Patriots part ways with Terrance Knighton

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Even though Patriots coach Bill Belichick resists terming the third preseason game a dress rehearsal for the regular season, it seemed telling that defensive tackle Terrance Knighton didn’t play in last Friday’s game against the Panthers.

On Monday, it was confirmed that pot roast won’t be on the team’s menu this season. Knighton bid farewell to the Patriots on Twitter amid reports that the team has released him.

Knighton got a $250,000 signing bonus when he agreed to a deal with the Patriots as a free agent this offseason and earned more via a workout bonus, but, like running back Donald Brown, that didn’t buy him a spot on the roster. Knighton had other interest in free agency and has been a useful player in Jacksonville, Denver and Washington so it wouldn’t be surprising to see him surface somewhere else sooner rather than later.

28 responses to “Patriots part ways with Terrance Knighton

  1. Wow, he signed for dirt cheap.. What happened to this guy? Didn’t he just sign a huge deal?

  2. As a Pats fan I’m disappointed Knighton didn’t have what it takes to make this team. I remember how much he disrupted the Pats during the conference championship game 3 years ago.

    Plus he has the best nickname in the NFL.

    Stick a fork in Pot Roast…he’s done!

  3. Good Luck Pot Roast!

    Pats handled this veteran with class – no sense in risking him getting busted up in your third preseason game if he is not in the team plans.

  4. Well that doesn’t come as a total shock…. Pats got some major depth there & younger hungrier less expensive guys…..
    Wish him the best… I’m sure Dallas will go after him

  5. This dude is really talented, but he just can’t stay at a reasonable weight, even for a DT. If he could actually stay at his listed weight (350, which you know he is waaay above) he would be a key piece of any team’s D-line for a few more years.

  6. Wonder if Green Bay will bring him in for a look with their first round pick Clark battling a back injury and Pennel suspended the first 4 games.

  7. Wouldn’t be surprised to see TT kick his tires in Green Bay. That DL is paper-thin to start the season, what with all of the suspensions and such. Very telling that Mike Pennel (who is suspended for the first 4 games of the year) played so much on the DL against the 49ers.

  8. You have to EARN your spot with the 4 time World Champions, you ain’t given it! 🙂

    I like Pot Roast and wish him well. But this move proves beyond a shadow of a doubt what I’ve been saying all along about the Patriots defense… it is deep and very talented, and clearly Bill agrees.

    When Pot Roast is deemed expendable that says a lot.

    And that’s a good thing.


  9. As a Pats fan I’m disappointed Knighton didn’t have what it takes to make this team. I remember how much he disrupted the Pats during the conference championship game 3 years ago.

    Me too… a native NE’er, and it was clear he was happy to sign here.

    He still has something to offer a team. The fact he was let go tells me BB must really like what he has in Valentine, Kuhn and the rest of them. That’s only a good thing.


  10. this says more about the guys he was competing with for a roster spot than it does about pot roast. gotta like that if you’re a pats fan.

  11. Poor, poor Patriot Hater.

    So in denial. So salty all the time. So freaking hilarious!


  12. First of all, this guy was underwhelming when he was in Jacksonville. Then he went to Denver whose defense was loaded which made him look better than he was and got him that big contract in Washington. Whether it was a lack of effort or just not good enough, everywhere else he’s been but Denver he’s been underwhelming (I’m not a Broncos fan). I’m not surprised he got cut. Some other team will sign him but unless they give him lots of incentives, they are stupid.

  13. .
    The Patriots have a lot of good players in camp who are simply going to fall victim to the numbers game. Teams who pick early in the waivers process may find themselves a diamond in the rough by sorting through the Patriots discards.

  14. I watched him in Washington last season and knew he would never make the patriots final roster. Got a ton of down votes for saying it but he just can’t get in good enough condition to play for anyone but bottom feeders.

  15. whenwilliteverend says:
    Aug 29, 2016 11:07 AM

    “… got him that big contract in Washington.”

    1 year, 4.4M is a big contract? Relative to where he is right now with no contract or relative to what free agent DTs grabbed in the first couple of days when free agency started in March?

    The last 2 years, TK was not an early signing in the free agency period. It’s been long known that his overall value would be impacted by the fact that he’s not a 3 down player.

  16. superpatriotsfan says:
    Aug 29, 2016 9:56 AM

    Knighton must have wanted an honest career within the NFL.

    Awe, how cute little fella….

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