Thursday Night wrap-up: Broncos bludgeon Cam Newton to win opener


Cam Newton took plenty of shots after the Super Bowl — for not diving on a loose ball, for not having an MVP-type game, for not talking afterward.

But Thursday night, the shots he took were strictly from the Broncos, and some of them were even legal.

The Broncos again got plenty of hits on the reigning MVP in the 21-20 win in the regular season opener, echoing the result of Super Bowl 50 if not the style.

Newton took a savage beating over the course of the night, but still had his team in position to win, as Graham Gano missed a 50-yard field goal which would have won it.

The Panthers quarterback took a number of helmet-to-helmet hits, including three during the third quarter alone. Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall can probably look forward to a letter from the league asking for a donation for his, since he launched himself. The fourth obvious one, on safety Darian Stewart, was nullified late by an intentional grounding call.

The Broncos were able to win a title by roughing Newton up in Santa Clara, and he was clearly struggling in the second half as the punishment added up. How he finished a game is a testament to his toughness, though he might be paying the price for this one for weeks.

Here are five more things we learned during the opening night Thursday edition of Sunday Night Football:

1. It’s too early to pull the plug on the Trevor Siemian experiment, of course. (Right?)

But the former Northwestern quarterback looked overmatched at moments of his first professional start. Granted, having to make that start against Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis and one of the best defenses in football doesn’t help. But there were a number of ill-advised throws that made you wonder how many he’d actually get.

The Broncos survived a physically deficient Peyton Manning last year, but Manning was also mentally alert enough to not throw certain passes (like the floater in the face of a blitz that was picked off in the third quarter). If Siemian becomes more careful with the ball, he can hang around and keep the job for a while, at least until first-rounder Paxton Lynch is ready.

He was better as the game went on, and as Gary Kubiak’s hand-picked starter, he’s going to get chances to keep the job.

2. The Panthers were willing to play their young cornerbacks off the ball, for a few reasons.

One, they’re playing a pair of rookies after letting Josh Norman go to Washington after they rescinded the franchise tag. They used second and third-round picks on corners, and surrounded them with a collection of spare parts and journeymen (such as former fifth-round Bene Benwikere).

But that’s kind of what Norman was, a former fifth-round pick who needed three years to become trustworthy.

The Panthers knew there was a risk of the kids being overwhelmed if they tried to cover Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders alone, so they didn’t put them in those positions. And Benwikere came up with a third-quarter interception (timing his jump nicely to grab a blitz-hurried pass), the kind of contribution he’s going to need to make as the de facto leader at the position.

3. If there was an underrated aspect to the Panthers’ loss in the Super Bowl, it was the early injury to running back Jonathan Stewart which kept him from playing a big role.

He finished that game with 12 carries for 29 yards. Thursday, he had 15 carries for 59 yards, and was available throughout.

Not having Stewart available in the Super Bowl made Newton the best rushing threat they had, and took away the threat of the read option. It also put the ball in Mike Tolbert’s hands more often, and the veteran fullback had a rare fumble.,

Stewart has never been the most durable back in the league, but he’s explosive and physical, and when he’s in the game, it makes a huge difference in Newton’s ability to be “just a quarterback.”

4. The Broncos have a huge home field advantage, and the noise contributed to the Panthers burning timeouts in both halves.

That led to some unorthodox/sloppy decisions by the Panthers throughout the game.

They’re not the cleanest team in the league in terms of clock management, but Ron Rivera’s not Andy Reid either.

5. Panthers guard Trai Turner was flagged for taunting after the first touchdown of the game, for a not-over-the-top move.

He hopped up and down behind Broncos cornerback Chris Harris, an unnecessary but not menacing move.

It’s only notable because it was the first such penalty called this season, which would have resulted in an ejection if repeated. If the first victim of that new rule has one as thin as that one, coaches and players alike are going to howl.

139 responses to “Thursday Night wrap-up: Broncos bludgeon Cam Newton to win opener

  1. Hard hits came after he ran his mouth all first half ever each play. That dude needs to grow up. And if they are going to nail his OL for taunting, they better hold him to the same standard.

  2. If the league is going to claim to be serious about protecting players from illegal hits to the head, there should be at least three Broncos players suspended at least a game. That was absolutely ridiculous, especially since the one they DID call was offset.

  3. Broncos: 1-0
    Panthers: 0-1
    NFL Network pathetic talking heads: 0-1
    Time to listen to Sirius XM from now on. Once again the NFL Network just proved itself irrelevant.

