Report: Seahawks to cut Brandon Browner

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It appears cornerback Brandon Browner’s second stint with the Seahawks will come to an early end.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the team will release Browner as they pare down their roster this week. He returned to the Seahawks in April after being released by the Saints following a dismal 2015 season in New Orleans.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said during the offseason that the team had a hybrid safety/corner role in mind for Browner this season because Browner “matched up well” with tight ends and slot receivers. That idea didn’t play out as well on the field as it did in Carroll’s mind, however, and Browner was passed by others vying for roles in the Seattle secondary.

Neither Browner’s poor 2015 nor his inability to make the Seahawks this summer bode particularly well for him moving forward, although the constant need for cornerbacks could earn him looks with other teams before and after the regular season gets underway.

18 responses to “Report: Seahawks to cut Brandon Browner

  1. Powell is the future third safety.
    Shead should start opposite of Sherman.

    Should be a good year

  2. This came as no surprise to anyone paying attention. He got a look because of his past contributions but Seattle is just plain stacked on defense and he had little chance of making the team.

  3. This came as no surprise to anyone paying attention. He got a look because of past contributions but Seattle is just plain stacked on defense and he had little chance of making the team.

  4. The problem is that even with him you’ll still have a “constant need for a cornerback”.
    He’s just not good enough to play the position, no matter how desperate teams are.

  5. When you bring a player back who had a history of smoking the evil weed, and you bring him back to the city where it’s legal… I can only guess what his real lack of motivation this summer came from.

    Good luck in your retirement. Now you can do it all the time without repercussions.

  6. Chalk that one up to our young talent having a great camp and preseason. I am kinda sad to see Browner go again. Fond memories of the guy, hasn’t been the same since he left. Good luck in future endeavors.

  7. qbarrel says:
    Aug 29, 2016 5:37 PM
    Why do these guys fall off a cliff when they leave NE?
    Because in NE, they identify what a player does well and puts them in a role to succeed. Browner for example was a physical press corner with over the top safety help. He knew he could be physical and if a receiver got by him, there would be some one there to cover. On other teams if he doesn’t have the over the top safety help, he tends to grab and hold receivers that start to get by him. NE could give Browner help because they had Revis. When Revis left, they could no longer assign a safety to help Browner, so Browner became a liability and was let go. It was Seattle that gave Browner his big break in the first place. It’s obvious that Seattle has found someone better at Browner’s old position and were trying to find a new role for him.

  8. He was awful in New England, who picked him up after the Seahawks let him go for being not super talented and super over priced. I know the green stuff is legal in Washington but what the heck are you New England guys smoking?

  9. I still can’t believe he didn’t somehow derail the SB run in 2014/15 with the Pats. I was waiting for the dumb penalty to come… somehow it never did.

    Instead, he grabbed Butler by the shoulder pads, told him the play that was coming, stuck his man at the line, and set up my man Malcolm to change NFL history.

    So, on second thought… cheers to you Brandon! A fine Patriot!

  10. He could still be ok in a strong safety role on another team, but that’s a stacked position in Seattle. He still has some learning to do, but hawks taught him up better than most could, so he’d only be a minor project.

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