Fisher: Goff likely to open season as No. 3 quarterback

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Rams rookie quarterback Jared Goff, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 draft, started Thursday night’s preseason finale.

After the game, Rams coach Jeff Fisher praised Goff’s work and the progress he made through the preseason but Fisher said Goff, who’s just 21, is not yet ready for real game action. Asked if he was confident Goff could be the primary backup to starter Case Keenum in the regular season, Fisher said Goff would likely start the season as the team’s No. 3 quarterback, which means he could be inactive on game days early in the season.

“I think it’s going to take a bit more time,” Fisher told reporters. “That’s not to say he can’t be a No. 2 or start, but if we were starting right now, I’d probably have Sean [Mannion] as the No. 2. Because it’s all about being patient with [Goff].

“He’s not frustrated or anything. He took some hits. He got hit pretty hard last week, and Sunday was a tough day for him, which you guys didn’t see. But he did everything he needed to do.”

In another press conference give-and-take Fisher said Goff “is not ready, but he’s really made significant progress.”

The Rams gave Goff some reps with the starters throughout training camp, but the plan since the spring has been to start Keenum.

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  1. This is exactly why Fisher has/is/and always will be, a mediocre coach. Trade the farm for a kid that, “it’s all about being patient with”. Developmental QBs are drafted in the later rounds. You don’t trade your entire future to draft a development project 1st overall.

  2. He definitely didn’t look comfortable tonight. I was watching Hard Knocks last night and Goff was talking about a fight that broke out in college where he initially tried breaking it up and then backed out once defenders came to intervene. He just doesn’t seem that tough which is not a good way of proving yourself to veteran players.

  3. Watching Hard Knocks, Goff seems like a skittish 12 year old boy. I can’t imagine a team full of alpha males looking to him as their leader. Kid may have talent. But he doesn’t have a fire, confidence, or that “it” factor.

  4. They didn’t learn their ‘lesson’ after Washington failed the RGIII trade. The Rams turned around and did it themselves… trading the ranch for a ‘maybe’ down the road starter. Ouch! Welcome to LA, boys. 70,000 a game this year… 60,000 a game next year and maybe 50,000 the third and probably half the fans are for the ‘other’ team.
    Thank goodness their new owner had a couple billion or so to build you a nice new stadium. Oh wait, the 49er’s tried that up the road and it has been a total failure so far, too.


  5. Holy crap this guy is so bad. Number one overall. Whoa. Never even took a hike under center. Ever. Not even in high school!!! Hard knocks also exposed one other thing….he’s a jerk. Typical Bay Area guy, in other words, a weakling. Pampered soft mamas boy. He’s not an NFL type guy. He’s a hang at the beach then hit the bars and make a fool of yourself in front of women guy. Rams are in deeeeeep trouble. One more time, number overall. Whoa.

  6. 1. Jeff fisher is a terrible coach. 2. He shouldn’t even have a head coaching job. 3. Why in the hell would you trade essentially your next two future drafts away for a quarterback that isn’t even going to start the season as a backup? 4. If the NFL actually cared about player safety, why would they promote the Rams, and feature this team on hard knocks with Gregg Williams as a coach? Answers to 3 and 4 are simple, reread 1 and 2. And then use the most common answers to most questions you have regarding the NFL. Money and hypocrisy. Rinse and repeat.

  7. No, he doesn’t look anywhere near ready. Of course, the playcalling has been awful, his supporting cast dismal, and this so called QB competition had a predetermined outcome.

    Goff may actually be better off never playing in a Fisherball offense.

  8. Pretty unusual in this modern day for a QB taken as the #1 overall pick to not be on the field right out of the gate, much less rostered at #3 on the depth chart.

  9. Yikes. You would expect the number one overall pick to be able to beat out Keenum much less be active on game day. The Rams gave up a ton to give him. Not a good sign.

  10. I think Goff is in the perfect situation to succeed. Jeff Fisher has been around a long time, and he knows how important it is to have a great QB. He’s going to take every advantage of this opportunity and not screw it up. He’s going to play Goff when Goff is ready to play. I don’t know what could make more sense than that. The kid is 21 years old. He’s got time on his side.

  11. How Fisher is in charge of anything is a puzzle.As far as Goff,cant remember the last time a number 1 overall pick QB got bumped to #3 on the depth chart.

  12. I’m really starting to think that coming a foot from winning a Super Bowl messed with Fisher’s mind in ways that we’re just beginning to figure out.

    He doesn’t want to come anywhere near that close to winning it all again, because it hurt so bad to lose after coming that close.

    So he’ll sabotage anything resembling a bright future, and he’s smart enough to make it all seem reasonable (or the fault of the people around him).