  4. Waaayy to many shots to the head in the contest. NFL player safety be damned. And in what context is a helmet-to-helmet shot negated by intentional grounding? Looks like they need to revise that.

  5. Nobody can ever question newton’s toughness! Guy took a royal beating tonight, and kept on coming back. We might not like his attitude at times or demeanor. But I don’t think we can question how tough the guy is after tonight.

  6. So why wasn’t Cam evaluated after that heavy helmet hit on the final drive? If the NFL is serious about protecting their players, that means pulling stars in crucial moments sometimes.

    – From a fan of neither team.

  7. a question ,why didn’t Newton have to come out of the game after the Stewart hit ? He was down on the field for a little while but was allowed to stay in?

  8. NFC North champions the Minnesota Vikings also glad Gano did his best Blair Walsh and the Panthers lost!

  9. the refs once again missed a blatant helmet to helmet on cam newton from Von miller. They missed one in the Super Bowl that changed the game. I swear they call that against Brady or Rodgers. It’s so frustrating.

  10. Broncos qb played fine… in fact much better than I had expected. You look like a hater that didn’t watch the game before writing this… not even a fan, but the Broncos will be fine.

  11. This guy is not a very good qb, last year everything broke right for him. This year the rest of the league studied the SB film and he will be off everyone’s top 10 qb radar by seasons end just like Eli manning was the season after he won the SB. Within a year he went from a top 5 qb on every pundents list to no mans land.

  12. Numerous calls that should have been ruffing the passer that Brady, Manning and Rodgers would have had called…not making excuses for Cam Newton, but that game was horribly officiated…

  13. Turn the ball over 3 times inside the opponent 30 and still win with a QB that had never thrown a pass in the NFL???

    The Broncos must have done something right – how about a few props for the 2nd year QB??

    Carolina is a very, very good team that had an immense amount of motivation. That was a great win for the Broncos.

  14. Dude is Jekyll and Hyde. He celebrated after each play HE made, then pushed the home players and talked trash when they made plays or tried to pump the crowd up. He looked to the ref every time he got touched (even legally). I am sure he will be a pleasure to interview in the presser. I have no dog in this fight but know a wounded dog when I see one.

  15. and as soon they start losing watch his teammates support start to dwindle. He treats them like crap. Sure, he cheers when they make big plays, but he berates them or sulks like a little biotch when they do not make plays. Not a recipe to be a long time winner in that league. His body language alone can kill a drive on either side of the ball.

  16. Where’s the dabbing now superman? Pull that towel over your head and sulk back to where you belong.

  17. So called experts might want to change their 6-10 predictions for the Broncos. They will be tough to beat at home for sure. Should get better with new OL and QB.

    Not sure they’ll face a Defense better than Carolina the rest of the year.

  18. Overmatched? Hang around? Did you watch the same second-year seventh-round pick we all did tonight? The kid looked poised to me.

    Quit making excuses for the Panthers to justify your bad picks. You guessed their score right; we’re happy for you.

  19. Plenty of motivation for Panthers. Stadium naming rights and trash talk could not get it done. Trevor did fine! Defense just warming up. Was worried about a 10-6 season because this one was going to be tough. Raiders and Chiefs fans, if there are any, should now be concerned; contenders should take notice. Teams missing their starting QB for first 4 should be shaking like Mile High tonight!

  20. Darin must have been watching a different game because Siemian looked pretty solid to me. He had a bad under throw under duress on one pick and the other was great play by Jones- not a bad decision.

    He made a number of good throws into tight windows and also pulled the ball down a couple of times instead of forcing it.

  21. This article a bit harsh against Siemian.
    Dude hung in there vs one of the best defences in the NFL in his FIRST ever start.

  22. The Panthers didn’t play two rookies at corner, just one. Bradberry and Benwikere played outside and Maclean at nickel…

  23. scam newton deserved to lose. talking big after every little play. grandstanding like that and you deserve to get hit hard

  24. Say what you want, I saw a couple hits to the head that were not called. Calls need to be the same for everyone. With that said, Cam has an obvious attitude when things are not going his way.

  25. How bout reintroducing that as 5 pieces of proof Gantt can’t write objectively about the Panthers and their competition?

    I thought Simien showed a ton of ability, made a couple of mistakes in his first Nfl game, big deal. I look forward to seeing what he can do.

  26. Fascinating game. Both teams look good and look like they’ll be in the thick of it all year. The critiques of Siemian in this piece seem silly – it was his first-ever NFL game, so his mistakes were understandable and relatively few.

