Troy Aikman rips FOX Sports for hiring Skip Bayless

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Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman is the No. 1 NFL analyst on FOX, but he’s not afraid to criticize his own employer.

Aikman ripped FOX for hiring Skip Bayless away from ESPN and giving Bayless his own First Take knockoff show on FOX Sports 1. Aikman has disliked Bayless since the 1990s, when Bayless wrote a book about the Cowboys that included unsubstantiated rumors that Aikman is gay.

“To say I’m disappointed in the hiring of Skip Bayless would be an enormous understatement,” Aikman told Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated. “Clearly, [Fox Sports president of national networks] Jamie Horowitz and I have a difference of opinion when it comes to building a successful organization. I believe success is achieved by acquiring and developing talented, respected and credible individuals, none of which applies to Skip Bayless.”

Aikman has long maintained that Bayless is an irresponsible, unethical journalist and shouldn’t have a platform at any media outlet. Aikman will continue to say that now, even though Bayless is now a FOX Sports colleague.

163 responses to “Troy Aikman rips FOX Sports for hiring Skip Bayless

  1. Aikman is 110% right on this…..

    However I’d like to be at Fox Sports holiday party and see these 2 in the same room cause I know after swigs of eggnog, Aikman will be fired up

  2. I’m not a Cowboys fan, but I have to give my utmost respect to Troy Aikman for being honest, and for what it’s worth I totally agree with Troy on this topic. I used to watch First Take until I recognized the show was clearly staged to generate interest with Dip Bayless polarizing his points to merely generate ratings.

    I will not be watching any TV that has that idiot Dip Bayless in it.

  3. Troy is 100% right. It’s utterly shocking that Bayless has parlayed trolling into a multi-million dollar career.

    Maybe codythao35 & ariani1985 could co-host?

    “Coming up next, a discussion on Titans rookie sensation Tajae Sharpe. Hey, any chance he’s related to Sterling Sharpe? Speaking of the Packers, they suck!” They manage to turn any topic into Packers trolling, like 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

  4. BREAKING: Skip Bayless reads Aikman’s comments, attempts to throw a fit, breaks his back in Tony Romo-like fashion and proceeds to call Tim Tebow to throw the fit for him, which was intercepted by Johnmy Manziel. The 3 were later seen turning up in a Vegas nightclub.

  5. Stay classy Troy. I understand your opinion on Bayless, and while I don’t entirely disagree, you lack the gravitas as “journalist” yourself to make such ambitious claims. The evidence of that is embodied in your comments here, where you clearly forego professionalism for personal bias.

  6. Bayless is, and always has been, an automatic “change the channel” sort of TV figure. To call him a journalist is to stretch the meaning of the word very thinly.

  7. Couldn’t agree more. Bayless is a perfect example of “click bait” reporting.

    Awful hiring by Fox. The guy makes peoples blood pressure rise. He’s unlikable, even more than Hilary Clinton.

    He develops off the wall opinions, knowing that people will watch/click just to disagree with him.

    Embodies everything that is wrong with “reporters/sports analysts”.

  8. What’s funny is that most of the comments have just one thumbs down, as if Skip himself is going down the list.

  9. No one cares for Bayless yet he managed to land that profitable and high profile gig. The Jerry Springer of sports media, it doesn’t say good things for the (ahem) ‘brain trust’ at Fox Sports that in a bid to be the anti bspn they hired a guy that represented some of the worst things about it.

  10. Sorry Troy, but that’s just how the media in general operates now. The days of responsible and honest journalism are a thing of the past. Now it’s all about hot takes, manufactured drama and getting viewers/readers worked up into a frenzy. Yellow journalism. Integrity doesn’t bring ratings and clicks.

  11. I’ve never seen a PFT message thread so uniformly united on an opinion. It appears to be about 99% in alignment with Troy Aikman, and 1% dissenting. Makes you wonder what Fox Sports is thinking.

  12. Bayless is among the worst of the bottom feeding liars from bspn who will literally make up any story or allegation he thinks will get him attention, and throw it out there hoping it will stick. Or at least get him clicks and attention.

