Report: Josh Sitton signs with Bears

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He has left Green Bay, but he’s not leaving the NFC North.

Pro Bowl guard Josh Sitton has signed a three-year deal with the Bears, according to Alex Marvez of Sporting News.

Sitton became a surprise cut on Saturday by the Packers, who reportedly were trying to trade him not long before the deadline for getting the roster to 53 players. He reportedly was released because he wasn’t happy with the team’s decision to extend a contract that was due to expire after the coming season.

In Chicago, Sitton will likely become the starting left guard, supplanting second-round rookie Cody Whitehair.

Sitton will return to Green Bay on Thursday, October 20, when the Packers host the Bears on a Thursday night.

51 responses to “Report: Josh Sitton signs with Bears

  1. YESSS! The fact he made the Bears his first stop makes me think it’s where he wanted to sign all along. Kyle Long is known to get quite “active” in recruiting for the Bears and it wouldn’t surprise me if that came into play here too.

    Sitton at LG, Long at RG and Whitehair or Larsen at C is an interior 3 that can do work in the run game and keep the pocket clean for Cutler.

    Not to mention all the intel on the Packers DL schemes will be worth Sitton’s weight in… um… gold.

    So Aaron… are ya nervous yet?

  2. And he had better not get a chorus of boos as another former Packer player who went to a division rival deservedly got when he returned to Lambeau for the other team.

  3. Ted Thompson is incompetent as general manager of the Packers, and any statement to the contrary is either a rationalization or an excuse. I am not saying that he is incompetent in general, he may be a very good general manager for a team like the Cleveland Browns who are building from essentially scratch, but as the general manager for a team like the Green Bay Packers who are this close to being a championship team he has squandered many prime years of Aaron Rodgers and is a terrible fit as Green Bay Packers general manager. In Green Bay, the man is an incompetent fit for the job.

  4. Thats a nice interior OL for the Bears. Packers cheap front office continues to let good players go as soon as they turn 30. Team has no loyalty to longer term players who have committed to the organization…no loyalty.

  5. Smooth move Ted …

    Let’s just hope that during a season where we’re legit contenders for a Super Bowl, this move doesn’t come back and bite us in the ass.

    I’m still in disbelief.

  6. wolfgangvomframps says:
    Sep 4, 2016 10:51 PM

    Now the Gould move makes sense.


    Am I missing something? I wasn’t aware the Bears were in cap trouble and needed to be clearing space to sign someone else. The way Gould was handled sucks, but it doesn’t surprise me coming from Pace anymore. They should have at least brought a kicker to camp.

    I’m glad we have Sitton but Pace got lucky on this one. Green Bay actually bailed him out!

  7. Bad move by TT. He runs the organization like a CEO only looking at the bottom line of the corporation aka the Green Bay Packers instead of loading up and going for multiple Super Bowl championships. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Rodgers is one ring and done because of the stubbornness of the front office to pony up the money to compete for those Lombardi trophies on a consistent basis. What a waste because Rodgers has the talent to win enough Super Bowls to cover each ring on his throwing hand only to have TT piss things away year in and year out. Your welcome Bears courtesy of Ted Thompson.

  8. Congrats to Bears
    As a lifelong Vikings fan, I’m so sick & tired of the way Green Bay treats their pending free agents

    When GB no longer wanted Favre, they forced the Jets to accept a trade offer that included a condition that if NY traded Favre to either MN, Chicago or Detroit, the Jets would have to give GB THREE number picks! Ridiculous!

    Just acted like a jilted lover & petulant child!

    NOW, they tried to screw Sitton over by waiting until the last cutdown day to release him. Limiting his free agent choices
    Again, acted like a jilted lover & a crybaby child!

    Green Bay is quickly becoming a classless organization led by a hated GM. Hope karma bites them good & hard this year!

    Good job, Chicago
    Nice signing

  9. There is No Way. Zero Chance. Not going to happen… that Josh is released without the Packers getting feedback and perhaps even Approval from #12.

    I want to know the real story.

  10. Great day for Frankie Booth with one of his favorite players who just got cut by his favorite team when they’re winning signing with his other favorite team when they’re winning.

  11. Great addition to the Bears and right where they needed help. Will be interesting to see what the terms of the contract and why Ted Thompson let him go.

  12. Sitton was my favorite Packer. He will be missed. Glad he got a Superbowl ring in Green Bay. I will continue to cheer for his success.

  13. dirty player… probably part of the one year contract situation. Good luck Bears, I know you need line help, maybe not the best choice.

  14. Man. To go to a losing team? Just you can play GB 2x a year for 3 years? That feud with Ted really must’ve been bad. The Bears overpaid. They’re not catching us. Things could be worse. I’d be livid if it was SEA.

    You’ve got to have brass balls to be an effective GM in the NFL, and TT certainly made a ballsy move here. Cold blooded. Just like BB. Parcells. Elway. Walsh. Noll. Johnson. Lombardi. He gambled that Sitton will get old fast. And he didn’t get anything for him. And he went to a rival. If Taylor can’t play, he’s going to get raked over the coals. And he should.