    I was knocked out by C.J. Anderson – what a powerful performance. This is the guy Denver was waffling over? Whew. He carried a lot of their offensive effort.

    The final kick was pretty interesting to watch. Gano looked so cool and confident on his first kick, like there was no doubt. His body language was so good. Then the icing time out, and you could see his body language change dramatically. He was suddenly trying hard to stay in the “zone”, and he seemed much more tentative and uncertain setting up for the second kick. It was a completely textbook case of icing the kicker.

    Which still seems a little unsportsmanlike, and the excess head hits on Newton were ugly. Hope Denver stops taking such corner-cutting measures to win.

  27. Neither a broncos or panthers fan, but I’m glad to see the panthers lose solely due to that extreme bailout on that 4th and 21. That’s essentially a hail Mary play and to call that ticky tack foul was atrocious. The official instanty threw his flag 100 mph 20 yards down field too. Just bizarre.

  28. Thanks for the update. I didn’t watch it, because not everyone was standing for the Anthem. The NFL and their sponsors need to know this will be the case forevermore. My $ and eyeballs will be elsewhere until respect for the Anthem is restored. USA Hockey coach Tortorella has it right – you don’t stand for the Anthem means you don’t play that game!

  29. This is the perfect team for Denver’s altitude. Many teams make the same mistake Carolina did tonight. They come out hyped up, energized, and trash talking. They burn their energy in the first half. You could visibly see a shift in the Panthers midway through the 3rd qtr. And they looked whipped in the 4th. They have the talent to push through, but all that jumping around in the first half came back to haunt them later.

  30. The Panthers got 3 turnovers, rushed for over 150 yards, had a 10-point 4th quarter lead & we’re playing against a QB who had never thrown a pass in a NFL game……and STILL LOST???!!!!



  31. krm62015 says:
    Sep 8, 2016 11:59 PM
    Hard hits came after he ran his mouth all first half ever each play. That dude needs to grow up. And if they are going to nail his OL for taunting, they better hold him to the same standard.


    Wasn’t aware there was a rule that it’s okay to do helmet to helmet hits on a quarterback if he celebrated too much.

  32. Most people tend to dislike big baby egomaniacs in the NFL. My favorite team is who ever is playing against the self-proclaimed superman. As if…

  33. What the hell happened to the concussion protocol the NFL made such a ballyhoo about? I can’t stand Cam but his brains have got to be scrambled after that game. Great job Roger.

  34. Alternate headline: NFL’s credibility bludgeoned during opener.

    Blatant shots to QB’s head: 4 or 5.
    Total flags thrown: 1.
    Total penalty yardage: 0.
    Concussion protocol: LOL.

    Laughable all around, but I think the best part was where the personal foul of illegally hitting the QB in the head is nullified by a non-contact penalty on the offense.

    What a joke.

  35. Cam likes to lower his head into hits. It’s no excuse for the D to hit him in the head, but if Cam wants to remember his kids names in 15 years he needs to learn how to take a hit without driving his head into it.

  36. Not sure what game this guy was watching, but from where I sat, Trevor Siemian looked exceptional for a guy who’s had never thrown a pass in the NFL before tonight.

    Panthers were lucky to be in the game after the hands to the face penalty to Chris Harris….

  37. ^^^^^^^^^^
    I agree never to early to think about home field. Especially for my favorite team. Cam blew that game. It wasn’t as bad as running from that fumble in the super bowl but how many timeouts do you have to waste before it sways the ending of a game. He was slow getting outta the huddle. He’s played long enough to have that be unacceptable. Panthers have a good team but no lombardies for him in the future when you blow games like that.

  38. “The Broncos survived a physically deficient Peyton Manning last year, but Manning was also mentally alert enough to not throw certain passes (like the floater in the face of a blitz that was picked off in the third quarter). ”

    Peyton ended the regular season with 9 TDs and 17 INTs. He was a turnover machine in almost every game. But he wasn’t as bad as Trevor was tonight? Lol. Some of us know the facts and actually remember Peytons pathetic season and performances last year.

  39. Pretty impressed with siemians play and he showed that he can bounce back after self-inflicted turnovers. Broncos defense showed up in the 2nd half. I have a tough time respecting cam as a player in a team game. The way he acted with his td celebrations screamed selfishness and a “me” attitude. In the end the better team won tonight and to all you naysayers about Siemian go kick rocks. The kid has a great arm and poise. Cam and that offensive line are on notice.

