Broncos trying to trade Mark Sanchez

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Trevor Siemian is the Week One starter at quarterback for the Broncos and Mark Sanchez could be on his way out of Denver.

PFT has learned, via a league source, that the Broncos are trying to trade the 2009 first-round pick now that they have settled on Siemian as their starter. Rookie Paxton Lynch is the other quarterback on the depth chart and is seen as the ultimate choice to start after Denver selected him in the first round this year.

Should they fail to move Sanchez in a trade, there’s a good chance that the Broncos will release Sanchez before Tuesday’s deadline to get to 75 players. Sanchez has $1 million of his $4.5 million base salary guaranteed, which means the team would save $3.5 million in both money and cap space if they did cut him loose.

If they don’t cut Sanchez before Week One, the entire salary will be guaranteed because Sanchez is a vested veteran and the Broncos will owe the Eagles the seventh-round pick they conditionally agreed to fork over in the trade for Sanchez. The Broncos might also be on the hook for the full $4.5 million if Sanchez were to get injured in Thursday’s preseason finale, so he might not get on the field even if the Broncos haven’t decided his fate before the cut to 75 takes place.

86 responses to “Broncos trying to trade Mark Sanchez

  1. And why would any team be stupid enough to trade for someone they know is going to be released? Especially the Butt-fumbler.

  2. It took the Broncos most of a preseason to figure out what most fans already knew — Sanchez isn’t good enough to be a starting QB.

  3. To who?!! Hope their expectations in return are not any higher than 1/2 dozen roses from FTD.

  4. “Hi- It’s John Elway calling. Can I interest you in taking on some terrible debt I’ve incurred? ….Hello? Hello?”

  5. The Toronto Argonauts offered all the change in their lobby couch and a BOGO Big Mac coupon….don’t think they can do better than that. #ButtFumble

  6. Wow.
    Many of you said that this would not end well.
    Turnovers are the bane of pro football players.
    Get you cut fast.
    Too bad for Sanchez.

  7. He’d be a solid backup. And to answer the question of why anyone would trade for him – because he wouldn’t clear waivers before being picked up by someone else.

  8. No one is going to trade them for this guy. Elway should have seen this coming a mile away before he even did the trade deal with the Eagles. He’s not coming to Dallas. I’d rather roll with an unknown than Sanchez. At least you’ll be a little surprised if he fumbles or throws a pick.

  9. kevpft says:
    Aug 29, 2016 1:13 PM
    He’d be a solid backup. And to answer the question of why anyone would trade for him – because he wouldn’t clear waivers before being picked up by someone else.

    Pretty sure vested vets don’t go through waivers when cut. So yeah, he would become a free agent immediately, which again makes it unlikely anyone would trade for him unless they were desperate.

  10. tylawspick6 says:
    Aug 29, 2016 1:20 PM

    elway is such a moron


    Yet he outsmarted and outclassed the Patriots. And will again this year.

  11. People would trade because there is no garuntee they would get him otherwise when he hits the waiver wire. I’m sure they are talking seventh round draft pick, two drafts from now. Someone will pick him up because he started in playoff games 26 years ago. There’s so much lack of experience and talent in the QB FA market

  12. Elway is building a bomb shelter because when the Bronco fans hear of this they are going to throw fits. I watched their game against the Rams and the two rooks were marginally better than average.



    Hi can we speak with mark?

    This is, who is calling?

    The Dallas Cowboys, you see our QB, named MR. Glass has once again been broken, and we are looking for an average QB to replace him for a year.

    Im in.

  14. Sanchez does not hit the waiver wire. No reason to look forms trade partners that’s why I call that info bogus. No team is thatched up to take on his salary when they can get him much cheaper n

  15. bobthebillsfan says:
    Aug 29, 2016 1:04 PM

    Smart, Eagles, very smart.
    To get nothing from trading the guy to the Broncos if they cut him before Week 1? How is that in any way smart?

  16. I never thought I’d see Sanchez as an upgrade, but we’ll give you Kap for the Dirty…

  17. I think with a top O-Line, he’d be a pretty good 2nd stringer. Maybe Pittsburgh or Baltimore. He’s not that bad as a backup.

  18. Although highly unlikely of occurring – the point of offering a trade is that if he’s a free agent he could choose where he wants to go (even though no one will sign him), if you trade for him, you get the rights to him, and no one else can offer. Again, highly unlikely. However, it’s due diligence on the part of Denver in the process of moving on from a player who might have a trickle of market interest.

  19. And why would any team be stupid enough to trade for someone they know is going to be released? Especially the Butt-fumbler.


