Source: Peyton Manning staying retired

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Peyton Manning is going to stay on the speaking circuit.

A source with knowledge of Manning’s plans told PFT that Manning will not consider returning to the NFL and therefore is not an option for the Vikings as they go about addressing their quarterback situation following the injury suffered Tuesday by Teddy Bridgewater.

Bridgewater suffered a dislocated knee and complete tear of his ACL during Tuesday’s practice.

Veteran Shaun Hill takes over as the team’s starting quarterback. For now, undrafted rookie Joel Stave is the only other healthy quarterback on the Vikings’ roster, though that could change as soon as Wednesday and will almost certainly change by the weekend when teams across the league finalize their initial regular season rosters.

36 responses to “Source: Peyton Manning staying retired

  1. of course he is… he cant play without his HGH. That was proven last year.

    he should go into coaching. PED cheating aside, he was great at reading defenses.

    Donkeys will miss him more than they think. good think they are starting semen. should be a fun year for all of us that hate that team – and there are a lot of us!

  2. used to love to watch that manning face in january or when the weather was not perfect for him

    i do not want his dopey hayseed hgh foreheadon my tv screen ever again, however

    i mean, what a freaking goober

  3. Of course he won’t play again, that was probably a condition of being cleared of the HGH charges, that he retire and stay that way. No Brett Favre imitations for Pay-a-ton.

  4. Give Tim Tebow a call. He is as good as anything the Vikings have on their current roster. It would be worth a shot.

  5. I forgot about all of the Kurt Warner and Favre articles that would always come out after they retired. Every year and every time a QB went down they were brought up. Guess we’re going to be hearing this about Payton for the next 5 years.

    Yeah, he wasn’t much of a stats guys last year but he could still run an offense and could probably still do better than most backups in the league right now but he really needs to stay retired.

  6. In a league with few excellent quarterbacks, and with guys being lost to injury ever week, it is hard to watch the NFL sit the best of them all four games.

  7. PAYTON MANNING comes out retirement and brings the vikings a SB ring and him the title of back to back SB wins with 2 different teams and in 2 differant conferences

    they could and should do that it would be historical

    shawn hill cant go 16+ games and stave isnt good enough.. sandcheese isnt a option “i hope” and idc kaeprnick would be ok maybe great

    i hope the best for teddy and he is in my prayers “i never talked trash about romo nor any injurys”

  8. I’m sure Brady is relieved as he can’t afford to lose another AFCC game. It is SB or bust for the Patriots this year.

  9. Who starts these dumb rumors? Manning played like hot garbage last year. Denver won the superbowl DESPITE him (which is truly amazing because he was god-awful).

    Zimmer: Hey Peyton, come play for us a throw 30 interceptions and 3 touchdowns.

  10. Peyton Manning… One of the greatest QB’s of all time. One of the classiest guys in the NFL, ever. The HGH story was BS.

    He’s past his prime. His defense and Oweiler gave him that last Super Bowl ring. He needs to stay retired.

    He will make more from speaking engagements over the next couple of decades than he made playing football. Plus he’s got all of the Poppa John’s stores.👍

  11. Hgh works! All cheaters should try it. Just have it sent to your wife and you get off. The send a couple goons to the clinic and the accusers house to clean up the mess. Only moronic NFL fans would believe this fraud is clean.

  12. Why would Peyton Manning even think about playing again, risking his health and his legacy at his age and obviously deteriorating skills? He has absolutely nothing left to prove, certainly doesn’t need the money, and can get almost any job he wants for an NFL team or as a TV broadcaster. Time to smell the roses and count your money, Peyton!

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