  40. You know what ? Cam showed his true colors. He had a chance to avenge his loss/redeem himself , but it seemed to me that he only cared about being cam. Something he repeatedly proclaimed to the denver defense in the first half. He is so full of himself that he will never be a true winner.. Plain and simple. I can’t think of a reason to root for this guy.

  41. I’m no Panther fan, but WOW, the refs just allow guys to tee off on him, including head shots. That’s not right.

    If a team did that to Rodgers or Luck, they would be flagged from here to kingdom come.

  42. Say what you want about Trevor. The kid played his firat game ever against arguably the best front 7 in the league, kick off weekend, nationally televised, Panthers having a huge sour taste in their mouths and a huge revenge game regardle1of how they tried to play it down. All those things considered the kid did well. Of course the haters will disagree cause they live in a lonely world where they say were gonna win the division this year. Not because their teams are good but because they say Denver is done. It must be a lonely insecure feeling to know that your hopes

  43. The Panthers looked like chumps. Act like you’ve been there before. Cam is immature and his clock management was awful. If they had not wasted timeouts all game to avoid delay of game penalties they would likely have won. The Broncos better enjoy this success while it lasts. Once teams get enough game tape on Siemian they will figure out his weaknesses and make him play to them.


  45. The way the Bronco players were taking cheap shots I would prefer Turner and the rest of the OL go for chop blocks,leg whips and behind the back blocks to even the score instead of jumping up and down.

  46. As kind of noted in the article some of the hits were legal. There should of been at least 2-3 roughing the passer penalties on the Broncos.

    Broncos, Rams and Saints. Three of the dirtiest teams in the league.

  47. Maybe I missed something or was looking at a different game but Trevor Siemian looked pretty good to me. He made a couple of mistakes but overall I think he gave the Broncos a lot to think about when it comes to their future.

  48. They got beat again. They Lost. Many people don’t like it including you. Suck it up. Cam does not play well when he is hit. Everyone wants to make excuses for that. Every quarterback gets hit hard in the NFL. Some will accept it. Others will cry like babies and continue to make excuses. Don’t block this post either. Whether you like it or not its true. Denver kicks their ass!

  49. I don’t care what team you root for, seeing Cam Newton take headshots like that all game was sickening. I don’t care if you like him or not, I care about human beings and their well being and if the refs are going to continue letting Cam get headhunted all season, I’m afraid it will be very very bad. I’ll just leave it at that.

  50. With all those helmet to helmet hits, the Raider’s would have been banned from ever playing in the NFL again. In this game, net result zero yards in penalties.

  51. If there are two offsetting penalties (like there were tonight, and most every game) , one for 5 yards and the other for 15 yards. Shouldn’t the 15 yard penalty be enforced less the 5 yard offsetting penalty?

    And if indeed they use the current system and replay the down, shouldn’t they reset the clock (especially late in a game)? Because in essance the play never happened.

    A smart defender could use this to their advantage…say the defense knows the offense commits an early and obvious 5 yard penalty that is already in field goal range but time is running out. Defense intentionally commits a penalty after a time consuming play. The penalties offset and now the offense only has enough time left to kick the field goal.

  52. Once he settled down the Nroncos QB did pretty good. Heck of a lot better then ai thought he would do. Newton did get beat up in this game.

  53. I’ll keep saying it until proven wrong: It will be a long year for Cam and the Panthers. They have talent but it will be a tougher schedule and every team will be intent on taking Cam down a few notches. And getting back can be far harder than getting there the first time.

  54. What game did u watch? Simian in his first ever start in prime time no less looked cool and calm. He played fairly well all things considered. Your take is ridiculous.

  55. The real wrap is the Broncos 4th quarter interception was a gimme. TherE was one replay and the ball clearly hit the ground.

    The NFL , the F stands for fixed.

  56. I don’t care for the Panthers but the lack of personal fouls being called for helmet to helmet hits against Cam Newton is shameful. I counted three that were uncalled (though one was just a hand, though that is often called but seems to have been de-emphasized). I can’t help but think they treat Cam differently. Maybe because he’s as big as a linebacker maybe because of some unconscious bias.

  57. krm62015 says:
    Sep 8, 2016 11:59 PM

    Hard hits came after he ran his mouth all first half ever each play. That dude needs to grow up. And if they are going to nail his OL for taunting, they better hold him to the same standard.


