Sam Bradford is “thrilled” by trade to Vikings

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Sam Bradford wanted out. Then he didn’t. Now he’s out, and he’s happy about it.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Bradford is “thrilled” by the move that abruptly sends him from Philadelphia to Minnesota only eight days before Week One.

The Vikings surely wouldn’t have given up so much if Bradford hadn’t bought in. Regardless, he’s buying in.

And for good reason. Although the Eagles were setting the bar low for Carson Wentz, it seemed inevitable that he’d play this year, at some point. This gives Bradford a full year and maybe more, playing with a contender led by Bradford’s former Oklahoma teammate with plenty of gas in the tank.

49 responses to “Sam Bradford is “thrilled” by trade to Vikings

  1. Of course he is. Bridgewater isn’t going to be able to play and he is now on a good team. He’s got a great defense backing him, great RB and Peterson was at Oklahoma with him. Bradford can play himself into a starting role and more money elsewhere. Got better WR’s in Minnesota than he did in Philadelphia too. Bradford is in the same position he was in Philly but with a team that’s far better. Bradford is the biggest winner in this trade by far.

  2. Sam should be. He was handed the keys to a brand new Ferrari. Was driving a broken down station wagon . What QB wouldn’t want to step into this situation? Great coaching. Killer defense, best RB in the league. Best stadium on the planet. He should feel blessed…..

  3. I’m still not sure how good Sam Bradford really is? I don’t think he’s worth a #1 and a #4 though. And I definitely don’t see him winning multiple post season games.

  4. He’s thrilled to be on a contending team for the first time in his career! Vikings fans are equally thrilled that their season isn’t over.

  5. Not sure why he’d be “thrilled.” He’s going to have another “prove it” season in Minnesota just like he would have in Philly. I feel like he could have put up better stats on the Eagles though. He probably can’t handle a tough crowd, which shows his character.

    Oh well, so long Sam.

  6. 7th year guy who has had some tough luck injury wise, and somewhat bad coaching. He gets a better team and better coaching in MN. Philly was going nowhere yhis year, and gets anoyher draft pick, so it is a good deal for all involved.

  7. Stay healthy……which is asking the world, and just manage games. Vikings can take out the Pack 2nd year in a row. This from a hardcore Hawk fan, who likes everything about the Vikings, other than their grade school level now injured Teddy QB.

  8. of course he’s thrilled. he never wants to look over his shoulder at any potential threat to replace him? that’s why he’s a horrid qb, never had or wanted anyone to challenge him to make him better? he’ll be out of NFL forever by week 3 when he incurs his 1,000 season ending injury.

  9. Bradford is a really good quarterback who had the miss fortune to be drafted by the Rams a team with no offensive line and no weapons around him. Then he gets trade to the Eagles who has the dumbest owner in the NFL and now he gets traded to a really good team with a good offensive line and weapons around him so I can see why he is happy.

  10. “harrietknutczak says:
    Sep 3, 2016 11:30 AM

    Who wouldn’t be thrilled to leave Philly?”

    Philly is awesome. I won’t be like you and insult Minnesota. That would be classless…..

  11. Starter by default. Meh…ok. Doesn’t make him good all of a sudden. It’s kinda like another “prove it” year, but not. MN already has their starter. Just so happens he’s been injured and knocked out for this season. Bradford’s play this year is just an audition for another team next year. Even if he does play well, he won’t unseat Bridgewater as the starter and we all know he doesn’t like playing second fiddle so he’ll pout if MN does decide to keep him and make him the backup.

  12. pervyspankspackfans says:
    Sep 3, 2016 11:28 AM
    Sam should be. He was handed the keys to a brand new Ferrari. Was driving a broken down station wagon . What QB wouldn’t want to step into this situation? Great coaching. Killer defense, best RB in the league. Best stadium on the planet. He should feel blessed…..

    Even if you believe they are all that, they are still in MN.
    Ferrari? More like a really nice plow truck, lmao

  13. Of course he’s happy. Re-united with former teammate AP. I know Bradford did himself no favors when Philly drafted Wentz, but this guy is talented. Had some bad luck injury wise but he’s got talent. 7th year and this will be his 7th different OC as well. I don’t care who the QB is, 7 OC’s in 7 seasons is tough on anybody.