    Over the next few years, you can look forward to him playing all sorts of head games with Goff via the media. Goff will wonder what business he has being anywhere near a huddle when all is said and done, and everyone will say “Jeff Fisher, that excellent coach, somehow managed to squeeze a few decent seasons out of what turned out to be a sub-par talent, while heroically managing to lift the group of poor players his GMs gave him to 8-8 records.”

  13. Carson Palmer started as 3rd string. Didn’t take a single regular season snap his rookie year. If you have a mediocre line and mediocre WRs, why put a rookie QB in there to get destroyed (a la David Carr, Tim Couch, etc…). Sometimes you’re better off taking your time with these guys.

  14. It’s not really news to say the Goff is opening up as #3. Nobody thought he was ready to start in ’16 prior to the draft, so why does anyone expect him to start now? To paraphrase Denny Green: “He is who we thought he was.” He needs the time to learn, and the Rams can afford to give it to him.

    Moving to L.A. is only step one for the Kroenke Plan. They Play in a temporary building, train in a different temporary building, and practice in a third temporary building…all in different parts of town. It is going to take three years for them to really be at home when their own palatial stadium and practice facility are finished. In the meantime, they sell out anyway, simply because there hasn’t been NFL football in town for 20+ years.

    And when that new stadium opens, that is when Goff will have to earn his paycheck. Until then, the Rams can let him learn behind two expendable guys. When he hits the field, they have Gurley running around in his prime, and a young QB to market to the public, plus whoever they draft between now and then. They paid a lot to move up to get him, so all they are doing is protecting their investment.

  15. Man are the Rams dumb. Gurley is gonna be Steven Jackson 2.0, wasting his career on that team.

  16. Goff will be fine, just needs to mature. He’s just a kid with huge expectations on him, its still Pre-Season Year 1, everyone matures at unique levels.

    He put together a nice little drive against my Vikings last night. Ive seen Goff play horrible and skittish BUT, you can definitely see there is something brewing underneath the surface with that kid. Some guys it takes a couple years(Alex Smith/Aaron Rodgers come to mind).

    People are either dumb or cruel, I’m thinking its a little of both. Just let up on the poor kid jeez…

  17. The guy seems like a nice kid but you want your QB to be an intelligent leader. He didn’t even know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, for crying out loud. And don’t try to spin it as “He was joking” when after that incident he talks to another teammate about it to confirm that he isn’t the only airhead on the team. Sorry, Rams fans, but that screams BUST!

  18. How in the world has Fisher been able to keep his job for so long? Is it the mustache or the sun glasses or the fist pump? Absolutely baffling because it is painfully clear he can’t coach.

  19. big deal…he was drafted on FUTURE potential, and it was stated that way from day ONE….most Rams fans know this..
    I could care less about other teams fans opinions, we’ll see who has the last laugh…

  20. I hate to be a wet blanket, but Goff doesn’t look like he should be on an NFL field. He doesn’t pass the eye test even beyond the obvious deficiencies he has coming out of that remedial spread system. the Rams might have made a big boo boo, lol.

  21. Fisher was hired for one reason………. to help the Rams move to LA. He has done that. They needed a big splash when they got there ………. Trade for the #1 pick in the draft…..draft a QB. Get fans interested. They did that. He makes 7 million a year. The King of California is happy to pay that because they have all gotten what they wanted. They are in LA. That organization couldn’t care less about winning. In their minds they have already won. The organization is not the most honest people doing business so Im surprised to hear him say that Goff is #3. LA good luck with this second rate organization.

  22. He must be intimidated. I mean, any other draft he would have been a 3rd rounder or worse. He must know this and assumes everyone else knows this and nobody is giving him respect which makes him doubt himself and his performance suffers as if his performance wasn’t already going to suffer being a 3rd round talent to begin with.

    Double goes for Wentz. Both guys just come off as SAWFT.

  23. Ram players should call their agents and renegotiate their contracts before Fisher and Snead get out of town. The money they are handing out to players who cant play is crazy. Sign Foles to an extension before he takes a snap in a game last year , then cut him this year. Sign a receiver/running back /punt returner who hasn’t caught over 50 passes a year and has scored very few touchdowns to 10 million a year. Trade away your future to take a QB who may not be able to start anytime soon. Agents must be lining up to deal with theses two master minds of football.

  24. You know who else was just 21 years old when they started. Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston. They also didn’t start as third stringers. Goff is going to be a bust and Fisher is terrible

  25. I was at that Rams game last night, and based upon my completely impartial observations, its gonna take a hell of a lot of time before Goff is ready to start — skittish under pressure, inaccurate, slow on reads, you name it.

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