    You’re cheering on head hunting and dirty play knowing full well that it can lead to brain damage and functional paralysis, but please tell me what a piece of crap Cam Newton is.

  58. Newton is an immature child not a leader. I see he was at least smart enough not to wear his gold spikes in pre game this time.

  59. I think youre being harsh on Siemian. It was his first game and he’s basically a rookie. I thought minus the turnovers (one of which was just an excellent play – the swatted ball) he looked pretty competent. In fact the commentators were saying the exact opposite of whats in the article above, that he showed poise and patience.

    I’m not saying he blew anyone away, just that he did better than youre giving him credit for.

  60. If the Panthers want to continue to use Newton as a bruising FB than they better find a good backup because he wont last long.

  61. Excuses abound when these guys lose. Never ends. Still waiting on some taunting penalties from the narcissist QB. It’s a tough game, quit whining and play.

  62. I hate the boy scouts who have something to say about Cam “running his mouth” shut up it’s apart of the game. They aren’t robots you dweebs.

  63. Wow, really, you want to pull the plug on a kid who just did a great job for his First Start Ever in only his Second Year? In that game/situation/atmosphere?

    Why don’t you go back and look how other QBs did in their first starts…did they win? Were they poised, making quick throws into tight windows, good decisions?

    If you think Kubiak is pulling him, you are so wrong. GK is probably thrilled with this as his first game (floor). Given how smart Trevor is, how quickly he learns and takes to coaching, as Kubiak said tonight, “He’s going to get a lot better.”

  64. Time to put the dancing and gyrations away Cam. You can moth ball the super hero outfit to. Play ball,and let the scoreboard do all the boasting.

  65. so Carolina gets a flag for hopping and Denver gets no flag for helmet hits.

    the ball placement on the goal line play proves either ref incompetence or flat out game fixing,
    you decide

  66. He ran his mouth so he deserved to get hit in the helmet all 2nd half. PFT y’all. Wonder if you would say that if it was Andrew Luck. You probably seethe with rage with baseball players flip their bat

  67. If you think anyone in the Broncos organization is having second thoughts about Siemian, you were watching a different game than I was.

    He completed nearly 70% of his passes, averaged almost 10 yards per completion, and even ran well. He was driving the team in the opening possession before the rookie RB fumbled, and driving them again when he had a tipped interception. He led three touchdown drives that could have been 5 against one of the best defenses he will face all season.

    He had a couple of high throws and the second interception was bad, but I would be willing to bet that at least a dozen or more QBs will have worse games this weekend than he did last night.

  68. Cam is awesome, but his mouth and body language brings on some of those over the top hits. He makes guys want to drill him! He’s been around long enough to know better. Smarten up, your body will feel better the day after games.

  69. Siemian didn’t look overmatched at all. He looked like he’s the real deal. He looked like he might keep Paxton Lynch on the bench.

    How the refs missed all those helmet-to-helmet hits on Newton is beyond me. There were at least 5 that I counted.

  70. It’s okay to hit a QB in the head multiple times if he has the nerve to talk crap on the field? In professional football? So essentially, Cam can’t win with some of you. No matter what he does, no matter the hits he takes. You already have it it in for him

  71. I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with a point more than I do the first one. I’m not really a Broncos fan, but you really think Siemian looked “overmatched at times?” I don’t think that’s true in the slightest. Yes, he made some mistakes, particularly the floating pick. The other INT was a tipped pass. He had another touchdown tipped, which was not “low” as the NBC crew described it. Overall, I was quite surprised with how good he was. He was quick, accurate and made good decisions. He even had some nice runs on broken plays. To even be talking about making a change (I realize it was half serious) is straight up weird to me.

  72. Wait… Helmet to Helmet is offset by intentional grounding?!?

    Ravens had that happen to them years back vs Tennessee- TEN false started, play wasn’t whistled dead fast enough to where Suggs came across the line and was called for ‘blow to the head’ swatting at Collins arm. Extended the game on what was a 4th Down and they lost.

  73. Not a fan, but Trevor Siemien is going to take the Broncos much farthur than most expected. I don’t know where this author got the impression that he looked overmatched all game – I think the exact opposite is true.

  74. My guess is that Trevor Siemian’s play of last night is going to look superior to half the QB play we see this Sunday.

  75. Another year and More head Shots form the Broncos defense. No Shocker there. The Dirtiest team in the NFL is at it again. Maybe Goodell will grow a pair and do something about it.

