Appeal of concussion settlement will indeed continue

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More than three years after the NFL and a class of thousands of former players agreed on terms of the settlement of the concussion class action, the settlement still won’t be finalized.

Contrary to a report in the New York Post that the remaining players objecting to the deal had failed to file petitions for appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court by Monday’s deadline, at least one petition was filed and multiple others may still be pursued.

The Estate of Cookie Gilchrist, who played six years in the AFL prior to the merge with the NFL, filed a petition that attacks certain aspects of the science that underpins the settlement.

Also, two separate groups of players objecting to the settlement, led by Raymond Armstrong and Kelvin Kight, received extensions of the deadline for filing petitions for appeal, through September 19.

It’s highly unlikely that the U.S. Supreme Court will accept the cases for review. Which means that the three-year delay in transforming the settlement into payments to eligible former players will continue, indefinitely.

6 responses to “Appeal of concussion settlement will indeed continue

  1. What does this have to do with Colin Kaepernick not being patriotic, the feasibility of Brett Farve (sorry, I mean Peyton Manning) coming out of retirement, or what sport Tim Teebow might try next? Oh, and pounds per square inch.

  2. The main case should never have been settled. Scientific and evidentiary discoveries will only continue to bolster the players’ position. The proposed amount is not only a pittance, but also not nearly enough to compensate the victims of the cover up.

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