Browns didn’t have a high opinion of Carson Wentz

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The Eagles announced on Monday that Carson Wentz will start the season as the team’s No. 1 quarterback. The Browns should be happy about that.

Monday’s news resulted in new attention being given to a July article from Tony Grossi of with quotes from Cleveland’s chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta regarding the importance of quarterbacks in pro football. Along the way, DePodesta justified the decision to trade down from the No. 2 spot in the draft, where the Eagles acquired Wentz, by explaining that the Browns didn’t regard Wentz as one of the top 20 quarterbacks in the league.

“We have to make judgments on the individual players and we’re not always going to be right,” DePodesta told Grossi. “But in this particular case, we just didn’t feel it was necessarily the right bet to make for us at this time. Again, it comes down to individual evaluation of a player. We will not always be right on those type of things.

“I think the hardest part, and where we have to stay the most disciplined, as much as you want a player, you can’t invent him if he doesn’t exist. In a given year, there may be two or three NFL-ready quarterbacks at the college level. In another year, there literally may be zero. There just may be not be anybody in that year who’s good enough to be a top-20 quarterback in the NFL.

“Even though you have a desperate need for one, you have to resist the temptation of taking that guy just because you have a need if you don’t believe he’s one of those 20 guys at the end of the day. I think that’s the hardest part, just maintaining your discipline because you have the need. That’s what we did this year.”

Along with entrusting the Cleveland starting job to Robert Griffin III, the decisions made and not made by the Browns at the quarterback position will become the first litmus test for the team’s new approach to the construction of a football team. And that litmus test commences by putting Griffin on the field against Wentz and the Eagles.

Wentz surely has his hands sufficiently full as he prepares for his first NFL start to notice or to care about the assessment from his first NFL opponent in a game that counts. Still, it spices up a game that potentially will pit teams destined for the first two picks in next year’s draft — which means, given the trade that brought Wentz to Philadelphia, that the Browns will be making both of those picks, in Philadelphia.

25 responses to “Browns didn’t have a high opinion of Carson Wentz

  1. Well the Browns didn’t like him? Looks like he’ll be a superstar! Browns don’t like great players.

  2. This game won’t prove anybody’s point. Now, 3 years from, let’s see how wentz is at qb, and let’s see who the browns drafted with all those picks, then finally we can see if the browns made a good choice.

  3. wait are browns talkin about wentz…

    or druggie manziel ? or 1 of the long line of loser cleve qb’s over the past 10 yrs ?

    regarding wentz, we shall see on sunday.

  4. I don’t know if Wentz is “THE guy’ or just “a guy” but I, for one, totally agree with DePodesta on this one. Every year in Cleveland they pound their fists to “take a QB, any QB!”. And we have. And they’ve sucked. If you don’t believe the guy is there, don’t take a QB. Period. End of story. Yes they took one this year but I don’t think they envision him as anything but a serviceable backup. I just hope one emerges from the college ranks this year that does look like “THE guy”. We have what looks like 2 high 1st rounders. May this be the year!

  5. Weird why they haven’t been good since they came back in 1999.

    Manziel – We need him (sketchy background and off field trouble)

    Wentz – Not gonna draft him (on and off the field leader)

  6. wentz might look good on a complete team on the browns he would have looked like trash anyways there is no real way to judge win or loos on the trade… put wentz on the broncos they win the superbowl with him does that make him a hall of fame qb??

  7. Smart 6′ 5″ 237lb. out of a pro system that won championships. hasn’t said a wrong word in any interview in his life. never missed a college class in his life, never been in trouble, gave his team mates and coaches all the credit for his success. thak you Cleveland.

  8. @genertcommenter; keep in mind theres no bigger Jared Goff apologist than Mike Silver. Cal was his Alma Mater also.

  9. You all are bashing Cleveland’s history of failed QB’S, as well you should be, but keep in mind not one of them was drafted by DePodesta. He was only made Chief Strategy Officer in January so I wouldn’t pin my hopes to Wentz being successful based on Cleveland’s draft history.

  10. Yeah, it takes an experienced MLB guy to spot true NFL talent. That’s why the Browns are still brown.

    When does it end???

  11. He was a college football player that worked in professional football before he ever took a job with MLB. He has a different way of evaluating talent that will translate to the NFL. They won’t be great this year, but the Browns will be a playoff team in the next 3 years…….and this is coming from a Ravens fan.

  12. Browns QB room at the time of the draft was RGIII and Josh McCown. Wentz wouldn’t have beaten either in a QB competition. Wentz to Cleveland would have made about as much sense as..well… every other time Cleveland has ever picked a QB in the first round of the draft when they had a guy way better already on the team which is pretty much every time they’ve ever picked a QB in the first round since coming back other than Tim Couch. Philadelphia didn’t have that luxury thanks to the Chip Kelly experiment stripping the team of anything good.

  13. In 2011, the Browns traded the #6 overall pick to Atlanta for two 1sts, a 2nd, and two 4ths.

    Atlanta got: Julio Jones
    Cleveland eventually wound up with: Phil Taylor, Greg Little, Owen Marecic, Brandon Weeden, and Trent Richardson

    In 2014, the Browns traded the #4 overall pick to Buffalo for two 1sts (#9 in ’14, #19 in ’15) and a 4th.

    Buffalo got: Sammy Watkins
    Cleveland got: Justin Gilbert, Cameron Erving, Ibraheim Campbell

    Here’s hoping Cleveland does better with the picks they got from Philly.

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