Jed York: $1M donation to “get the focus where it belongs”

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The 49ers confirmed their reported plans to donate $1 million to two Bay Area groups in a statement from team CEO Jed York on Thursday.

In a tweet linking to the statement, York wrote that he was proud to make a donation designed to “get the focus where it belongs.”

“Today, I am committing that the 49ers Foundation will contribute $1 Million to the cause of improving racial and economic inequality and fostering communication and collaboration between law enforcement and the communities they serve here in the Bay Area.

We are partnering with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and the San Francisco Foundation in this effort. We have chosen to work with these two organizations because they have proven track records of affecting change in the face of challenging problems and have the collective reach to make the greatest impact. Silicon Valley Community Foundation is the largest community foundation in the world, managing $7.3 billion in assets and more than 1,800 philanthropic funds globally. The San Francisco Foundation has served the people of the Bay Area since 1948, almost as long as the 49ers franchise. We are excited to work with these two renowned foundations over the coming months to develop a giving plan to help our community find unifying solutions to these pressing issues.”

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has also pledged $1 million to community groups since his decision not to stand during the national anthem caught public notice. That decision has sparked a wide range of responses, including this one from the 49ers that could serve as a model for others who agree with some or all of the sentiments that Kaepernick has expressed if not the manner that he’s expressed them.

31 responses to “Jed York: $1M donation to “get the focus where it belongs”

  1. Bay area? Already one of the unsafest places to see a sporting event.

    Fan on fan crime.

    This is obviously a PR move that had to be made.

  2. Classy move. Meanwhile, the entitled, bicep kissing primadonna, Kaeperdick, has done absolutely nothing behind the scenes to make a difference.

    He just wants the attention on himself because he lost his job, and this is the way he can get it.

    He’s a phony.

  3. How is throwing money at the problem helping? The solution doesn’t cost a dime. Start obeying the laws and show respect for your fellow citizens and the police.

  4. They’ll write it off in taxes. Can’t wait to watch this team implode when they start losing.

  5. Appeasement never works. Appeasing someone that knowingly and intentionally insults those who have served is a travesty. This is not about social correctness. Kaepernick intentionally insulted more than half of the US… and you’re going to reward him? Unbelievable!

  6. I’m not a fan of how Kaepernick has presented his misplaced crusade. I personally think he’s an idiot.
    But, with that said, I think this is brilliant of the Niners. Instead of letting the drama drive you, harness it and do good.
    It’s cool that, instead of making him an enemy, they’re throwing in beside him.
    That’s smart, and the right thing to do.
    Good for them.
    I’m actually impressed.

  7. “Bay area? Already one of the unsafest places to see a sporting event.”

    So unfortunately true. I gave up my Raider season tickets mostly because they sucked for years and the coliseum is a crap hole. I never had a problem with violence.
    I know for a fact that, at Niners games, it’s a given. SF gang bangers starting fights.
    And it’s funny, because most of those guys weigh 145 soaking wet. But they’re a swarm.
    Can’t do anything one on one.

  8. Success starts and comes from the community, law enforcement only has to get involved when the people fail each other time after time after time again.

  9. Classy of York to back up his player! I respect our flag but it stands for Kaepernicks right not to stand as much as my right to stand and he is bringing attention to matters that need much more action in this nation.

    I respect that NFL players are coming to understand that their economic standing and the popularity of their sport does afford them some opportunity to have a say, try to make things better for others and draw attention to important issues.

    Some of the folks that comment on these threads need to put some thought into these thngs too and not always post purely to comfort their own egos.

    Back to football – GO COWBOYS!!!

  10. I cannot tell what either of these charitable organizations does, but the one in Silicon Valley sounds like the sort that uses computer industry thinking and buzzwords to solve problems without actually understanding them, and the one in SF is well meaning and more liberal but not very well grounded. In short, York is giving money to groups that are not interested in addressing the issues Kaepernick is raising. Or any issues, really.

  11. The Niners have made it a habit of reacting to their players trying to save face. Aldon smith, Navarro bowman, Bruce Miller, Ray McDonald, Chris culliver and now Kaperchoke. They really have become the biggest joke in the NFL. Congrats to Cleveland and Jacksonville. You’ve been dethroned. Worst run team on the field and off the field. #EVERYONEHASITBETTER

  12. That million should have been offered to Harbaugh to make him stay. That would have at least cured their main football problem. Kaepernick may have reached such heights he never would have had time think about anything but football.

  13. Hey Jed, 49’ers fan since early 70’s. However until the disrespect of the Anthem ends, you get no more of my $ and your sponsors get no more of my eyeballs. USA Hockey coach Tortorella has it right – If you don’t stand for the Anthem, you don’t play that game.

  14. Good gesture. Of course people satisfied with the status quo, will not like a rich man giving away his money, because it might actually spur change.

  15. If everyone focused half the effort they do on disrespect, that they should on the original issue with the respect and dignity everyone deserves, the bad apples would be weeded out on both sides. Don’t ask for the respect you think you deserve unless you offer it in kind.

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