U.S. national team star Megan Rapinoe kneels as “a nod to Kaepernick”

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The support for Colin Kaepernick is growing, even outside his own sport.

The 49ers backup quarterback created a stir by first sitting, then kneeling through the national anthem as his way of protesting racial discrimination and police brutality.

Sunday night, soccer star Megan Rapinoe joined the cause.

Via the Associated Press, Rapinoe took a knee during last night’s Seattle Reign-Chicago Red Stars in an NWSL game. After the game, she said the decision was “a nod to Kaepernick.”

I am disgusted with the way he has been treated and the fans and hatred he has received in all of this,” Rapinoe told espnW’s Julie Foudy. “It is overtly racist. ‘Stay in your place, black man.’ Just didn’t feel right to me. We need a more substantive conversation around race relations and the way people of color are treated. . . .

“We are not saying we are not one the greatest countries in world. Just need to accept that [it is] not perfect, things are broken. And quite honestly, being gay, I have stood with my hand over my heart during the national anthem and felt like I haven’t had my liberties protected, so I can absolutely sympathize with that feeling.”

Rapinoe, who has won a gold medal and a World Cup as a member of the U.S. women’s national team, said she would continue to kneel in every match going forward.

She has her own fights as well, as she’s one of five women’s team players on a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission arguing pay inequality in relation to the men’s team.

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  1. So many things wrong with this I’m not sure where to start. Shouldn’t someone on a national team be required to honour the national anthem? Why would someone play on a national team if they didn’t? What’s the ‘NWSL’ anyway? Who cares about lesbian soccer? Who cares about soccer? Why do we have separate-but-equal sports teams to begin with if there are no differences between men and women? Or if there’s no such thing as gender? And if you want to go the EEO route, who are 85% of NFL jobs given to one race, a race that only comprises about 15% of the population? What a mess!

  2. Where are the other NFL players to support Kaepernick. Why are almost all of you (except for Lane and Reid) willing to allow this man to take all of this abuse and be the lightening rod for all of the mistreatment of other people of color and people that are different. Kaepernick is standing up for your relatives and friends that are being mistreated daily while you allow him to take this on his shoulders alone. Where are all the Christians and NFL men of faith that believe injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Is injustice something that only affects people of color, where are the other people that supposedly believe in the goodness America? The players have a union to protect each other, where is that same belief in this instance?

  3. Perhaps if she felt her oppression by the American people was so great she could have simply refused the offer to represent America in the World Cup and Olympics. Instead she chooses to dishonor all those who have served this country. But those choices and political stances would have hurt her pocketbook.

    It is very easy to act a fool when there are no consequences to your actions.

  4. Spot on! Kaepernick made a bold move which he followed with actionable steps to a solution. Literally and figuratively meeting his naysayers in the middle (by going from seat to knee) spoke to his sincerity and its time for those same naysayers to join him in healthy dialogue. Will YOU stop being distracted by actions and chew on the substance of his message?

  5. Never heard of her. Like all liberals, I’m sure she will be voting for someone as awful as Hillary. Than she said America was “one” of the greatest countries. What the hell did she mean by that?

  6. I am all for the cause but I just wish people would stop doing this. Use your platform effectively. Do something with your actions by stepping out and doing something than just protesting by kneeling. From the place that these people are at, they would be able to influence people in more ways than one. I doubt anything is going to come out of just kneeling.

  7. Let’s dispel this nonsense once and for all: You can see, clear as day, the percentage of attempted arrests for violent crime that result in the police needing to use deadly force. Based on those statistics, police are actually LESS likely to use force when making an arrest for a violent crime with African-American suspects. Let that sink in for a second.

    There is no conspiracy here. If police officers really wanted to destroy the community, they’d stop patrolling places like Chicago, NYC, and DC. They’d stop putting their lives on the line everyday and just let gang and drug related violence overwhelm these neighborhoods. You think it’s bad now, what do you think it would be like without them?

    Oh, and BLM was founded by several individuals who had run scam-charities in the past that were shutdown. Again, these are the people Kap & this soccer idiot are supporting.

  8. Her league teams last game had like 20 fans. You want more money, sell more tickets. To disrespect your country and flag for greed is very selfish and disgusting. If her uswnt teammates don’t speak out against her they just lost a fan. That’s my right.

  9. I’m thinking she is going to learn very quickly that the backlash was t because Kaep is black.

    Of course she will probably just think her backlash is because she is a woman.

    I do however support the move to pay the women’s team equally to the men’s. Actually they should make more being that they are actually, you know, good.

  10. “It is overtly racist. ‘Stay in your place, black man.’

    Really Megan? Just because the majority of the country doesn’t agree with Colin that doesn’t make them racist…

    Not once did anyone tell Colin to “stay in his place black man.” I think the majority of the country has issue with him using the National Anthem as a medium for his agendas.

    The anthem is bigger than any one race, it represents the blood and sacrifice that millions of American soldiers have suffered in order for this country to be free.

  11. I wonder if she also thinks Castro was a good leader like our guy Kap.
    Talk about oppression…

  12. Thanks to our heritage and military, we all know we have a right to free speech to express our opinions. What’s wearing thin with me over not standing for the national anthem is that it’d just symbolic and does nothing to really change things. Kap says he’s donating money to groups who will change things; ok, that’s fine. But the real test of how much anyone cares is what are they going to do themselves, other than just a symbolic gesture? If you’re not part of the solution, you’re really just exacerbating the problem. I hope all protesters (including Rapinoe) who really want to improve things actually do something about it other than just symbolism.

