Cam Newton’s dad: Refs are biased against Cam


Cam Newton’s father is not happy with the officiating in Thursday night’s game, saying there’s “a bias, a hidden bias” against his son.

Reacting to the Broncos getting away with multiple hits to Cam’s head, Cecil Newton Sr. said that he sees his son getting treated differently than other quarterbacks. Cecil Newton mentioned several white quarterbacks whom he sees getting protected by the officials better than Cam does, although Newton did not say race is necessarily the reason.

I’m not just going to always say it’s race; I’m not going to keep fanning the flames of race in every situation,” Cecil Newton told ESPN. “But it causes me to wonder. Help me understand through transparency. Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL, help me understand how this can happen to the reigning MVP. Explain that to me. I’m not going to fan the flames of race in this particular category, but I really sit back and ask myself, ‘Would this have happened to some of his other fellow colleagues?’ Let the public answer the question for themselves.”

Cecil Newton said there’s no question in his mind that his son fails to get the protections that other quarterbacks get.

“I’m beginning to question the consistency of how games are being called — and who they would call this particular play against versus this particular player,” Newton’s father said. “Was Cam treated differently from other quarterbacks? In this case, yes he was — clearly. Anybody who has followed the game for any length of time and has a working knowledge of how the game is to be played would agree with that statement. People throw all these jingles out there about he’s mobile, he’s bigger, he’s more physical. There’s a lot of this and that. At the end of the day, Cam deserves to be protected just like Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Ryan Tannehill, Kirk Cousins, Andy Dalton, and the list goes on and on. I know a good hit when I see a good hit. I was a defensive player, and I played the game at the highest level as well. But when you deliberately target and when you’re constantly being hit after the ball is out, I question the intent of the defensive player, and I question the official.”

Cecil Newton called on the NFL to improve its officiating.

“These guys have to do a better, unbiased job. I don’t want it to necessarily be because he’s a black quarterback. But it causes you to wonder — are you really biased or have some hidden reason,” he said.

Cecil Newton is clearly right that there were multiple illegal hits on his son that did not get called. Whatever the reasons, that’s a problem the NFL needs to fix.

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  1. I wouldn’t say they are biased, but I would say they missed some calls for sure. I would also say NFL docs and NFL coaches missed a lot of calls too, like time to take Cam out of the game. Are they also biased? Hmmmm.

  2. Cam: “Daddy, can you call ESPN and tell them the refs need to treat me better?”

    Cecil: “I sure will, sonny. You keep working on your dances and dabs, and I’ll take care of this.”

  3. As he should be. Any parent would be upset if they saw their kid be dismissed like that at the peewee, high school or college level. Two blatant shots to the head in a row before they even cared.

    The fact that ESPN is more focused on how teams are handling concussion protocol undermines the fact that referees stood by and did nothing while Cam took two point blank shots to the head. Disgusting and embarrassing.

    Way to make your opening game more interesting, NFL. You guys REALLY care about player safety.

  4. When you act like a petulant loser, what do you expect? Stop it with the victim card. You reap what you sow.

  5. Is that the same father that sold him like chattel to Auburn? The preacher who went from sermonizing in a collapsing building to a brand new church right after his son committed to the Tigers?

  6. “At the end of the day, Cam deserves to be protected just like Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Ryan Tannehill, Kirk Cousins, Andy Dalton, and the list goes on and on.”

    That’s is fine, but I don’t want to hear whining when they blow the quick whistle for him being in the grasp of a defender like they do with the guys mentioned. That is part of protecting them too.

  7. Take all the drama out of it. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Now ask yourself:

    If it’s Tom Brady taking a bobble-header does the sky rain down yellow flags?

    Seems kind of obvious. Maybe race is involved, maybe not – but a QB is a QB and a head shot is a head shot and that nonsense was gross.

  8. Cam does get treated differently. But it’s not due to skin color, it’s because of the way he plays. Their O Coordinator literally runs draws up the middle…what other team would do that with their quarterback? Cam plays like a power running back on offense and that causes him to get hit differently. Look at Russell Wilson, he’s black and likes to scramble but he doesn’t play with the same reckless abandon as Newton. That’s why Wilson gets the same calls as Rodgers, Brady, Brees, etc.

  9. None of this guys, with the exception of maybe Rodgers, spends a lot of time moving out of the pocket and becoming a running back.

    This is completely misplaced and amounts to race baiting.

