Justin Forsett likely will return to the Ravens

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At a time when several veteran players have been signing with a team and then getting cut, running back Justin Forsett may turn that dynamic around.

Multiple reports have emerged calling Forsett’s return to Baltimore possible; PFT has learned that Forsett’s return is likely.

Forsett rushed for 1,266 yards in 2014. He missed much of last season with a broken arm.

Could another team offer more money and persuade Forsett to leave a situation where he’s settled and prepared and ready for a comeback year? It’s possible, but unlikely. For now, all signs are pointing to Forsett returning to the Ravens, suiting up next Sunday against the Bills, and fulfilling the job that, according to the team’s online depth chart, he still has: First-string tailback.

It’s currently unclear why the Ravens opted for a cut-and-return approach to Forsett. His next contract may contain some clues.

10 responses to “Justin Forsett likely will return to the Ravens

  1. If I was forsett I’m not sure how I’d feel about this. Why would I come back to a team that is tryin to pinch me in salary to take advantage of a loophole? Forsett is a vested veteran and all. I’d be hard pressed to return if I got a better offer from another team. But I guess you have to factor in moving and uprooting the family and all.

    I have to say I really like the contract structures of I guaranteed comtracts in the game it clearly makes te game more competitive than mlb and nba. However, I don’t like these loopholes that squeeze grizzled vets that have hung onto keep on a job for years and they get treated like this, it’s not right. If a vested veteran is on a team making close I his minimum then that salary should be guaranteed k a point ananda not be allowed to be prorated or paid game by game. These guys do lay it on te line for a lot less than many of the other players in the league and they should have some sort of short term security. Many e even exemptions that don’t count against the salary but are still paid their contracts off the books in the event of injury. Maybe each team gets like 5 exemptions per season or something.

  2. Sad, there is a reason why he cleared waivers? overpaid for an average running back, but the Ravens seem to like mediocrity on the squad…8-8 again

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