who proclaim that they’re not that smart or great tend to be believed, no matter how contrary the evidence.

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