  10. Denver plays nasty and always gets in an extra lick. By the time the 4th quarter rolls around the refs are used to it so they don’t call it. If they speared him helmet to helmet in the 1st it gets called every time. I’m not a Carolina fan but Cam gets roughed up more than the average QB. I think he’s intimidating so they try to hurt him maybe? Not just Denver. Big Ben kinda gets the same treatment

  11. He’s a different QB than a pocket QB. He gets out of the pocket and moves around a lot. He’s going to get hit hard when he does that. He deserves the same protection a RB gets once he’s out of the pocket and a runner. He weighs 250 lbs. You’ve got to bring it if you want to take him down.

  12. I completely agree. Even spotting the ball late in the game, the linesman gave an extremely generous spot of the ball that necessitated Rivera burning a crucial timeout so his coaches could decide to challenge or not.

  13. Maybe it’s the fact that your son just makes dumb plays. I don’t like Cam because of his sulking, celebrating like a 3 year old, not going after his own fumble that cost his team a championship, his running around up and down the sidelines, the towel around his head, his crybaby antics after the superbowl. I grouped a few together. See anywhere that I mentioned he was black? Nope. I wouldn’t care if he was purple, he’s still a crybaby. Get over yourselves with the whole “he doesn’t like me because of my skin.” It’s really pretty pathetic.

  14. doggeatdogg says:
    Sep 9, 2016 5:02 PM
    The father is a douche for sure, but he’s not entirely wrong here. Keeping it real.
    I agree with the first part of your sentence.

  15. Whenever someone says they’re not going to do something (like fan race issue flames) – they always end up doing just that. Especially when they make their protestation followed up with a “But.”

    This has nothing to do with a bias. Cam is a running quarterback who also blocks and delivers blows of his own on bootlegs, pitches etc.

    He illegally got smoked in the ear hole one time and the flag was thrown.

    End of story in my book.

    BTW: Cam’s body language and metro sexual flossing on the sideline during the game make this dud one giant eye roll. He’s so easy to hate on…

  16. This is akin to the no-calls Lebron James gets on trips through the lane… Until he really starts complaining about it. When you’re that big and strong, the hits don’t look as severe. It’s a subconcious thing. The officials don’t just don’t reach for the flag. And it needs to be fixed.

  17. Perhaps Cam needs to speed up his release like those other QBs. The longer you hold on to the ball, the more likely you will get hit. The situation gets worse if you start scrambling. Stay in the pocket, learn to read defenses and adjust your protection, then speed up your release. You will not get hit as much.

  18. Please , why always do we have to hear the race card when something does go right for them. He is a running QB, when he is out of pocket he gets treated differently. How many blacks in the NFL by the way? Get over it Dad.

  19. Treated differently? without a doubt

    Because he’s black? no, not all all, without a doubt

    When you are a running QB, defenses get to take more shots are you, it’s just the way it is. By running QB, I don’t mean the Aaron Rodgers/Teddy Bridgewater type who have the athletic ability to run, I mean the Cam Newton/RG3 who use it as a major aspect of their game. The Panthers (and I guarantee you Newton’s dad) would be going nuts if refs blow their whistle once he gets hit, like happens with a lot of other QB’s. Because Cam might bounce of it and break it for 20 yards. Can’t have it both ways

    Besides, you can’t play as a RB (which a large portion of the carolina offense is him basically as the RB) and expect not go get hit. Refs are in fact human. It’s not the easiest thing to watch a guy lower his head and try to run a guy over, then the next play have it in your head “this guy can’t be touched”

    Should it carry over to passing plays? Probably not. But it always has, and it always will. This isn’t new. It was the same thing back in the day for Mcnabb/Culpepper, and before them, it was the same for Young/Cunningham. It’s a tough balance between protecting a guy, and letting a guy use his natural ability to make plays. But one thing it is not, is racist

  20. This ain’t about black quarterback, it ain’t about a running quarterback, it’s about a few seasons ago Cam Newton call Ed Hockley after Hockley told him he wouldn’t get a call because he ain’t been in the league long enough and the referees cover for each other but let’s not forget the Denver Broncos are the new NFL pretty boys the Patriots used to be now the Broncos are

  21. Didn’t this qb just set the nfl record for rushing tds by a quarterback last night? In like half the time as the old record? I think we all know the answer to this issue.

  22. If the same thing was done to Golden Boy Peyton Manning, the defense would have been taken out in cuffs and Kommissar Goodell would have suspended them for years. Hmmm. Manning is white and Newton is black. What could possibly account for the difference in treatment?

