Seahawks are shopping center Patrick Lewis

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With Justin Britt listed as the top center in Seattle and Patrick Lewis, who started the final 10 games of 2015 in that spot a year ago, now No. 2, it appears that Lewis is on the verge of becoming a former Seahawks.

Per a league source, the Seahawks are trying to trade Lewis.

Signed from the Browns’ practice squad in 2014, Lewis supplanted Drew Nowak during the 2015 as the starter. Britt, a second-round pick in 2014, moved to center after playing left guard last year and right tackle as a rookie. Cutting Lewis will allow the Seahawks to avoid his $1.67 million salary, which arose from application of the lowest level restricted free agency tender. Unlike franchise tenders, RFA tenders are not guaranteed when signed.

11 responses to “Seahawks are shopping center Patrick Lewis

  1. I was one of the people that wrote after Justin Britt after watching him play at both RG and RT. I am happy that I was wrong because his strengths accentuated and weaknesses covered up at C.

    That fact that they are trying to shop Partick Lewis also says they see enough in Joey Hunt. I feel good about the 3 interior players and if Hawks could get even average play at either tackle position Wilson could have another special year.

  2. Not sure what he’s worth. . . Seahawks think Britt and the rookie they drafted are better than this guy who was part of their horrible line last year. Nobody’s going to trade for him. Maybe they are just trying to stroke his ego by making him think he has market value somewhere?

  3. You could do a lot worse than Lewis. Obviously they won’t keep 3 centers on the team so saying that the reason they’re trading him is a measly $1.67 salary is poor reporting. Britt’s better and Joey Hunt has a huge upside.

  4. Hawknballs says:
    Aug 29, 2016 7:01 PM
    Seahawks think Britt and the rookie they drafted are better than this guy who was part of their horrible line last year.
    More precisely, Lewis wasn’t part of the O-line until mid-October, just before the Seahawks began their historic run in the second half of last season.

    It was the reason Lewis got an RFA tender.

  5. So apparently they’re really sold on Britt at center huh? Not really sure how I feel about that one. He’s looked decent in preseason, but dude is on his 3rd position in THREE years! I would think they’d be smarter than going through with another “Drew Nowak Experiment”. We all saw how well Lewis filled in the last half of the season and what the Hawks are capable of when Russ has even mediocre protection. I just feel like they have ZERO desire to even protect their investment. Guess I’m just hopeful they prove me wrong come game time!!

  6. The Hawks have assembled a huge offensive line. They outplayed the Dallas line in their recent game. The interior three guys are manhandling the defensive tackles and the OT’s are keeping Russell Wilson clean. On one play, Wilson had 5 seconds to throw and found the 5th receiver wide open. Once again Seattle has found a competitive advantage as this line isn’t costing sh!t.

  7. rodell77 says:

    They played okay……outplayed Dallas’s oline😆😅
    Well, if you factor in the amount of holding the Dallas line gets away with compared to the Seahawks… close.

  8. Sea Hogs are low on salary cap space. They have to nickel and dime their way to free up some space. Most teams have to cut a bunch of players. They are not likely to trade for someone if they think they can pick him up off waivers later.

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