    He is among the many reasons I have not watched the worldwide joke of sportscasting for the last ten years. He is the epitomy of a zero talent liar.

  13. Eagles fan here. Hated Troy and the Cowboys while he was a player. Love him as a commentator – he’s one of the best in the game.

    Skip Bayless is basically local-radio-level talent who somehow has managed to get on a national television network. Barely listenable for more than 10 minutes on radio and 100% unwatchable on TV.

  14. According to these comments, everybody hates Skip Bayles… Yet his ratings are through the roof and he just cashed in HUGE.

    So…. I’d say he’s played us all well. I don’t like him either, but I have to admit, he’s figured out the game. People like to watch people with strong opinions, not necessarily with things they agree with. This is why I cant listen to Mike Torrico. He’s the polar opposite of Skip. He is a nice guy who knows his sports and doesn’t make outrageous claims, but I can fall asleep listening to him. He doesn’t make me stop and listen to what it will say next. People forget that sports is just entertainment, and debating ridiculous positions is entertainment. Just look at their ratings… While sportscenter is going down, first take was going up.

    For everyone that says they hate Skips style, well the fact is more people watch it than the style you prefer. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  15. The man isn’t wrong seriously Skip Bayless is the worst case of sports journalism I’ve ever seen at least Rush Limbaugh and Jimmy the Greek were entertainingly bad, but this clown takes the cake.

  16. Glad Troy ripped Skip Baseless. Dude is no journalist in my book. Just a sensationalist hack who’ll never let the facts get in the way of some juicy gossip.

  17. Bayless claims to be the biggest Cowboys fan in the country. When their fans hate you and their hall of fame players hate you, you are not even close to biggest fan.

  18. In the world of sports reporting and analysis on television, there are two types of people: reporters and entertainers. Some are hired for their reporting and journalism skills, others are hired because of their personality and overall presence on air.

    What many don’t realize is that Skip gave up legitimate reporting a long time ago and is now more of an on air personality for entertainment purposes only. Whether or not you find him entertaining is completely up to you/

  19. You learn all you need to know about Bayless when you watch his YouTube drooling over and sloppy kiss predictions of Manziel.

    He’s a bigger tool than anything in the Sears Craftsman, Makita, Snap-On, Black & Decker, or Milwaukee inventory.

  20. I guess Bayless has some fans, otherwise why hire him? He is an idiot, I dont know anyone anywhere who does not detest him. For anyone who cares, the whole “gay” thing started over one thing. Troy, in his first year in Dallas, had no friends per se. He’s a different kind of guy. He rented (or bought) a house for his buddy from USC to move next to him–In Texas, in 1990, that was enough to make you gay. (I am from Texas and a lifelong fan). Bayless used this nonsense and other made up stories to write a sensationalized, negative book of trash. People forget, but the Cowboys were hated by many purist fans over the firing of Tom Landry. So, the Cowboys were an easy target at the time. Bayless writes this book, makes himself a national name, and its been his whole career. It’s why you know his name. He’s the kind of guy who stands under a staircase to look up skirts and snicker, but then tell on the first person he sees doing it. Worthless.

  21. The problem is it’s all about ratings. Fox would have no reason to hire Bayless if he had no audience. He does which, sadly, reflects on what many view as entertainment or credible journalism. Skip Bayless goes away when people stop watching him. Turn the channel to something that is actually worthwhile. I applaud Aikman for giving his opinion and putting his name behind it.

  22. Next Fox will sign Steven A. Then they can reunite these two.

    They should be on a sitcom together. They remind me of an old married couple that sits at the table over coffee and argues with one and other. Not because the other is wrong just because that can’t bear to agree with him or her.

  23. This is all about entertainment as most of those talking heads shows are and explains the popularity of Stephen A Smith and Bayless. The best thing I can say about Aikman is that he isn’t as bad as Phil Simms.

  24. Wait a minute, didn’t Bayless also convict Brady of being a ball deflater in total agreement with Aikman wile ignoring all scientific evidence and principles that refuted those allegations?

    But once the same rumor mongerer falsely claims you are gay, he is forever in your craphouse?