  23. Cam does get treated differently. No flags for taunting, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc. when I’ve seen the other team get flagged for doing what Cam does. I’ve also seen him get away with grabbing a face mask & pushing a defensive player away. Cam Newton gets away with quite a bit of behaviors that I’ve seen other players called for.

    Now he’s just going to get the reputation of being a whiner who’s easily rattled by physical play. It’s a two-way street. Newton manhandles other players by using his size. Don’t go crying when other players do the same.

    Maybe he’s finally getting the reality of getting older. Things start to hurt at age 27 that didn’t hurt so much at 23-24. Just ask Rothlesberger.

  24. Denver should have been flagged and players should be penalized for the disgusting display on Thurs night. That said, daddy evidently should speak a lot less and listen a lot more. Last time I checked, the guys getting away with pounding the tar of Newton weren’t looking all snow white.

  25. Daddy is oblivious. There are lots of plays in which Cam lines up in shot gun, takes the ball and scans the line for an opening, then he blows thorough there like a bad ass freight train.

    This means the defense never knows if he’s a passer or a runner. Sometimes he’s both. If he’s a runner, he’s fair game. If the line is blurred that’s not the fault of the defense or the refs. It’s because Cam poses threats that no other QB does.

    Furthermore, Cam is a head taller than some of the defenders. The only way he gets hit in the head is if they become human projectiles or he lowers his head to their level, which is they type of thing a running back does.

  26. Be careful what you ask for. There are two things to come out of this whole discussion from last night’s game.
    1. Refs will ensure Cam doesn’t get put in a position to be abused too much in the future…and that means less chance to touch him also means less chance for him to break free; so…forward motion stopped…whistle.
    2. Sunday we are going to see a knee-jerk reaction from the rest of the refs in the NFL about calls in hits to the QB. Overly cautious…bad calls.

  27. It’s possible, but generally speaking penalties are called based on outcome.

    What I mean is if a smaller guy (WR) is hit hard while catching the ball in the middle of the field it almost always draws a penalty flag for defenseless receiver, while if it’s a TE and the same play it rarely if ever draws a flag. In addition QB’s who run seem to draw fewer flags than QB’s who don’t, you throw in that Cam is a bigger QB and that would explain some of why he draws fewer flags.

    The game is so hard for defenders right now, you have a guy like Cam (big and strong), and if you don’t approach him like a RB and hit hard + wrap up he will make you look silly, and possibly run you over, at the same time as you approach him like he is RB and he slides, steps out of bounds, or stays in the pocket the flag is coming out, plus your pocket book will be lighter.

  28. Now we can see that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    Cam acts like a spoiled brat, pretty clear where he got that from.

  29. Very sick of the “I dont want to say it is race, BUUUUUT it makes me wonder…” statements. He wants it be race, but just not take personal accountability for bringing race into the discussion.

    Terrible form of cowardice. Own it, Cecil.

  30. Cam got hit pretty hard in the pocket, no question about that. His frame might be why it’s overlooked. He needs to complain to the refs more often, like Brady does.

  31. Read the full text of what he said. Cecil comes off very intelligent and thoughtful in my opinion.

    Its widely accepted that last nights game was poorly officiated and all the NFL talk about QB protection and concussion awareness went up in flames. Calling Cam a “running QB” or “physical” doesn’t change the fact that he should be off limits once he throws the ball or slides feet first. It is not the same as a RB tucking and fighting for yards. Furthermore, the concussion protocol actually incentivizes a D to hit the QB high late in the game, because they know he will be sidelined at a critical moment. The only way to combat that is the referees cracking down.

    Old white guys at the keyboard here hate to see the race card, but in light of Trumps new Merica, I can fully understand Cecils feelings.

  32. What Mr Newtons father and those that are siding with him fail to see is that his son is a dual threat player. Possibly the best. With that comes a lot of advantages. One of the drawbacks though is that you are relying on the refs to determine if he is a runner of a passer which ultimately determines what type of hit the player can take. Let’s face it, when it comes to the read option few teams can hope to achieve the success the Panthers do consistently. Unfortunately it is designed to confuse the defender as to what the QB is going to do with the ball. One could assume that this could also confuse the refs.

  33. I dont think the league is racist against Cam Newton. But I damn well think they are out for him. Last night was a travesty and Cam Newton is lucky he isnt seriously hurt.

