49ers teammates standing with Colin Kaepernick, even if they disagree

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Before he addressed the media for 18 minutes yesterday to explain his controversial decision to not stand for the National Anthem, Colin Kaepernick addressed his teammates.

According to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, a players-only meeting was held to give Kaepernick a chance to tell his side of the story, and to give anyone who disagreed with him a chance to tell theirs.

Center Daniel Kilgore, who is white and from Tennessee, said he initially took offense to Kaepernick’s action, but gained a new understanding after listening to him explain why he felt the flag was a symbol of ongoing racism in this country.

“I can see where people would think it’s bad with the national anthem and the military,” Kilgore said. “For me, I’m going to stand there every time. I’m going to think about and honor those who are fighting and those who have fought, my family members, my friends. If Kap decides not to, that’s his decision. . . .

“In seeing his point of view, it does help. It clears the air. It was a good meeting. It was a productive meeting. We’re all under the same understanding that he has that right. And for me, personally, I see where Colin was coming from. I don’t agree with him not standing up for the national anthem, but I do respect and acknowledge the fact that he has the right to decide what he wants to do.”

Wide receiver Torrey Smith has been outspoken on such issues in the past, and said he understands that Kaepernick has no beef with the military. He also understands the wrath his teammate is now subject to.

“I like to talk about these things because we all come from different types of backgrounds,” Smith said. “A lot of people like to act like racism and things like that don’t exist in society. If you believe that, go look at Kap’s Instagram comments or his Twitter comments. He’s being called the N-word and ‘Go back to your country,’ and ‘You don’t like this, go here.’ If you say things people don’t agree with, that’s just the way it goes, especially in the social media era. . . .

“The bad thing about what Kap did, it might offend some people. The positive is, it has people talking about something.”

There’s no doubt it has achieved that goal. The interesting part will be seeing whether enough people will listen to the substance of his message, or simply allow the emotional talking points to wash over them, as the conversation steers beyond football.

51 responses to “49ers teammates standing with Colin Kaepernick, even if they disagree

  1. What I find interesting is that it seems only the people who identify with the BLM terrorists are the same ones who are siding with the anti-American Kaepernick.

  2. It’s funny how Kaepernick is now standing for racism while he’s on the bench. When he was the starter, wasn’t he the one spewing out racial slurs to Lamarr Houston in a loss to Chicago a few years ago? It’s a simply cry to publicity because nobody wants to report on a bench rider. He knew his play is horrific and the 49ers are about to cut him. It’s so apparent this is his last ditch effort to use as a cop out to why the 49ers cut him. Not because of his horrendous quarterbacking, but because he’ll say the 49ers are “racist” and “oppressive to his American rights to freedom of speech.” The funny thing that this guy doesn’t realize is that while you may have the right to freedom of speech, you also have the right to face the consequences of saying such speech.

  3. If a panther player did what Kap did and didn’t get cut, I’d never spend another penny on the league… watch their games or play fantasy football. If other players on other teams start…. I’m gonna have a big problem with that. They make millions playing a game!

  4. There may well be people out there that don’t believe that racism still exists. But, what people have to get through their heads is that there are racists of every skin color. Until this is realized, the cycle continues. Further, the hypocrisy that exists in regard to gun violence is beyond belief, people of color getting gunned down left and right by people of color, and you see no looting or violent protests….the silence is deafening.

  5. “A lot of people like to act like racism and things like that don’t exist in society.

    Why does the left always make that claim? Everyone knows racism exists. No one acts like it doesn’t. It always will exsist, from all sides, not just one.

    The national anthem and the flag have nothing to do with it.

  6. A lot of people are pretending that saluting the flag and supporting military are the same thing. That could not be farther from the truth. I feel a lot of people here are using that as an excuse to ignore the real reason he decided to sit down. Time and time again, through Slavery, Jim Crow laws, civil rights movement, to even more recently the CIA selling drugs in urban black areas then giving those same people who bought the drugs they sold them 35yrs to life. To being now killed by police officers on camera…why should he support this flag? Is all you can say is because soldiers fought for it?

  7. Like to know if this has anything to do with his conversion to the muslem faith……..

  8. Not one leader on that team. Great that he sat for an anthem honoring union solders that fought and died to end slavery…. but that was only 160 years ago so who cares.

  9. Summary: 1) Kaep addressed the team. 2) Teammates listened to Kaep. 3) Teammates gained a new understanding.

    Gaining a new understanding will never happen in broader society, because why in the world would we listen to someone who doesn’t know his place? /s

  10. If Kaep feels so strongly about it that he refuses to stand for the national anthem, he should probably go ahead and refuse to accept the $19mil racist dollars he is going to receive this year from his oppressors.

  11. Do I have this right, Kaepernick is refusing to stand up for America, refusing to stand up for the American flag, because he is unhappy with America. His teammates, however, the ones who are unhappy with Kaepernick are standing up for him regardless.

