Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane sits for anthem in Oakland


Following a week of banter and discussion surrounding Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the player of the national anthem as a protest, fellow NFL players are apparently taking his lead.

According to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane did not stand during the playing of the anthem prior to Seattle’s preseason finale against the Oakland Raiders.

Via Condotta, Lane was the only player on either team to not stand for the playing of the anthem.

Kaepernick – and teammate Eric Reid – each took a knee prior to the anthem playing before the San Francisco 49ers game against the San Diego Chargers on Thursday night.

Lane signed a four-year contract with Seattle this offseason after becoming an unrestricted free agent. He played in Seattle’s first defensive series against the Raiders.

47 responses to “Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane sits for anthem in Oakland

  1. All Anti-America Team now has a QB, 1 CB, and a Safety. They’ll be a full roster by the end of this weekend! NFL looks worse and worse.

  2. I love NFL football, I have spent way too much of my money watching it. I can’t believe I’m even thinking about it, but I don’t think I can financially support the NFL why this is going on.

  3. I had been kind of looking for reasons to stop watching the NFL in recent years and now I have a great one. I am simply not interested in tuning in to an event full of participants who are openly hostile towards the police and take pride in being disrespectful to the country and people who made them millionaires. Has there ever been a better time or a better reason to stop watching the NFL?

  4. It literally took a war to end slavery. A war. Blacks really have no other choice but to fight for their rights. Some of these guys are smart enough to realize that, and it’s catching on. Nobody is going to pay attention unless they fight. America is great, but we can be better. Keep striving, and reach for perfection. That’s the true American way. We don’t settle.

  5. Two men make a sign of peaceful protest to bring attention to an injustice they feel deeply about and all of a sudden people want to boycott the NFL and call them pathetic. Just a reminder that vets, (like myself) fought for the free speech of all, not just the ones we agree with. If you’re getting this worked up about two guys sitting down during a song you need to channel that anger into something more productive within your community. God knows we need less people yelling through the keyboard and more people getting out and helping those in need.

  6. tonebones: What a load of crap. Please explain to me EXACTLY what rights blacks are being deprived of. I don’t need MILLIONAIRES lecturing me on justice. yea this is totally the same thing as slavery. You are living proof how far removed from reality the far left is in this country

  7. My god, you people. This has been, let’s say “illuminating”.

    It is indisputable that the current American justice system is an ongoing humanitarian catastrophe, over the past 3 decades destroying and causing the premature end to millions of black lives. That’s not up to debate – you can argue whether or not it’s a necessary evil or not, but you cannot argue that the impact of mass incarceration has been devastating to the black community, and you can’t argue that there isn’t significant racial bias in the laws and how they’re enforced.

    If you think drugs are a major problem (as has been the justification for the War on Drugs as it created cartels operating at a massive scale in every major American city, largely in black neighborhoods, and led to the imprisonment of millions of black Americans) there’s an easy solution – punish drug users. If you get caught with coke, you go to prison, mandatory minimums, the whole nine yards. Your son gets caught with a bag of pot, he can kiss college goodbye because he’s going to prison – you try to cover it up and you’re going too. If you did that drug use would be practically nonexistant overnight.

    But you don’t care that much. It’s not so big of a deal that you want to ruin the lives of your kids to stamp it out. You’re ok with ruining someone else’s children’s lives, provided they live in another neighborhood (and are far more likely to be black), but with your kids it’s “C’mon, let’s be reasonable”.

    That’s why there are cartels. They control a multi-billion dollar industry, which is why we’re sending our police into a warzone, and why they’re in turn brutalizing and murdering innocent civilians. It was never hard to stop, but stopping it was less palatable than dismissing poor black communities as non-entities. That’s institutional racism.

    People complaining about the oppression of black Americans aren’t looking for a handout. They aren’t skirting responsibility. They aren’t doing any of the little fairy tales you tell yourself so you can dismiss their protests and sleep at night. It’s your fault, and in 100 years you are going to be the slave traders of your time.

  8. Tonebones:

    Slavery is not what started the civil war.

    The civil war was about state rights. The north’s population was almost double of the south ‘s, and the governors felt they didn’t have the pull with the U.S. Government that the north did as far as setting the agenda for the country.

    Was slavery a big part of this? Sure. But Lincoln originally was using the threat of freeing slaves as a way to end the war quicker and bring the union back together, not because it was the reason for the war in the first place.