  34. When a guy leads with his helmet and makes NO attempt to wrap up the ball carrier or make a play on the ball, like that DB did on last hit near the end, he needs to be tossed from the game and suspended.

    That play can be totally eliminated from football and it would not lessen anyone’s enjoyment of it.

  35. He’s right, they always miss calls against Cam, I think it has more to do with his size than he’s black but I might be wrong and if I was his dad I would be saying the same thing his dad is….the squeaky wheel gets the oil……the same happened to shaq in basketball, he was so big guys commit flagrant fools on him but only got called as regular fools until shaq started fighting back which forced the league to protect him or risk a bench clearing brawl breaking out….

  36. It’s not about race. Roethlisberger also rarely gets the benefit of a flag, regardless of the cheap shots he’s taken. It’s more a size thing. A mobility thing. Big guys who run around tend to draw fewer flags.
    Maybe the refs just think they’re built to take it more.

  37. Head shots like the ones I saw should have been penalties no matter who was on the receiving end – running back, receiver, returner or QB. That last one was clearly intentional and meant to knock him out no matter the consequences. Hopefully there are some major fines and maybe a suspension coming down this week – they are clearly deserved.
    You want to watch head hunters – watch MMA. Leave the football fans to watch our sport.

  38. He’s absolutely right and for you folks in disagreement, if it was your QB on your team and your son you would be complaining and raising an issue as well. OWN IT!!

  39. Roethlisberger has long taken much more punishment than the you-know-who QBs – so it’s NOT about race.

    My guess is it’s about the officials not as alarmed when a 240+ pounders are eating the hits.

    There’s a book, I believe by the late Wilt Chamberlain, titled, “Nobody Roots for Goliath.” Same kind of thing.

  40. Well it was pretty clear that Cam was being illegally hit to the head by defensive helmets and only one flag was thrown. And it was negated by intentional grounding call.

    T was pretty laughable.

    I just hope the refs stay consistent with calls. Bc no matter the color of skin that my teams opponent’s qb has- my team will be flagged for the same cheap shots.

  41. I’m not saying it’s a race thing , but excuse me while I imply it’s a race thing half a dozen times in the next several sentences. Grow a pair and say it’s a race thing if that is what you mean.

  42. mike vick got very few calls, even in the pocket, during his tenure with the eagles after the rules were enacted. to me, it was because he was a running quarterback, not because of his size or his skin pigment.

    it seems that running qbs get less protection, even when not running.

    and in this discussion, no one ever mentions the two or three illegal blow to the head penaties in each game that are bogus, and the result of an attempt to tip the pass resulting in no legit chance of injury…

  43. Old white guys at the keyboard here hate to see the race card, but in light of Trumps new Merica, I can fully understand Cecils feelings.

    And all blacks at the keyboard love to pick out rocks dumped randomly in a pile as a racist pile because some of the rocks on the bottom are black. Please it’s time to stop looking for race in everything. Big Ben gets mauled often with no penalties called….where all the white people claiming it was racially based. Enough is enough. Weren’t most of the hits on Cam from blacks? Time to stand on your own two feet black America..

  44. Oh stop it — will you??? Has Mr Newton ever seen Ben Roethlisberger play?? Has he ever seen how he gets clobbered? Big QB’s who can throw guys aside when they’re trying to tackle them get hit more often than QB’s who don’t. The officials allow them more leeway because of their ability to shake off would be tacklers.
    No wonder Cam is such a big baby and can’t handle things when they don’t go his way.
    Now — he did get hit a lot in that game and the officials should have probably called flags on one or two they missed. And there’s no doubt the people who are supposed to check players for concussions should have taken a closer look at him.
    But Newton’s old man’s assertion that there’s some kind of conspiracy against his son is ludicrous. It’s another reason to scream racism, even though he says he isn’t doing that. But he damn sure is.
    I wonder if Mr Newton ever saw Archie Manning play? If he didn’t, he should go back and watch what they used to do to him. He was playing for New Orleans when they were an expansion team and he used to get killed every game.
    More recently, so did former Jets QB Kenny O’Brien. He was sacked 353 times in his career!
    And even more recently in 2002, David Carr was sacked 76 times in one year!
    All 3 of those QB’s are white, and they played in eras which were far less protective of QB’s.
    And if Newton and his old man want to see a QB take a beating, go back and watch what the 1963 Bears did to Y.A. Title of the Giants in the ’63 championship game. At the end of the game, Title was left on his knees battered and bruised and had blood dripping down his face from his bald head. He threw 5 interceptions in that game because the Bears had wrecked his knee. He needed injections of cortisone and pain killers just to keep playing. When people talk about great defenses, they never mention those Bears defenses. But I am a Packers fan and believe me — I know how good they were.
    I am getting so sick of the NFL. I’ve been an NFL fan since 1960 but between the players who are druggies, the players and owners who are criminals, all the rules changes, Kaepernick and his sheep, Goodell moving games to other countries, and the arrogant babies like Newton, it’s getting so I don’t even want to watch the games anymore.
    Give me the NFL of the 1960’s any day over this game we have now. Back then the players were tougher and they gave a damn about the way they acted. Yes, there a few wing nuts back then, too. But the percentage of them then compared to now was much smaller.
    Cam Newton showed how immature he is at the end of the Super Bowl last year. He ran and hid because he couldn’t face the media.
    Maybe his daddy ought to let him fight his own battles so he grows up.

