Ravens save $3 million by cutting Justin Forsett

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With the Ravens surprisingly cutting running back Justin Forsett, who rushed for 1,266 yards two years ago in Baltimore, the team will avoid $3 million in salary for Forsett this year.

The next question for Forsett becomes whether someone else will pay him anything close to it. The Broncos make plenty of sense, given Forsett’s ties to coach Gary Kubiak. It was Kubiak who lobbied for Forsett two years ago in Baltimore, where he flourished.

The problem for Forsett in Denver is that the position seems to be covered, with C.J. Anderson leading the way and Devontae Booker in position to contribute.

Forsett can pick his next location, since he won’t pass through waivers. Teams may wait until after Week One to sign him, given that his salary will be as a practical matter fully guaranteed if he’s on a team’s Week One roster.

The Ravens will take a $700,000 salary-cap charge in 2016 and another $700,000 charge in 2017 for Forsett, who is still listed as the No. 1 tailback on the team’s online depth chart even after his release.

9 responses to “Ravens save $3 million by cutting Justin Forsett

  1. I never did understand why they gave an aging journeyman RB a big contract based on a fluke year but the Ravens set up Forsett for life so i’m sure he’ll have nothing bad to say about them.

  2. The Patriots are so cheap they won’t pay their players what they’re worth, cut this guy who carried them to save a measly 3 mil. Oh wait what ?

  3. The carnage of contracts in the NFL needs to happen in the NBA and MLB……….these fat cats in the other sports would soil themselves if they had to show up and ball year in and out.

  4. If you’re the Pats or Colts, why would you not sign him immediately? He’d be a perfect fill in or Deon Lewis, and a great 3rd down/Receiving back for a team that’s got a shaky defense and will need outlet passing on a consistent basis (Grigson may want to look into a thing called an o-line…). He played well for Baltimore whenever he was on the field. I don’t get this move at this point. Who cares about $3 million in cap space a week before the season starts? Are you planning on overspending on someone else’s garbage?

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