Suh mum on his injured ankle

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On Thursday night in Orlando, Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh suffered an ankle injury. On Monday, he had an opportunity to provide an update regarding his condition.

Asked about the severity of the injury, Suh said, “You’ll have to ask coach.”

Asked whether it’s affecting him at all, he provided a two-word version of the same answer: “Ask coach.”

Teams aren’t required to disclose injury information in the preseason, and players never are. For Miami, the first obligation comes in advance of the Week One game at Seattle.

Sometimes, a team’s approach to injury information creates conflict with the players, who would prefer that fans and media would be aware of an excuse for poor performance. Teams prefer to keep the target off the injured area and otherwise to keep the opponent in the dark, as much as possible.

12 responses to “Suh mum on his injured ankle

  1. Too bad that Suh doesn’t play the Packers this year. They could “Accidently” step on his ankle. The Pack could use the excuse that it was too warm in Florida and they lost all feeling their feet.

  2. “You’ll have to ask coach” is the perfect response. Cris Carter should’ve taught his pupils to say this.

    I wonder what Chip Kelly has to say.

  3. All the Suh haters are hilarious and sad at the same time. You would love to have him on your team whether you are man enough to admit it or not. Enjoy watching him have another great year in Miami.

  4. The guy is a beast on the field and a model citizen in the lockerroom. Coach Gase has everything under control, hence the Belichick like responses yeah, I know I complimented the Patriots, but it is true). The players are buying in and not Tweeting, getting arrested, violating PEDS and not sitting during the Anthem. I Like it! It will take a while to build, but it is turning around.

  5. Miami can be taken seriously when it stops letting solid young talent walk away in free agency and replacing them with past-their-primes veterans.

    Stephen Ross, Mike Tannenbaum………are the probs.

    Good luck in 2016/17 Dolphins.

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