  45. As soon as your boy leaves the pocket he becomes just like any other RB. Running backs get hit in the head all the time.

    The father who plays the race card. Why dont you see it like it is…his style of play?

    If he doesnt want to get hit in the head he should stay in the locket like most of the QBs in the league

  46. Of course they are. I assume every interception is someone else’s fault too. Cam did an awesome job trying to downplay it; disappointing his father wants to rile things up.

    Plenty of players get hit in the head and they don’t get called. Cam often is a running back and in these cases H2H hits are okay.

    This isn’t bias it is the dangers of having different rules for different players.

  47. Dad is making it racist by just mentioning it. Any QB, or any player regardless of race, who chews gum while playing, wears a towel over his head and flosses his teeth on the sideline just irritates the hell out of me. But none of that had anything to do with the calls. Sure, there were some bad calls, but dad just made it worse by bringing race into the picture.

  48. The NFL is in Big Trouble. My uncle and dad are boycotting this season. They are sick of these race baiting morons…the end is near if this keeps up

  49. Oh man! Here it comes! NFL, get your lawyers ready. This is going to be a season about kneeling and race etc. not about football.
    This will open all kinds of cans of worms!

  50. Bunch of cheap shots by the broncos that will result in a lot of fines. That said, QB’s that spend a lot of time out of the pocket as part of how they play the game don’t get the same protection and shouldn’t get the same protection as those that do. Stay in the pocket if you want that kind of protection or shut up.

  51. Oh boy, here we go!
    They didn’t call all the penalties for not enough men on the line either. Hardly saw a time when the Panthers had enough. So the refs missed a few calls during opening week.

    Nobody whines on the field more than Cam. If you scramble, duck, and try to get away to make a better play, you are going to get hit by what you perceive as late or a little high. Quit your whining and showboating after 2nd and 3 from the 46 and you would maybe get less haters and better calls from the refs.
    Period, Dad.

  52. Has anyone seen how white Ryan Tannehill is? He glows. And was hit more times than anyone since he came into the league!

  53. And let’s BUST OUT that race card! Thank’s Cecil. All the fans have eyes, and yes, the Refs dropped the ball on some calls. BUT Netwon is a crybaby. Everytime in his career that he’s been touched, he’s looking for a call. He’s a big guy who tries hard to make things happen. when they don’t, he takes a whack – some of them legal! Don’t want to get hit? Go down quick. And then fans will say you’re a wimp. So decide, stay healthy and go down, or fight and get hit. Not every hit is illegal. And it isn’t up to you or your preacher daddy to decide this. It’s up to the eagle eyes of the NFL.

  54. The refs let Denver get away with head to head illegal contact. It’s that simple. Now, why is that, that’s the question!
    Double standard much?

  55. act the fool get treated the fool .
    he’s lucky they didn’t defense that zone read stuff the way the ravens schemed against cap in the super bowl , they made sure he was hit whether or not he still held on to the ball . they cooled that scheme off in a hurry .

  56. He has a point. Cam took multiple helmet to helmet shots and only 1 was flagged. Im not a Cam fan, but I was wondering the same thing. Ive seen a wrist with no force behind it to a QBs head, flagged everytime. Cam took at least 3 helmet to helmet head shots that game

  57. Here is my opinion, so take it for what it’s worth:
    I give Cam all of the credit in the world as he went from being the b/u to arguably the greatest college QB of all time to also winning his own Heisman trophy and National Championship.
    That being said, he’s a thief, allegedly.