  9. The problem with the narrative of Kaep and Lane is that it is garbage. No objective empiracle data backs their assertions of systemic oppression. It is truly assinine. The lack of critical thinking is the true travesty going on in this country. Police have about 40 million contacts per year in this country. Deaths by police officers is tiny in comparison. Of those, very few are objectively questionable. The rest involve a justifiable homicide. Skin pigmentation plays no role in this other than perhaps an isolated case or two – where the officers are charged. By percentage, more people who identify as black are killed by law enforcement officers in this country, and also more are unarmed by percentage. The assumption (by those who utilize zero critical thinking skills) is that skin pigmentation is the cause of these numbers. This of course, is absurd, and destroyed by the most basic analysis or in depth objective look at the cases. The reason we see the disparity is due to geographic location. The vast majority of black males in this country lead normal productive lives. However, we have geographic areas of this country where criminality is celebrated and respect for human life is greatly diminished. It is these areas in general where males are killed by both police and one another. These areas happen to be primarily black. Here are some numbers for you: the FBI statistics show blacks commit roughly 53% of all homicides in this country. Most will point out that blacks make up about 13% of the population. However, this is disingenuous as females rarely commit homicide. So we are talking about roughly 6.5% of our population committing over half of all homicides in the US and a majority of robberies. If I followed Kaep’s logic (or lack thereof), we should consider all black males dangerous. This of course is absurd, as the vast majority of the black male population has nothing to do with these numbers. In the 1930’s and 40’s, even when segregation was legal, and blacks were by far a greater proportion in poverty, crime committed by them was far less. What’s the point of what we are learning here? The point is, race has zilch to do with it and perpetuating this myth is not only ignorant, it is destructive. I hear people in the media say, “let’s start the conversation”. People don’t really want to talk about our systemically dangerous geographic locations in our country, the downfall of the two parent family and its impact, or the pure myth that claimed “oppression” is. The data is all there for someone in the media or political leaders to put out there but they do not have the insight or courage to do so. Que irrational, motionless, myth driven responses…..

  10. Let them kneel. So be it. If you take the cameras off them, it becomes a smaller deal. You’re all giving them the voice you’re blasting them for. I don’t agree with what they’re doing, but I turn to the field when that happens. I let it go. Everyone should try it sometime. It’s become a big deal because we all made it a big deal.

  11. Actually, Jeremy Lane has always sat for the national anthem. But noones paid attention to it because he isn’t a high profile player, and he isn’t coming out about it publicly.

  12. fafaflunky says:
    Sep 1, 2016 10:34 PM
    Nflpa needs to get on this. ME norities never accept blame, only pass it.
    AND there you have it. A bigot/racist and droves of idiots in support all hiding behind their Keyboard Muscles.

  13. The thing that baffles me is why the caring started now. Minorities have been oppressed since this country started. Kaepernick looks a bit disingenuous from the get go. If he were still flavor of the week in the NFL, I think there’s zero chance he comes out with this stance. He’d lose his endorsements before he could say “bench warmer.” I agree with his right to protest. But to start this when you have one foot out the door in the league? Hmmmm

  14. Almost wished he wasn’t a good player so we could just cut him.

    Rude, unappreciative, inconsiderate, and potentially selfish if it serves as a distraction for the team.

    I’ll ease up a bit providing he doesn’t show up to work this week wearing a Fidel Castro shirt and pig cop socks, but I’m pretty disappointed that someone on the team that I root for decided to take this easy, impotent route of protest.

  15. Why wasn’t Kaepernick concerned about this in 2012-2013 when he was a huge star??!! I find the timing of this questionable. He is a fading quarterback that is trying to make himself relevant. He’s jealous that he is no longer in the “best young quarterback” group with Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck etc. Go play in Canada! Problem solved!

  16. Kaep was right on point, when he said that our Veterans fight these wars to preserve our freedom, but when they return home, they get diss, after the war is over. That another discussion that needs to be address as well.

  17. It would be crazy if a sport dominated by black athletes, and also considered “America’s Game” found itself with a majority of players sitting during the nations nathional anthem. Think about that for a sec.

  18. Those of you upset by this need to seriously get out of your glorified man-caves and media rooms. You do understand what freedom is, right?

    And how many of you that are upset about this are currently serving or have ever served your country?

    I’m guessing not very many of you. Just a bunch of arm-chair quarterbacks and GMs and arm-chair Americans telling others how to live their life. In the land of the free.

    Makes sense.

  19. The anthem, your precious anthem, was penned by a slaver owner who in its 3rd verse threatens slaves. Attorney Scott Key spent a lifetime fighting against the rights of African-Americans.

    And you want blacks to stand for the anthem knowing that. 99.9% of you didn’t know this fact about your own anthem. Why? That facts surrounding the author of the nat’l anthem weren’t taught in school, and the country is ignorant of the facts surrounding it’s own anthem.

    Thank you Kaep for causing me to research the history surrounding the nat’l anthem. Little wonder that in the 60’s blacks created the black national anthem “lift every voice and sing.” As the american anthem does not speak for blacks, other than in a threatening and disrespectful manner.

  20. When you guys decide to quit watching the NFL and spend your money elsewhere, can you go ahead and stop commenting on PFT articles as well? Some of us would really appreciate your silent act of protest.

  21. thermalito says:
    Sep 2, 2016 12:07 AM
    tonebones: What a load of crap. Please explain to me EXACTLY what rights blacks are being deprived of. I don’t need MILLIONAIRES lecturing me on justice. yea this is totally the same thing as slavery. You are living proof how far removed from reality the far left is in this country


    If by now you don’t get that this isn’t about players doing it, you’ll never get it.

    Not once has one of these players made it about them.

  22. As a VETERAN, I am proud to see these educated Seahawks players stand up to the Federal Government and I support them 10000%. American troops have been and are currently in the Middle East protecting Oil Corporations such as Exxon and Chevron.

    The Federal government, the same government that flag represents, sent OUR people to the middle east for OIL. There’s no way around it. This is the same Federal Government that supported the CIA when they inserted crack cocaine into black communities. If you are too ignorant on these topics to understand the least of it, why even give your two cents. Your brainwashed by the federal government.

    I stand up for the American people, I stand up for my soldiers, I stand up for my state, but I WILL NO LONGER stand up for the federal government and that flag until they start making decisions for the betterment of all nations, not just the top tier.

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