    Way to go, Troy, yeah.

  25. Well Troy, many of us can’t believe Joe Buck and yourself are the #1 team of announcers year after year at Fox. Buck’s voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard! There has to be a more talented play-by-play man at Fox. If not, go find one. Please!

  26. If I see Skip Bayless on TV I do, and will continue to, just turn the channel. I have absolutely no interest in his opinion of anything.

  27. Never in my life have I ever heard anyone – in the media or in person – stick up for Skip Bayless. He’s clearly on TV for trolling purposes only.

  28. why are you agreeing with him? don’t watch… there are thousands of other shows you can watch instead of that one.

  29. Even if he was/is gay (which is nobody’s biz anyhow), I suggest that it didn’t seem to hurt those Dallas teams in the 90s…they won a couple of Super Bowls, I do believe.

  30. I loathe the ground that Troy Barkman walks on and wish him nothing but awful. He is one of the worst announcers in football (along with his fellow self image suckup Phil Simms).

    Anything that makes Troy Barkman unhappy is fine with me. And I don’t care if Bayless is pond scum – he’s a better human being than Barkman.

  31. Troy, I like you even more and I’m a Giants fan! Thank you for standing up for what is right and ethical. That should also make good business, but FOX is a special organization that many have come to dislike. So Fox got Skip Bayless and lost Greta Van Susteran on the same day. If that doesn’t tell you they are going to wrong way, nothing should.

  32. Bayles’s ain’t that bad. He’s just a TV show host. No one takes his takes that seriously. I can say that ESPN has gotten down right unwatchable. New talent there is terrible.

  33. You’re using the term journalist pretty loosely here.

    And the person I feel worst for is Max Kellerman. His journalistic integrity took a major hit when he signed up opposite that screaming fool.

    Skip never had any integrity, and now he’s teamed up with Mushmouth, the brain damaged donkey.

    Dan Patrick is the only real journalist in TV sports talk. The rest are frauds.

  34. During this time (1990’s) Skip Bayless accuses Troy Aikman of being gay. Aikman was dating one of my girlfriend’s good friends (a female). So at the very least Bayless is a piss poor journalist and researcher of facts. At best, Aikman could be bisexual, but I highly doubt it.

    Bayless owes the man a public apology.

  35. Troy sure seems butthurt. Maybe Skip was right. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But it’s Troy’s choice to decide whether to come out or not.

  36. C’mon now everyone knows that Phil Simms is a terrible color analyst, but, to claim that Troy Aikman is even remotely near that level of poor announcing is insane!

    Phil Simms never calls out ANYBODY for doing ANYTHING. That’s why they always called him the choir boy on Inside the NFL because he doesn’t even analyze the game he just makes excuses for teams and compliments everybody. It makes me ill.

  37. Everyone hates Bayless, myself included, but every single one of us, knows who he is, what show he comes from and what he is famous for.

    Dude is laughing at us all the way to the bank. People who used to listen to Stern that hated him listened to him longer than the people who loved him. You watch him to hate him. But you watch…

  38. Geez Troy. You work for FOX, and you were upset because someone said something that might not have been factual? Are you serious?

  39. Aikman can get upset, but the whole gay thing came from his pissing match with his head coach, trying to get Barry Switzer fired. It was a rumor that allegedly many in the locker room were whispering. Was there any evidence? No. But tanking games, calling receivers the N-word when they make a mistake, and being a cancer against your coach will get a response. Now Skip Bayless was a tool for trying to make a few bucks carrying Barry Switzer’s water, and I’m not a fan of his show’s format, but Aikman bears a chunk of blame.

  40. It does to show that idiots in suits at the networks are not always the sharpest tools in the shed. The Fox Network has some real loons in ownership and management but they had been known for quite a while.

  41. nodiosmio says:
    Sep 6, 2016 2:25 PM
    C’mon now everyone knows that Phil Simms is a terrible color analyst, but, to claim that Troy Aikman is even remotely near that level of poor announcing is insane!

    Phil Simms never calls out ANYBODY for doing ANYTHING.