  58. There should be a rule that a team gets to declare before a game if they want a quick whistle or a slow whistle on their qb. If your a dangerous runner you have to expect defenses will swarm to you and play to the whistle.

  59. The NFL is in a hard spot with this issue. They can’t stop the game for 10 minutes every time someone gets hit in the head and if they start pulling players every time there’s a helmet to helmet defensive guys will purposely target quarterbacks to get them taken out of the game. I don’t know what they can do to fix this issue. The players know they risk health to play the game so it’ kind of comes with being an NFL player I guess.

  60. “I’m not going to fan the flames of race in this particular category,”

    he said, fanning the flames of race.

  61. Maybe the running QBs should report to the officials before the play – like a lineman reporting as a eligible receiver? I mean, if we’re going to treat them differently depending as to whether they’re a QB or RB, then why not make them report it before the snap? Let’s see how absurd we can make the game…

  62. I’m not saying but I’m saying. Tell the OC to stop running your boy up the gut so much and he won’t get so beaten.Oh and the refs missed some calls….LIKE THEY DO IN EVERY GAME. Get over it you race baiting tool.

  63. You gotta think of it like its your son. Man, I’d be pissed too. For real, your own lil boy out there getting mollywopped and then people just saying ohhh he’s so big and strong…well….you can’t put muscle on your brain and skull…. And when you really compare it, maybe its about race maybe its not. lol. But this is one situation where i kinda doubt it…

    Maybe if Eric Crouch woulda made it as a QB in the league we’d know if all running QB’s get jacked up or just the black ones….

    For those of you that remember my boy E-Creezy lol.

  64. The whole running QB lowering his head thing is preposterous when it comes to guys leaving their feet and launching at him, playing the race card is ridiculous here as well. It was lousy officiating, plain and simple. Defensive players, particularly on a D as dirty as Denver’s, see liberties being allowed and they escalate it, that’s football.

  65. Wow! It is really sad that some people are joking about this and saying negative things about Cam and his dad. Of course, football players are going to get hit by being tackled but to get hit in the head is not good. There are so many former football players who are suffering with brain problems because of being hit in the head many times while they were playing football. One committed suicide and some of you are really actually joking about it and taken it lightly. It is no joking matter. Cam could have seriously suffered a brain injury and some of you think the Broncos players did right. Something is seriously wrong with you if you think it is okay for him to get hit in the head repeatedly. If that happened to a child or your child while they were playing football people’s tone would have been different and it’s not cool for an adult to get hit in the head either. No matter how you feel about Cam and his dad you shouldn’t think that is okay for him to get hit in his head. Anything could have happened.

  66. greenwhodat26 says:
    Sep 9, 2016 4:59 PM
    When you act like a petulant loser, what do you expect? Stop it with the victim card. You reap what you sow.
    So you arrogantly acknowledge, there is “white privilege” where QB’s are concerned – Too?

  67. The idea that Newton get s EQUAL PROTECTION under the NFL, would be laughable, if it weren’t so serious.

    For whatever reason, they are allowed, almost encouraged to assault Cam. By the way, 3 years ago, Mike Vick was right that he wasn’t treated the same too.

    You can call it what you like.

  68. Refs ARE biased against Cam.

    But I don’t believe for one second that it has anything to do with race- its about his size.

    Hes so big and it takes so much to bring him down, that refs give defenders a certain amount of leeway that they wouldn’t with, say Drew Brees.

    There’s only one QB who I can think of who took the same amount of punishment with no flags- Ben Roethlisberger.

    Whether its the ravens breaking his nose (no flag)

    Burfict taking cheap shots twice in 2015 (no flags)

    The rams hitting him below the knee, knocking him out for 4 games (no flag)

    I think it comes with the territory of being a big guy. This definitely seems to be a blind spot with officials, because there was some reckless head-hunting going on out there.

  69. valentino8100 says:
    Sep 9, 2016 5:18 PM
    Denver should have been flagged and players should be penalized for the disgusting display on Thurs night. That said, daddy evidently should speak a lot less and listen a lot more. Last time I checked, the guys getting away with pounding the tar of Newton weren’t looking all snow white
    C’mon, you sound completely unintelligent. Everyone knows what Cam’s father was saying is Cam did not receive the same treatment as an upper level NFL QB, or league MVP, last night, no matter the skin of who targeted him.

    The NFL should have a rule, that if your players continually play like that, targeting other teams QB’s, the D coach is ejected along with the individual players guilty of illegal hits. And both are fined. That will put an emphasis on playing the game legally, instead of fans having to view an illegal travesty of a season opener.