    I cannot decide if this shows that his teammates have class or that his teammates have no backbone.

    Kaepernick is standing up against all of America, yet not one 49er will stand up against Kaepernick?

  12. The problem with Kaep isn’t that he won’t stand for the national anthem……Kaep’s problem is that he has regressed as a football player. Remember when people were comparing Kaep and Russell Wilson?

  13. I couldn’t agree more with Kap about the injustices with law enforcement and our citizens in this country. Both people of color and caucasians have been targets of bad decisions by the police that have changed lived forever. Change should happen and it will.

    The problem is how he chose to express his position. The national anthem and our American flag is something that means so much to people of all races. There have been tens of thousands of people of color who have fought and died for our flag and those who have lived stand proudly when our anthem is played knowing they fought for the greatest country in the world.

    This act of disrespect is speaks volumes to Kap’s lack of awareness and total blindness to our country’s history.
    Actions speak louder than words Kap. I’m sorry, words cannot explain this away and say it wasn’t meant to be disrespectful to our military. The act was despicable.

    In some countries, he’d be killed for this. Fortunately, those before him fought for our freedoms so this will never happen.

    As a patriot, I am disgusted. As an American, I stand aside and let him speak (or act)…

  14. What a farce. A man who loved his own press clippings after his successful first two years. He partied his talent away.

    Has not been good for a couple of years now. He used to make all the throws and extended plays. He and his agent know this. He is in danger of not even making the team and would not be eligible for his guaranteed money if he is not on the opening day roster. They know this.

    Why not put up a smokescreen? If they cut him it’s because of race and they will be quick to bring up the fact (they will also have SF media in their back pocket) “Chip Kelly – traded / released all those good black players – same thing here”

    The greatest thing people could do (but won’t happen) is ignore him.

    This stance is about saving his guaranteed money.

  15. We don’t live in a facist country, you don’t have to stand or honor the flag or idolize the country. We have rights that allow us not to.

    The servicemen and women in the military and law enforcement don’t serve to be appreciated but do it for a sense of civic responsibility.

    I think we should get rid of Kap because his head obviously isn’t in football not because he thinks despite being a first world country we still have social problems.

  16. His team mates are saying whatever they can to keep the peace and not make more of a controversy than this already is, but deep down you have to think these guys don’t like being put in this position by a player with declining skills on the fast track to getting cut. This was a shameless attempt by Kaepernick to scream for attention now that he knows his NFL playing days are coming to an end. There was next to no market for him when he was available this offseason and he continues to be the divisive locker room presence he’s always been. I’ll be shocked if he’s on the roster by the end of the week.

  17. Kaep is a limousine liberal. He sits down to protest the USA – the same country that has afforded him the ability to become a bicep kissing multi millionaire. Yeah. Some problems you have. And good for you for “standing up”, or is that “sitting down”, for others, because at the end of the day I’m pretty sure you will be going home in your fancy car to your big mansion and eating a fantastic meal while hanging with your peeps.

    So yeah, keep protesting. That’s some awful life you’re living.

  18. He’s gone. Kaepernick promises to continue sitting for every N.A. until justice is served. No way the York’s are putting up with this embarrassing distraction.

  19. Nothing to talk about! There is probably a higher percentage, per capita, of black racists than white. I’m from Detroit, and I see it at stores, walking downtown and in restaurants on a regular basis. Go fall in a hole Kap.

  20. Kap has the right to free speech and do whatever he wants.

    He just is disrespecting those that fought for the right, which is unfortunate.

    He’s allowed to do it, but he’s also allowed to face the backlash for his actions.

    My personal thoughts is that Kap has regressed as a palyer, saw the writing on the wall and finally decided to take a stand for a cause he believes in. It was just a bad , idiotic way to take a stand for that cause. And it may also cause his football career to ultimately be over as no GM is going to take a flyer on a player that’s questionable AND a PR nightmare..

  21. @dirtdawg54 Kaep isnt’t protesting for himself he is protesting for a whole group of people. Instead of dismissing his issues why not try to understand why he and so many feel the way they do in this country.

  22. @Honalulblue most blacks just like most whites aren’t racist. The problem is the way the Police and the Justice system treats the poor and minorities in this country. This is a systematic problem in our country.

  23. Second Try:

    There may well be people out there that don’t believe that racism still exists. But, what people have to get through their heads is that there are racists of every skin color. Until this is realized, the cycle continues. Further, the hypocrisy that exists in regard to gun violence is beyond belief, people of color getting gunned down left and right by people of color, and you see no looting or violent protests….the silence is deafening.

  24. @steelpenguin6687 in regards to the gun violence in the black community, I agree more needs to be done. Part of the problem is the trust is broken when it comes to Police in these communities so when violence happens they don’t turn to the police they take matters into there own hands. If you keep taking an eye for an eye everyone will eventually be blind.