    A team desperate for a player that cannot risk losing him to another team as a free agent IS a candidate.

    Ladies and gentlemen, your 2016 Dallas Cowboys!

  20. As a clipboard guy how about the Bears? Dallas makes more sense; Big Ben (because of the way he plays) may miss a game or two. Of course Cleveland and QB are always a last resort.

  21. Elway wanted CK,but he was too pricey, so he settled for Sanchez, who was also a bad choice, and is left with a 7th rder. If the kid plays well, everyone will be calling Elway a genius. Lucky is more like it.

  22. tylawspick6 says:
    Aug 29, 2016 1:20 PM

    elway is such a moron

    You do realize how incredibly stupid you look with every comment you post on every Broncos article, right?

  23. The NFL really needs that “player to be named later” thing that MLB has. It basically means “here, take him, and somewhere along the line you can send us some guying planning to retire, or your ball boy. Then again, good ball boys are hard to come by…

  24. “superpatriotsfan says:
    Aug 29, 2016 1:59 PM
    Not even a Pats fan is worth as much as Mark Sanchez.”

    I can’t even tell what this is supposed to mean.

    I guess it’s supposed to be an insult of somebody but I’ll count it as an own goal and move on.

  25. Well, if you need a QB, the next best available free agent is Jimmy Clausen. Or Ryan Lindley. It’s a brutal market.

  26. Simple. When Elway knew he couldn’t get Kaepernick he had to then change strategies. Go for Lynch, period. Don’t bring in a veteran that just might win the job, and then hold on to the job. So, let’s find a serviceable vet that we can release if Trevor can help us for half the year until our guy is ready…..

  27. Who is really interested in The Butt Fumbler? If anyone is, they will wait for him to be cut and then sign him. No brainer here.

  28. .
    he would be a good replacement to Romo…
    I rather have a butt fumbler than a dude sitting on the field crying, any day… this aint powder puff league Tony.

  29. I will always have time for horse face and noodle arm and that great defence for beating the Patriots last year and preventing them getting their dirty paws on another Lombardi, something that the seagulls and Pete ( the worst call in the history of the the game ) Carroll failed to do the year before. But come on horse face your having a laugh trying to trade Mark ( the funniest play in the history of the game ) Sanchez. Come on man do you think there’s a stupid enough or desperate team out there to fall for that.

  30. This will get lost but for those asking why a team would trade for a player who is going to be released – two words: waiver wire. You trade for them if you fear another team will pick them up off waivers (like Washington did for Stork)

  31. In other news, Osweiler looked very sharp in his start versus the Cardinals Sunday.

    Sorry Mr. Elway, you are going to regret being cheap.

  32. If I were the 49ers I would trade Kaepernick for him. Hear me out on this. Kaepernick was likely to be cut before he made his stand, he has been awful (play wise) lately and hasn’t recovered well from surgery but now if they cut him people will say it is because of his political stand. Trade Kap for Sanchez, cut Sanchez if he isn’t good enough, and nobody will care.

  33. This just goes to show what a collosal mistake it was allowing Osweiler to walk to Houston. Denver is not like New England where a high school can start at QB and win games. It’s difficult for a defense to maintain the same level of success as previous years. Offensive coordinators tend to come up with ways to defeat a good defense. Look at what Josh McDaniels did to to Seattle’s defense in SB 49.

  34. If I were a team in a crummy QB situation, I’d rather just bite the bullet and sign Matt Flynn for a year than go with Butt Fumbler.

    Save the cap space, probably get a higher draft pick next year.

  35. Sanchez to the Patriots for a 2019 seventh rounder. Bill gets Denver’s playbook to study, cuts Sanchez in a week and loses nothing.

  36. So Denver, NY Jets and Philly are the only teams to cut both Sanchez and Tebow…..hope Pats pick him up……

  37. I doubt anyone will want him, but you can’t bash the Broncos for at least trying to trade him. Give them credit – they realized he wasn’t going to be any good, and they made the change before the season even started. Yes, they shouldn’t have picked him up in the first place, but at least they didn’t stubbornly stick with him even though he is struggling.

  38. The Cleveland Dog Piles need a QB – whoever they have adds up to 1/3rd of a QB so if they got Sanchez they’d be at 2/3rds of a QB.

  39. Time for Stephen to tie up and blindfold his dad, Jerry again. Please don’t let Jones know Butt Fumble is available.

  40. I’ll give you Josh Freeman for Mark Sanchez, if you agree to pay the difference between the league minimum and his $3.5M base salary.

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