  70. I wonder how many kids watched the game and saw the helmut to helmut hits and thought to themselves, why are we doing Heads Up Football drills sponsored by the NFL?

  71. How many hours do you all think Cam spent in front of his mirror practicing his new dance this off season? I’ll give it a 6.0, and yes, “Race” played a factor in my grading.

  72. First we had Greg Jennings’ sister.

    Then Bosa’s mother.

    Now we have Cam’s daddy.

    What a sad state of affairs.

  73. All these “illegal hits” were outside the pocket. If you want to be the shoulder-lowering scrambler, you have to accept the fact that there are situations where the refs will consider you a runner before other less-gifted QBs. Period.

  74. “rcali says:
    Sep 9, 2016 8:57 PM
    How many hours do you all think Cam spent in front of his mirror practicing his new dance this off season? I’ll give it a 6.0, and yes, “Race” played a factor in my grading

    ALL players dance and practice their dances.

    And yes, I my knowing you live in a trailer came into consideration when making my comment…

  75. A running QB does get treated differently and should as he is not in the pocket he is running

    Also as he is superman what is the big deal?

    Daddy is upset sonny lost the super bowl and sonny got shown up buy a 3rd sting QB

    Cam will go the way of every running QB he will find his name on the IR list

  76. “mikemyditka says:

    … its about his size.”

    Size has nothing to do with getting hit helmet to helmet AFTER you have thrown the ball.

    I’m not a fan of either but last night game was nonsense. I understand people not liking the man because he talks a lot of crap and all, but seriously, there are very few players in todays game that don’t have a big mouth. Every play has one player or another doing their pathetic WWE pose and yelling and screaming like a dang fool. I give the man credit for taking the hits and playing. People say he cries, how do they know this? He is probably telling the defender that just cheap shotted him that their mother hit him harder the night before. Most players that cry don’t do it facing the person that just hit them. At least not in any sport I played.

  77. I completely agree he doesnt get the same calls. Neither does Ben Roethlisberger. Its not about race, its about being stronger than most of these frail QBs. Same thing in basketball with Centers and Lebron James

  78. “geefan1 says: I think that when you run like a fullback, you’re going to get calls like a fullback.

    The illegal hits being referred to in the article were after a pass, therefore he was not running like a fullback.
    And, fullbacks getting hit by someone launching themselves head first in the air aiming at the helmet while leading with the crown of the helmet will most likely get the benefit of the flag.

  79. Cam was classy after the game. He didn’t complain about the hits and even complimented the Broncos.

    Props to him for that. Maybe he understood why he took some hard hits.

    He is large and runs very well. he lowers his head and he too enjoys delivering blows and then talks smack to the defense. He likes to dance in the endzone and talk nonsense to the crowd.

    Denver was pissed at halftime and they were going to knock that smile off of his face in the second half.

    Chalk this up as a growing experience for your son, dad.

  80. Not a race issue at all. It’s a matter of size and playing style. The refs just don’t perceive the heavy hits as much on a huge QB who often extends the play in the pocket. Roethlisberger gets the same. Because he extends the play behind the line and takes more hits, when he gets hammered sometimes the refs just don’t perceive it that way. Big Ben got hammered so many times without penalties that when he did get the benefit of a borderline call people whined that it was a make up call.

    If you take a lot of big hits, some get missed. If you don’t take many hits like Payton, you get the call when you get hammered.

  81. Brady’s Superbowls were won by a kicker or a CB.
    Seriously. He had a great game against the Eagles but still…won only by 3?

    Brady has been in how many, 7, superbowls?

    Beat the Rams by 3 (Kicker MVP) Def had a pick 6
    Beat the Panthers by 3 (Kicker MVP) Game winner FG
    Beat Eagles by 3 (Kicker MVP)
    Lost to the Giants by 3
    Lost to the Giants by 4
    Beat the Seahawks by 4 (CB MVP)

    His superbowls the Ps have only outscored the opponent by an average of 1 point. How does the best of all time let that happen?

    Hardly dominant. All the credit for being in the Superbowl but not really blowing away the competition when there.

    0 0

  82. People over here stating Cam is a running QB when all the blows he took were while he was sitting the pocket.

    I hate when people use the race card but I think there is something to what his father is saying.

  83. Russell Wilson never gets those calls either.

    When you leave the pocket, and make no attempt to slide, you’re going to get hit every time.

    Dual threat QB’s are going to get hammered like a runner even when passing.