    Clearly you’ve never watched a NE game when Phil is working. Dbag second only to collinsworth.

  42. my question is who watches these shows……seriously. Watch the game and get off your ass afterwards and go outside. If no one watches his show then he’s not there.

  43. “Aikman has long maintained that Bayless is an irresponsible, unethical journalist and shouldn’t have a platform at any media outlet”
    The only thing about Aikman’s characterization with which I would disagree is the word “journalist”

  44. Bayless just says garbage to get rise out of everyone. He’s no different than a shock jock or political talking head that makes made up, over the top comments.

    The way to bring down Bayless is ignore him and don’t watch his show. When he gets no attention he fades away and nobody will care. Simple.

  45. I’m surprised Fox didn’t hire Stephen A along with him since it’s now clear that they’re going for the lowest common denominator. Don’t blame Troy a bit for being pissed off.

    However, the company Christmas party should be interesting this year.

  46. Bayless once suggested Aikman is gay, that was a long time ago,did anyone in all the years since ever find out if he wrote the truth when he said that? it was years ago when being gay was condemed by the most people but now it is far more accepted in our culture so Troy if you are its ok to come out now.

  47. How did Aikman get into the HOF? Sure he was in a team that won some championships, but Dallas won those games in spite of Aikman….not because of him. Aikman was a mediocre QB at best.

  48. I watched the debut of “Undisputed” today featuring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe on FS1, and I have to say it was quite enjoyable. Sharpe and Bayless have good chemistry, and both do a good job expressing their opinions. After just one viewing I already like it better than First Take with Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman. I guess people love to hate Skip Bayless, but people also apparently love to watch Skip Bayless. Skip got very high ratings on First Take at ESPN, Fox Sports isn’t paying Bayless 6 Million a year for nothing. I imagine Bayless has apologised to Aikman, and if he hasn’t he should. But that’s between Aikman and Bayless. Meantime I’ll be watching Undisputed on weekday mornings. Mike & Mike is morphing into Live With Kelly or Good Morning America due to all the fluff now.

  49. Ben Greenwood gets his info from Wikipedia. Switzer never said anything about Aikman being gay, that rumor started and was snickered about long before Barry got there. Aikman had no love for Barry’s “let the boys be boys” style of coaching, but they still won a Super Bowl together. btw—Aikman will be the first person to tell you Barry Switzer has forgotten more about football than most head coaches coaching today will ever know. Barry is just Barry, and he never said anything to any “journalist” about Aikman being gay. Aikman had problems with Switzer that he has spoken about publicly. Switzer never uttered a bad word about Aikman at all through that whole time. Some people pretend to know things they dont.

  50. Takes some major guts to do what Troy just did. Thats the kind of thing people do when they are trying to intentionally be fired. 95% of America is with you Troy. The other 5% are fans of first fake and they also believe that Steven A Smith is a credible and legitimate journalist.

  51. Skip and StevenA are not the reasons I have a TV and I will not spend anymore time with them then however long it takes to push a button on the remore.

  52. Aikman is 100% right. Skip Bayless is the most obnoxious know nothing in sports commentary. He is beyond arrogant and ignorant.
    He is even worse than Jim Rome, another little arrogant twerp. Bayless is so bad, he even made Stephen A. Smith seem tolerable.
    Fox should have their heads examined for hiring Bayless. They already have one knucklehead with Terry Bradshaw, but at least he’s likable.
    Boooooooo Fox!!!!!!!!!!

  53. When a issue unites us Eagle Phans with Cowboy fans…It speaks volumes. Skip is worthless. I say a celerity Death Match with these two is the only time I’d watch Dip Bayless

  54. “However I’d like to be at Fox Sports holiday party and see these 2 in the same room cause I know after swigs of eggnog, Aikman will be fired up”

    Actually, Troy would be drinking a Cosmo…

  55. onebones says:
    Sep 6, 2016 2:54 PM
    Geez Troy. You work for FOX, and you were upset because someone said something that might not have been factual? Are you serious?