  76. “Newton took a savage beating over the course of the night”

    –Hyperbole aside, he took some good shots during a hard fought game. He didn’t figure out that the more he ran his mouth, the more shots he was going to take. As for Siemian , I thought he played pretty well for his first start against a stud defense. Plenty of seasoned veterans have made the same mistakes.

  77. You can cry about headshots all you like. Cam got hit in some of them because he was a runner. If you want to outlaw every shot to the head, then what you are going to have is something other than Pro football. Angles change when guys are trying to make tackles. Perfect example was the hit on Cam when he got sacked. Von Miller was coming in low. Cam was brought down to him by his own RT that had been bull rushed into him. You can’t legislate that out of the game. Make no mistake, this type of dispute will kill them game. You simply cannot eliminate all shots to the head, period. If you think you can, you do not understand this game. It’s too fast and angles change in a split second.

  78. jontarbox says:Sep 9, 2016 12:05 AM

    a question ,why didn’t Newton have to come out of the game after the Stewart hit ? He was down on the field for a little while but was allowed to stay in?

    When there is a penalty, the refs stop the clock automatically. So because of the penalty the player gets that time to recover.


  79. krm62015 says:
    Sep 8, 2016 11:59 PM
    Hard hits came after he ran his mouth all first half ever each play. That dude needs to grow up. And if they are going to nail his OL for taunting, they better hold him to the same standard.
    really? because your little orange donkeys were getting their assess handed to them until they got frustrated and started their illegal headhunting routine.
    my only wish is that they get the same treatment back at them next week. would love to see von PED miller take the same illegal head slaps and watch him cry like a bitch.
    donkeys were given nothing but help last night.
    WWNFL. The Fix Is In!

  80. Denver fans acting like it was a dominant win.

    It was a good game Denver was obviously lucky Carolina missed the field goal

    Nothing wrong with luck.

    But lets ease up on the SB repeat

  81. flash1287 says:
    Sep 9, 2016 1:18 AM

    Yeah, keep telling yourself it doesn’t matter who plays QB Broncos fans. That team will not get that lucky all season.

    You’re right, they’re never gonna be “lucky” enough to have 3 turnovers in a game. Keep telling yourself the Broncos aren’t a legit contender Pats homer.

  82. It was a good hard fought game. Yes, a few more penalties coulda been called, but after last years first few games being almost unwatchable because of penalty flags, you can understand why the reluctance to call em all this game was.

    For the Panthers, one non conference road L isn’t going to be of much consequence for the season.

  83. Broncos have delivered the blueprint on stopping the Panthers this season….put your helmet in Cam’s earhole enough times, and Carolina’s offense goes off the tracks. Hard to score when your QB is lying face-down, twitching on the turf.

    Expect many more teams to adopt this strategy.

  84. One of the hits Cam dropped his head at the last second. By rule likely a call, but a QB has to responsible for their own safety to a point IMHO.

    One was a brutal crown of the helmet that should have been called.

    Third one should have been called too.

  85. With all the late hits on Newton that didn’t get called, you have to wonder why the Panther D didn’t start dropping some late hits on Siemian.
    Either way, this loss in on the defense. If you take a 10 pt lead into the 4th qtr. Your team should win.

  86. It’s funny that every time the commentators mentioned what a good job the Panthers OL was doing on Miller and showed a slow motion isolation, he was being held. Anyone know how many holding calls Carolina had???? BTW, when the QB breaks the pocket he becomes a RB and a whole lot of other types of hits become legal.

  87. Can the Broncos and their fans enjoy a win for once? You haters always have some sort of qualifier every time the Broncos win a big game… I’m over it. You haters should find something happy to do in life…

  88. coloradofort says:
    Sep 9, 2016 12:35 AM

    Its also possible that the Bronco’s are in the Panthers heads……..great win for Denver.

    They tried to get in there. It’s kind of hard when you try to go in through the helmet’s ear hole, though.

  89. milehighcityboss says:
    Sep 9, 2016 3:14 PM

    Can the Broncos and their fans enjoy a win for once? You haters always have some sort of qualifier every time the Broncos win a big game… I’m over it. You haters should find something happy to do in life…

    Maybe, if they were to win one fair and square.

    But no, they have to resort to playing dirty in order to cover up their shortcomings.

    Besides, making Donkey’s fans miserable is a source of happiness for everyone outside of Colorado.

  90. In the immortal words of AL “Weekend at Bernie’s” Davis,

    ” The Quarterback must go down. And he must go down HAARD”!

    Wait till this Defense plays ol Tommy boy! AGAIN!

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