    Now if he got hit late while sliding, like Wilson often does, there should be a flag.

  84. It’s not race, it’s size. Happens to Ben too.

    When Cam runs, he is same as RB and gets no special protection. But when he is passing, he is entitled to Brady-level or Manning-level protection from blows to the head and helmet to helmet hits. He does not get that level of protection.

    Even in the SB when he fumbled into the end zone, there was a blow to the head that was not called.

    Cecil may not be your favorite dad, but he is absolutely correct on this one. I personally think it has to do with Cam’s size and playing style. Same problem that Lebron and Ben have.

  85. phishead1313 says:
    Sep 9, 2016 8:56 PM
    I wonder how many kids watched the game and saw the helmut to helmut hits and thought to themselves, why are we doing Heads Up Football drills sponsored by the NFL?
    Who spells helmet wrong?? This is nothing more than the way he plays. He’s huge and fast. He happens to be black. Trust me if he was white and had the same exact skill set the same calls would have been made. Saying its a race thing further widens the divide that people perceive. Help yourself out and stop being victimized. That’s the biggest lesson I teach my kids and the kids I teach and coach. It’s a great life lesson.

  86. I don’t think race has anything to do with how the game is called. I think there is a grey area with running QB’s. Main argument against race card would be Brett Favre as a Viking getting killed by Saints in 2010 NFC Championship. Cam has always been a solid player, but his drama seems to interfere.

  87. I see all of the thumbs down on a lot of comments regarding what’s fair and not. All of the little boys that hide behind their PC’s filled with hate. A foul is a foul, no matter what! Bias is bias, no matter what. Race, nope. Poor officiating, yes. But to bring up something that was never proven 6 years ago because you don’t like the color of the players skin is disgusting and child like. So much damn hate. I hope we never truly need each other, because we will fail because we are to damn busy hating the color of the skin the other guy is in.

  88. When you whine like a baby and kick a DT in the chest after a legal hit (Richard Seymour), you get what you deserve. he’s a whiner. Man up and understand if you run, you get hit. Its not flag football Nancy Boy.

  89. I don’t know about many hits to the head that were potential penalties, but I can recall one distinctly. I don’t think there is an officiating conspiracy against Cam. I think he got a non-call where there definitely should have been a call and it was nothing more than a mistake by the official. Let’s not blow it out of proportion.

  90. bamboozle99 says:
    Sep 9, 2016 5:26 PM

    He needs to complain to the refs more often, like Brady does.

    No one wants to see another whiner crybaby like brady*. Just play smarter Cam and not take so many chances.

  91. I think the non calls of the obvious helmet hits on Newton was the result of not being the home team more than any other reason on that particular night. He just wasn’t going to get those calls in Denver.

    If that game was in Carolina it probably would have been a different story.

  92. I see a trend on this board that is representative of what no one wants to admit in this country; We don’t deal with our ethnic biases very well. Great country yes but we have some very foundational issues.

  93. It’s not the refs that was teeing off on Cam, it was the players from Denver. Maybe these players are getting tired of Cam dancing and prancing when he gets a TD. That’s Cam’s way of taunting. Maybe that’s there way of letting Cam know he didn’t appreciate his antics.

  94. All of you guys arguing “size” and “style” demand a different defensive approach DO realize that leading with your helmet is a personal foul and a penalty no matter what position the recipient plays or where on the field he may be, right?

    Because if you cannot grasp that fact you’ve lost the argument before you’ve started.

    There is not one set of rules for Cam and one set of rules for Brees. But you would not know that because Cam did not get one single roughing call last year despite every defense knowing they had to get to him to have a chance. 100 roughing penalties in 2015, none committed against Cam.

  95. Rule breakers suck, don’t they, Cecil? I am sure all those Oregon players that didn’t get paid 6 figures to play college football would love to have a championship ring.

    Ben Roethlisberger and Cam Newton are similar players. They get treated by the refs pretty similarly, too. So I don’t think it’s race. It may be they are big, athletic QBs. It may be they are both D bags of the highest order. Or maybe it’s a combination of both.

  96. The refs aren’t biased against Newton, they’re just biased FOR the Broncos.

    Seriously, has there ever been team that gets the benefit of more sketchy calls week after week?

  97. “The new irrefutable term ‘hidden bias’”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    The other irrefutable term is “code words”, which is itself code.

    It’s code for “he didn’t actually say anything racist, so I will accuse him of using racist “code words””.

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