    I wonder how much of the “Sitton was unhappy” story was true. That makes a difference. Sending at least a red chip player packing on the eve of the season just doesn’t make sense any other way. Especially if you don’t have a proven replacement. Not when your team is a true contender to win it all. We won’t ever find out, but if there isn’t any more to it that TT wanting to go young, he should be fired. Immediately.

    I want to hear AR talk about this. Now is when we see if he turns into Favre diva part 2 for the last 6-8 years of his career.

    Bottom line is that this sucks. But better the Bears than a contender. What I really didn’t want is Sitton heading to SEA, CAR or AZ. Preferably not MIN either, as they were in theory closer to GB than CHI or DET. I’m not worried about winning the division, and I wasn’t worried before Minny lost Teddy either. It’s superbowl wins that I want, and IMO SEA is the biggest obstacle to that for GB. Behind them CAR and AZ.

  15. Good for him. You go where the best deal is and take care of the family.
    I’ll miss him, but a guard is not going to make Da Bearse Super Bowl contenders.
    I’m sure that the intel he provides will help a bit, but don’t you think Capers will come up with new looks when they play each other? This is not the first time that a player signs with a rival.

  16. Congrats to Josh. Didn’t think it would take long for someone to gobble him up. Got $10 million up front contract averages $7 million per – which is pretty close to what the Pack would have paid him this year. Sorry to see this guy go. Bar none, my favorite Packer.

    Wishing this guy only success. Showed up to play even when hurt … that danged toe is a bigger problem than most will ever realize.

    Thompson bashers are out with their usual full throated arias. One thing for them – “shut the hell up, you’re idiots”. If you think that McCarthy and Campen weren’t consulted, and signed off, you’re wrong.

    Packers have a lot of younger players moving into potential free agency after this season. My understanding is that Josh’s departure will free up $6.25M in cap space that will allow Thompson to extend Baktiari, Lang and Tretter ( a center and backup guard is worthy of being salvaged) … while I hate to see Josh leave, I understand the concept.

    One thing about living in the cap era, each September, 53 guys will run out onto the turf at Lambeau. THAT’S the Green Bay Packers. Not one guy … the Packers and any NFL team for that matter consist of a sum of the parts. Thompson and Russ Balls’ job is to manage that sum of the parts.

    To Sitton I’d say — Thank you. In a few years, you’ll be inducted into the Packers’ Hall of Fame. Until that time, you’re a Packer, buddy. You’ll just have to say all the right things until that time.

  17. Wow. As a Bears fan I am pretty excited. I never understood why they let Slauson go but I believe that Sitton is better and now they have two pretty great guards. Maybe Whitehair moves to center? Whatever, that is pretty awesome.

    Okay Jay, you now have a competent interior and two big fast and young WRs with condor like arm spans. You also have an ascending LT and two promising young RBs with complementary skills. No excuses. It’s time to step up.

  18. I hate to see Sitton leave and wish him well but the league is a business. To everyone bashing Ted, remember you can’t keep everyone under the cap and those same people would have said Ted way overpaid if he gave Sitton the deal he got in Chicago. We have left tackle, Lang and Tretter to become free agents and this move was done as Ted will typically do an extension or two inseason. The reason it happened late was the Pack was probably shopping him and found no takers. It is just the business side of the league that stinks as a fan but it is the reality.

  19. Certainly takes some sting from the questionable released from Matt Slauson away. Like my pappy says, “better to be lucky than good.” Pace and The Bears got lucky this time.

  20. This is business. I can’t blame the Packers, can’t blame the Bears. The Bears came out pretty good in this one though. They have a young, motivated, superior player who is absolutely stoked at their division rival that they play at least twice this year.

  21. I can’t wait to see the look on Erin Rodger’s face as he is sacked for the 5th time by the opposing defense because of the weak offensive line of the Packers.

  22. Marvin, that’s all well and good, but then why did the packers prepare all preseason long with Sitton as the starter, instead of experimenting with him out. He got all the 1st team reps. They would have been better off cutting him after last year for a compensation pick.

    There’s more going on to this, and it better be more than just saving 6.5m cap space for next year, when it would have made sense to cut him earlier.

    Either way, congrats to sitton and getting paid.

  23. None of the arguments made by the dogmatic Ted Thompson supporters make sense with this situation. This was obviously a haphazard and incompetent move. There are so many reasons why it could and should have been done a different way if you didn’t want to keep him. The fact that others Beyond Thompson probably signed off on the release is only an indictment on the whole front office in addition to Ted Thompson. That is a point I have been making for a long time, that at this point it’s Mark Murphy’s fault for not firing Thompson. The whole front office is rotten. Thompson is a decent Scout and could be a decent general manager for the right team probably a bad team to make them better through the draft. But for a team like the Green Bay Packers who are so close to being dynastic, he is a disaster and the front office is in denial apparently as are very many Packers fans who would justify anything this front office ever did no matter how ridiculous

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