Tre Mason still absent from Rams

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As the Rams begin preparations for their regular-season opener at Santa Clara, they still don’t have running back Tre Mason on the roster.

“Tre Mason is on our Reserve/Did Not Report list, that’s where he stands,” coach Jeff Fisher told reporters on Sunday. “We’ve been in communication with the family, not Tre, but with the family. The organization’s position, including the league and the [NFL] Players Association, is to take care of him and help him to get the help that he needs to get through this life crisis that he’s having.”

Mason is in the same posture as a holdout. He can return at any time until the Tuesday after Week 10, and he will be unpaid until he does. If/when he reports, the Rams will have to decide whether to reinstate him to the roster, to cut him or trade him, or to place him on the non-football illness or injury list, based on his condition when he arrives.

For Mason, the first challenge is to resolve apparent mental-health issues that have plagued him for months. We wish him the best.

7 responses to “Tre Mason still absent from Rams

  1. “We wish him the best”

    We don’t always need to wish the best for people that may not deserve it, we sometimes forget to wish the best to those that do.

  2. The hardest thing to convince someone in a manic episode, is that they are in a manic episode. Had a relative in a prolonged episode, having delusions that if written here would make everyone laugh, yet they were convinced everything was coming together like “magic.” I hope Tre sees he needs help soon.

  3. Football ruins people’s brains. Not everyone who plays. Just like not everyone who smokes gets lung cancer. Nevertheless, for people like Tre the sport has both given him an opportunity and probably also ruined his life.

    The brain is an organ and mental health is no joke. It’s decades past time we ditched the stigma and take it seriously, treating the victims of brain disorders with dignity as human beings who are ill and need help.

    Another tragic story – remember Bjorn Nittmo? The Buffalo News recently did a story on where he’s at now. It’s not pretty. Took a knee to the head during a kickoff return and he’s never been the same.

  4. It may seem easy to blame this on football but hes shown strong signs of schizophrenia and that has nothing to do with football. Mental illness is just as devastating as any physical illness and often moreso because theres rarely a surgery or anything that can just solve the problem all at once. I pray for him and his family that he gets the help he needs

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