Myke Tavarres won’t be sitting during national anthem after all

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Eagles rookie linebacker Myke Tavarres said Monday that he would not be standing during the national anthem when the Eagles play the Jets in their final preseason game on Thursday.

Tavarres said he felt his pride and that he was “definitely going to stand my ground” in the face of any backlash. As it turns out, Tavarres will be standing on the ground during the playing of the national anthem.

Tavarres’ agent Corey Williams said that he advised his client to reverse course on his plan to sit during the national anthem and that Tavarres agreed.

“Myke does not want to be a distraction to the Philadelphia Eagles organization,” Williams said to Tim McManus of “Myke’s goal is and always will be to make the Eagles 53-man roster and help the team win a Super Bowl.”

Eagles coach Doug Pederson released a statement of their own concerning players standing during the anthem.

“We respect the national anthem, its history and our many freedoms as Americans that it celebrates,” Pederson said. “We also respect an individual’s freedom of expression.”

Pederson’s statement suggests that Tavarres wouldn’t have jeopardized his chances of making the team if he had sat during the anthem, although the change in course suggests Tavarres and his agent weren’t quite so sure what the fallout would be.

13 responses to “Myke Tavarres won’t be sitting during national anthem after all

  1. When he’s cut, he has hopes to at least sign onto someone’s practice squad. That is the “distraction” he’s looking to avoid.

  2. Smart. This kid is really on the bubble. Looks like its between him and Rutgers LB Quentin Gause for the 6th spot (if Eagles keep 6) behind Kendricks, Bradham, Hicks, Tulloch and Najee Goode. Maybe both heading to practice squad.

  3. Good advice. If you want to make a stand, do it on your own time. We are here to watch football. This is a team sport. They are not called the Philadelphia Myke Tavarres`. They are not called the San Francisco Colin Kaepernicks. You play for a team, the team comes first. If you want to make a stand, go take those millions you get for playing a game and donate it or use it to build up those neighborhoods that you feel are oppressed. Be a role model to all those people you feel are oppressed and help them out financially and show them how much you care. That’s taking a stand.

  4. This kid actually has something to lose by taking a stand. Kaepernick has nothing to lose, his money for the season is in the bank, and it’s more than Tavarres will earn in his lifetime.

  5. If Tavarres was actually serious about making a “real” difference, he’d holler at Connor Barwin b/c Barwin actually spends his own personal time AND money on community revitalization projects and encouraging young people to also take an active role in their communities.

  6. In this great country you have the right to freely express your ignorance and sense of entitlement. Kapernick and Taverras are childlike fools who would benefit from a little exposure to genuine discrimination. Enough with blaming others for your own shortcomings.

  7. I’ve always been told, if someone want to commit career suicide, let them have at it. Just stay out of the way.
    Also, Myke please remember what city you’d be taking your silly stance in. This is the town that pummeled Santa with ice balls. Being less then patriotic in Philly may not go so well. Good luck with that.

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