    4 7
    Report comment

    ..You’re confused Fox with CNN, MSNBC, ABC,CBS, NBC

  56. Trying to remember the last time I agreed with Troy before today……..

    Nope, I got nothing.

    But I’m with him all the way on this one. Fortunately, the other bloviating idiot recently hired by FOX is on the same program, so they will be easy to avoid.

  57. Those networks would hire Colin Kaepernick if they thought it would get them ratings.

    Can you imaging sitting around and listening to monotone Aikman and no emotion Buck for anything other than a football game, where their droning is at least broken up by the game?

  58. Troy Aikman gives you the same level of prescient analysis as most any random pick of jock-sniffers from any big-city sports bar. Maybe he has more in reserve, but he’s paired with the most drone-prone announcer in sports history, who dares you to mute the TV – so perhaps he holds back. But I doubt it. I hate it when Fox has the SB.

    There is no confusing Aikman for Collinsworth, and Michaels is a star compared to Buck. Collinsworth predicts plays before they happen: more football IQ and fewer documented concussions.

    Skip thinks on his feet, doesn’t fly to the flavor of the week player, and he didn’t wobble when the likes of the always-entertaining SA Smith got going.

  59. If Skippy were still on ESPN, right about now I’d say he’d have a dumbass comment like “My prediction for the Super Bowl Stephen A., is this. Are you looking at my face now? You see my dramatic look? The Cleveland Browns are winning the Super Bowl. Robert Griffin III will the the MVP. Now look at me pause for dramatic effect.”

  60. Bayless and Stephen A. Smith are two of the worst in all of sports television. Whenever I see either one,I immediately change the channel. It’s mind boggling to me that these two keep getting hired. Troy Aikman is 100% correct on this one.

  61. Skip Bayless is the clickbait of sports tv. He’ll say outrageous things to generate ratings. Remember his advice to Houston to take Manziel with the first pick in the draft? Yeah, he said it.

  62. Aikman is as biased as biased can be,especially when he is involved with something to do with the cowboys!~ He is always one sided! Bayless is an obviuos step in the wrong direction and grade lower than most! These people that pull the network strings are obviously so disconnected to the networks that they should delegate what goes on like the relationship of owner and coach! jerry jones should pay attention! I remember when Mon night football put that idiot richard lewis on the program and the things he said had nothing to do with football at least Cossell was entertaining!

  63. At least they hired Bayless instead of that loudmouth idiot Stephen A Smith. Bayless may have gotten some things wrong, but he was usually never afraid to challenge the politically correct ESPN by speaking out in support of Tim Tebow among others and for that he has my respect.

  64. Aikman should rip them for the rehiring of Jimmy “THE SNAKE IN THE GRASS” Johnson for bolting on the Dolphins the way he did and returning to FOX. Johnson won in Dallas because the Minnesota PIGEONS gave him a slew of picks for a washed-up Herschel Walker. Barry Switzer won with that time. I COULD HAVE! Johnson only came back that last year in Miami to stick it to Shula because when Shula heard Johnson wanted to leave after ’98, Shula wanted Huizenga to hire Marty Shottenheimer. Johnson, however, came back so he could stick the team with Dave WANNCLUELESS! When I see Johnson on TV, I yell, “GET THAT SOB OFF!” and hit MUTE!

  65. Bayless is a lot better than Joe Buck. I will not listen to anything on TV that Joe is a part of. And Skip isn’t riding on daddy’s coat tails.

  66. “Bayless is a lot better than Joe Buck”

    I don’t even know WTF Skip Bayless is, but in regard to Joe Buck…….the powers that be at FOX think he’s the cat’s meow. They obviously don’t care what the majority of viewers seem to think. As long as the ratings hold up (which they will because this is the NFL we’re talking about), that’s all they care about.

  67. That’s a long time to hold a grudge. I’m sure there were plenty of people who speculated about that rumor back in the day. Skip was the first guy to recognize Manziel’s drinking problem so he is cutting edge at least some of the time.

  68. Poor Skip. I mean geez, you start one tiny little completely unsubstantiated rumor questioning the sexual orientation of a star QB in the prime of his career and you’re scarred for life.

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