Watt questioned last winter whether he’d ever play again


Texans defensive end J.J. Watt told reporters Wednesday that there were some days last winter that he worried about ever being healthy enough to return to the field.

“After the first surgery, there were some days there where I really, really questioned whether or not I would ever be able to play again,” Watt said, per the team’s official transcript. “Just some of the stuff we were dealing with from a rehab standpoint, just the way recovery was going early on…way back in January and February, there was a very low point there.”

Watt had groin surgery after last season and then had surgery to repair a herniated disc in late July, and Wednesday he was candid about his road back.

“[After the first surgery] I was in a hotel room in Philadelphia for 10 days straight not being able to really walk or anything,” Watt said. “With this this back surgery, after going through the first one…it was almost like, ‘screw it, let’s get it over with, let’s get through it.’ This one has almost been a fun challenge to overcome.”

Watt, who’s never missed a game in his five-year career, was activated from the physically unable to perform list last weekend and is expected to play in Sunday’s season opener despite having missed all of training camp and the offseason.

“It’s definitely…the most difficult offseason I’ve had,” Watt said. “It definitely gives you a new outlook, kind of a fresh approach. You see things from a different light when you’re going through stuff and you go through the ups and downs. I’m really looking forward to coming out and having a new mountain to climb.

“There have been some days where it sucked. It absolutely sucked. But I enjoyed the adversity that we faced and I enjoyed having to overcome those things and challenges I haven’t had before. I hope to never have an offseason like this again, but I definitely learned and grew from it.”

37 responses to “Watt questioned last winter whether he’d ever play again

  1. And people wonder why Calvin Johnson retired early. He had three straight offseasons with surgeries and missed most of camp every time.

  2. Sounds like that old Hefty bags commercial……Wimpy, Wimpy,Wimpy.
    Dude is overrated and I’ll tell you one thing……..I’ve suffers more injuries that would make his mind blow and comeback just fine.
    No I don’t get paid to play. But I got a wide and kids to support. Really, you waaaaayyyy over paid jock!

  3. Players are people first. They’re not just bags of meat that smash each other to bits for our entertainment. Every player needs to make a responsible decision about when to hang up their cleats for good.

    If Watt stays healthy and decides to continue to play for a long time, he will be the GOAT at his position.

  4. @chris1cat he’s not at all overrated. No one who has watched him play can seriously make that claim.

    Every time he opens his mouth (or make the naughty no-no finger wag) I wish he would just shut the hell up and keep his hands on his knees.

  5. NFL Not For Long. He is getting very beat up, and will decline steadily, and he will be a crippled young man when he quits.

  6. Wait a minute here…

    When Watt had the surgery just a short time ago, he and the team said the injury had just happened.

    Not last winter. Summer.

  7. Ive had worse injury and changed my career. It would take me a long time to make the money he does. All he does is play a game. No remorse from me

  8. Give the man a break. He has worked hard, played hard, hasent broken any rules, either NFL, or legal. Just an overall posirive guy who delivers. Yeah, he pumps his brand, but who wouldent. He is the all american, next door guy of the NFL.

  9. In direct contrast, Clowney was thinking last winter whether he’d ever be able to play ever.

  10. seanx40 says:
    Sep 7, 2016 7:21 PM
    Wait a minute here…

    When Watt had the surgery just a short time ago, he and the team said the injury had just happened.

    Not last winter. Summer.

    He had a groin injury that needed surgery before the back surgery…that is what he was talking about…look it up

  11. Look, I like Watt. He is a crazy good player and you’d be crazy not to want him on your team. He puts up the numbers AND is constantly taking on double teams, freeing up his defensive teammates to make plays.

    But, he sensationalizes a lot, good and bad. He reminds me of “The Rock” Duane Johnson, very WWE like in the way he carries himself but very skilled in football no doubt

  12. Coming from the media-blasting, omnipresence that is Me Me Watt, this whole retirement talk feels like just another ploy to stay in the spotlight.

  13. All these people whining about JJ would take him on their team in a heartbeat. Hoping he is in a wheelchair in 18 months so he can stop beating up on your QBs. Get real. Just say you don’t like him and move on, all the other stuff is BS.

  14. So you are telling me Derpy Godell called Watt in to question him about playing again? I wonder what he has on Watt now…

  15. I have to imagine espn and fox sports one are battling over getting JJ watt saying this in front of a camera, with somber music playing…maybe in front of a fireplace…

  16. I hate my job so therefore I hate everyone who gets to do anything extradanry with there life! Especially football players! He plays a game and gets payed millions?!?! I collect money in a toll both and get payed next to nothing! How is that fare?!? Stop complaining! No one cares! I care so little that I posted a comment!

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