  25. Pretty soon the dunderhead will be sitting in the stands or on his couch while the anthem plays before an NFL game. And it won’t be because of “racism” or his “right to protest” being disrespected anymore than Tebow’s Christianity was dissed. They both will not be on the field because they have one thing in common: they both stink as NFL QBs.

  26. Is there racism still in the USA, of course. Are all muslims terrorists? Absolutely not. Do a lot of Americans think so, yes! Is that fair, no. Are all Africans savages and blood thirsty? No…… Everywhere in the world there are small groups that give that nation as a whole a bad reputation and we as people develop our own opinions about it.

    It is righteous idea for Kaep to try to make a stand and try to be a voice for something that he believes strongly about. The timing and the event he decided to do it though was absolutely terrible and sent the wrong message. I’ve never liked Kaep as a football player or a person (I don’t know him, but just the way he’s conducted himself). I’m all for someone going out to try to make a positive impact on society, and I honestly think that is what he’s trying to do, but did it in worst way possible….

  27. How does saying “cops are killing black people without consequence”
    have anything to do with VETERANS?

    They’re 2 totally separate groups. The people who say he’s attacking veterans are HIDING behind the honor of veterans to avoid addressing the truth about modern cops.

    Second, why do we need a national anthem before games anyway? It’s not a government event. It’s a private corporation. Should I sing and salute before I begin every day at my job? It’s all just mass indoctrination and brainwashing.

  28. @steveoluvraiders:

    I see the point you are trying to make about the lack of trust. But, gangs aren’t going to call the police…they are engaged in illegal activities. Just read the story about how Dwayne Wade’s cousin got killed, and I quote “The Sorrells brothers started shooting after one of them “exchanged looks” with a man who was dropping off women…”, what exactly were they taking into their own hands. The problem is, very few, and possibly no one wants to get involved in cleaning up the inner cities because they are afraid of the repercussions…I mean, when a look gets you shot/murdered would you get involved?

  29. Do you ever get the feeling the rest of the team can’t wait for them to cut this clown? It would be different if he could play but to be beaten out of your job by Blaine Gabbert? I bet the Niners wish they had made that deal with Denver after all. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the end of Colon’s football career.

  30. Hmmm, and what ACTION has this fella taken in order to address this perceived racism he is against? Has he donated money or time – or just his insolence?

  31. just another tattoo covered clown who won’t be able to get a job in the real world , I hope he got a degree in something useful .

  32. Can just see him in a game. He drops back to pass, the blitz is on, he throws the ball away, then he puts his hand up and says. hands up don’t tackle!

  33. I’d love to know what are the statistical levels of cultural fairness that would be acceptable enough for us to be graced with the standing presence of his Highness?
    Perhaps if he spent less time on Twitter and Instagram and more time studying the playbook he wouldn’t be competing for a starting job against BLAINE GABBERT!

  34. Part of the problem is the trust is broken when it comes to Police in these communities so when violence happens they don’t turn to the police they take matters into there own hands.

    Is there a handbook out there filled with these excuses? I’d like to order one online.

    I know if I were shooting my neighbors over drug deals gone bad or worse, being disrespected, I wouldn’t trust the cops either.

    Eventually, the good people of all colors in this country are going to get fed up with these 1%ers. At some point even a mother must turn over a murderous child. So the only question is, how long will folks back up “their people”
    when “their people” are the ones killing most of “their people”. Makes better press to blame everything on “those white people”.

  35. Kaepernick is a moron. He doesn’t even know what the hell he is talking about. He should study the situation before making himself look like a fool.

    Since my last post on the subject, it has come out that he indeed was talking about stuff like police brutality.

    In other words, even though more white people are killed by cops, and it was our African American president who militarized the cops….

    This moron, wants to blame whitey, and protest by not standing for the flag.

    Hey moron, why don’t you actually try figuring out cause and effect.

    Kaepernick protests about as well as he plays QB and makes progression reads…. in other words, absolutely Kraeppy.

    Get a clue Kaepernick, you are making what you protest worse, all because you spoke before you researched and thought.

    Sadly, tens of millions of Americans are as clueless as idiot Kaepernick.

  36. Good luck finding any endorsement deals!

    Freedom of speech and expression works both ways

    Say whatever you want, just don’t expect

    (1) fans to buy a Kaepernick Jersey
    (2) fans specifically going to see you play (which means you are no longer franchise QB material)
    (3) product placement deals
    (4) commercials
    (5) politicians wanting you at events
    (6) any trade value
    (7) The NFL having you on any promotional material
    (8) I mean your brand is now as dead as Ryan Lochte!

    Someone needs to tell this guy that you can’t be the spokesperson for racial oppression when you drive a Ferrari, live in a white neighborhood, come home to a 1oK sq. ft. house, and a girl in a bikini out by the pool every day! I mean you can’t say there is no progress in America when you are the living definition of it!

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