Bowles says Jets may keep four quarterbacks


Who will be the odd man out in the Jets’ quarterback competition? Maybe no one.

Jets coach Todd Bowles said today that there’s still a chance that Ryan Fitzpatrick, Christian Hackenberg, Bryce Petty and Geno Smith will all make the 53-man roster.

“All four are good football players. We can keep all four. It’s just a matter of battling with the other positions, so that’s still up for grabs and we’ll have to wait until after this game to see how that plays out,” Bowles said.

Fitzpatrick and Smith will both be inactive for Thursday night’s preseason finale. Bowles said Hackenberg and Petty will get approximately equal playing time.

With Fitzpatrick set as the starter and Hackenberg guaranteed a roster spot by virtue of being a second-round draft pick, the only question is whether Smith or Petty will be sent packing before the season starts. The Jets are open to a trade, but they’re also open to using four of their 53 roster spots on quarterbacks.

29 responses to “Bowles says Jets may keep four quarterbacks

  1. Translation:

    Vikings if you want Geno or one of the kids it’s going to cost at least a 4th round draft pick.

  2. The Jets “might” keep 4 QB’s…..and I “might” date a supermodel….thanks for the laughs Bowles.

  3. Sorry Todd but the Vikings are not ponying up a pick for Geno or Petty. They can roll with Sean Hill and get better results.

  4. Translation: “Hey Jerrah or Spielman, you guys better call us real soon to pony up a draft pick for one of our 4 most excellent QBs!… Hello? Anyone?… Ok, we’ll take a bag of chips for either Bryce or Geno. Just not generic Doritos, okay? Gotta be the real thing..”

  5. This is basically admitting the Jets have no confidence in 1. Fitzpatrick duplicating last years numbers or 2. Fitz re-signing after the year is over.

  6. Jets have entered into the NFL “How many QB bodies does it take to make ONE NFL QB?” contest.

    Over at the Cleveland dogpiles, they’ve got at least three and stil only have 67% of a QB.

    Over at the San Fransisco Sit Don’t Stand they have three and that makes 25% of a QB.

    And now the New York Plane Wreck which has three QB’s in Halloween Costumes and a Fuzz Face and that still gets them only 67% of the way there. Fuzz Face would have scored higher but the Plane Wreck obviously felt he wasn’t all man and waited until the last minute to sign him. Geno Smith is barely a used jock strap. And the rest of them can’t fill one.

  7. Wow! I actually thought for a year that the Jets finally turned it around with a decent Coach and he does this? I feel really bad for the 2 “real football players” that could have had roster spots while they hold an extra long bench for useless, no value QB’s. Fitz is a band-aid and the rest are junk. Same ol’ Jests!

  8. ryann252013 says:
    Aug 30, 2016 6:28 PM


    Didn’t the Dolphins just pay their first round bust big money?

    Heck, they pay other teams first round busts big money.

  9. “All four are good football players. We can keep all four. It’s just a matter of battling with the other positions…”

    Translation: Maccagnan and his people are manning the phones waiting for a call

  10. If Fitzpatrick didn’t sign the Jets, the Vikings would’ve ponied up big money this year and maybe next year for him. Fitzpatrick cost himself at least 4 million this year and maybe a guaranteed contract for next year. I hope for Bridgewater a speedy and full recovery, but I doubt Bridgewater will even be ready next year due to the knee injury.

  11. “All four are good football players.”

    I doubt that very much. You don’t keep four quarterbacks when they’re all good. You keep four quarterbacks when they all stink.

  12. iammrbinky says:
    Aug 30, 2016 6:16 PM

    Sorry Todd but the Vikings are not ponying up a pick for Geno or Petty. They can roll with Sean Hill and get better results.

    Yeah but that’s the same problem the Cowboys have. Your backup is now the starter. What do you do if your new starter is injured? There has to be a backup plan. It’s like going to the computer store to buy a backup computer from the remanufactured aisle. There are no guarantees, yet your business requires a backup. New and guaranteed model QB aisle is sold out.

  13. MiamiDolphinsTruthTeller says:
    Aug 30, 2016 6:09 PM
    When you have 4 quarterbacks, it means you have none.
    5-11 at best in 2016.

    5-11 will still finish ahead of the dolphins

  14. Last year at this time there were a million posts saying 4-12…because that was the record the previous year. Who cares what people say? Beat Cincy. That’s all Jets fans are focused on right now. Keep an eye on the Phins, Pats, and Bills week 1 games. That’s it.

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