  13. If you’re more angry about Kaepernick’s protest than you are about unarmed black people being killed by the police, you’re part of the problem.

  14. So ready for the season to start so nobody talks about this anymore.

    As far as her pay inequaliy complaint…isnt pay for athletes directly tied to revenue generated by the team or league?

  15. I am so sick of this now. Everyone has an opinion. Many people including prominent blacks have come out against Kap. Just because you think the way he is being treated is racism it is your problem not mine!

  16. Let me be the first to tell Rapinoe that she is welcome to do whatever she would like, but the Kaepernick backlash has absolutely nothing to do with the color of his skin. Subsequently the treatment she is likely to receive will have nothing to do with her sexual orientation. It is merely another example of the self victimization so common in our culture. Keep pretending you are oppressed and enjoy the reality of living in the best social experiment of freedom mankind has ever experienced.

  17. “It is overtly racist. ‘Stay in your place, black man.”

    Did anyone ever think the very light skinned Kaepernick was black without looking it up? The darkest he ever looked to me was middle eastern and I think it was because of the beard.

    “She has her own fights as well, as she’s one of five women’s team players on a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission arguing pay inequality in relation to the men’s team.”

    How much do those under 15 boys teams she loses to make? Do you get a 1099 for a post game pizza party?

    Women’s sports don’t have the same athleticism, so there are less viewers, sponsors, and money.

  18. Absolutely disgusting. Enough with the race baiting! Apparently all you have to do to be a “racist” in this day and age is simply disagree with somebody of a different race. You want race relations to improve in this country how about not playing the race card at every situation in which you face some adversity. Kaepernick’s race is irrelevant, the reason people are upset is the disrespect he shows to this country. There are many issues in this country that I find reprehensible, but I would never consider sitting or kneeling during the national anthem. Kaepernick and now Rapinoe are giving this country a slap in the face!

  19. yesterday i saw a homeless guy on a vent kneeling and he said it was in support of kaep

    i have his contact info if you wanna write about him too

    same level of relevance as has-been kaep and his fellow kneelers eric reid and rapinoe

  20. Every athlete in every sport could kneel and nothing is going to change. Real change needs to start inside the community by the community.

  21. Who deserves more respect, a paid performer who has an opinion or a volunteer who fights and is willing to die for their country? I’ll stand, thank you, and reserve my right to judge those who disrespect the values that our volunteers are protecting.

  22. This is a slap in the face to all of those who have fought to secure the very freedom these athletes enjoy today. Wow! you can throw a football or run fast and kick a soccer ball.
    Therefore we should listen to you grandstand about social issues?

    As far back as Charles Barkley, stating that he was not a role model, we learned that he is correct; athletes are not role models.
    They are just very talented athletes; their opinion matters no more or less than anyone else’s.

    The National Anthem is a tribute to our country, our way of life and that includes taking the good with the bad. We don’t accept the crimes/atrocities committed by law enforcement on all peoples, but we can’t have it both ways.

    They should be standing with their hands on their hearts and use other methods to call attention to these issues.
    Truly disrespectful to this country and all it stands for

  23. Yes, we must all be required, coerced, enforced and absolutely made to observe and participate in patriotic displays according to what we’ve been trained and taught.

    That is freedom!

  24. So you support any person committing strong armed robbery on a business owner and then attacking a police officer who tried to apprehend him? Cool so my protest is that as long as you are on the national team I will no longer watch your games.

  25. People would be offering backlash regardless of which player did it.

    At one time I refused to stand for the national anthem due to the corporatist wars being waged and I got the same reaction. It had nothing to do with my skin color. It’s just something people expect of you and they get up in arms when you don’t.

    It’s interesting how she thinks criticism of a CK’s actions becomes ‘overtly racist’ because CK’s skin color.

    Maybe if people stopped pointing out the color of a person’s skin all the time racism would fade away into the past where it belongs.

  26. twtom11 says:
    Sep 5, 2016 8:36 AM
    If you’re more angry about Kaepernick’s protest than you are about unarmed black people being killed by the police, you’re part of the problem.

    If you’re more angry about Kaepernick’s protest than you are about unarmed criminals (in some cases) being killed by the police while resisting arrest, no problem.

    There…I fixed it for you.

  27. I really hope all of these people who believe our police depts are systemically oppressing black people would #1 Stop calling everyone who disagrees with this thesis racists. And #2 Go visit an innercity black neighborhood and witness for yourselves what happens to a community when the level of crime impacts everything. And finally volunteer for a ride along with the police in these neighborhoods. Granted there are bad cops in every city and generally those individuals are bad no matter the race or ethnicity of the suspect. Isn’t Kaepernick converting to Islam? How does Megan feel about that religions oppression of women and gays.

  28. “Give them all a rifle and send them overseas for a year to defend the country…..they will stand……….”

    This is a prime example of how militarized our thinking has become. Go overseas to defend the country. Illogical patriotism that has been intentionally intertwined with our innate fear. We equate the use of military force with freedom. As though this country wasn’t free until we ramped up the military-industrial-complex. Absurd.

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