“Mixed reviews” for Tebow’s baseball workout


The headline at ESPN.com says Tim Tebow “shows off power” at his baseball workout (i.e., one-man fantasy camp). The article paints a more sobering view of his prospects.

Jerry Crasnick of ESPN.com writes that Tebow drew “mixed reviews” at the workout, which scouts from 28 teams attended.

He showed significant hitting ability, but he was “repeatedly fooled him with off-speed pitches,” according to Crasnick.

“There is 100 percent nerves, no question about it,” Tebow said. “When you’re at the [Scouting] Combine or a Pro Day [workout], you have your body of work for four years, everything that you did, so it’s not just that one day. Here, you might have seen me when I was 17, but you haven’t seen me since. A lot goes into it, so you’d better show something. A lot of nerves, a lot of pressure, for sure.”

So why is he doing it, more than a decade after last playing baseball?

“This isn’t about publicity,” Tebow said. “It’s definitely not about money. I took a pay cut to do this. For me, you pursue what you love regardless of what else happens. If you fail or fall flat on your face, and that’s the worst thing that can happen, it’s OK. When did pursuing what you love become such a bad thing? I’ll make all the sacrifices to be the best I can.”

It’s one thing to say it, it’s another to do it. Will he accept anything other than a Major League lifestyle? Tebow wasn’t willing to try the CFL when it was clear that the NFL wasn’t interested and when guys like former Eagles coach Chip Kelly said Tebow needs game reps.

At 29, Tebow has limited time to make the climb to the top of the baseball ladder. Will he do all the things he would have been doing if he’d picked baseball over football as a high school senior? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, the guy who says it’s not about money can continue to finance his frolic and detour into baseball by selling signed baseballs and bats at $125 and $175 a pop, respectively.

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  1. It’s a promotional pitch. Tim has come up with an idea for a new baseball based game. You put the ball on top of an elongated “tee” and hit it as far as you can. He’s going to call it “T Bow Ball”.

  2. Why further damage your body in the NFL (at a different position) or the CFL??? Baseball sounds like a great idea for Tebow if he can make it. Good luck

  3. Wow. Let’s all shred a guy for trying to pursue a dream. The venom is misplaced and unnecessary. Tebow had been nothing but a good guy, even if he was a bad NFL QB.

  4. As one scout put it, “There’s talk of extending the MLB draft to 120 rounds next year, and if that happens we’re going to take a serious look at this guy….”.

  5. LOL at “by selling signed baseballs and bats at $125 and $175 a pop, respectively.” So funny that Tebow uses his cult like following to profit from completely insane pipe dreams like playing in the majors after not playing baseball for an eternity. What a clown.

  6. thegreatgabbert says:
    Aug 30, 2016 10:10 PM
    It’s a promotional pitch. Tim has come up with an idea for a new baseball based game. You put the ball on top of an elongated “tee” and hit it as far as you can. He’s going to call it “T Bow Ball”.


    Hahaha! Why did this get 4 thumbs down?!

  7. The worse part of the workout was his throws from the out field. Not enough arm in the throw.


  8. Regardless of his talent, he would draw bigger crowds to a A/AA game than those teams draw on their own.

    If he made it into the majors, it’d be even better for him.

  9. It sounds to me like the tryout was a success. Considering that expectations were pretty much flatline and detractors claimed it was just a publicity stunt, he wasn’t awful. The fact that he rated above average in a couple of categories, despite not having played since he was 17, shows that he may have some skill which could be developed with coaching, practice and minor league play. It’s still a long shot, and haters are gonna hate, but good luck, Mr. Tebow.

  10. The first day he gets on a single A bus and sees it travels worse than his H.S. team did he will be out. Baseball isn’t like football where a name and past stats get you a look with the big boys. You have to prove yourself at every level. First round picks don’t make out of the minors all the time. Also expect other teams to target him and give him plenty of chin music. You think you can just come in and do what they have been doing all their life? Good luck buddy. His best option to get into baseball would be the independent leagues. Any ball club putting him on a team is doing it for ticket sales.

  11. I thought his dream was to be a NFL QB? Now it’s to be a baseball player? Yeah, okay. Sure.

  12. while i wish tebow well, i dont think its fair for him to compete against other ball players who are using nothing but there natural abilitys. you see, techincally god is a PED, and timmy is juicin harder then anyone. its sad, but its just another place in obamas america where christians arent welcome any more.

  13. Good luck. Never understood the medias obsession with this guy for doing what hundreds of others try to do every year and fail which is make it in the pros. I guess the silver lining is that thanks to the media attention he’s been able to do very well for himself and he doesn’t have to give up his dream to “get a real job” like many other athletes do.

  14. just can’t get enough of your boy Tebow can you florio? so it is ok for guys who chose baseball over football to come back to that game after they wash out in it but he is not allowed to try a career in baseball after his football career did not work out? what is it about him him that you feel compelled to rail against him every chance you get? you have had plenty of time to dig up any dirt on him that can be found and so far all you have come up with is well he charges for autographs and has the nerve to pursue his dreams even though “experts” like yourself tell him not to.

  15. I’m still not convinced he couldn’t still be an effective QB somewhere. He should have his agent call Minnesota….you never know.

  16. The guy would have made one hell of a H-Back if he would have got his head out of his rear and not been too proud to change positions. Hell he could have been in the HOF someday. It’s a shame because years from now I see him regretting that he didn’t do it.

  17. Somebody influential in Tebow’s life has obviously made him believe that his worth as a person is tied to his ability to play professional sports. It’s the only explanation for this sideshow.

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