Saints release quarterback Garrett Grayson

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Just as the Saints are closing in on keeping their franchise quarterback, they’re moving on from a guy who they apparently believed could be groomed to some day replace him.

Per a league source, the Saints have waived quarterback Garrett Grayson.

The third quarterback selected a year ago, Grayson played college football at Colorado State. He appeared in no games as a rookie.

Grayson, the 75th pick in 2015, was third on the depth chart behind Drew Brees and veteran Luke McCown. It’s unclear whether the Saints will carry a third quarterback on the roster.

28 responses to “Saints release quarterback Garrett Grayson

  1. Another poor pick. I’m telling you – it is time to move on from the Brees era – we are no longer in win now mode!

    I love Brees as much as anyone and he is still a great quarterback – but $25mil/year Brees is NOT what the Saints need right now!

  2. Drew has had a great career in both San Diego and N.O. but is getting kind of long in the tooth.

    How much can they commit to the guy?

  3. Based on timing, it may be that they just wanted to make sure they could get him through to the practice squad. Most teams are going to mess with their roster before week 1 games.

  4. Aaaand the Saints kick the QB can down the road for another 2 years. At some point Loomis is going to have a different plan for the future than just giving Drew Brees a bajillion more dollars.

  5. a guy who calls himself average….says Drew Brees is overrated….very funny. Also, last year when he played an 11-0 Panthers team Brees was 22/42 with 281 yards 3 TD’s and one pick with a QB rating of 91.6. Yes, a lot of stat padding against poor teams. Panthers came back and one that game 41-38….so also not playing from behind the whole game. Pay the man

  6. So many early round draft picks only last a year or two. Sad state of affairs to be in those guys’ shoes especially if you didn’t finish your degree in college.

  7. By way of comparison, after a record breaking year in Denver, GM Elway had 39 year old Manning take a sizeable paycut. That’s why Elway has piloted the Broncos to the AFC West Crown 5 out of 5 years.

  8. It’s time to dial 1-800-MOVE-THE-HELL-ON from Mickey Loomis and Drew Brees! How arrogant of Brees to ask for $100 million on his last legs. I saw the decline two years ago. I’m afraid we’re going to witness another ending like our native son Peyton Manning. Talk about painful and sad to see!

    As someone else posted, so many of Brees’ stats are in garbage time, which usually begins around halftime because they Saints are so far behind. They can’t run, therefore, they have to throw because they are 24 points down in the second quarter!

    The cost of living in New Orleans is so low, Brees and five more generations are set. But, ohhh, the greed! It’s the American way.

  9. The cost of living in New Orleans is so low, Brees and five more generations are set. But, ohhh, the greed! It’s the American way.
    Brees 2015: 4870 yds 32 TDs and 11 INTs
    Sounds like a huge decline lol… Top 5 QB in the league and all he wants is fair market value. Maybe change to ramsfaninhollywood LOL

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