Kubiak attributes quarterback moves to “different direction”

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When the Broncos saw Peyton Manning retire and Brock Osweiler defect to Houston, Mark Sanchez emerged as the emergency option. With the emergency resolved, Sanchez no longer was needed.

But the Broncos still needed a third quarterback. So why did the team decide to go with Austin Davis instead of Sanchez?

“We just made a decision to go in a different direction,” coach Gary Kubiak told reporters on Sunday, via quotes distributed by the team. “Mark’s obviously had a lot of experience and stuff, but we went young at the quarterback position so that’s why we also brought Austin in here. We have confidence in these guys and we’ll go to work. We wish Mark all of the best. He was a true professional and a great person through everything.”

The different direction likely was driven by Sanchez’s $4.5 million salary and the seventh-round pick they would have had to surrender to the Eagles if they’d kept him around. While a seventh-round pick isn’t much, that’s where the Broncos found their current starting quarterback.

Not long ago, Kubiak was evaluating Davis as he entered the league.

“I studied him really hard coming out,” Kubiak said. “He has a little bit of background of my verbiage. He’s been in some quarterback rooms of guys that have played for me so I thought that we could make up some ground here pretty quick. When he’s had some opportunities, he’s done some good stuff. We’ll see. We’ll take it a day at a time, but I think he’ll catch up pretty quick.”

If he does, Davis possibly could become the next guy in if Siemian struggles, given the practical difficulties associated with putting a first-rounder into the fray but then yanking him if he plays like the rookie that he is.

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  1. “We just made a decision to go in a different direction,”

    Yeah, the cheap one. It’s okay to admit that cap decisions get made, outside of Cowgirls and Fraider fans most of us understand the realities of the cap and wanting to have some breathing room

  2. Oh it only seems like a couple of months ago that Bronco fan was trying to convince themselves and the whole world that Mark Sanchez was the qb who would take them back to the ‘championship’ game and repeat…Wait that WAS a couple of months ago..HAHAHA!..hee haw!

  3. That’s organization speak for “all of our QBs are lousy, we messed up with Osweiler and Sanchez”. Save a few bucks and pray Lynch develops. Despite the Bronco defense, the former quarterbacks did play significant roles in their season. Now they’re stuck with journeymen and rooks.

  4. “Mark’s obviously had a lot of experience and stuff, but we went young at the quarterback position…”

    Austin; Age 27

    Mark: Age 29


  5. It’s a pretty simple equation – they need to be fully behind Seimian, who has more upside than Sanchez

    Sanchez is likely the better QB right now, but they’d rather use the roster spot for a guy like Davis – who again, currently has more upside than Sanchez

    This way Seimian isn’t looking over his shoulder – meanwhile teams have very little tape on either Seimian or Davis – as Kaep showed us, sometimes a mediocre QB who no one has seen tape of before can get on a nice roll!

    The bottom line – everyone knows what they’re getting with Sanchez – that’s ok for some teams, but others are setting their sights higher

  6. “Mark has alot of experience and stuff…”

    Translation: I knew he was hot garbage when we brought him in, but to see it up close was..like…I can’t even…

  7. Its simple, if sanchez is going to be qb3, cutting him will save millions and get your 7th round pick back. Essentially they traded him for a 7th round pick. Anyone who watched the 3rd preseason game will understand this move.

  8. While this was driven mainly by cap space, Kubiak saw enough to know that Sanchez was not a good fit for the team.

    Got to also remember that they want to extend Sanders, he is in the final year of his contract, an between Sanchez and Colquitt, they have cleared about 6 mil that can now be used on a very, very good WR.

    That is the other reason that they didn’t have a chance keeping Osweiler. His salary would have made resigning Sanders impossible, besides making it way more difficult to finish a deal with Von Miller.

    So give up a bad QB in Sanchez, let a mostly average QB leave in Brock, replace a pricey punter with the draft, and in return…. They keep Von and open them up to locking Sanders in for another 4 years.

    Wow, Elway is obviously a horrible GM, he will never have a chance at another top 10 draft pick using this strategy.

  9. It amazes me how most belittle the Broncos and Elway on the decisions they make, when most of you would be ecstatic to have the success they’d had the past 5 years. So if you’re not a Patriot, Seahawk, Packer, or Steeler fan you should just stop the critique

  10. 760K for A. Davis vs. 3.5 MM to a guy who had as good an opportunity as any to win a starting position and just couldn’t – great decision IMO – get the $$ and pick back – now use that $$ to shore up the OL.

  11. What’s wrong with you people? Denver didn’t want Sanchez. He was an absolute turnover machine in camp and preseason. He wasn’t worth the money aND the pick. Elway tried to be nice during his release. End of story. Wow, the delicious tears of your jealousy are a joy to drink.

  12. The Broncos don’t make mistakes when it comes to QBs. Siemian will be really good. Lynch will be great, once he steps in. Osweiler will have a great career with Houston. Sanchez is a good QB if you have a decent roster around him. And Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning. Some teams struggle to find one good QB. The Broncos don’t even mess around with a guy unless he’s a good QB. I know nothing about Austin Davis, but I doubt very seriously he’ll ever take a snap on Sunday.

  13. Austin Davis is a decent backup and is still developing as a pro. He showed potential with the Rams and 7-9 Fisher cut him loose anyway. I think his journeyman status at this point in his career is probably good for his development because that’s what many backup-level QBs tend to do. He’ll be fine with the Broncos; it was a good signing.

  14. sanchez stinks. he is no longer an nfl qb. he has stunk for the last 5 yrs, since those 2 good yrs with jets.

    plus he needs a new haircut.

  15. If Sanchez has to play in Dallas, he might actually be good when you look at the offensive weapons Dallas has to surround him. A top notch offensive line, a good group of receivers including a healthy Dez, a potential Hall of Fame te in Witten, and a strong running game with Elliot, Morris. Even though the Broncos won the Superbowl, it was their offense that stunk it up.

  16. theangrytammy says:
    Sep 4, 2016 8:18 PM
    Five straight afc west titles, 2 superbowls, 1 ring, 2nd best record in the nfl the last five years. Deal with it!


    Yeah, well, its the AFC West. Someone there had to win.

  17. Yeah well, the Patriots have had the AFC East. Kinda hard not to win against 3 teams that set the standard for disfunction. How long has it been that the AFC east has had more than 1 good QB.

  18. Kubiak and Elway are outsmarting themselves. Credit needs to be given to Siemian and Paxton as they showed elite skills during pre-season. But if Siemian and Lynch struggle in their first NFL Action, things could get ugly FAST.

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