  14. Great move Glad for the Vikings and their fans. Losing a starting QB this close to the season or anytime, suks. Maybe for once Sam Bradford can show what he can really do. Glad for everyone. From wings on his helmet to Horns. LOL Best of luck to the Viking Nation

  15. Talk about big risk trading for that injury prone bag of bones. He came into a good situation. A decent rb, good defense, couple of targets to throw to.Either he excels and teddy becomes the future back up or joins teddy at the Dr’s office and Vikings are left without a first round pick to go looking for a new qb next season.
    Ultimate big risk/ high rewards scenario

  16. Gotta give Minny credit, they are aggressive. None of the “experts” seen this coming but I mentioned it the other day and other posters laughed. This is a good move for the Vikings and for Bradford.

  17. Funny how all the people here think this was such a great move by the Vikings. These are the same ppl who hated on Bradford for the past year and more. Eagles stole a first rounder from a desperate team. Bradford would’ve been on scrap pile by next season in favor of Wentz, win for Philly. And one last thing like Bradford will be able to just walk in and master their offense. He has 8days to learn the offense.

  18. “cueghost says:
    Sep 3, 2016 12:02 PM

    Not one single team has gotten what they paid for with this guy… ever”

    He’s only been on two. One had no offense when they drafted him and still doesn’t. And the other was Chip Kelly’s Eagles. (He did better on Chip Kelly’s Eagles)

    I think he still has something to prove.

  19. Seriously, what would drew brees or Phillip rivers have cost? Why not make those teams an offer? Sure it’s more than what they gave up for Bradford but how much more? Both those teams are in rebuilding mode anyways and will be looking for new quarterbacks of their futures soon. Hell…look into tom freaking Brady!

  20. I hope he likes Lutefisk, by golly!
    Sam has never even sniffed being on this talented of a team, I have seen Sam play and there have been games that he has looked as good as any QB in the League.
    Bradford actually fits in Norv Turners offense better than Teddy Bridgewater does.
    Now teams will be forced to back off the line. If they don’t Sam will pick them apart downfield!
    All of a Sudden Peterson could have a lot of 6-8 yard runs where last year with 8 and 10 in the box
    he was getting stopped at 2 and 3 yards before he would bust one every 3rd or 4th game.
    The stats could go crazy for both the Defense AND offense.

  21. roggsucks says:
    Sep 3, 2016 7:48 PM

    The 32nd pick next year and a 4th in 2018. Not a bad trade.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Don’t you mean the 32nd in round one and the 64th over all pick in Round 2???-!!!!
    Think about it…

  22. Philly potential graveyard for QB’s. They are great when drafted, but damn what happens after a few years. Bradford should be ecstatic as wasps Murray, Chip Kelly, need Insay more than his starter is Blaine Gabbart. Dak forcing hand of all GM’s and execs to get those unpolished mistakes of QB draft picks on the field.

  23. So, I’m interested to see this play out. I’ve lauded his talent for a long time while at the same time lamenting his supporting cast. I hope he proves me right because this is the chance of a lifetime for a QB who was mired in horrible situations from day one. Good luck Sam!

  24. Packer fans are pretty mouthy here considering the way they ended the regular season, Nearly swept by the Lions,
    beaten up physically by the Bears and Vikings.
    Your cheap assed GM cuts the anchor in the middle of your Offensive line!
    Washington was nothing and The cards beat you twice last year before getting thrashed by the Super Bowl
    I wonder who Erin will throw under the buss first this year!
    Nelson has been hurt and missed games and a season the past 3 years.. It is a good thing you have Packer fans on ESPN pumping up your egos cause your team hasn’t done it on the field! Green Bay is living of their Past right now, Let me get credit for being the first one to say it!
    Bradford has a beautiful Deep ball, after a few teams get
    burned by it, it will be AP time… HA,hA,HA!……..yellow loosers

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