Mark Sanchez didn’t play in preseason finale


Not long ago, Broncos quarterback Mark Sanchez was in line to not play in the fourth preseason game because he was in line to be the starter. On Thursday night, Sanchez didn’t play in the fourth preseason game, because he’s clearly destined to not be on the team.

Rookie first-rounder Paxton Lynch handled the entire game at Arizona for the Broncos, with Sanchez not playing in his second straight preseason game.

Coach Gary Kubiak wasn’t asked about Sanchez’s status after the game, possibly because he already has said he won’t be talking about it. Or possibly because anyone who is paying attention knows that Sanchez likely is done in Denver.

The options remain as follows: (1) trade him; (2) cut him; (3) keep him at a reduced salary; or (4) cut him and bring him back after Week One. Cutting Sanchez avoids the seventh-round pick that the Broncos would owe the Eagles, along with $3.5 million in base salary beyond the $1 million that is fully guaranteed.

Chances are Sanchez would get close to $1 million from another team if he’s cut, which means that the Broncos could end up completely off the hook or close to it by cutting him loose.

Whatever the specific outcome, it’s now clear that Sanchez has fallen to No. 3 on the depth chart behind a pair of guys who have never thrown a regular-season pass in the NFL. Which makes his time in Denver a complete and total failure. With all due respect.

15 responses to “Mark Sanchez didn’t play in preseason finale

  1. The options remain as follows:

    (1) trade him

    For what? a conditional #7? He can’t beat out a 6th round pick with one year on the team?

    (2) cut him

    Yes, and save 4.5MM that you can use to pay von Miller

    (3) keep him at a reduced salary

    Veterans minimum? Ok, I’d do that as insurance.

    (4) cut him and bring him back after Week One

    Makes sense. If Siemian stinks or gets hurt, and Lynch isn’t ready, it’s not like Sanchez will step up and win 4 games with his arm. He’ll fumble here and there and do what he does best.

  2. MN is Sanchez’s best best to play. Shaun Hill is going to fall off the rails by Week 5 and Stave just got hurt. Heinecke has a leg in a cast and Sorensen looks like a D3 QB.

  3. Soon Denver fans will face the reality that Elway made a mistake letting Osweiler walk in free agency to Houston. The idea that they they can roll with anyone at QB is clearly wrong as they couldn’t roll with Sanchez. I mean how do you spend a 2nd draft pick on a QB, spend 4 years mentoring him behind a HOF’er then let him walk in free agency?

  4. got their assess handed to them last night.
    yes, its preseason – but good for their entitled fanbase to adjust to – because its not going to end. they will be lucky to hit .500 this year.
    no manning=no refs helping.
    tarnished champions are going to get a reality check.

  5. Sanchez simply doesn’t have it. Some people have known that since he couldn’t get it done with the Jets when they had that monster defense. It’s like saying Trent Dilfer was the reason the Ravens were in and won the Superbowl. Nope. He just didn’t screw it up for their defense. Sanchez did.

    He also sucked at USC and was clearly inferior to USC QB’s both before and after him.

    Meanwhile in the game, Robert Nkemdiche got his first taste of preseason, was unblockable, and was pancaking the Broncos backups time and time again.

    He was tossing them like rag dolls, got a sack, even almost a safety.

    When some people said he had the talent to be #1 overall, they weren’t kidding. He does.

  6. Sanchez sat out the game not because his place on the team is set. Rather, he was held out to avoid a possible injury. Why? Simple. The team wants to trade him. If possible they will make a deal like the Bengals did with LBer Barkevious Mingo. Will the Vikes step up and make a deal? The Cowboys? Who knows. If it happens it will within 24 hours.

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